Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Welcome to our brand new blog:)
Jim and Darlene On the Road Again

Where to begin, it all started many many years ago. I will tell you that story some other time. This past year or two have been
A whirlwind of changes.
It is hard to even know where to begin I  will start with our latest trip to Florida.
December 30, 2017
We woke up to  SNOW, the day we have been waiting for so long. Wanted to leave at 8 am. Took a test run with truck to check roads not that great but we left, I was so scared. We left from the Quentin Riding Club in Lebanon Pennsylvania at 10:30am. We drove out of the snow quickly. We had about 4 inches when we left.  A lot of stop and  go traffic there was an accident. So a 5 hour driving day took 7 hours. We arrived at our first spot for the night at South 40 RV Resort in Petersburg VA Was almost dark we just made it. Emptied 3 of our 4 tanks one still frozen shut. To cold to drain earlier. The water was really good.  Jim went to fill diesel tank 45 cents cheaper then Pa , yea. I made dinner , pork chops. Bed by 9:30 pm early day tomorrow.

Sunday New Years Eve Day
Jim up at 6:00 am I got up at 6:30 made Jim Egg and sausage keeping the driver fed and happy, left at 8:10 am. We stopped for diesel with a Burger King next door ate quick lunch. Arrived at Myrtle Beach travel Park. Very tight to drive around. Nice young neighbor told us we should go to Anchor Down Park in TN. Set up went to Publix We LOVE that store. Came back made a great dinner crab cake, shrimp. We had a great view of water from the bedroom window. Jim made a few strawberry drinks, mix not good he threw it out he said it was alcohol abuse, just not good. Walked on the beach at 10:30 cold but beautiful night. Happy New Year. Living the Dream

Monday January 1, 2018

Got up at 8 am was really cold out. Jim made eggs and toast, I had a yogurt. Jim made coffee he always does he makes it the best. I washed 3 loads of cloths Jim fixed one pocket door that bounced around was loose. Went to Wal*Mart, Camping World, and Home Depot to get another sewer cap we ran over. We went and topped off our diesel fuel. Came back Jim replaced a running light, windshield wiper blades, and replaced a light bulb outside. Was able to pull 3 more holding tanks. While Jim did all that I made dinner. This would be a good time to tell you what a lucky girl I am to have such a wonderful husband that can and will do anything for me. He is a man of many talents. I used inside grill and did some chicken and steamed broccoli and a salad did dishes took showers and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Tuesday January 2, 2018
Travel Day

Up early, Jim likes to get moving on days we change locations. He made coffee as usual sorry I won't say that everyday. I made breakfast. We are trying to start our Paleo diet back up. Jim lost 45 lbs when we first started it. Want to eat healthy in this Lifestyle it's hard. I lost some too but just so easy to be fat happy campers and relaxed, as a full time RV's.
So we are ready to head to TTO =
Thousand Trails Orlando. He wanted to pull FW out straight and go out the site in front of us. They were not ready to leave any time soon. So Jim backed out of or site. Would have been to tight to pull out with such a hard left. The guy behind us in a MH= motorhome came out to help me watch Jim back up. It was really cold and windy coming off the water.
Made a couple quick stops and to eat wraps I made. And no they are not Paleo. Arrived to the Oaks at South Point TT at 1:30 ish. We went to get firewood and diesel. Jim made a fire I made dinner. We were never at this TT before, it is small off the road quite. Trees not to many.
We have a counter height freezer in the very front compartment of FW. I went through it to see what I had. To shop the freezer as I say. Had a great dinner. Jim says I'm a wonderful cook. I love it especially in my new dream RV kitchen.

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