Monday, October 8, 2018

The Last Moving Day

Sunday October 7, 2018

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Got up after Jim, woke up thinking how the heck are we getting out of this place. Had coffee and made a smoothie. Started getting ready to move.

The way we were all lined up in a row. Had to wait for the guy in front of us to leave  first. We talked to neighbor behind us a bit while we waited. Jim and I walked up the road to see which way to turn around would be the best. We had a few different plans. Kept watching how other people did it,but no one had such a huge rig to turn around. We made a plan, were getting ready and 2 of the guys that work at TT came over in golf cart, and asked us a whole bunch questions about our FW and being full-time. They kind of slowed us down. Helped to not think about our huge task we were about to do.

OK here we go I walked behind, took pictures of how we had to turn around, I call it a 3 point turn. The one guy came back in the golf cart, was trying to help, would prefer to do it alone. Jim did a great job.
He had to drive to end of
of the road, pull up muddy hill road.
Then back down hill, and turn
to go back the way we came in.
Muddy road edge
Almost there
I walked behind, lady said he
is A Rock Star, Yes He Is !
What a relief to be out of there, now the guy behind us could leave, we was only 15 miles away from home, had to wait for us to go, they were so nice.
So we are about 1 1/2 hour from Hershey. We got close and I texted friends Nancy to see what was still open near them. We could go to B loop and pay 3 dollars a day for electric, or H loop, and free electric. We figured H was full, so we went to B and got right next to Neil. We had so much to do, set up. Put out our new chairs. I got the mud off RV, will do truck later. Can't believe was not worse.
We saw a couple pull in from our CTC Rally we just met in TN,  they told us they were coming, they have a Lifestyle too, in our floor plan.
We stopped and had Chinese food, got Beer then went over to my MIL and got my car. Had a quick visit, made plans to go out to dinner to Longhorn Steak house tomorrow. Went and got Jim's work van.
When we got home went over to Neil and Nancy and he started a fire. The couple Marilyn and Bill I think it is, came over and talked for a while, they have a big beautiful boxer dog. We all said good night, was after 9 by then.
Watched a little TV and Jim went to bed, his first day back to work tomorrow.
Will take a break from blog for a while now, I go back to work Friday. But till then, Not going to write about cleaning, food shopping, appointments, get mail etc. Plus I'm taking lap top into shop to speed it back up tomorrow. Later....

Full Day at TT Gettysburg Farm

Saturday October 6, 2018

Dover, Pennsylvania

Jim was up first, I was up around 8 AM. I made Paleo Blueberry Pancakes, sausage patty and eggs. We watched a little TV and talked about how we were going to spend the day. Turns out Gettysburg was about 40 minutes away, York was closer to this place, we didn't want to go there.

The Utz and the Snyder outlet stores were close by, we stopped by both of them to check them out.

As the day went on the weather was getting nice out, a little cloudy to start out, but was warm out.

Then we found a Camping World, always something we want and or think we need. Great camp store, but we will never take the FW there. It was a smaller one but they seam to be well stocked. We thought of 3 things we new we wanted for sure, but when we walked into CW we could only remember 2 of them. We did find plenty of goodies though, it is a lot of fun for us full-timers though. Her is the list main thing we wanted was new chairs, one of the 2 things we could remember. We got a gray club chair for Jim a smaller size tan club chair and ottoman for me. Second was leveling blocks, got large set and a small one, a tire chock, 2 sets of Jack pads, Rock and Roll Putty, keeps items glued down for travel, a checker table cloth to use as an under liner for out good tablecloth, 4 zone temp station, a sensor you put in fridge and freezer to keep an eye on temps, and lock and stop. they were very nice in there and helpful. All for 279.00 We also got 3 year replacement on chairs on chairs and the 4 zone temp station.

We were ready for lunch by this time, we asked the lady who helped us a lot a good place for lunch, and she said Dutch Country Restaurant, we will be the judge of that.
So we found the place, I got really cold inside, they had diet pepsi, that was a plus. Menu was huge, hard to decide, Jim had a mega burger, I had tuna melt and we shared sweet potato fries, it took probably over 35 minutes till we got our food. We also shared a slice of pumpkin roll.

After that we found a place to get beer. And we stopped at a place near by and got some fire wood.
When we got back we sat out on our new chairs and Jim made a fire. It got really cool outside. I heated up a little leftover from last night. Jim stayed out for awhile. I went in and watched a little TV. Was a nice day.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Travel Day To Gettysburg Pa

Friday October 5, 2018

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Well tried to go to bed early. I woke up around 4 something AM. One thing I wanted to do is turn off the AC fan, we had it on to muffle the sound of a few trucks that were running down at the truck stop. I turned on the little night light in the bathroom. I knocked over my large glass of water at the sink, went everywhere in my slippers and rug. Jim never heard me making the mess. I went back to bed, and then the air came on, it was hot in here. Then woke up after 7 when I heard Jim downstairs replaying his hockey. I just didn't feel like getting up yet, till Jim said are we staying here another week, or what.

I made us smoothies by then it was probably after 8, made lunch for later. Put stuff away while I ate a bowl of cereal. We left around 9:35, of course Jim wanted to leave earlier.

Our first stop was a rest area Welcome Center in West Virginia, had our lunch I made before we left, 2 chicken wraps for Jim I had a sandwich. I called the Gettysburg Farm to let them know we are coming with a large rig, even though we had a reservation. It is first come first serve, but we had a spot.Then back on the road. We stopped at Exit 10 in Maryland got fuel, almost 30 cents cheaper then Pa.

So we are heading to Gettysburg Farm TT.
Not an easy place to get to. A good distance from the highway. A lot of winding roads. When we arrived and she saw us she said "Oh boy" I read her lips. Well it is very full ,a huge MH was leaving couldn't find a spot I guess. He even said good luck, I don't think your going to find a spot. Well he does not know us. It was not easy, a guard took us around, only a few spots we would even have a chance of getting into to. We have 30 amp and water only. One would be a hard angle to back into. The other one we did take, he had to parallel park the FW on a road up from the river here. Was not easy, but Jim sure makes it look like it is. He is amazing! 

 We went for a little walk, saw some of the animals around here.

All the sites were so full, and later a lot more came in most were not that big, not sure where they all went.

We ate the salads I pre made last night for dinner. I started dinner made beef for him turkey for me Mac and cheese with veggies. While I did that I called Direct TV for the 4th time on the phone 55 minutes and finally it changed. The lady said she put in Lebanon Pa and it kept changing back to Sevierville Tennessee. Even our TV wanted to go back. We finally ate while we waited for the TV lady who said her name was Barb, OK sure it is, didn't sound like a Barb.  She kept saying OK just give me a few more seconds. Well an hour later it worked and we hung up after they try to get you to get there AT&T phone. We had our dessert pie and frozen yogurt.

Oh and Jim even got the Sat Dish to work with all the trees. We watched TV, I did dishes Watched stuff we recorded, and took showers right before bed.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Travel Day

Thursday October 4, 2018

Lexington, Virginia

I woke up right before 7 AM, and Jim was awake right after, travel day,we usually wake up so early. We have to leave at 10, we have an appointment to get FW weighed. We had some coffee, I made eggs and got 2 paleo banana muffins out of the freezer. We were putting stuff away and getting ready to move. We talked with neighbor for a few minutes. We got weighed and left CG at 10:33. The numbers were good we can take a few lbs off the FW.

We drove a total of 295 miles today. The first stop was fuel, lunch and potty break. Not in that order. Then we drove about 2 more hours and we arrived at Lee Hi Travel plaza, where we stay the night. We get fuel and I went in to pay. I also made another reservation for December 15 when we head West. We park set up sat dish, caught a lot of stink bugs, they are really coming out. Had salad with chicken, then we went for a little walk around the small CG here, There was a beautiful sunset. Then we had small pie with frozen yogurt.

Called Direct TV 3 different times to change our local TV channels back to Pa. It never did get changed what a pain, had to put TV ant up to watch new TV shows that was on tonight. We took showers and watched TV going to bed early tonight.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Last full day in Sevierville Tennessee

Wednesday October 3, 2018

Sevierville, Tennessee

Both of us got up early today, we had a class we wanted to go to, Learning all about Escapees. It started at 8:30 AM. Jim made the bacon and egg sandwiches with the buns leftover from Logan's.

We went for a walk after class to find the Mary Kay lady that is here from the club, from Florida she is Full-Time alone has a huge FW and an F550.
She really didn't have what I was looking for. We walked around a little more, so many nice people to talk to.

We had a lite leftover lunch, and I made the last paleo chocolate chip cookies. I gave 4 to Chris and David, took them over and had a nice little visit with them, then we had an appointment to get the truck weighted, then a last meeting with everyone.

After that we took a run to Publix our favorite store. Then we took a ride around the new road we learned about, Veterans Highway.

We had our last catered dinner Chicken with mushroom sauce or Ham with raisin sauce salad, country green beans, scalloped potatoes, pineapple Upside down cake. Really good, they gave a lot of recognition to so many people who helped make the Rally run so smoothly and so fun. Final raffle drawings.  Closing was a member from Canada a Royal Canadian Mountie. The Mountie in picture below we found out is going to be in Jonestown for a night RIGHT where we are from, it's a small world after all.

Funny story this evening we were going to have some frozen yogurt we got at Publix, we totally forgot, never did that before.

We cut out a few minutes early and put some stuff away. Chris and David came over, she said they really liked the cookies. We had a nice visit inside, Jim and David were talking outside.
When they left BOTH of us went up into the Lazy River and Hot tub, so nice and relaxing and private. No one around. It was 9 PM by then. A little TV then and Bed sad to leave TN we do love it here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

TPMS, Tea party, Horseback Ride, Dinner out

Tuesday October 2, 2018

Jim woke up at 7:15 I seam to like getting up after 8. Had coffee a little Today Show. I procrastinated so long we didn't have time to do anything before the ladies tea party.  Jim was with the Tire Pressure guy, they installed on 4 RV tires, will know there presser and temp from inside the truck.
Each chapter decorated there table, I took pictures of most of them. We had tea and a treat they gave a door prize to everyone. Had funny skits. And they had some Pampered Chef available.

memory table of ladies that passed in last 2 years

Then Jim and I changed and went horseback riding. nice to be in the hills of TN beautiful views.

Came back change again, and went out to dinner with Chris and David from Bristol TN, we went to Logan's. We have one at home just not close, over an hour away. Really good the place where you throw your peanut shells on the floor.

Got home took a little walk around and stopped at the fire our people had. Talked to a few people. Went and sat outside Jim made a fire. Was such a nice evening. When we went in watched, Jim went to bed I stayed up till 1 am by accident watching a show I recorded.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Happy Monday

Monday October 1, 2018

WOW first day of October.
Got up around 7 AM, the first class starts at 8:30AM with Gary Wheeler with MORryde.  We had smoothies before we left, not really hungry when we got up because of Paula Deen. When class was over we went and got a wash pass to wash truck and FW. Cost 5 dollars. They have a bus and truck wash they spend 35k on and this guy that works here said they probably won't be able to do that much longer, not sure how much it is, but next time we will do on our way in. There is a guy in here too has a van and he is washing rigs here.

Jim does a great job, started with roof. I try to look like I'm helping, but I really am not much help. I did use our squeegee  to get it as dry as possible to minimalize the water spots. I thought I should clean something I usually take care of. So I got 2 rugs out that I don't want to put in washer any more. I sprayed them and scrubbed them and rinsed. Hung to dry in hot TN sun.

We grilled some chicken and 2 tuna steaks we had thaw. We were waiting for Chris and David to get here. They are from Bristol TN, we met them in Florida at TTO. They drove by and said hi ,they gave us wooden coasters that David made, so nice of them. We had so much to do before 3. Chris and David stopped by later when we were grilling tuna, we ate it had a nice visit. They were telling us places we can go in area. They left and Jim still had to shower, class started at 3, so I went up, this was about Solar-Charge Battery Inverters I told him just come up when you are finished. They only talked for half hour. He got up when they were done. I had talked to Mo from Delaware. I asked who could help me with music for tonight, they said Mo could help, she was so nice and helpful.

After that we went back to FW I took a shower and changed had to be back up in 1/2 hour. So busy:)
We had dinner first then a talent show. A woman played guitar religious music, we did our line dances, other people sang, the best was a woman with electric key board.

We left when it was over, just after 7:30. I wanted to go in pool and hot tub. I took polish off my toes and put on my suit and went up. They have 2 pools a lazy river and a hot tub. The river was a good temp and hot tub back in river and hot tub so nice. Was all alone, no burning sun. Went in the bathroom and trimmed my toe nails now I'm ready to repaint toes, easy way to do a pedicure. Came back sat out with Jim played some music we learned how to make our own play list here. I went in did dishes and blog. went back out. Watched a little TV, we recorded what we really wanted to watch, will watch later when have more time. Lovely evening so quite here.