Saturday, March 28, 2020

Day's Spent Alone

Just a note. Jim found a draft of a post looks like it was never posted. So that is why it's randomly stuck in here. If he can figure it out he will put it in order later.

 Day's Spent Alone 

Tuesday March 24, 2020

Today we did not go anywhere. Spent the day in the RV at the CG. Was another very warm day. I cooked a little we had a light lunch and dinner. Went for a walk did a couple things around the RV, sat outside, can only say HI as people walked by.

Wednesday March 25, 2020

This morning I made a smoothie. Today also did not go anywhere. We had a light lunch. The neighbor was having her RV washed, they're called Hotties Detailing, we use them when we were in TTO, we wanted them to wash our FW,  but they couldn't do it today. We saw the first rain in months when they started to wash there RV. But it lasted about 2 minutes. They did a great job on their motorhome and car. Three guys worked together, they start on the MH roof. They were done in 45 minutes.
 Later I was looking for something to fill the day. So I decided to clean out both medicine cabinets. Wiped out the fridge a little. Cleaned out the basket on the dining room table. It has napkins and salt and pepper shakers and junk we just throw in the basket. I hand washed two rugs and I hung them outside to dry.
I texted Cecile to see what she thought if we should even get together later, as we had planned to stop in Gainesville on the way back to visit one more time.
 While I was doing that, Jim cleaned out the hole, as we call it, the big storage compartment where the beer fridges is.
 One of the rugs I washed was his Flyers one from in there. He swept it and cleaned it up so nice.
Jim checked our bank account and our tax refund was deposited, that was nice to see.
 Later I made dinner using both the Instant Pot. I put shrimp in one and Pasta in the other. I made up lemon garlic butter sauce. It was pretty good, had leftover for tomorrow.
 Later we watched Survivor. I went to bed early before Jim.

Thursday March 26, 2020

Today I had my oatmeal yogurt and strawberries for breakfast. Jim had bacon and eggs he made himself.
 Jim needed pills so yesterday we decided to go out to Walmart today. When we left we stopped at the office to see if we could change our date and stay a little bit longer. We're going to get a window fixed Sunday, we wanted to be able to come back on Tuesday and then stay until the 5th, then head back towards PA. We had planned on stopping in Gainesville to see Cecilia again. Since her daughter is there from New York, their area is one that is on lockdown, we decided between the three of us probably best if we didn't go. 
When we got to the office door it was locked, she did answer the door with a mask on. Found out what we wanted, closed the door again, we waited on the porch for her answer. Meanwhile two of the Rangers came to the door, as they approached I backed up to let them pass. They looked at me funny, but they knew what I was doing, it was all so sad, made me start to tear up, once I start I can't stop, sometimes the sadness is overwhelming. And Jim just worries, about everything.
 She came to the door again and said that would work out, we can leave some stuff there on our site and just come back Tuesday. So later we have to cancel the reservation for Gainesville.
 So we left driving towards The Villages, drove around a little wanted to see what take out was available for a quick lunch. Ended up just going to Burger King, after that we went to Walmart for Jim's pills. Jim found the last roll of RV TP in the camping section. Lot of golf carts out people still golfing. Drove around Brownwood Square again a little busier than the other day. The store's I wanted to go into were closed. The nail salon I wanted to use again is closed. Still a lot of things on my list they didn't have. We have to go back tomorrow to get the pills. They aren't ready today. Spent quite a bit of time in there. After that we stopped at Publix to fill up our water jugs again.
 Then we drove back to the FW. I put everything away. Put some unfried chicken in the oven for dinner. Ate a pre-made salad I made yesterday. Watched a little TV. Later I called and talked to Christine for a while. Was really nice to have her to talk to, since I'm feeling so sad. Jim made a fire and pretty much stayed out the rest of the night. I cleaned up the kitchen ran the dishwasher, did this blog watched some TV for the rest of the night. The AC ran a lot still very warm out. Tomorrow is supposed to be over 90.

Friday March 27, 2020

This morning I made a smoothie. We had a relaxing AM and afternoon. We got ready and left to eventually get to Walmart for Jim's pills.
First we stopped at Taco Bell for a quick lunch. We ate in the truck, Jim had a Crunchwrap, I  ate a protein bowl. Was really good. Then we drove around the Villages for a while. Then we went to Walmart, Jim went to get his pills, I found a few more things that they didn't have yesterday. They had more RV toilet paper, but what he found yesterday was enough for us for now. They had eggs today, yesterday there was none. We did not stay as long today. Found what we could and get out of there.
Then we drove around a little more, took a drive in the direction we will be heading when we leave.
 When we got back to the FW, I put everything away.
It was very hot out today, over 90. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be record-breaking, for this time of year I guess.
 This is the temperature the truck said it when it was sitting in the sun. 
Didn't take many photos lately since not much is going on.
 Later for dinner I made a light cheesy cream sauce to top the pasta that I had left over with the shrimp. Jim cleaned another bag we just bought that was precooked. That's what we had for dinner. Sat outside a little after we ate, was way after 7 and still very hot, didn't stay out very long.
 Tried to find something to watch on TV, Jim went to bed first last night.

Line Dancing

Line Dancing

Tuesday February 18, 2020

Today we had a late morning golf cart ride. Another beautiful day in Central Florida. Came back I got ready, Jim dropped me off at the Veranda for line dancing. I realized I forgot my phone to call him when I was finished. Talked to the lady that I danced with in Orlando,  Carol I did not realize she was from Pennsylvania too, about an hour and a half away from us. We danced till noon, we had a nice little chat at the end. She offered to take me back to my site if Jim wasn't out there. But he was we made plans to talk later.
Jim picked me up with a soda, we drove around a little. We went back to the FW and had lunch, Jim ate outside. Salad and some more of my pasta salad.
 Later we went for another golf cart ride, definitely getting our money's worth out of it. Saw Mike and Mandy walking, was a beautiful sunset. We saw the people with the cricket for sale, stopped and chatted with them for a minute. Talked about the park models we had looked at that are for sale. Once we had stopped moving the mosquitoes come out like crazy. So we said good night. I made tacos for dinner, Jim had taken a shower then we dumped the tanks. They don't last a full two weeks when we are in the FW all the time, like they do at home.
He watched Hockey outside then. Was another fantastic Sunset here.

Wednesday February 19, 2020

This morning after breakfast we left later and went to Batteries Plus Bulbs  store first, to get a tiny battery  for the clicker for the FW  door lock .  Next door was a FedEx store, so we went in to mail Mia's  birthday gift ,  she will be 8 in a week .  Then we went to a Goodwill store, wanted to find some jeans to make purses with. Jim waited in the truck, I was in there for over an hour. Probably the nicest one I've ever been in, very large. I felt it was getting late so I texted him I was in the checkout line. Last minute I found two cute little boxes for the girls for Easter. Checked out, put on my sunglasses picked up my bags, gave the cart a quick look to make sure I had everything. Went out to Jim. He wasn't as starving as I thought he would be, I thought my phone said it was 2:56, I looked at the truck and it said 1:15. So I went to get my phone out to look what time I thought I saw and I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere, he dialed my phone and the guy at the store answered. Someone found it in the shopping cart. Gave it to the cashier. I told Jim I even turned around and looked in my cart for it. Or anything I might have left, but I had my sunglasses on and never saw my black case in there. So we went back, got the phone, all is well.
Then we went to Panda Express for late lunch we really like it there after that we headed back to the FW.
Took a golf cart ride came back and
packed for happy hour at the veranda. There was a beautiful sunset tonight. We saw Jerry and Diane June,
at happy hour, and some people we had met at the CTC rally last year and  another couple with them we all set together. They sold food but we were still full from Panda Express. They made popcorn, burgers and different fried things. They also did karaoke. The
guy we met from Canada that we had taken his garbage out, he was singing quite a bit and he was quite good. We left just after 5 took a ride around went back to the FW for the night, had a lite dinner. Had to keep the golf cart moving or the mosquitoes get you.

Thursday February 20, 2020.     OR
Yesterday at happy hour I made plans to meet Cecile for breakfast at Perkins, 9:30 this morning. She was on her way back from Miami. I had my oatmeal, Jim didn't eat anything he was going to have breakfast at the restaurant. So we got ready to leave about 15 minutes from here. He wanted to take the golf cart back but decided to do it later. We had a nice breakfast there with her, then we headed to  The Villages, we walked around a little bit sat outside the sales office, sat on a few benches just watch the happy people walk by. I made a phone call to our mail service at home  The UPS Store  they never sent our mail , she apologized  I told her not to send it yet I will tell her of our new location soon .  We also ordered  a new stove cover and that never came yet so I'm not sure what's going to happen with that , guess we'll see.  Then I went into my favorite store. Then we left for my nail appointment at 1:30 at Mangos, that's what it's called, it is really close to The Villages. First we went into the pizza place to get a soda. Jim waited in the truck, it takes about an hour. When I was finished I came back out we drove back to the FW for lunch in the RV. I made a taco salad from most of the ingredients we had the other night, and some of the leftover pasta salad. We should finally finish that tomorrow. After that we went for a golf cart ride. Talk to someone right up the road from us from Pennsylvania. Then we went by this car parked at this motorhome and Jim kept telling me it was pink. And I said it looked White. So I said go over there,  we got really close and realized it was a Mary Kay pink Cadillac. she was sitting outside so we drove right up to her and had a nice chat with her, of course she was a very lovely lady. Her little dog was running around, and she was telling us how a snake went through her site not too long ago. she's been selling Mary Kay for 26 years and it's full time also. We said by,  I got pic of car.
We came back to the FW then 
 I called the golf cart man and he said we can drop it off tomorrow before we leave. Jim can do that when I finish getting ready.  Tomorrow is moving day. We're going to Peace River in Wauchula.
 Later I heated up some leftovers for dinner. Jim watched Hockey outside. I tried to put stuff away in here did a little laundry.Made lunch for tomorrow. Like food ready when it is moving day. 
 I worked on getting a few things ready for a couple craft projects and wanted to start working on, and called it a night.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Short Travel Day

Short Travel Day 

Friday March 20, 2020

Today was a very short travel day to 3 Flags TT in Wildwood, Florida. It is only a half an hour drive away from where we are. We wanted to leave at 11, and we actually did very well getting ready and left right on time. I called first to make sure there was no procedural changes, before we left the campground. Received a call from where the Rally was supposed to be held, was  indeed canceled, they said they would refund our money.
 We arrived at 3 Flags around lunch time we had a choice of two 50 amp sites. One was under trees, So NO  satellite there, the other one was a nice pull through. A tree but not the kind with spanish moss  and pollen that has been driving me nuts. But I Love looking at them. 
 We got set up had lunch that I pre-made. Some guy started talking to Jim behind us. I felt like opening the door and telling him to back up a little, but I didn't. He was pretty far from him.
I ran the vacuum and wiped all the counters down, just because, mainly green from pollen. Moving Day is a good time to clean when everything is put away for travel, and as you set everything back up.
 It was really hot today, and lot more humid than it has been, 88 degrees. Jim showered, I Put two pork chops in the air fryer, green beans,  some corn I made in the IP then I cut off the cob. Also made mashed potatoes with cheese, bacon, onion and spinach. One of our favorites that I occasionally make. Should have cut the portions in half we were both pretty full. 
We went for a long walk after dinner, felt good, was HOT.
I was texting two supervisors from work. Found out most of the people we know at home aren't working right now. When I get back I'm sure I will be based on what I do.
 Sat outside some more, watched a little TV, called it a day.

Saturday March 21, 2020

I was up first made coffee, Jim came down about an hour later 8:30 or so. Watched a  little news,  you'll never guess what they talked about.  Also found out Kenny Rogers passed.
I made a light breakfast of steel cut oatmeal my Greek yogurt,  really great expensive strawberries I bought. Then I texted both our sons. The youngest Travis called me back we talked for a bit he was supposed to start working on Tuesday and now he's is not.
We would normally be at The Villages now, at the farmers market, but NOT going on now. Jim has a camera shot of Brownwood Square he can look at on line, you can see very little walking  traffic.
 We stripped the bed, and I put the sheets in the washer and hung them outside, on a PVC rack Jim made me, I LOVE it, he hates it, because he has to stow it.
Looking for something to do, desperate for entertainment I guess. We decided to play LRC, Left Right Center, dice game. The more people you play with the better. Since we're here home alone per usual. I said, Let's Pretend We're Playing with our friends Tony and Sue. So we played five games, Tony won four times  and Sue won once. 
I made lunch, made a frozen pizza I just bought at Save a Lot, I think, didn't want to keep in the freezer long, always in the way.
Not much going on, later are older son Thomas called, we chatted with the three of them for a while. So nice to hear his voice.
 I got the instant pot out and made a couple eggs a few little potatoes and a small amount of carrots. All at once for 5 minutes then I made a small amount of potato salad.
 Jim got an email from TT saying they were closing PA campgrounds. So he got on the phone and called to change our reservations around. We only had to push things back by a day or two in Hershey, and Chesapeake Bay, will be there a whole week now instead of a few days, so far so good. Still not sure of everything that we're doing till we get back. Which now are return date is April 19th.
Later we made the bed Jim sat outside and had a fire. I tried to find something on TV was not easy, usually don't have a problem with that.

Sunday March 22, 2020

I should start this post as so many that I have read in the past when I was a full-time wannabe. When things are slow and not much going on, my favorite writers would pick a topic and talk about that subject. This trip 2020 has been a year of the Coronavirus, Covid 19.
 With so many uncertainties right now, and so many things are different , like will there be work when we get back? Places to put our huge RV, will we have hookups, will there be bread and toilet paper when we go to the store again, praying no one gets sick that I know and love.
 Probably the hardest thing to deal with is not being able to talk to people freely,  especially people we do not know. In this lifestyle it's super hard not to be able to sit with friends and chat. It's a very sad situation going for a walk and not being able to strike up a conversation with someone freely, and not having to think about it first.
With Jim and I together we will get through this. We pray for the country and the world, that it gets taken care of quickly, and all will be well again.

Today we went for a long walk, I wanted to leave earlier when it was not so hot, but we didn't. It was quite warm we walked around, not too many people on the move. Just dog walkers or some people doing laundry. All you can do is say a quick hi and keep on moving, as you stay as far away from them as you can. Jim finished before I did so he went back and I kept going a little longer. Took a picture of a orange tree like I had at home, thank you Samantha for taking such good care of it.
Later we decided to go out just to do something. First we took the truck to a car wash, Jim washed it, was very dirty from all that pollen. And then we went to Save-A-Lot I went in by myself. Grabbed a few things found 2 more good pizza, will put in freezer out front,  and then we went for a drive around The Villages. Ended up going through Brownwood square with the truck, which we've never done before. There was plenty of room because it looked like a ghost town, was very weird and sad.
Then we went to Publix for a few things we couldn't find anywhere else, Jim went in with me probably, because he wanted to find beer also, a good motivating factor to shop.
Then we drove around a little more came back to the RV. I put everything away, and Jim grilled chicken for tomorrow and tuna steaks for tonight.
Later I talk to my brother on the phone, he had a visit from a friend the other day. And then he said they called him when they got home and told him that A co-worker of theirs had the Coronavirus and wanted to let him know, he was essentially exposed to it. It kind of freaked him out. He has a friend that is 90 that has a horse. He sees him a lot and helps him with different things, they go out to dinner,  he invites him over but he decided best to stay away from him for a while.
We watched American Idol, called it a very unique day, but beautiful.

Monday March 23, 2020

Jim was up first made coffee, I finally slept in a little. Later I made us a smoothie, and then protein pancakes with fresh strawberries and Topping, and a couple eggs. Should have taken a picture of it it was so pretty.
Later I was able to talk Jim into doing some deep cleaning, with my new cleaning cloth. It works terrific, no streaks.
 He cleaned the three fantastic fans , he did a wonderful job, he's a good cleaner.
He dusted all around the top of the wooden slides. He took out the vents for the AC I washed them, he vacuumed in the hole and replace the vent. He took apart the ceiling fan, I cleaned The blades and he replaced them.
 We did do a great job working together had a lot of fun, we played country music station, Garth on Sirius Radio I guess it was.
 I made us some lunch we had a small sandwich and the rest of the potato salad I made. After lunch and a break I talked him into doing the windows inside he took all the screens out, it's amazing how much dust they hold.
If you want to exercise with your man try this position and move. It was Lindsey Vonn and her boyfriend.
Later I made a light dinner of taco salad for him, a chicken salad for me. 
We went outside later and did a few of the windows we could easily reach. I cleaned the back dust off the FW, and spot cleaned it and the truck. Jim made a fire and sat out for a while,  I watch The Voice.

Friday, March 20, 2020

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day 

Tuesday March 17, 2020

Saint Patrick's Day party was canceled for today. We really had no plans. After breakfast, we just sat around, watched the president talk about the Coronavirus, for way too long. Went outside for a bit wasn't bad. The neighbors finished packing up and left this morning, they were from Canada, I think they said their kids were worried and wanted them home.
 Later we decided to take a ride to CVS. I don't have enough of my pills till  we get back. So we stopped to get them, won't be ready till Thursday. Walked around a little bit always trying to find Diet Pepsi. A lot of the restaurants seemed to still be open for business.  I tried to go into the Citrus Towers gift shop but they were closed. We took a long ride around the lake again, looked at some beautiful homes there.
 There is also really nice docks for their boat across the street around the lake for each.
 We drove around a while filled up with diesel, went back to the CG. Decided to drive past Barbara & Tony's motorhome. They were sitting out so we stopped and talked for a minute, which probably turned out to be good hour. She is one of the ladies that I crafted with when we were at Peace River TT in Wauchula. They invited us to come over tomorrow for happy hour on our own, should be okay since it will be a group of less than 10 people. We were going to play the dice game again with them LRC, but decided we probably shouldn't and not to do any food. Just have a drink and chat really looking forward to it, will be nice to get out and talk with some people, the June's will be there too and we think another couple we don't know.
 Came back to the FW I made dinner in the IP. Jim made a fire I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, made a few put the rest in the freezer. I crocheted and repainted my nails, and watch TV while he was outside most of the rest of the evening.

Wednesday March 18, 2020

Didn't do much today, just looking forward to going over to Barbara and Tony. We went over at 3 and got home close to 7. Was alot of fun, was the June's and Barb and Tony, and us. We talked about alot of different things, they are fun, and so funny that we know them both, and they know each other. 
When we got back we had a burger Jim Grilled yesterday and the leftover noodles.
Was a fun night since we can't do much. We all sat far apart, I even walked up to the bathroom once didn't want to ask to go in her RV, with all my germs. LOL 

Thursday March 19, 2020

This morning I made us a camper pancake, and two for Jim tomorrow. They are the ones with creamed corn like a corn fritter. We had a nice relaxing morning and into the afternoon. Decided to go and pick up my pills CVS, they  were supposed to be ready today. First we picked up the pills at CVS. A lot of people with masks and gloves on, the customers. Improper glove use is driving me crazy. A man came in with black rubber gloves, to pick up his pills, put his hands on the counter, you might as well not even have them on. After we left there we went to Save-A-Lot. Was kind of busy, very nice store,  Jim helped grabbed a few things and left. Then we thought we'd see what was open, if we could grab a bite for lunch. We were driving around these little stores, parking lots was so empty. The Beer World was there I wanted to go in Olive Garden for soup and salad and breadsticks we really never go there. Jim wanted to try Beer World so as we drove around there was a whole bunch of cops in the parking lot and one stopped us and asked us where we were from. Rutro 
 He said he just wanted to say hi,  he was from Philly area and showed us his tattoo with  the Philly / Flyers P .  He said he saw our license plate with the Flyers on it, and had to say Hi.
He had black gloves on too, And Touched the truck when I put the window down, I wanted to tell him to stop touching the truck, who knows where those gloves have been.
It was a really great place for lunch really no one there, we sat outside, the weather has been beautiful for So long, we have not seen any substantial rain for probably close to two months. They had limited menu, were letting things run out. The soda was very flat.
 After we left there we went to Aldi's grabbed a few things then we stopped at Publix to get water, Jim grabbed some beer. The water kiosk was empty. So we took a little Drive towards Leesburg to a place we knew they had one at the Winn-Dixie, nice drive, we filled up there, that way we will be all ready for our moving day tomorrow. 
So we got home it was almost 5, lot of things to put away,  I made salads earlier 1 for dinner with chicken and we have one for tomorrow after we move the RV.
 After dinner Jim's former coworker Steve called they talked for a while. Later Brian AKA Byron called and he went outside and talked to him for a long time. he went to bed first, I went to bed very late I couldn't sleep. Last time I looked at the clock it was 1:38.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Threats of the Coronavirus still altering our plans

 Threats of the Coronavirus still altering our plans 
 Friday March 13th 2020

 This morning I was up first made coffee Jim came down about 9:30, I made us a smoothie. Later I showered and went outside and trimed my wet hair a little, and got ready and we decided to go and get a couple groceries at Save-A-Lot, then Jim washed the truck. Went into a store called Billy's Meats, I got a few things, then Jim went in and got some beer. We got back to the RV, we had our leftover Panda Express quick and then Terri came to pick me up. We were going to go line dance with a different lady in the Crossroads section of the CG, which is pretty far away to walk, we could have but it's really hot and we would have fried. Has been beautiful all this week and over 86 degrees each day or higher. Marv was going to run the dogs to the vet to pick something up, he dropped us off and then we realized they canceled it also because of the coronavirus threat. The sign said any groups over 10 would be cancelled. We bought tickets for a Saint Patrick's Day party for next week,  I guess that we'll be canceled also. She called Marv and he came back and picked us up took me back to Jim, and they went to the Vet than together.
 We sat out under the front of the fifth wheel for shade, the pollen is so strong it made my head feel weird, later I went inside for a while. Started prepping food, getting together tonight, we're making spaghetti in the IP. I prepared some zucchini to make zucchini fries in his IP air fryer first as an appetizer.
We arrived at Marv and Terri"s just after 5:30 ish. Starting to prep the spaghetti outside in the IP. We used his 8 quart with beef I bought add onions and peppers she did hers while I did turkey burger our 6 qt one. Marv worked on the zucchini fries and garlic bread inside.
 It was really good she had some very nice Melamine Plates I liked. Trying to find ones that are pretty, microwave and dishwasher safe that fit, but it's not easy to find both.
 The meal was really good we sat outside around the fire, that Mars started before we arrived. Enjoyed it immensely. I cleaned up the leftovers and Marv put the dishes in the dishwasher. We sat around the fire and talked, probably close to 11:30 we left. Took everything home, put it away watched a little TV before bed.

Saturday March 14, 2020

For some reason I woke up today just after 6:30 still very dark out. Jim was awake too came down just after I did. I made coffee, we drank a little and then decided to go for a walk. It was very hot out  already, for 9:30 ish. Today was yard sale at your site from 8 to 2, the pollen was still bothering me I didn't want to sit out that long.
 After we came back we went inside and took  a little nap in our chairs.  Then later we had leftover spaghetti for lunch.
 Just after 3:30 we decided to get out a little and go for a drive by ourselves. the truck was so full of pollen again after Jim just washed. 
First we went to Yalaha again to get brotchen for my MIL. They were out again, Jim has to order some and pick it up. We each had a treat. Sat outside and a guy with a cigar ruined it for us a little. Not many people out and no guitar player today.
 Then we left and went for a drive through Leesburg then decided to stop and get another wheelbarrow full of wood, because it was so nice. Then we went to Burger King had a quick bite, stopped at Publix next door. Asked Marv if they needed anything. They said they were going to eat at World of Beer with the dogs, but we said we ate already and would meet them at their RV later for another fire.
 They told us they were back and we went over for another fire didn't leave till after 8, got back to our RV just after 11 only one more day left with them, they leave Monday morning.

Sunday March 15, 2020

Jim made an egg sandwich with the bread from Yahalla. We didn't see Marv and Terri today except for when he stopped to drop off the fire pit and the gas can, he  had it all cleaned up for Jim. They had two rough nights with the dogs, after they went to the vet, Bailey really had a problem with the antibiotics, and was up all night.
With everything pretty much shut down, did not go anywhere today. I made Egg Roll in a bowl, shared some with Marv and Terri to travel with. Later made some rice pudding in the IP. 
Not much going on. But another beautiful sunset.
Monday March 16, 2020 

Jim made coffee this morning I made french toast with the other little loaf of bread from your Yahala. Again not much going on today, Marv texted  Jim and said goodbye they were on their way to Georgia on their way home.
 Later we had lunch and then took a drive into Clermont downtown had ice cream / frozen yogurt. Walked along the lake. Came back found out our two neighbors right next to us are leaving tomorrow early.
Jim made salmon on the grill for dinner I had hush puppies, and french fries in the air fryer. Watched The Voice and called it a night.

Friday, March 13, 2020

FUN week ahead with Marv and Terri

FUN week ahead with Marv and Terri 

Monday March 9, 2020

Terri drove this morning we went to the Webster's flea market was about a half an hour away or so. We left later than I thought we would, I think it was after 11. The place was huge, we did buy a really cool cleaning cloth,  got three for $10. They did have a lot of very beautiful produce, Terri bought some corn on the cob. We walked around a lot, around 2 you could tell it was winding down when they close. So we got back in the car thought about doing lunch together but decided to go back to the RV. We got back a little after 3, Terri dropped me off and I had lunch in the RV and then we had a quite evening at home, I made dinner later. Marv said they made there clams.

Tuesday March 10, 2020

Before I left this morning  I started using the cleaning cloth we bought at the flea market .  It worked great,  NO  streaky windows  and very easy to use . Last night I cleaned outside things , like the Chrome on the truck  this morning I did inside  cleaning . Terri liked it alot too. 
They line dance here at Clerbrook Tuesdays and Thursdays with Lee and Linda. From 12 to 2, I Met Terri up there,  we danced till 2. Everyone left and we stayed and sat and talked for a while and she showed me pictures of her house, and now the rental house they are in with their Three Sons.
 While we were dancing Marv came over to our FW were they took solar panels he has and they looked at are our set up to see how it would power what we need during travel.
They went home and I had a light lunch. We rested for a while and then I made some more Mexican rice and put together for burrito bowls that I make, we catered it down to their motorhome. We ate inside, and got to see their RV finally. Jim played with a drone that Marv has it was really cool,  he went above the motorhome and could inspect the roof, Jim actually flew it a little bit too. 
 Jim started a fire,  we all sat outside and watch the hockey game Jim's team the Flyers against Marv team the Bruins. First time the Flyers lost in 9 games the score was 2-0, I guess Marv won that one. Jim got on his phone and actually bought tickets for them to go see the flyers in Tampa on Thursday.
Also at this time I must say that this year during our travels of 2020 is the year of the Coronavirus so we'll see if that changes anything for them or us on Thursday.
The fire was really nice the wood we bought the other day was really great, dry and hardy smoked at all. We sat out and talked with them till midnight. Got back home we drove the truck, had all the wood and chairs in it, and brought the food over in it,  because we are 6 tenths of a mile away from their site. We also got some cool pictures of the full moon.

Wednesday March 11, 2020

This morning I had talked everyone into going to TTO line dancing today. Marv picked us up in their car, dogs in the back. We drove to TTO,  arrived right before 10 a.m. . Marv and Jim drove around to tour the campground they stopped with Nancy and Neil had a little visit. Terri and I danced 10 to noon. It was a lot of fun getting to see everyone again.
 We left just after 12 as the RV's were coming in. I really do love it here.
Then we drove to Oakwood Smokehouse one of Jim and my favorite restaurants, turns out they're very dog friendly, we had a lovely table outside, the dogs stayed by our feet while we ate. The one does like to bark at the people that get a little too close. Two ladies next to us were very cool about it. It's great when everyone loves dogs. Some lady even told us a story about how she got a dog as they were leaving.
We left and stopped to get beer and headed back to the RV, did a quick freshen up and went back to the Veranda to go to happy hour from 3 to 5:30. They do serve food and do karaoke, they do a 50/50 drawing 6 people won $30 each, we were the first number called. We left shortly after 5:30 Marv went to check on the dogs then we headed back to their RV after a drive around the park, since we have no golf cart now, sadly. We had a fire again which Marv started already. Later he made some chicken wings in the IP air fryer and corn on the cob in the IP  he has a 8 qt along, and some fresh tomatoes he got at the Brownwood produce on Saturday with some really good balsamic glaze on it. We said we weren't going to stay long but we stayed till after 11 till we got back to the RV.

Thursday March 12, 2020

This afternoon I met Terri in the Hearth line dancing with Lee and Linda. We danced for a couple hours. Headed back to the RV, we sat outside our FW for a while and chatted. Today Jim and Marv or supposed to go  see the Flyers play hockey in Tampa Florida ,  but the game was postponed  because of the Coronavirus . Then they went home and we had a late lunch here.
 I walked up and checked out the hot tub for a few minutes. At 6 they picked us up and we first went to Panda Express .  Then we took a little Drive up to the Lily on the lake. We could hear the music they were doing karaoke, was a beautiful sunset we walked around the water with the dogs. Then we took a drive up to the Tiki Bar, sat out on the picnic table by the water and had a drink and shared a key lime pie. We ended up driving back to the CG after that we arrived well after 9:30. After they dropped us off we watched a few of our shows that we had recorded all this week.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Moving Day to Clerbrook

Moving Day to Clerbrook 

Friday March 6, 2020

This morning we started packing up, made very good time. Our neighbor started talking to us while we were getting ready to leave. Breaking one of the Cardinal rules of RVing not to talk to people when they're doing serious hooking up work, as to not forget anything. He said he was an author had to go get his book and show us. Jim's favorite thing looking at books, LOL. When Jim unplugged the electric there was a little critter sitting on top of the plug. Jim told the author  he should get his camera and come over here. His book was full of animals in their natural habitat, where it takes forever waiting for them to get the perfect shot. As we pulled out  I looked and saw he was photographing it.
We double-checked and pulled out at 10. That was our goal, when you leave Peace River you have to take the long way out. So we went past Mike and Mandy, I texted them by and then came out.
 Is a 2 hour drive and we arrived at Clerbrook golf and RV Resort. They told us our site number. Had to figure out the best way to get there. Big FW had to wait for us to get in. Once we backed in we realized there was a golf cart for the park model behind us. Knocked on the door a couple times wanted to make sure it was cool with him where we were parking. Didn't want to find out later that it wasn't.
 So the big RV that waited for us parked right across the street from us. Very quickly they were level and had their slides out. And then the lady in the fifth wheel, kind of behind them came out and said they were parked on her side and her husband Parks his truck and that they had to move. Which is what I was trying to avoid that situation over here with the golf cart. Short time later he arrived with his big truck, and told them they had to move over. They must have called the ranger they came up and gave him a different spot. Our opinion was that both people were a little to far over. Good for them they got a better spot anyway.
 We finish setting up had lunch that I pre-made a sandwich for us. Called about a golf cart sadly none were available, he said he had over 30 of them out. Guess Were meant to walk this week.
 Marv and Terri that we met at the bash are arriving today also. We went for a walk and got a paper on the activities, and asked if they had arrived yet,  she told us they did, they gave us the wrong site number. We didn't get to see them today the later they told us they had to move from the first site they couldn't get level the sand was too soft. We made fun plans with them tomorrow.
We just relax the rest of the evening looking forward to hanging out with them tomorrow, they planned on staying for 10 days.

Saturday March 7, 2020

We had a relaxing morning I made pancakes and eggs. We texted with Marv and Terri on our plans for the day. We are very close to The Villages again about a half an hour away, they were never really there before. So we planned to go and walk around the farmers market in Brownwood Square, and then have lunch. They have two big dogs Bailey which we met at the bash, and Zeke there new pup.
 They followed us in the truck. We parked and walked all around the different stands of produce. Jim and Marv held the dogs while we shopped, and they started their drinking day with a margarita. As Jim says you can't drink all day unless you start in the morning.
Jim was walking Zeke and he Cesar Millan him as the Dog Whisperer does and he listened very well to him and walked very nice. They said they wanted to watch some of his videos later.
I bought some produce and snacks, almost bought a sun hat which I think I want to go back for. She bought some produce and fish found a top for her son's girlfriend. We shopped till almost 2 we're more than ready for lunch now. We went over to Cody's Jim found out they were dog friendly. Terry and I met the guys over there .  Had a nice table all the way in the back in the corner . It's happy hour there we were there for quite a few hours. The dogs we're really good. The food is so good I had salmon again Jim had a burger with an egg on it, Terri had fried fish, he ordered beef chunks,  the food Runner brought him a burger with grilled onions, the dogs didn't like I'm walking up to the table like that. They gave the burger to the dogs and they brought him beef chunks a bit later, they definitely weren't in a rush about it, I guess they saw we were in a rush either. We had the same waiter London that we had the other week when we were here he is very very good waiter, we enjoyed them a lot.
After we left Cody's I drove again. Stopped to get firewood that we saw on the way there a big wheel barrel full nice dry wood for $25. We arrived back at the CG, they drove ahead they  know where they were going now. Both went back to where our own RVs rested a little put stuff away. Got ready and went up to the Hearth for the Saturday night line dance party here, with the line dance teachers Lee and wife Linda. It was a lot of fun the first hour he played all dances I could do, which made it really fun for me.  We got to chat a little Marv and Jim watched hockey on their phone. The Flyers are playing in Tampa on Thursday, Jim bought tickets for both of them to go. On Tuesday  Jim's team the Flyers play Marv's team the Bruins. It was Lee's birthday someone brought cupcakes, so we all had one. All we ate since lunch. The party is over at 9 ish. He left the dogs in the MH he had a camera on them and Bailey does not like it and got you some wires that he had to fix before. So he went back and put them in the car drove back. We left around 9:30 walked back to our RVs made plans for a day of fun tomorrow.

Sunday March 8, 2020

We had a relaxing morning today, I ate a small bowl of cereal later and Jim finally ate a protein bar. Then Marv and Terri followed us to Yalaha Bakery. it was a very nice day but a little windy, we took turns going inside ordering our food from the deli. Later we went back in and got a treat Jim had a big eclair, it was huge and I had a huge peanut butter cookie we shared both. They are pricey at 5 for the eclair and a  $1.75  for one big cookie. There was a guy playing a guitar and singing, he was very good. The food was pretty good it was fun chatting,  the dogs were very well behaved, thanks again to Jim's dog training techniques, they said.
We said goodbye to each other and they went to do their thing. On the way home we stopped at 2 Dollar Generals I went in by myself looking for items I can use to make my Jean purses. Then we went into a Publix, I ran into Winn-Dixie while Jim filled up our water jugs. I guess 133. 00 not a bad day.
We got home put everything away I had some things I wanted to cook. First I did some hard boiled eggs in my IP. I made little mini zucchini pies muffin shape, I made a chocolate chip zucchini cake, and in the big pot I made two different packages of beef I had in the freezer, one of the last older things I had in there. I cooked the beef by itself in the small pot I made a few little potatoes and baby carrots. After the beef reduced I added the veggies and thickened it all up seasoned it, that is what Jim had for dinner then. I cooked for over 3 hours it was kind of a later dinner than I wanted. We watched American Idol and called it a lovely day. 

Friday, March 6, 2020

Anna Marie Island

Anna Marie Island 

Tuesday March 3, 2020

Today we got ready to leave for     Anna Maria Island, left just after 10, always later than we want to. It took a good two hours to get there. 
A lot of traffic, and construction. Arrived to the Island but the parking lot was packed. So we had to drive a few miles up the road to another parking lot. First we sat at a picnic table, and ate our pre-packed lunch I made. Walk down to the water it was a very hazy, very warm day, and bright Sun. The weather man  called it torrential sunshine. Decided to get on the trolley and go down to where we wanted to park originally.  Went in the gift shop, a lot of people down there. They have food, and a bar.
 Took a picture of our palm trees where we renewed our vows four years ago. I asked a very nice lady to take our picture.
 Then we got back on the trolley drove around and got  off right before the ice cream shop. Today they were totally out of lactose-free ice cream. I had a tiny baby cone for a dollar. Jim had some peanut butter milkshake thing that was over  $6 or more. Then we walked back to where the truck was. Took out our chairs and went down and sat on the beach for about an hour. We were in the shade of one of the big lifeguard Towers, they aren't using them right now though.
 We started driving back about 4:30. Went back a different way. Very nice drive the road with a drawbridge going both ways, was up when we arrived and it had to go back up again when we left. A lot of tall boat traffic apparently.
 We got back to the CG around 6:30 I heated up some leftovers for a light dinner I wanted to go up to the jammers, but it was too late didn't feel like the long walk. So we showered relax with a little TV.

Wednesday March 4, 2020

This morning made a smoothie. Then I went up to see my crafting ladies. First I checked the mail, nothing yet,  Jim says it was delivered on the 28th. I had so much fun with the ladies it was a nice chat. 
Met Jim out front, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Then we stopped at Walmart. He was trying to find more wood, never did. Found fuel. Went back to the CG.
We relaxed a little. Then went back up to see if they had the mail after 2. Jim told them it was delivered already. Found out that they wrote down the names of the people that own the UPS Store at home. So the package said Osborne, not price, which was written three different places on the package. has a very inefficient system.
Trying to make plans with Sue and Tony to meet up for lunch somewhere. On the way I decided to call my brother Drew who's birthday is tomorrow. Decided to go to K&J homegrown  produce to save us time tomorrow. Found more T-Bones chicken and pot roast to fill the freezer, $75. We will meet them tomorrow about an hour away from here.
Jim grilled one of the last T-Bones in the freezer after I packed it with the fresh  meat. I had some leftovers. We sat down to eat outside and some people we had met started talking to us, that's always awkward. Was nice chat thought.
 I stayed inside took a shower, looking for some crafts I had started long time ago, that I found. Jim watched hockey outside the rest of the night, yeah they won 5 to 2.

Thursday March 5, 2020

Happy birthday to BOTH my brother's David and Drew. Born same day 2 years apart.
I went up to say goodbye to my crafting ladies, but was a little early, and the door was still locked, nobody was there yet. Jim met me at the ranger gate and we drove over the two couples we met at TTO. It was a lot of fun, they were just learning and really wanted to practice before they went back to Orlando.
 We left around 11:30 to go meet Sue and Tony for lunch at a restaurant called Nancy's. We got there a little early, our plan was to meet at 1. We went into Walgreens while we waited. Never did get a picture, first time at this restaurant but it had a wonderful smell of smoke & BBQ. We were there for almost 3 hours. So fun to talk with them, a lot of laughs. Great meal almost stayed long enough to have dinner.
 We headed back to the CG. Later we had a salad for dinner that I had pre-made. Jim watched hockey again outside, yay they won again 4 to 1.
 Sadly tomorrow we move back to Clerbrook. Few things we wanted to get done and just never got to. Go see Bonnie at the rehab, visit with Dottie and Dee again. Never did go in the pool, and it was so warm too. Just so far away to drive to, or walk while you're wet, I hate that. That's why I want to buy a cricket, golf cart. I did find a lady that has one for sale, black just the color I want, she lives in West Virginia hope to get it within a year.