Friday, June 2, 2023

Walk fit, Wanda, Winner's Circle

Walk fit, Wanda and Winner's Circle 

Tuesday May 30, 2023
This morning I was up before 6:30 had coffee made breakfast for Jim when he got up. Went up to do walk fit Sandie beat me up there again. We did our walk fit for 3 miles and talked about our plans for line dancing tonight. 
After I left I got home cleaned out the truck back seat. Then got ready had lunch and left to go visit my cousin Wanda in Pine Grove. It's 22 miles away, she has over a hundred acres of Mountain Land up there. I was a little excited for the drive hoping I can find her driveway. 
Jim had everything I needed on the GPS for me. I was glad I had it or I would have missed the turn,  here's what it looks like driving on her Road
almost a mile long to get to her house. I haven't been there in many, many years. Once I arrived she helped me back in so I'm facing the right way when I leave. Jim says I should leave by 3:00 to get home and do all the things and be ready go to line dancing with everyone. 
We had a great visit I showed her how to make spaghetti in her pressure cooker. She gave me the tour of the property, we picked some cherries from her cherry tree. 
She has beautiful flowers everywhere.
The memory Garden she's making for her only child, Justin who passed many, years ago, at such a young age.
We spent the whole time in the kitchen. She has beautiful old appliances. Love this stove.
The appliances are fantastic 
Pizza oven on the small bottom door
Beautiful, pool in the back

This is a Root Cellar
She gave me alot of goodies. A  RX protein bar I always wanted to try, fresh eggs, tonic she made, pumpkin pudding. She makes with pumpkins she grows, dish cloths and a pot holder. So nice of her.
By now was just after 3:30 and it was time for me to go, we shared hugs and goodbyes. 
And I made the drive back to the campground. 
Thankfully everything went well and I didn't get lost. I left at 3:36 and got home at 417. I brought everything in rested for a bit, later I changed, made dinner we ate, and I got a text from Pam saying they were going to drive themselves and not come with us. Which was fine but Sandie walked over and we took her, she had the whole back seat to herself. 
We arrived kind of early. She also came here for many years with her husband. As soon as she walked in she started seeing people she knew.
 Pam arrived shortly after with her husband Tom. Here's a few pictures of the three of us. 
We didn't take a lot of pictures this time they get so blurry as we're dancing. My photographer was slacking, we spent more time just dancing. We closed the place down at 10:00. We headed home with Sandie in the back again. I enjoyed our chat with her as I found out yesterday she's 80 years old. She's such an inspiration, she's always on the move.
 Thank you Orlando dancing friends for having such a fun evening with us.

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  1. Beautiful home and gardens. Do you know what we call that root cellar down here? Tornado shelter.