Monday, April 12, 2021

Rain, Mud, Cold, PA

Last Happy Monday April 12, 2021

Today woke up a little cold out. Should have put the heat  pump on. It poured rain last night.  I was up first had alot to do today. 

I made breakfast washed my hair and got ready to get some stuff done. Called whole bunch places to find someone to fix our Samsung Fridge. Jim would find a # I would call, probably called at least 5. Then something he looked at,  Home Adviser called US. We set appointment with them, for Thursday, see what happens.
Before we left my boss wanted me to work tomorrow a day early. All day like noon till 8. Sure why NOT.

Went and got my car and flower pots, at Jim's friend's house also where we have access to firewood. Came back to FW to drop the  truck off. Was hard to get in here at noon people checking in. Trying to  keep people from coming in before noon, trying to be like TTO.

Then we got his stuff for his Mom. First we went to Hoss's for lunch. They have a good salad bar. I had sweet chili shrimp and FF and Jim had fried fish and FF soup, always get the salad and dessert bar, plus they have diet Pepsi. They had SO yummy on a loop on TV in there, was cool, waitress said to look it up. Alot of cool ways for food presentation.

Then we went to his Mom for a visit. Took all the stuff we brought home for her. Jim stayed with her while I went to Fredericksburg to get my nails done. Felt so good to have them done RIGHT.
While I was there my boss texted again said could I work 6 am to 2 instead, someone else would rather to the late shift FINE with ME.

Then went to get a few groceries at Redner's. Didn't get much especially for fridge. 
I stopped at our old house to see our neighbor. Mary was best neighbor ever. I Had a card for her. She was out in drive way talking with former coworker, he knew me. Was small town. The people in our house just had another baby since they moved in. Two boys in the house AGAIN, cool. Here's a picture of house now. 
Our horse barn in the background.
I picked up Jim at his Mom's,  quick visit we left to stop pick up our tax papers. We went by earlier wasn't ready. 
Then we went to the store I call the beer mall. Guess what they sell.
Then we went and got Chinese took it back to RV. I kept half of mine for tomorrow. For work lunch. We got home alot to put away get ready for a big day tomorrow. 
Then we will have time to go to camping world, didn't have time today. We need a new potty, pendant light, plastic piece for screen door, clip for my broken drawer, and foot ottoman.

Since back to work and real life, will be going back to weekly or monthly In review now. I need blog break. 


  1. We've that excellent service using Home Advisor for two different projects: taking downs trees and removing one to the large piles of trash we've talked about.

    I was wondering yesterday what your hours would be. Day shift is a winner.

  2. Nice that your former house has a family again.
    Don't overdo the the work too much.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Lifestyle.

    It's about time.