Sunday, August 12, 2018

July in Review

July where did it go

Where did July go. Well it has come and gone. Not so much to post about. We have been working a lot and it has been raining so much, I don't even remember  a wetter summer.

Pa Dutch
We are both back to working full-time, Jim worked a little OT and I have too. My one week-end off the 14th and the 15th I worked 4 to 8 both days and we moved the FW on the 15th, busy day.

We have been moving every 2 weeks from Hershey TT to Pa Dutch TT at the Lebanon/Lancaster interchange. Both very close for me to go to work. It is FREE and it has been working great. Not that bad, keeps us in practice, and  everything in working order, can't accumulate a lot of stuff when you have to keep moving it.


We both had our teeth cleaned and doctor appointment out of the way, and both went to the eye doctor and got new glasses.

When we were in Florida at Peace River TT I met in the pool a very nice couple, Bob and Sally, we talked for hours and got together a few times during our two week stay.

Funny story is they live about 20 minutes away from TTH where we are now. They went  for the winter too. Just so funny to go all the way to Florida and meet someone from right here. So I called her and set up a time to get together. I invited them here for dessert. I made a chocolate chip  zucchini cake. We had a nice visit, talked about our Instat Pot. I told them I wanted to get a spring form pan to make a cheesecake but Amazon hates us and can't seam to order one, so Bob got on his Amazon Prime and I said order one for each of us. So he did.

We made plans to get together next Tuesday my next day off after Jim was home they brought over the pan and some cheesecake for us to try, so nice. Jim was kidding around in a text for her to do that and  she already did, so NICE. Was really good, I bought all the ings, to made one, still did not get to do it. FYI they are both young but both retired  I said she had more time. We also made plan to be a the same RV Resort in the southern tip of Texas for at least a week in January. They are big pickle ball fans, and are going to teach us how to play, it is very big in Florida too. Thanks for everything Bob and Sally. Can't wait to get together again.

Another weekend in July, just so happened I worked then too ,my brother Drew, ( he is the wood carver,) he came down state to see us and some of his friends too, also for a funeral. He stopped by, they were all on there bikes. We had a nice visit. We are hoping to make a weekend trip up soon before we head West.

We had a nice visit with a lady that works where I do, she is taken great care of my

39 year old orange tree
orange tree that is 39 years old. I took a great picture of it on her back porch, surrounded by all her lovely plants and flowers. She gave us a tour of her downstairs, a beautiful old farm house. And another funny thing turns out she lives so close to TTH. Sorry I feel like I said that before. My Mother used to say " Stop me if I already told you this" and we always heard it before.

Jim has been doing a lot of planning for our trip out west. He has a map with about 22 stops picked out already.  We are both so excited about this HUGE adventure but it will be so different then a seemingly quick trip to Florida, which we will miss a lot.

First we are planning a trip to TN first, the  end of September be gone 2 weeks. With a weekend at Gettysburg Farm TT. Never there before, a Minnie vacation. We are going to TN for another Rally the CTC. A club for owners of the FW we have. We have a lot to do before then.

One thing we have to do it take all my beautiful flower pots to my MIL house. Jim moves them back and forth from TTH to PA Dutch TT nice enough but he is not taking them to TN.
My beautiful portable flower bed

Another thing we did in July was order a bike rack, for the 2 big older bikes we had. When it arrived here at TTH Jim tried to put it on the back of the FW it just didn't fit. Well we did order it awhile ago, it took us a month to return it. UPS store wanted $50.00 to send it back. We made a trip to Camping World to get 2 folding bikes, we test drove them, really nice. We have not had a lot of time to ride them though, between working, all the rain, and how hot it has been. We really wanted to have them when we travel because it will be a lot flatter in TN in Florida and out west.

One day when we were at Pa Dutch TT when I got off of work it was so hot. I decided to go to the pool before Jim got home from work. I wanted to drive that makes me feel so lazy, so instead of taking my huge bag and pool noodle I grabbed my towel and walked to the pool. So nice a ramp goes right in. Feels so cool at first but when you get all the way in so Wonderful and refreshing. Ok ,so there I was, me and I counted, 8 kids, OH ghee's. A few adults sitting out all staring at there phones. OK whatever. THEN I saw a couple coming, YEA, he sat out in the sun but she got in and when she got used to the water and got around all the kids and got to the other end where I was we said HI and talked for over an hour. They were Full-Time RV's too. She had quite the work history, and was quite the cook it sounded like, so we had a lot to talk about. She also had an IP we talked about what we make in it. I saw Jim's work van so by.

So I gave him alone time to settle in and take a shower, which he always does right away, which I'm thankful for. So we said our goodbyes and I walked home. When I got there he looked mad, he said come in we have to talk. I thought OH crap, if he is MAD I'm really going to be mad too, he should not be mad if I went to the pool, just cause he never wants to go that's not my fault..... so unfortunately now I wish it would have just been a little fight, turned out he just found out his brother had a blood clot in his brain and either he had a stroke or it caused one. He was going into surgery soon. His Mom wanted to go and Jim go with her, I thought fly of course, she said drive to save money no time for that,  tomorrow was moving day, how was all this going to happen, OMG now what, what a shock to come home to.  He is two years older then Jim. That was weeks ago now happy to say he is home how doing better. Jim talked on the phone with him a few times. He has a way to go but he sounds like he is on the mend. He lives in CO and was just here in Pa. for a very recent visit. Jim and his Mom didn't have to go to CO they waited to hear how things went first. We are hoping  the weather is good enough to visit Colorado when we are our west. Here is a pic when he was just here Larry, Jim and there Mother.

Larry is standing Jim and my MIL Brigitte