Saturday, September 29, 2018

Day of hard decisions

Saturday September 29, 2018

Jim said he slept in today, was almost 7. I got up at 7:45 AM. Had our coffee, I made smoothies.

Then we had some hard decisions to make, what to do next. We have so many different thing we want to do yet, so hard to decide what to do next. The scheduled classes this AM are Geeks on Tour a Facebook Hot Tips and Tricks, well we didn't make that one. We wanted to go to next class called  "What
Does this Button Do" we wanted to go out for lunch, go horseback riding, go WalMart, go get Diesel and LP gas, go into pool and Hot tub, get wash pass and wash and wax FW. walk and ride bikes. It was SOooo hard to figure out what to do. Got ready to go ride, but it feels like a waste to miss out on a good class when sounds like something we really need and can learn a lot. So I guess you could say I talked Jim into doing the class, was very interesting. We were really hungry by then. We went to Ruby Tuesday's, we like salad bar, I got rice shrimp and broccoli. I gave Jim 2 shrimp skewers, and I saw this big brown thing in the rice I gave it to Jim I said is that beef, he said yes I said gross, I don't eat beef. I told them they said in dirty rice, menu did not say it was dirty just said rice. Anyway she took off the bill.

Then we went to WalMart then of course I didn't have my list. We got what we could remember. I got 2 sets twin sheets to donate to the Children's Home here. Came back and chilled talked with our neighbor. Started to see the stink bugs coming out. Jim got my bags out to sell. Had a snack then we went up to set up my bags. They had an ice cream social. They had 12 gals for all those people and didn't quite use it all. I offered to help dip it, they said thanks, they were ok. Jim went to fill LP while I was selling my bags.

Then the entertainment was Spittin Image to twin brothers sang and played guitar had a lot of funny stick. A couple came in later sat down next to Jim, said football game she wanted to watch they were missing Jim said yea, Penn State they were for them too, From Pa also so funny. We left after 8:30 came home had some pork he grilled last night. Forgot I got tuna out of the freezer last night have to grill it tomorrow. I did blog while Jim watched his football I shower record SNL and went to bed.

Ricky's RV Repair, workshops, MM group, BBQ picnic

Friday September 28, 2018

Woke up after 8 AM came downstairs and Jim was not here. Never heard him leave. We went up to first class with Geeks on Tour You've taken pictures with your phone, now what?

While he was gone I made bed, got ready, started a load of cloths, vacuumed, and washed dishes. I ate some breakfast mini muffins that were leftover yesterday.
Jim got back around 10:15, about to make some eggs and we had an appointment with Ricky's RV Repair between 10:30 and 11:30 they got here just after 10:30, we used them for other jobs last time we were in TN.

We had a quick lite lunch I made Jim 1 chicken wrap and each a ham and cheese sandwich with a few chips. Then we got the bikes out and took a ride around. It was misting out when the RV tect was here, now it was not raining but humid. We rode bikes into an empty site and looked at the river that runs behind the campground, it was raging.


We had some boneless pork ribs that needed cooked, Jim put the grill on, had to change bottle to one of the 40 lb bottles he took a shower then I watched them. When all that was done we went a few sites up the road to our Merry Marylanders group, we would have been early, was suppose  to start at 3 the neighbor behind us that lives here started talking to us and asking us a lot of questions. I learned the group was known for starting early, we missed all the intros of everyone. It was a smaller group so it was easier to talk with a lot of people. We had some snacks then it was time to head over to the Pork BBQ picnic. They had a big fire going and we talked with a lot of different people. they had pork, chips and Oreo cookies. Then they did Karaoke and people danced a little. We did one dance. We went home about 8:30, I took a shower and we watched a little TV before bed.

Friday, September 28, 2018

More Rain but whatever

Thursday September 27, 2018

I woke up almost 8:30 AM Jim was already up an hour and a half. He went up by himself to get Danish and fresh fruit breakfast. They did a Sky Med talk during that time. I had coffee and made the bed, made a smoothie and had a yogurt. He came back a good hour later. He was telling me about Sky Med it is like Medical Transport Insurance, a helicopter ride can cost 50k. So I had the mini muffins and fresh fruit he brought back for me, sweet guy.

I got ready and stopped and signed up for Sky Med on our way out then we took a drive to the Bush Bean Factory. We have been wanting to do it ever since we have been coming here. It was a really nice drive, about 16 miles.
Nice gift shop and a movie of how beans are made. Didn't stay to long.

So we wanted to take a different ride back. So we did, we drove and drove and I put GPS on and it said we were 28 miles away, WHAT how did that happen. The roads were narrow and a lot of curves. We didn't have lunch yet and we had a long way to go. There was flashing lights at one curve and a car was down in a ditch upside down. And before that a tree was covering left lane, a car was directing traffic till police got there. We came out the East end of Gatlinburg We got back at 3:05 we were to be at class talking about Passport American and caravans. We got to FW ate Leftover spaghetti I had frozen. We got down at 3:25 so glad I had all the food premade. I didn't really cook since we got here but eggs for breakfast.

We went to class, came right back and Jim took a shower and we went back up at 5 for catered meal of turkey, or pork, sweet potato casserole, butter beans, stuffing, salad and chocolate pie. They had entertainment a singer Katie Brooks very good and funny.
Jim cut out a little early, I was going to walk back, but at the end the electric went out in the building for a second and was pouring I texted Jim and he came and picked me up. We watched a little TV and went to bed, he almost always goes before me especially when we are not working.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

First Day of Rally

September 26, 2018

Jim was up at 6AM and I got up after 7:30. We watched some Today Show, had our coffee. Jim made himself bacon and eggs. I had a yogurt for breakfast.

Today is the first day the Rally officially starts. We had to go up to the event room for registration between 8:30 to 11, we arrived up there right before 10:30. We always walked up but we had so much rain over night and all morning really, we had to drive up there.

We went back to RV and had lunch, more burgers and chips I grilled some onions for them. Went back
they had a lot of stuff we had to do, then they had a First Timers Meeting we had to go to. About 20 couples attended that. They had cookies and tea. Then when that meeting was over we went out and looked at the new FW that RV's for LESS brings for our group to look at. They are a local dealership that does a lot for rally's held here. They had Landmark's and DRV's, it was pouring then my feet were soaked. It stopped long enough for us to get back inside.

Then they had a class with Techno RV Tire/Weight load safety TST TPMS Monitoring Systems. One thing we still need to get is a Tire Presser MS.

After the class we drove back and had dinner, changed Jim showered and shaved. I called and left a message with Chris and Dave from TN we met them in Florida. She texted me later they are 120 miles away, they were going to come with there camper  and see if they could get a site here. Hope we get to see them.

We went back at 6 they did 50/50 drawing and some other stuff like that, then we had dessert, had cake vanilla and chocolate. Then they had entertainment
"Voices of Legends" a one man show did all kinds of different people singing. I kept track of all the singers. I counted 35 starting back in the 50"s like Paul Anka , Neil Diamond, Elvis, The Rat Pack, Tom Jones he was very good. Here are a few pictures.
They still had left over cake so we had another. Then they did some drawing. We went back home. We were inside a few minutes and I heard the fridge beep. Here we had left the fridge open, it said it was 67 in there, lucky it is pretty empty. took a good half hour till it was back to 38. We watched some TV. I showered, and Jim went to bed first, I watched Jimmy Fallon first and blogged then bed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Today a beautiful morning and day, I woke up right before 8. Had some of Jim's wonderful coffee. He had the blog pictures up already. I made a smoothie for us, I had a bowl of cereal later.

We relaxed for awhile and watched the Today Show. Jim was working on trip planning for out west. He booked a California TT, he was really into it, having fun. We had some lunch, Jim had the rest of the white chicken chili and I made him two more chicken wraps. I had small bowl of 3 bean chili and I took 2 slices of the cheesecake I made in the Instant Pot and had in the freezer to see how it would hold up, well it was great, at least that is what Jim says.

So after lunch we went on a fun run to see what we could find. We went into this Smoky Mountain knife works store, we never went into all the times we were here. It was huge and had so many neat things to look at. Old real war relics. kitchen stuff household items, a lot of signs with funny sayings, and tons of knifes and guns. Many floors, you can spend a lot of time in there.

They have a store called JR Cheep, went into before, I could be in there for hours, tons of kitchen stuff, takes a little fun out of looking when you have no room for stuff.
Then we went to the Coleman camping store looking for lawn chairs. Then the DeWalt  store we found a mini leaf blower to get rid of stuff on top of the slides. A comfort mat very light weight to put under our nice mat to protect from big stones they have at TTH.

Next we went to Kroger food store. Got eggs, beer, chips you know the basics. Very nice store. Then we drove up the strip looked around, so much to look at.

Then we went to Harbor Freight still looking for chairs, so far non I liked as much as the ones at CW the Club chairs.

Then we came back home put stuff away. And I heated up the smoked pork and left over Jambalaya I had frozen, and some mixed veggies and chips.

We got the bikes out and road up and got some wood
Jim started a fire, I watched some of my shows, and blogged. Jim was still trip planning out at the fire, he came in and washed dishes and we watched a little TV together.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Arrive at Sevisville Tennessee

September 24, 2018

Woke up about 7:30 Jim already had coffee made. I made a great breakfast with leftover stuffed French toast and peach crepes, from the I Hop last night. I also made eggs and I had 3 mini pancakes in the freezer I had made for the Grandkids, and it sounds weird, but I had 2 leftover hotdogs we had too. was really good. I had some wraps I made for a quick lunch on the road. I put chicken, tomatoes, mayo, BBQ sauce, cheese. We packed up and left at 9:53. He had to make a big u turn to get out of here. We got back on 81 South and drove over 2 hours. We kept having light rain on and off, never really got to heavy. Found a Petro truck stop, we filled up then parked in a big spot and had our quick wraps, protein bar and a Pepsi. Got back on the road and in just a little over 2 hours from then we were HERE, yea.

We checked in Jim got some beer and we were set up. We picked out our spot a year ago when we were here for an RV Dreams Rally. They have very level sites so that didn't take long. We are getting quite good at fast set up. He does outside, I do inside. I said It is amazing how quick I make the inside look like we never left.

Then I called Direct TV to change our address to local TV channels. That took 12 minutes. Now all set for the new shows starting this week.

I made dinner around 5:30 I heated up a couple burgers Jim grilled before we left, turkey for me 2 beef for him. And white chicken chili soup, I had 3 bean veggie chili I made both in the Instant Pot.

Then we got our new bikes out and after Jim fixed the chain that came off my bike it was bent, and put air in a tire we were ready to take a ride. They did get quite scratched up in the back of the truck. It was fun to see all the Lifestyles here like ours. The group was having a camp fire so we walked up with our chairs and met some people Sara and Tommy. There are something like 96 couples here.

It started raining a little, was after 8 by then, so we walked back and took showers and got ready to watch The Voice, Jim talked to a friend he used to work with, then he went outside to talk with someone else, I made popcorn watched TV and went to bed after 11.

   Where Ever we Roam, We Are Always At HOME

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rainny Travel Day September 23, 2018

September 23, 2018

Woke up before 7 AM it was raining all through the night. Had to put the heat pump on before we went to bed, was very cool out. I made a smoothie first, then eggs and sausage. Jim put pictures on the blog I did last night and we made our first post in almost 2 months, and now 2 posts in one day. We started getting ready to move out of here, of course it is raining again. I really hope we can get out of it.

I called Lee Hi Travel Plaza CG to make a reservation for tonight they said they were full, OK then, have to think of a plan B, later.

We pulled out of here at 11:10 AM. Drove for 2 hours our first potty break was West Virginia Welcome Center. We had the salads for lunch that I made last night. I had a slice of zucchini cake that I made. Then back on the road again.

We talked about going to a Wal Mart and boondocking there, or we could stay on the truck side and boondock there. Either way Jim wanted to get fuel at Lee Hi. We arrived at Lee Hi few hours later.
I went into pay for fuel, and thought I would ask again anyway if they had a site for the night. They said back in, she said hang on I will check for you. She came back 5 minutes later and said they had a pull through for us, yea. So I went out and told Jim we had a site for the night. So we pulled around  the building and went up the hill to our site 13. We decided not to unhook, we drove up on some wood to level up the one side. We touched down our landing gear to stabilize us before we put the slides out. I told Jim electric didn't come on yet. So he checked it and it was a 50 AMP plug and a 30 AMP breaker. He put his volt meter on to check it,  One of the neighbor guys was here talking with Jim about it. I called and told them  the electric didn't work. We talked about what was going on for a minute. And he said he would come over in a few minutes, Jim said he could rewire it, he said ok so he was finished with that when the guy got here. So with our adapter we had 30 AMP, yea, he is so good.

We did not do much else to set up, I put slides out and started dinner. I made yellow rice and the grilled chicken Jim made yesterday, added some frozen veggies. We had dinner and went for a walk to see how we are going to pull out of here tomorrow. We went down to I Hop and shared a crepe and stuffed French toast. We split it and will share the rest for breakfast tomorrow. We walked home watched a little tv, Jim did set up the Sat dish.
We both took a quick shower and went to bed early.

August and Most of September


August and Most of September gone. Can't believe how fast it went. We are both still working full-time and we move back and forth from Thousand Trails Hershey and Pa Dutch, about 8 miles apart, every two weeks.

We have had a lot of rain all year long really. August 7 we had quite a heavy one this was our very wet site for a bit. Good news when it stops it drains off quickly. These picture were in Hershey TT.

I was playing with my Instant Pot August 16 and made a cherry cheesecake, they are very good, have to let them sit over night in the fridge. That is hard for Jim , and I only make one when we have friends around to help us eat it. I did try freezing a few slices, still in not sure how it holds up.

August 25 was a very busy day I really looked forward to. First we went To Brickerville House Shoppes and had breakfast something we never really do, but so good there. Walked around the shops. One was new we were never in before, they had a lot of German things, we got my MIL some German cookies. One shop had everything made of glass, and they had
these fake chocolates really neat display but $30.00 each.
I got a call from work wanted me to come in. I hate to say No had a very busy day off planed really fun, I feel so guilty saying No. Love looking at beautiful flowers in courtyard of shops.
We went and took the cookies

over to my MIL and took her out to lunch, we went to Hoss's, always have salad very good. We took her home and went back to the FW, we were at Pa Dutch.

Went back rested for an hour changed and went to pick up my Aunt Sandy, we took her to the Quentin Riding Club, they were having an Elvis Impersonator that was suppose to be really good. My Aunt loved him, I remember as a kid going to her house and she would put his records on and we would have a dance party with her and my brothers. We had a good time with her. She has been having a hard time recovering from her second knee replacement so it was nice for her to get out a little.
We took her home and went the back way and saw a lot of deer.
Wonderful fun busy day.

We had a day we got to see Len and Phyllis. They had a ruff time getting here from AL to visit family.

Saturday September 8 we went to Reading and went to a very good Mexican restaurant for a  quick bite and then saw Comedian Rodney Carrington. So funny a little dirty but hay we like it, we are all adults here, look him up S0ooo funny.

Then we moved to Pa Dutch on Sunday 9/9  it was the first time we ever HAD to move in the rain, a lot of rain. We finally broke down and got Jim a good raincoat and pant set.

A few days later 9/12 Jim's beer fridge was not up to temp. So we looked for one in the local stores none had  the color, black or size we wanted so he ended up he found one on line at Sam's Club the size we needed, we made the trip and went to Sam's one night after work.

My BIL Larry came for a visit, he had some resent health problems but is doing much better. Jim went to see him and we all went out to dinner a few times.

Saturday the weekend of the 15th I worked when I got home a quick shower and we were off to the Hershey RV Show. Was very full they had a Cedar Creek that had a front kitchen that was cool. Had a crab cake sand Jim had a sausage sand. We like looking at the gadgets and accessories, we really wanted to find some chairs. They had one style we liked a club chair, we thought we could find them cheaper else where. We will see :)

After the RV Show we stopped at Penn National Race Track they had an Aerosmith Tribute Band, they we very good. I worked all day and walked all around the RV show so I was pooped out. It is standing room only at the ATB they were really good though, I thought he needed hair extensions and eye liner.

That is pretty much it for August and most of September. All the other days we work. I do 6:15 to 2:15 and Jim works 7 to 3:30. We move every other Sunday, I work every other weekend. We go out to eat with my MIL once a week on the weekend.

Friday after work I went and vacuumed the car then to get my nails done stopped at Redner's a food store here in Pa. Then went to my MIL house, we dropped off my car had a quick visit with them. Then we stopped at Sheetz  for a quick sandwich for dinner that turned out not to quick, then headed back to FW to put everything away.

I was so tired I went to bed watched a little tv in bed turned it off at 10:40 went right to sleep and woke up at 12:30, wide awake. I don't know why I was so tired, I don't know if I was so excited or what. I finally got up a little after 2, got some things out of the freezer, froze some bananas had a cup of hot chocolate and I read a few blogs and Jim heard me downstairs and came to check on me. So sweet, I went back to bed at 3ish.
So now it is Saturday 9/22 I had off today. We leave tomorrow for Tennessee for 2 weeks, I have a total of 20 days off. We are going to a CTC Rally, it is an Owners group of our FW, but anyone with an RV can join now. I woke up to the sound of Jim making coffee and washing dishes, around 8am, Such a nice way to wake up. We had our coffee and watched the Today Show. I made breakfast for us, I was not able to do that for 2 weeks. Because I work early AM on weekends. I stripped the bed and started washing cloths.

We went to do the last of our errands. We stopped at bank took out some cash and told them we are traveling to TN so when they see card activity there they will know it's ok. We went to vacuum truck out I wanted the inside clean. We went and filled up our spring water jugs. Went to UPS Store and got our mail and returned an RV book that was not our mail. Went into Musser's a local food store looking for Pepsi on sale, none though, we got Jim a nice steak and went to the new Beer "mall" store I call it. Then we went home I worked on more wash, total of 6 loads, Jim grilled travel food he made burgers for now and some for later. He grilled chicken too. I wiped down the inside of the truck, repacked and organized stuff. We went on the CG
wagon ride that goes all around the Campground, nice ride but for screaming kids.  We got back Jim made a fire and made the steak on it. I made a salad for me and two for tomorrow on travel day 1. I did this blog which took a long time. So excited for tomorrow. My plan is to blog everyday during our TN travel days.

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