Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rainy Pennsylvania :(

Good Friday March 30, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Jim was up first today, I got up shortly after he did. Was a little sad, being back, what happened yesterday, and the weather here is just so bad compared to what we were used to.  He was mad at himself. We had our coffee and smoothies. I made a list on our last 2 hours of the drive yesterday, of all we have to do before we go back to work on April 9. So we started on the list. We got a few things done. I called to make 2 claims for the tire and tow. Jim finished up the last part of the last call it was all getting confusing.

He called his Mon, we had made plans to go out to lunch today, probably Hoss's. Now she didn't want to. She wanted us to stop yesterday and get her 2 slices of pizza, we just didn't get to then. So we said we would today, after we ate at home. I really wanted to make my Paleo blueberries pancakes, apple maple sausage, and eggs. We ate then we went to fill up our water jugs here. There is a spring we go to, it is closer to Thousand Trails Hershey = TTH though. Was a little drive. Then we stopped at the UPS store and got our mail. What a pile we had, half was probably trash. Then we got pizza for my MIL. We stopped with her, had a nice visit. Then Jim brought my car around, was parked in the back. I went to Weis ( I miss Publix ) to get food for Easter. I came home put stuff away.

Here is a pick of the MH that we went pasted ever day last year when we were here. And it turned out we met them in Florida, I talked about it in one of my Florida posts. We both got home yesterday, he arrived after we did when we were still in the mud.

When I got home from Weis,  Jim was trying to install the hinges we got for the cabinets to open all the way. The pantry and the one under the sink. It was not going well, it was not a quick change out I was hoping for. Probably will have to call a cabinet guy, later.

I was texting my friends  Nancy and new Florida friend Sue. I started making dinner too by then, time was going so fast. I made in-fried chicken, zucchini with onions and tomato sauce and cheese mix veggies and new potatoes. I had my Instant Pot filled with 2 and half dozen eggs, and I also added 6 tiny new potatoes to have with dinner. Worked, only 3 cracked open pretty good. I though I had dye, but I couldn't find any. Have to get some tomorrow. We had a nice dinner I cleaned up. Watched TV, did this blog. When I go back to work on April 9 I will only post once a week. If you think this is boring that would really be dullsville.

Last Travel Day Another Expensive One

Thursday March 29, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

We had a good night in the Lee Hi CG, wanted to go to I HOP but would have taken to much time, and to many calories. Jim gently rushed me and we left at 9:23, a lot later then usual, guess he did not rush that much.  It had rained a little over night but was dry out now. We were the first RV to pull in, and by the time we went to bed last night the row that we were in was almost full.  I made a smoothie this morning and we pulled out. The home stretch about 252 miles.

Our first stop was the first rest area in West Virginia. Quick stop was ready to eat something, I had my yogurt. off we went. The next stop was the last, Exit 10 which is funny because that is the name of the restaurant at Lazydays. We did not want to miss it, we did last time we went through here. The price of diesel in Maryland was 2.99 and when we hit Pa it was 3.57. Really, Welcome Back to Pa.

So about 1:30 we rolled into Quentin Riding Club. It is about 46 acres, a few miles North of the turnpike, off Rt. 72.  Also right now a mud hole full of pipeline workers. We parked, and talked with the new president of the club who we have not met yet. We talked about what sites were open, and how best to get into one. Well this new pres. said we could pull up into this grass area, I just new it was a bad idea. Jim drove over there, there was a "rode" a grassy areas and another "rode" aka mud street. then the large grass area. Jim started to pull up towards the grass and I TOLD him not to go in to far, not to take the FW tires off the last road. Well he did and we sunk in. The truck tires just spun, and we WERE STUCK. The pres. and a pipeline worker who had a 4 yr old and a 2 week old baby, were helping and another woman who works there. They all tried for about 2 hours to get us out. I was freaking out by now. This is our HOME now that we love and so afraid something bad was going to happen. When Jim was rocking back and forth the sound it made and the way it was moving on the hitch pin. I said stop NOW I couldn't take it any more, we have to do something else. By then they had done so many different things nothing worked. Jim said guess we have to call someone. But WHO, had no idea who to call. Our son Thomas used to run call for a tow truck, I called him asked if he had any ideas. The guy with the small baby found a number on his phone, I called them through my tears and they said they don't go this far, I asked if they knew someone they gave me an other number. I called them, with no idea what to expect or how long it would take.

About an hour before we got here, Jim called his Mom and we were going to go out  to an early dinner with her. So I called to tell her of our problem and we might be very late or not make it.

So the tow truck arrived it looked so small in the whole scheme of things. I never did get a picture of his truck. Was F-550. The kid was great. I said " young man I'm freaking out " he said we'll get it out.  Jim and the young fellow, hooked up the truck with a double wench about 150 feet long, he kept the truck off the grass, for the most part. I was afraid it would be ruff coming out, the woman that was helping, she was taking pictures and video. I tried, this is all the pictures I took. I was so nervous. It is amazing how smooth it came out. What a relief !! The kid stayed till we got backed into our spot. He was great, he told Jim that he did best of anyone he ever pulled out. He had to drive and keep the cables tight as he did the wench. OUT at last. We set a few things, called his Mom back and
Thomas they were going to met us over there too.

Jim and I went to get Chinese food, it was quick it has been awhile.
We had a nice visit, kind of quick didn't stay to long, decided to get my car tomorrow. It was late when we got home, we still had a lot to do. Jim got the sat dish set up in the dark. We rested a little, finally went to bed.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Travel Day getting close

Wednesday March 28, 2018

Lexington, Virginia

We woke up about 7:30,  tried to get moving, I made smoothies. Got ready to move. I had cereal and yogurt I made Jim eggs. We left at 9 :15ish maybe even later. We turned on the truck GPS and she was not talking, we left the CG, made a right, wanted to go I-40 had to make a left. It said nothing, we missed the turn, so we had to go around the long way to get on 40. We had to go through Dandridge a little town, not fun. We made it. We stopped at a truck stop to fuel up, wanted to grab a quick lunch, so full we just wanted to get out of there so we just kept going.

We did have good weather today too. It got up to 70, and only a couple of drops of rain about 1/2 hour before we stopped. Then we got a little more, but we did see some piles of snow, that was not good.

We drove to Lee Hi Campground, our 4 th time here. A truck stop with a little campground on the hill. Nice for a quick FHU site, when traveling. We drove 314 miles today. Today went a lot better, Jim did not always feel so good. Our last night on the road, WOW, can't believe it !!!

So I went to check in to the CG. We got set up, Jim set sat dish up so we could change it back  to our local channels. He took the truck down to the truck stop to fuel it up. I started dinner, ate at 3:30 or so, we only had snacks by then no lunch. I made chicken patties I bought at Trader Joes mix veggies, we split one of our large lunch salads  and mashed potatoes with southern greens, bacon, onion. Jim got an order of hush puppies to go with dinner, it was very good, even though I cooked it, 
I must say so myself, it was good. I did 4 loads of laundry, dishes, blog. We will be back in Lebanon County tomorrow, we will be glad for the drive to be over.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Expensive Moving Day

Tuesday March 27, 2018

Dandridge, Tennessee

Woke up early, made smoothies packed up said goodbye to our hosts, they are very special people.

the view from the rest area
We left at about 8:30, the first rest area was on an island. We should have stayed and had lunch. Kept going though. Next rest area had the salads I pre made yesterday. We got rid of the trash we had in Cullman. I called Anchor Down and made a reservations for tonight. We drove awhile longer and stopped at truck stop to get diesel.

Phyllis helped us use the GPS in the truck, I can't believe we did not use it till the way back to PA. It was different, but worked great. We did think we missed a turn once, but didn't.

We drove a total of 310 miles today. We were heading to Anchor Down CG. We were following it on my phone, so we didn't have to change the truck GPS. I was afraid we were on the road, no signs. We were 250 feet from the entrance, and we saw a drive with nautical looking fence area. Which he thought was it, and he started to turn in. Of course cars start to go around you. When we realized that it was not it, we hit a drop off side of road.  I got out and he was going to back up. I saw we had a flat tire. We dropped in a ditch and out and it pulled the tire off rim. We got off road a little more. Jim was going to change it.
I said we should get help. I called CG they sent someone down with a number of a guy who does road side service. A guy staying at the CG also stopped to help. A guy just driving by stopped from Tennessee, said ya'll, you need any help man, so nice. The road side guy was here less then 45 minutes. he first was going to first try putting air in tire and popping it back on the rim. He tried a few times, and said if this does not work he would have to take it off and put it back on the ground. So he did, and we found out the inside rim was bent. So then they had to figure out how to get the spare off. We had to put the one slide out a little, I had to pick everything up that fell earlier, Jim had to hit the break pretty good at one point. Stuff fell out of the pantry. We thought we would have to find another rim. When they got the spare down, it was a new tire with the fancy matching rim, yea. So he mounted it and stopped traffic while we pulled out, and into the CG he followed us in so we could pay, safely off the road. So $312. later all set.

We set up, I made dinner we ate, took a walk all around CG, very beautiful here. A lot of the sites have there own fireplace, a cement stamped pads. I did dishes showers, blog, and TV, bed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sadly last night in Alabama

Monday March 26, 2018

Cullman, Alabama

I tried to set my alarm last night. Can't believe how hard it is to get the time straight. I was setting it because I was going to go with Phyllis this AM, she had a Doctor appointment and she was going to drop me off at WalMart to shop alone. She was going to pick me up at 8:20, I set my alarm wrong but I naturally woke up at 7 there time. The coffee started at 5, it woke me up for a minute, but went back to sleep. Jim didn't get up till 8 ish. I drank coffee for a while and took a quick shower, guess that is what woke him up.

I took  some of my bags along. It was a very nice WalMart. I went down many isles before I even saw anyone. I mainly bought food. I was looking for melamine dinner plates, I have corelle ware plates. I broke one in the FW and it shattered into a million pieces. It is so old and I'm sick of it, and I want it out of here. I had slivers of it under the slides, went everywhere. Anyway they had nothing. I did find Glee at this store, something I have been looking for too, it is Paleo friendly. Did not know it was so pricey though. I didn't get any. I just make my own if I need it, just  drain the butter off of the milk solids.

I was in the check out line when Phyllis called was on her way. It was all perfect timing. I saw her truck coming, those big dually trucks are hard to miss. We had a nice chat, well both ways. She dropped me off. We are at the end of the driveway near the road. I put everything away. I had my leftover lunch from yesterday, Jim ate the rest of my white chicken chili.

Then we went in the house for probably about 3 hours, sat in the living room and talked. It was very enjoyable, so easy talking with these wonderful people. I gave her a cross stitch I made and my Dad made the frames, it is special for me, I wanted to give it to someone I cared about, she seamed to like it, like a house warming gift. I said we should go because I had to start cooking for dinner. We went home I made a zucchini pie and got that in the oven and a large salad. I also made 4 individual salads for travel days. Back on the road tomorrow, I would love to stay longer. It is so quite, peaceful, and dark at night. I got a mini variety cheesecake at WM for dessert. When everything was ready we walked it over. They grilled pork chops and had green beans. What a wonderful meal. After dinner we cleaned up I loaded the dishwasher. We went for a walk around the property. Then in our truck to play with our built in GPS we don't know what we are doing with it. It does so many things, it is a shame not to us it. We said good night, we will be leaving tomorrow 9ish. They said they would see us then.
photo from stock, not actual zucchini pie.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Sweet Home Alabama

Sunday March 25, 2018

Cullman, Alabama

Guess we both woke up around the same time today. I got up and turned on the coffee pot, and laid  back down till it was done. Jim got up right away. I made Paleo blueberries pancakes and eggs. I cleaned up and ran the dish washer. We both took a shower. Jim got the grill out, and grilled some chicken. I made some white chicken chili in the Instant pot. 
Phyllis has the leftover chicken from last night, I put in too. I asked her if she had a box of corn bread, she did . I like to make it put strawberries and whip cream and milk on top. Makes a nice shortcake.

When they got back from church and the food was ready I made we carried it over to there kitchen and ate lunch in there house. We took everything back and put everything away. Then we got ready and Len took us for a ride to show us Cullman Alabama. He showed us  Clarkson covered bridge. Down town, 20 minutes from there house is a Thousand Trail Hidden Cove. We drove around in there, nice quite, and beautiful like most of them are we have been in. We stopped back at the house and got our truck we both needed diesel.
We both filled up at a station at the WalMart we left the truck there in the parking lot and got back in there truck and drove around some more. We decided to go out to eat before we went back home. 
 We told them to pick a place we went to Jim 'N' Nicks Community BBQ. It was really good, Len and I both had leftover for tomorrow for our lunch. Had a very funny waitress she was great. We had nice meal and good conversation. We decided to stay one more day, would love to stay longer. Very nice here. We were trying to avoid rain or worse

We went back to our truck, and Jim and Len went in so Jim could get beer, I went back with Phyllis in there truck. Funny thing was you can't buy beer here on Sunday's.

I swept the kitchen area out and did the mat outside and inside rug. Jim got home shortly after. We came in for the night, never really knowing what time it is here. We just go by our time not like we
are going some where. We watched some TV and called it a great day.

tornado shelter

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Moving Day to Alabama

Saturday March 24, 2018

Cullman, Alabama

Lake park campground
Jim was up before the alarm, I got up shorty after. We got ready I made us some eggs. We got everything secure to move. It was a beautiful morning. We pulled out and headed toward Alabama. We had some crazy driving today, through Atlanta and Birmingham. We drove a total of  434  miles today, a lot more then we like too. Jim said either we drive a lot today, or drive in rain tomorrow.

Welcome to Atlanta Georgia, good thing it wasn't rush hour
We stopped to fuel up at a Pilot and wanted to have lunch, no place to park the rig. so we kept going and found a nice rest area. We were getting close.

When we arrived at Len and Phillips they came out and guided us back in where we should park. They have full hook ups.  We did not know that we were in a different time zone here, an hour different. We got to see there new camper. They can't wait to use it. We got set up and went into there house and got the tour. So nice I can see why they like it here. They were so nice and made us dinner. Len grilled steak and chicken, and a mixture of veggies. She had little new potatoes, she was going to boil them on the stove. I saw the Instant Pot in the cabinet when she opened it I said why don't you make them in the pot. she said I could so I did, so easy and quick. The meal was wonderful. So nice to have someone cook for  you it is very special. Then I remembered I wanted to make a cake to have for dessert I was so tired last night, and I totally forgot anyway. I hope I get to before we leave.
Birmingham Alabama

We had some ice cream and fruit pops. We talked for a while and sat in the living room and talked. Was getting late we went home. So nice to visit people and take your home with you. There is a Thousand Trails 20 minutes away, tomorrow they will show us it and give us a tour around, should be a lot of fun. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Last Day at Lazyday's

Friday March 23, 2018 

Lake Park Campground Georgia

Jim was up before alarm went off. I made them 4 of my Paleo Chocolate chip cookies and took them when we met Sue and Tony for breakfast, again at our table. they ate some right away with breakfast. They are good. They went to check on there 2 little dogs and he checked on the MH. We kept waiting, I had my bag supplies with me and I strung some together.

They had a salesman that was really nice, and was going to go show them some more MH, she asked us if we wanted to go along. Said sure, we got great golf cart ride. They showed them a few, we stayed outside, did not want to incrouch on there showing. We went back and sat at our table had a drink. They got a call from there guy saying they were finished. we talked a little longer. We said goodbye shortly after that. We will miss them and said we would keep in touch.

Jim and I went to have lunch all alone. So sad. I did more bags. Then went outside sat in sun. Walked to the bay we were in to see if it was still in there, it was. We came back out and then he called us said all finished. Very expensive drawer, but so worth it. They pulled it around and pointed us in the right direction. We put slide out to see drawer. They did do a great job, very happy, moved a few things around grabed a few snacks. Jim hooked us up and there we go.

Sue and Tony were only going to drive an hour back to there CG they had. She kept texting me the rest of the day, they are so funny made us both laugh.

We drove total of 3 and 1/2 hours we only left 2:52.  Only stopped once I called the CG we are in to see if they had a big space for us.
We arrived and did a quick set up. I had grilled ribs and veggies and salad and a cookie too for us. Sue was texting me about the recipes, I sent them to her later in the evening. Jim went and filled up the truck with diesel. When he came back we ate. He showered I worked on blog and showered too. While Jim was texting with Sue and laughing. It was nice to be in a spot with full hook ups= FHU.
The TV was terrible here, in the bay with a roof over our TV antina we had way better TV.

Day 2 at Lazyday's

Thursday March 22, 2018

Tampa, Florida

Woke up today before the alarm went off. Had coffee closed everything up so they could start work. We had to be out by 8 AM. We went over to "The Front Porch" restaurant for breakfast, we waited a while for Sue and Tony, then went in line for food. They came in and sat down we never saw them. Some how I saw Tony and we found them. Ate our breakfast and talked and talked. She is a nurse and lactation consultant.

We hung out all day, they were so fun to be with. They have a motor home they really like it, just not comfortable for them on the living room sofa. They were looking at some new ones.

We had lunch at the same place together, always sat at the same table. really enjoyed there company.

They finished the motor and fan and took our FW out of the bay and we waited for the estimate for my drawer. They were having work done to there Motorhome too. This place is always hopping.

I was sitting by myself at one point. This lady came over to me and started talking to me and asked if we were here for service. I told her we were, she said she had the free meal tickets for tomorrows breakfast and lunch. I said we could use them, we were with our friends she gave me 4 breakfast and 4 lunch ones. I gave her a hug and thanked her. They went on a cruise while there RV was getting work done and it was finished ,so they didn't need them. RV people are so wonderful. So when Jim came back it was fun to tell him look what I just scored.

Everyday some times more then once ,we go into the parts/accessories store. we were looking for something I forget what, and a class was started on holding tank maintenance. I thought what the heck, there is always something else to learn. Jim rolled his eyes at me, but that never stopped me before. It started at 2:30 was over at 5ish. Was so good the guy knew his stuff. Learned a lot. Jim only joined me at the end, who knows what the heck he was doing. The sewage system in a house and the black and gray tanks in an RV are totally different. He taught us how to keep everything clean and following smoothly.

Then we ran to Publix and got some water while they looked at new MH.

There MH was 3 spots down in the bay from us. They put them out front where ours was last time, 3 weeks ago and they put us back in the cabinet shop bay 77 now. So we were both staying another night, Yea. The FW was out in the sun all day close to 7 hours before they put it back in. Jim even plugged it in himself. They came and saw our camper we went and saw theirs.

So we made dinner plans things kept changing as our day went. We were having so much fun and in between making sure the camper was progressing. We decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays. By the time we got to eat was after 8. OMG. Jim drove and they came along with us in our truck, it made it so much more fun. We got home after 10:30 the security guard checked on us, and we called it a night.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Back to Lazyday's

Wednesday March 21, 2018

Tampa, Florida

We had the alarm set for 5:30, but setting it was messed up I guess we forgot how to do it. We did not sleep that well anyway. Jim not feeling well didn't help. I did most of my moving prep last night. I made smoothies again. We left just after day break. We were heading for Tampa, Lazydays. Only about an hour away. We pulled in and was so full we had no where to park. We were told where to park, we dropped the trailer, and went in got our shorts and sneakers, I also ate my yogurt with strawberries. We went in and bought a hot breakfast from Lazydays. We checked in with our service adviser. The we went to service desk to get our hinges we ordered and a handle at the door.
Then we had to go find something fun to do. We went to the Yuengling  Brewing Co. for a factory tour. Was ok told them we live in Pa they said they heard that tour was better. We wanted to find a place for lunch, nothing was working for us. We came back this way. Wanted to go to the Exit 10 restaurant here they only open at 3 did not know that. We went to the Cracker Barrel here.
We came back and were still in truck, Chad called and said they would be done for the day at 5:30, we could go in then for the night, out by 8 AM.

We were sitting inside I started talking to this lady they were here for service too. Turns out they are 3 bays over. They pulled MH out a little so they could put dish up. Jim tried to set ours up couldn't pull it in. They went by and said Hi Sue and Tony he was funny said we can make a fire have marshmal 
lows. She said maybe we could have breakfast tomorrow. We watched TV I did 2 blog posts heated up pre made dinner. He found my show on his phone. Yea what a guy. Lovely night in the service bay.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Last Day at Orlando Thousand Trails

Tuesday March 20, 2018

Orlando, Florida

When I got up made smoothies had a yogurt and went up to Line Dance class, today was my last time. A lot of people are starting to head North, and the class was as small as I have ever seen it. I said my final goodbyes for the season. I found out the couple I have been dancing with all this time, have been full-timing now for 26 years. WOW

I came back to make lunch for us. I got out the pre-made salads I had made yesterday. The white chicken chili I had frozen, I made 1/2 ham and cheese sandwich I wanted to use up.

There was a storm on the way, so we spent the next few hours waiting that out. It only was  windy for awhile, then we had some heavy rain, but it didn't last long. Something I wanted to do since we arrived in this site, is go through the barbed wire fence and clean up the trash, it ruins my view when I look out. I got one big bag filled. It cleared up quickly and we went for a walk to take out all the trash. We saw our neighbor walking his dog Diesel, down with the people we met with the June's ,Todd and Lynn and dog Abby. We chatted for a minute and continued with our walk.

We went inside showered watched TV a little we have to get up early tomorrow for moving day.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sick Monday

Monday March 19, 2018

Orlando, Florida

I got up right after Jim did this AM. He was not feeling good kept coughing. I made breakfast with the leftovers from yesterdays. I made bacon scrambled eggs with grilled onions and peppers, the potatoes shared a biscuit and the waffle. I  got ready and went to Line Dance class. I was up there for 2 1/2 hours. I thanked them only one more dance day left for me. I saw Helen stop in, we met yesterday at breakfast, I gave her my card she hugged me they were leaving now tomorrow we are suppose to have some bad weather. I hope I get to see them again some day, so nice.

When I got home Jim had put away most everything outside. I took a shower and got our salads ready. We had yogurt with strawberries too. We watched some 70 Show for awhile.

I made dinner turkey meat sauce for me, I made Jim's with beef both with grilled veggies. I put spaghetti squash in the microwave. It was really good. Then we went for a little walk up and got some ice cream. We walked over to the pool and stuck our feet in, was pretty nice. Jim thought the hot tub would feel good on his back. We went back put the ice cream in the freezer and got our swim stuff. We walked back to the pool, not a lot of people there. Jim got in the hot tub. I was talking to some people that came in right after us. They are full-timers too from California. They were telling us about the TT they have there. We didn't stay to long. The sky was really getting black, was suppose to storm and rain. So far we didn't get much, unless it comes latter. Changed and walked back, had our ice cream I did the dishes. We watch our shows.

Sunday at Home

Sunday March 18, 2018

Orlando, Florida

We got up had our coffee, did our morning thing, got ready and went up for breakfast. It was really good but we order to much on purpose, Jim wanted sausage and gravy on biscuits. I wanted a waffle and eggs. So we took 1/2 a waffle fried potato slices and a
biscuit home. There was a couples sitting across from us. Of course I started talking to them, Helen and David, they are from Brandon Florida. We talked about so my things, The Villages, golf carts, nails, CG we liked, full-time RVing and a lot more, before we new it an hour and half went by. They were so nice, RV people are just good people. I also saw Norma there too, and we chatted for a few minutes. She had been sick, but said she tried to find us when we had the yard sale Saturday, I told her where we were and told her to stop by later.

We said our goodbyes but unfortunately we did not get to say goodbye to the June's, they were leaving this AM around 11.

We had a lot of veggies we had to grill. So I started chopping and Jim started grilling. We had 3 or 4 things that he had to  double batch them, they all wouldn't fit on the grill at the same time.  He started with strawberry onions only had one but  it was huge. Then zucchini and yellow squash, peppers, carrots, green beans, and last some ribs. So he was grilling for hours, what a guy. While we were doing that Norma stopped by, we chatted a little outside, I invited her in to chat while I kept chopping. I made 4 salads too. She wanted to show me the bag she was making. She gave me a water bottle holder, and I told her I gave it away to a lady who bought some of my bags, so I gave her the one I just made.  She is  such a nice lady, we were line dancing together, a lot the other week. We had a nice visit. When she left we had our salads, finished cleaning everything up.

We watched some TV, and welcomed our new neighbors into the spot the June's were in. They have a big white hairy dog named Diesel. He was used to there other neighbor giving him a treat they have a FW too, I gave him a piece of chicken. Later we had dinner, ribs and the grilled veggies.

Then I wanted to go for a walk before it got dark. Jim had a few beers by then, He was grilling a long time, so lets just say it was an interesting walk. When we came back he wanted to start a fire, it was to windy and not safe when drinking. He went to bed  shortly
after. I watched some of my recorded shows, and made another water bottle holder.

For the last couple of nights I kept hearing this noise outside. So before I went to bed I went out to see if I could figure out what it was. It sounds like when you bounce a basketball once. I never did, but it sure was a nice night. I guess it was good I went out the light was still on and the awning was still out. Then went to bed.

St Paddy's Day at Home

Saturday March 17, 2018

Orlando, Florida

When we got up today I made smoothies, have not had one for awhile, keep forgetting to make one. We did our usual morning routine. Today here at TTO you can have an on site yard sale from 10 AM till 2. So about 9;40 we got out my two banana boxes of bags I make with recycled plastic bags. I put them out by the road. I started selling some very early on in the day. Even before I was really ready for the day.

I made some eggs with grilled onions and peppers. My brother Drew called. He couldn't hear my phone. I told him I would call him back. I had to finish my eggs and I had more sales, he thought I forgot about him, I didn't. We had a nice talk, I even got to talk with my other brother David too. Was really nice.

We sat outside was so beautiful, but windy. Cindy and John were on there walk with Nutmeg, they stopped by and we had a nice chat. I had to keep stopping our chat to attend to my bag sales. Was the best day of sales I ever had, and the easiest. A few people came back with friends to buy more.

For lunch I made unfried chicken and had more grilled veggies.

We got ready to leave, to go to my appointment to get my nails done at 4:00. We went right there, was weird going to someone else. Jim went over to Lowes to look for something while I was in the salon. We came right home after I was finished.

We watched a little TV and news. Had salad with a little more grilled chicken. I was reading my book outside a little but it has been making me so sleepy when I do. Our new friends, The June's, Gerry came over when I was reading and said the people that he met from PA, were coming over so we could all talk, they have a Cameo FW too. He invited them to join the club that we are all in now. CTC= Carriage Travel Club. We had a nice chat all  6 of us over with the Gerry and Diana. We all left right after the fireworks started, we all watched them for a few minutes. We all went home then. It was not as cold out as it had been.

I read some blogs while  Jim watched Hockey, we called it a night.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Line Dance Party # 2

Friday March 16, 2018

Orlando, Florida

Jim was up first today, I got up a little later, he says almost 2 hours, ok then. So when I did get up I made breakfast right away. I made potatoes, onion and peppers he grilled yesterday with ham and eggs and a little cheese. I got ready to leave for dance class. It starts at 10 AM. Was a lot of fun, always is. Talked with a few ladies that I never met before.

When I got home I made 4 salads, 2 for tomorrow. We ate alfresco was so beautiful out, the sky was so blue no clouds in the sky. It is so dry here no humidity, our skin is really getting dry. It just sucks the moisture right out of you. There is also a very high pollen count too. A high risk of wild fires, we are not having camp fires like we usually do in PA. We even have quite a bit of Florida firewood leftover.  
I called and made an appointment for tomorrow at 4 to get my nails painted, a lady I line dance with told me where to go, I hope I like it there.  I also had to call home to PA to make a reservation at Quintin Riding Club where we will stay for 2 weeks till TT Hershey opens.  I asked about the weather there, he said it was 40 windy, but sunny. Oh my, not ready for that yet.

After lunch we talked about what we wanted to do on the weekend, and beginning of next week. There was some chores I wanted to do. We had some wild critters visit our site too, a turtle and a crane with the red head, I forget what they are called. So I washed dishes, and the picnic table cloth needed washed, some critter had little dirty sandy foot prints all over it. Probably a squirrel. Washed a load of white cloths. I froze the ripe bananas that they give away at the produce stand yesterday. I ran my rainbow vacuum cleaner. As I call it all real life stuff. While I was doing all that, Jim fixed the one running light on the FW that was not working. We sat out and enjoyed the weather. Jim grilled more chicken. I finished the blog from yesterday. We ate grilled turkey burgers and veggies he did the other day. We also had some smoked chicken and veggie orzo soup I had in the freezer. After we ate we got ready to go to the Line Dance party tonight.  It was from 7 to 10. We did a few of the dances we love to do together. Had a few sweet treats they had for dessert. Jim left just after 9, he is not a fan of the non country music they play a lot of now to dance to. I really had fun, he goes with it just to make me happy, which he does. When I walked home took a shower, put the rest of the laundry away, I had washed earlier. Watched some TV he went to bed first.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Yea back to Line Dancing

Thursday March 15, 2018

Orlando, Florida

Didn't get up as early as I wanted to. But in time to go line dancing. I ate a yogurt and left. We had a nice group all the regulars I remembered, and some new people I met. I changed into my boots when I get there.  We are parked a lot closer now too. I danced until about noon.

I washed our sheets before I left and Jim hung them out on our clothesline he made. We had salads for lunch. We wanted to find the place that sells outdoor rugs, the June's told us about. We should have went at out last campground in Eustis, we were closer there. So we left it was a nice drive. The place is called Beasley MFG, Inc. in Center Hill Florida. They have all different sizes and colors. They cut to the size you want. And you can't beat the price. We wanted a new smaller rug, for short trips when we don't want to put out everything. We got a rug 6x10 and a big door mat size for $17.00. Cash and checks only, no cards or mac. Has been a long time since I wrote a check.  It was giving me so many ideas of different things we could do. The garage building does not look like much, but it is worth going. They also have sun shades too. They have been in same location last 35 of 37 years they have been open, and they don't advertise.

Then we talked about what else we wanted to do. We decided to go to Red Lobster. I was getting hungry with only having salad and all that dancing. It was really good, we shared an entrĂ©e, but also had an app that we shared and dessert too. So good, love it there.

Then we went to WalMart and food shopped. And that's all I got to say about that. I bore you enough without going into details. Then we went to Publix, they had a water kiosk in the lobby there. After we filled up with water we came home.

Jim watched Hockey on his outside TV. I was trying to get some of my shows watched. I was outside a little too, I chopped veggies and Jim grilled them, zucchini, green beans, onions and peppers he also grilled some chicken. We are all set for tomorrow.  I ate some grilled veggies, so good. I stayed up too late like I always do, I took a very late shower and went to bed.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Moving Day Back to Orlando

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Orlando, Florida

Jim was up first, I was up about 1/2 hour later, have to get going on moving day. I made ham eggs and potato, for breakfast. I arranged everything inside and Jim worked on the outside. Check out here is 11 AM, but you can't leave to early because check in here at TTO is 12 noon, not before.

When you get here you get a number, we had 26, and they take you to a site of your choice in order of arrival. We found a great large site with a cow pasture right behind us. really great, we love it here. We had a large turtle walk through the back of or site. And the cows arrived later too, fun to watch them.

When we got here, just after we backed into our site, I saw a Cameo FW, I told Jim that I think it was the June's. We met them here a few months ago, and went to the CTC Luncheon with them. I was right, they waived to us we said Hi. Could not believe we came in at the same time. We both went back to setting up. I made us our salads for lunch. We watched a little TV, it seamed like we got set up really quickly.
Then we went for  walk around the CG. We went into the activity center, it was buzzing with activity as usual. Bingo was about to start in the back. They had spaghetti dinner for sale. You got salad a bread stick with it and 2 large meatballs, for $8.00. Jim kept saying it smelled good I said get one. I took a few bites of spaghetti
was good. We walked home, we were going to sit out, the wind died down a lot. The June's stopped and asked if they could come over with there wine for a little visit. Of course, we had a nice chat wanted to here about there cruise.

We called it a night, was going to be a cold night. Jim made 4 turkey burgers on the grill. I made some veggies. We watched some news. About 9 PM the fireworks started first you hear it, when you look out back behind our FW above the trees in the pasture you could see the fireworks. Was so beautiful, they go off every night tomorrow I'm going to try to take a picture of them. So glad to be back here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Nice Day at HOME

Tuesday March 13, 2018

Eustis, Florida

I was up first, smelled that coffee. Jim was up shortly after. I made my New Paleo banana blueberry nut pancakes, and eggs and bacon.
We had things we wanted to do today, because tomorrow is moving day, going to Orlando. So after we watched a little Today Show, we went outside he wanted to wash the camper and the truck. Well I like to think I try to help but lets face it I really don't do much to help. I washed 5 loads of laundry. And cooked, I almost always cook. I had some eggs and potatoes I made in the Instant  
Pot  I just realized I should have made them at the same time, but I didn't. It is really cool you can, I just forgot. We had lunch alfresco, I love to eat outside. Jim was still working, but he stops to eat.

It was cool out early on, warms up a little later and not much breeze today was nice. I wanted to read my book outside today. Was to cold in the shade and to hot in the sun. Jim had a call he talked to his friend inside. The truck was parked behind the FW in the shade I sat in the truck and read at least an hour or so. Was perfect temp, I kept opening the door more or shut it a little when it got to cold. Then Jim came out to find me, wondering where I was.

We went in I finished our salads I did earlier and made us each one for tomorrow. I made 1 and 1/2 grilled ham and cheese and a few sweet potato French  fries. We went for a little walk and took the trash and recycled cans out. We usually do it on our way out but we don't pass the dumpster on the way out. Yea probably TMI, anyway
we watched a little TV, I stay up to late. I touched up my nail polish. I got my last gel nail off my thumb today. Watched a little Tonight Show.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Beautiful Day at Spanish Springs The Villages

Monday March 12, 2018

Eustis, Florida

Wanted to get up at 7:00, so hard to fall asleep lately. I sleep the best when I should be up, between 5 and 9. Anyway we had a few things planned. But we should have left at 9. We wanted to take the tour at Spanish Springs, they only have two, one at 11 and 2. You can call ahead make sure there is room on the Trolley. Which I did, but 11 AM was full. Crazy me, you can't count on a Monday when it's raining that it still will be full, because no one works here. It was raining pretty good when we were almost there. So I thought maybe a couple would not show up because of the weather. Was a long shot, I tried, but NO. So it was a little cold, we went back to the truck and got different shoes and a coat.  We wanted to see the movie 15:17 to Paris but that overlapped with the tour times. We were waiting for a day it  rained ,but today was really the first, but it cleared up really fast so the movie did not happen. We can see that anywhere. Then we thought we would go have lunch. Went to Toojay's it is a deli. We had a nice lunch, took a few pics.

After lunch we walked around the shops a little. Before we new it, was time to go over for our 2:00 tour. The Trolley driver we talked with a little before be boarded, was from Pennsylvania too. They all where a shirt that says "The Villages" on the left shoulder and there name and where they are originely from on the other. We had a nice tour and learned a lot. I took a lot of pictures.

The night time entertainment was about to start, it was really getting full. There was a lot of venders starting to set up. And by then Jim was ready to go, what happened to my party boy. So we left. It is such a nice drive coming back.

Before we left this AM they knocked on the door and asked us to move the truck, they had someone coming in. When we got back there was nobody here, cool.

So I finished the salads we had popcorn later.Jim wanted to watch hockey. Beautiful Day at Spanish Springs The Villages