Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lazydays Appointment

Jim woke up around 6:30, I guess I got up a little after 7. I made breakfast packed up our stuff got ready enough to move the camper down to the Lazy Days Service Bay for a 9 AM appointment. After we were done with our service advisor. We went back to the KOA to book for another night, they only could do one night will have to check on the second later. Then we went to get LP gas for the camper, and the guy at the fire told us where to go, Arizona LP to get it cheaper then what the campground has. Then we went to get fuel for the truck.  We looked for a Ford dealer, Jim Click we want to get an oil change for the truck. They couldn't do it today so we made an appointment tomorrow for 11:30 a.m. . Since we had a new site we came back and ate our lunch I pre-packed, on our site with our table. People looked at us funny, some guy said, did you lose your camper, you must have a big one to have a F-450 Then we went for a little walk around the campground, we went down to the pool and I went in the pool and exercised with the ladies doing water aerobics while Jim sat out on his phone, to cold for him, he didn't feel like it. Then we went back to the Lazydays, they had the camper pulled out by then. We went and talked to our service advisor, talked about some of our issues, he had the service guy on speaker, and we talked to him a bit. We got hooked up and took the camper back to our new spot for the night. I heated up the dinner I pre-cooked last night, we changed  into our jeans and boots and went down to the BBQ Rush restaurant, listening to the two guys playing guitar and singing.

Jim drank a bucket of beer and one margarita, he wanted a Cadillac margarita but found out later she forgot to put it the Grand Marnier, which made it cheaper. Had a light snack of a fish sandwich we shared and potato salad and coleslaw then we went back to the camper.  I watched some show on survival. Jim sat outside for a bit and we went to bed after 11.

Tucson AZ, KOA Lazydays

Jim woke up at our lovely boondocking spot in time to see the sunrise. He got the coffee going and then the Genny. I got up shortly after made breakfast and packed a lunch for travel. We left around 10 a.m. heading for Tucson. Jim's GPS on his phone wanted us to make a detour, of  course you never know why they want you to. So the truck in front of us we decided to follow and he made the turn, but it turned out he was heading to the Flying J for fuel. So we followed the road for about  8 miles and it was an access road along the main Highway,  it took forever to get around. Was scary because you never know if it's a road we can go on, turned out it was fine we got back on the main road. Jim's friend Steve called while we were driving and I said I was freaking out. And then they continued to talk and then his wife said why is Darlene freaking out, because we were on a Road that I didn't know what was ahead, I'm always afraid of a bridge we can't get under Etc.
We arrived at the KOA Tucson at Lazydays. Checked in probably was the nicest Campground we were ever in. They had sites with your own little doggie parks fenced in grass areas. Some had  putting greens, there was Orange, grapefruit, and lemon trees everywhere that you can pick. We left the truck hooked up, left our problem slide in, hooked up to sewer electric and water and cable. I did four loads of laundry, I got the instant pot out and made some boneless pork ribs, then I made some beef ribs for Jim, then went  for a little walk and ended up in their restaurant called BBQ Rush. Jim had some ribs I had some pork barbecue, probably the best potato salad we ever had. Before dark we walked around the campground a little more. And went down to three gas fire Rings they had with chairs all around. Sat down with a couple from Washington, he told us where to go for propane.  It starting to get colder so we walked back to the FW. Changed and settled in for the night and watched some TV before bed.

Travel Day to Dateland,Arizona

Today was our first travel day for three weeks. Jim was up first, I got up shortly after so I would not get yelled at. I made a smoothie, he made coffee. I made him eggs and Canadian bacon I had a yogurt, we packed up, put the slides in and moved down to the dump station. That took a little bit of time, and we pulled out at 9:45. Man does the terrain change from San Diego to Arizona.  From  Green Mountains,  to rocks on rocks  to Brown  to snow, to Flatland . 

People were pulled over along the highway playing in the snow ,  one guy had his door open Jim actually had to beep his horn because we couldn't get over , crazy drivers .  Probably never saw snow before. The snow was on an elevation of over 4,000 ft .  We chewed gum the whole time to keep our ears from popping. We drove over two hours before our first rest stop, we grabbed our quick lunch, that I premade, Jim called a guy, Joe he works with at home, talked to him quick.  He had left a message. Actually figured out how to send  a reply while we were driving through the truck, first time I ever did that. Then we drove to the next rest area, figured out where we could get fuel next, and then kept on trucking. Then we stopped at a Chevron station in Dateland Arizona. We filled up and I went inside to ask about staying for the night. There was a few RVs already parked in the back. The lady said " SURE, no problem the trucker's do it.
" So we pulled back with some people from Canada, Jim talked to him for a few minutes, asked if he needed help, he was laying on a blanket in the back underneath his camper. His jack sensor was beeping, he said he had to adjust it. He was going to move on to a campground, but decided to stay since we said we were .  We  did ask for permission, not sure if he asked when they walked up there later. Very lovely spot with beautiful date trees behind us and in front of us.  We did our minimum boondocking setup. There's a Flyers game on tonight Jim wanted to set up the satellite. I said why don't you try putting the antenna up and see if we can get it like that, it worked great and saved him a lot of work. We walked up to the gas station they had a awesome little gift shop in there and store area with a lot of a grocery items. We got a date shake to share with chocolate so good. Came back watched the beautiful sunset,
Jim watched hockey,  I crocheted, awesome boondocking spot. I really  did want a site with full hookups  so we could have rinsed the tanks.  I wanted to "wash " my hair, do a lot of laundry, vacuum, Jim needs to recondition the water softener. Oh well, I heated up some leftovers from spaghetti squash and pasta I made the other day.  Jim watched the hockey and yeah, they won in overtime, but right at 9 they put on Jeopardy on this station so he missed the winning goal. He did freak out a little bit, but I thought it was going to be worse. It's pretty dark where we are, no lights on outside at all around us, sitting here so we went out and we're stargazing, hoping to see a falling star.   He put genny on for a bit before bed. The new batteries are working GREAT. Ran over 8 hours was at 70 % we even had TV on a bit before he put genny on. It took less than three hours to get it back to a full charge.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Hornblower Cruise, The Island, San Diego CA

This AM Jim beat me to the coffee pot. We had coffee a little bit morning news. I made us a smoothie, and bacon and egg sandwich. Jim went up and took a shower while I finished getting ready. She got here a little bit early today, we left right before 10am. We drove to the Hornblower Cruise ship, Chris had bought tickets on line for 12:15 boarding  for a 2 hour cruise. Such beautiful views. The ship captain gave information about everything we saw on shore. So many interesting facts they gave us about the 37th Street Naval Station. The flight decks are huge, 4 1/2 acres in size. The Jets go from 0 to 160 and 4 seconds. They're 245 feet tall will not fit under this bridge,  there's 5,000 people on the ship 20% are women. It cost two million-dollars for homes on Coronado. This area is 9 miles to Tijuana Mexico. There are 59 active war ships stationed here. The ship's need 30 to 35 ft of water to operate. First we toured the San Diego side and went back to dock and drop off and pick up more people, the we toured the Coronado side where most of the Navy ships were.

The we drove to The Island Restaurant and had a wonderful late lunch/early dinner, I even took pictures of the menu. Want to make some items at home like my California Island turkey burger, Chris got Beach Bowl with fish, but they brought her chicken and she sent it back,  and they took it off our bill. Really had FUN there great place good food, great service.

Then we went across the street and went to Von's food store, Jim stayed in car while we shopped. A lady behind us in line, I saw her walking in behind us had a large bag like I make, I asked her if she made it, she did I said I made them too. I Asked her how much she would sell then for here she said $20. COOL good to know. We headed back to our FW and said our goodbyes with hugs and tears. I put everything away, made soup for travel day. Put stuff away to get ready to travel tomorrow. I took a shower, watched a little news and went to bed.

Rainy day at home

I was up first today, and made coffee and a smoothie. I was catching up on my favorite TV shows that Jim doesn't like, and got a lot of for my crocheting projects finished. Then I made a late lunch in the instant pot, I have frozen turkey meatballs, and spaghetti first I made spaghetti squash in the instant pot. I have leftovers for another meal. Jim took a shower earlier I took one later and that was about it for this day.
Thursday this is getting to be a habit I was up first again and made coffee and smoothies I made him a hot breakfast I had cereal. He took a shower earlier the later for lunch we walked up to the activity room, it was raining a little, we took pictures of the flood water here at Pio Pico CG TT. He had a Cheesesteak and I had a pork BBQ sandwich sweet potato fries and French fries was a huge amount we brought a lot back for later. I talked to the ladies that were up during our craft sale we were up there again hanging out. Watch some more TV crocheted and listened to the Rain. Tomorrow will be another fun day.

Girls Only shopping, Desi's Bar & Grill

Jim was up first this AM, he made coffee, I made a smoothie. Jim walked up to get new gate code. I went and took a shower, started eggs for breakfast and he came back shortly after that. Did the rest of our normal routine. Chris picked me up at 10:30 and we hit a few of her favorite clothing stores in San Diego. I was looking for jeans and cargo shorts and a few shorts and shirts for Jim.  I found a set of 8  blue melamine dinner plates I was looking for, very pretty can put in dishwasher but not the microwave. We went in a total of three stores, she brought us a smoothie so we could use the bathroom, then we went back to the FW with Jim. I made all three of us lunch. Salad and leftover veggie soup. We rested a bit were watching MOM. We left at 5 to go to Desi's Bar and Grill to here Jerry Gontang  sing for the 5 th time now, we all really like him, and Sharon Shoemaker joined him on base guitar. SOooo good.
Jim and I shared a fish and chip basket and zucchini fries.  We said goodbye and hugs everyone wished us safe travels. We left after 10 pm, and back to the RV, what a fun evening with new friends.