Friday, February 28, 2020

All our friends left

All our friends left 

Tuesday February 25, 2020

This morning we said goodbye to Neil and Nancy, they packed up and left around 10. Later we say goodbye to Bonnie, as Donny took her to the hospital for knee surgery, they left around 1. What a fun GREAT lady we really enjoyed meeting. 
We had lunch and went for a long walk. We did not go anywhere today. It was very warm out. We sat outside for hours, Just hung out and relaxed, didn't do much else today.

Wednesday February 26, 2020

This morning after a quick breakfast I went up a little after 10 for the ladies crafting session. Only a few ladies there today had a nice chat, they were a lot of fun to talk with. I actually crocheted one of my water bottle holders, and finished it. Walked  back with this one lady,  Barbara.
 I made lunch for Jim and I. Then later we went for a long walk it was very hot and humid today. While we were gone Barbara dropped off some bags for me.
We sat outside a lot very beautiful out didn't go anywhere today just hung out had dinner later, watch some TV. Jim watched hockey on TV outside.

Thursday February 27, 2020

This morning I made a smoothie, we were behind this week, forgot on Monday.  Made us each a piece of French toast. We made plans to go meet Marv and Terri at a barbecue place for lunch. We met them at the Bash in the Desert last year in Arizona. They are from Las Vegas.
Took us about an hour to get there. They have two dogs now, Bailey and Zeke, they brought them in the restaurant for a few minutes, but then took them out to the car. We had a wonderful lunch great barbecue. We said our goodbyes, think we talked them into coming back in a couple weeks, to hang out with us in The Villages. We said our goodbyes and couldn't believe it was almost 4.
We drove back towards the CG stopped to get a few groceries at WinnDixie, Jim filled up the water jugs, went to get margarita ingredients. Came back to the campground took a little walk around.
Came back had a light dinner of leftovers from last night. Cooled off quite a bit outside tonight. Watched a little TV did  two loads of laundry before bed.
Was a fun day meeting up with some new friends.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Moving Day to Peace River in Wauchula

Moving Day to Peace River in Wauchula 

Friday February 21, 2020

It was raining a little bit this morning, Jim took the garbage out with the golf cart, and then returned it. We hated  to get rid of it, we will miss it, was a lot of fun. We got ready and pulled out just before 11 heading to Peace River, in Wauchula.
When we arrived they told us our site number, so we drove all the way around it was already taken, they gave us a new one. We backed in put  two slides out and waited to sign up for the lottery. We got to see Neil and  Nancy. It was pretty cold today and windy. The Rain had stopped so we had a dry driving day, we were about 2 hours away.
We had a quick lunch, I went up to play flea market bingo. Take something of value and play to win someone else's crap. Later for dinner I made kielbasa and pierogies, we watched Netflix, I went to bed at 10, Jim went  later. Our neighbors had a fire in a really cool truck.
 Travel day is tiring hopefully tomorrow we get to move to a full hook-up site.

Saturday February 22, 2020

This morning got up at 7:30 ate  a bowl of cereal,  Jim and I went up with my bags I make to sell at the craft sale / pancake breakfast. There was only two people selling besides me. One was our neighbor, right next to us, they had one kid. I  had a nice chat with the ladies. Jim walked back. To get me just after 11:30,  we went back to the FW had a  quick lunch . Went to look at all the available sites. At 2 they do the lotto game,  11 sites available over 18 people in front of us. Most of them didn't show up we were the third in line we got our first pick of sites. Jim is a happy camper NOW.  We went back to the FW put everything away and drove around to our site, is one row between us and Nancy and Neil , too bad they leave in 2 days.
Later I walked over to get a picture of our first site and there was a couple driving a golf cart that look like a 57 Chevy. I asked him if he picks up hitchhikers, he said where do you want to go, so I said  back to our site. He gave me a ride a lot of fun.
After we got situated we went over there and had a nice long chat and a few adult beverages. Jim said it was National Margarita day. Later we came back had dinner and everybody came over here, Jim made a fire. Our neighbor heard us say we were having a fire, and she said what I'm not invited, you said sure come over. So glad she did, her name is Bonnie Denton she was wonderful and a lot of fun. Neil and Nancy left at 9, she stayed till after 10, so much fun awesome stories, they're from Texas / Oklahoma. They have a permanent site right behind us, she's going to have knee surgery on Wednesday.

Sunday February 23, 2020

I woke up today with a headache, later Aleve took care of that. Don't know what to eat for breakfast nothing I wanted. Bonnie texted me I wanted to see if I wanted to come over and see how she makes quesadillas in the IP with the new Air fryer lid she just bought. So I went over there, had  a nice chat, NOW  I want a new lid for my IP.
Came back went over and talked to Neil and Nancy for a bit, made  plans to go to lunch Giovanni's pizza place up the road. We left after 1, we followed Neal turned out the place was closed on Sunday, not much here in Wauchula. We had no plan B ended up going to this Mexican food truck place that was kind of a dump I didn't like it. Then we're heading over to Walmart, stopped at Wendy's first, had half a salad then went into Walmart, not a very nice one. Then we went to Winn-Dixie much better store. Came back 
 Wanted to work on the blog and Bonnie came up in her golf cart that she shares with her neighbor, wanted to know if I wanted to go on the booze cruise with her. So I jumped on, she had a friend from Canada named Francois, and Betty from Boston,  we  four wheeled it down along the water, she  dropped me off later. Worked on the blog again while Jim made a fire in  Bonnie's fire ring. 
Is the inside of a washer, funny thing is we saw one going down the road full of wood in the back of a golf cart, not them though.
 Then grilled some pork ribs for dinner. We had a Community fire again with all of us together. This Is The Life.

Monday February 24, 2020

This morning forgot to  make our green smoothie.  Went up at 10 for a  crafting 
Session with the ladies. Bonnie gave me a ride up. She was on her way to WalMart. Was fun to chat to everyone. Alot there working on different projects. I left right before 12, Bonnie was there to pick me up again. They had a vegetable guy selling produce. I bought a few things oranges potatoes and corn on the cob. Bonnie dropped me off at the FW.
 I was texting with Nancy we decided to try Giovanni's again for pizza for lunch. Jim and I left first, went to the hardware store first met them there had a nice lunch leftovers for tomorrow. Didn't get a picture but really pretty outside with a fountain and birds of paradise.
We said goodbye for now Jim and I stopped at a Family Dollar before we went back to the FW.
Later they had a Mardi Gras golf cart parade through the CG. Bonnie had the golf cart they share with the neighbor decorated she invited me to Ride Along with her two other lady friends, was a lot of fun Jim got a picture.
 Jim grilled some chicken, turkey burger and some little beef tenderloins for later.
 We had a fire again everyone came over our last night together all of us. Bonnie and her neighbor lady friend Mo stopped by to say hi. We did not stay up as late tonight.
Went in to watch The Voice, Sat  dish was messing up, so I missed a little but can find it later.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Happy Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day 

Friday February 14, 2020

After a lazy morning breakfast and afternoon, we took our morning golf cart ride. Then we got ready for our evening fun at  TTO. First we stopped at CVS looking for Diet Pepsi. Then we went on to Chili's, had a coupon from work,  so dinner cost us less than $12. We had a pretty slow waiter, since we were in a little bit of a hurry. So we headed towards TTO then. First they played a Newlywed Game for Valentine's Day. They have a DJ he was supposed to be karaoke, but their equipment didn't work, so we just line danced, which was our original intention anyway.
It was nice I got to see a lot of people that I danced with before in Orlando. The party wound down after 9, so we said our goodbyes and headed back to the FW, about a half an hour drive.

Saturday February 15, 2020

Jim woke up very early today, I got up around 8. We watched some of the Today Show I made Jim some leftover pancakes mix I had made yesterday. Called camper pancakes they have creamed corn in it, like a corn fritter. After breakfast we went to two open houses they had here in the park. Two park models for sale right on the golf course. They were really nice $45,000 each. Both our bathroom in the fifth wheel and the bedroom area are bigger than what they were in the park models. But the back veranda and kitchens and living-dining area were very nice spaces. Both have a stacking washer and dryer in them, like we have now.  After we looked at those we came back and got ready, and headed over to Brownwood. Jim sat in the Town Square and I walked around the block about three times. So many cool things for sale, lot of produce, plants and trinkets. Jim went to the bar and had at least two of his margaritas. I had a phone call from Wanda we had about a 20-minute chat. Then I got a treat from the French bakery for later. Then we walked over to Cody's Roadhouse. We had a very long leisurely lunch there. View from our table.      Was happy hour, so they had  two large beers for $5. We had a wonderful large salad, I had salmon Jim had rotisserie chicken, it was easy to see he had way too many beers to drive, and margaritas. So today was the day. I drove for the first time over the winter in 3 years. Just me and the big rig. It was a lot of fun.
We went back to the FW, we sat inside a bit, Jim was watching  hockey. I used new leather wipes I bought and wiped all the seats down in the truck. We had a small bite to eat of leftovers then we got ready and drove the golf cart down to the veranda for the line dancing tonight, with Lee and Linda. We left just after 8:30 took the long way home, an extended golf cart ride. Go back to the FW for the rest of the evening. Was a Glorious beautiful day !!

Sunday February 16, 2020

We did not go anywhere today. Took a few rides on our golf cart. Talk to some people as we drove around from Pennsylvania. I can usually get Jim to talk to 1 couple each trip. 
The fifth wheel that was behind us the whole time since we've been here, no one has ever been there. Today they backed in hooked up their truck put everything away and left. The site has been empty ever since.

Presidents Day 

Monday February 17, 2020

Today we had a very lazy morning just hanging out. Of course we took our afternoon golf cart ride. Like to see who came in who left.
 Later in the afternoon decided to run to a couple stores, wanted to go to Save-A-Lot, and Aldi's. When we were pulling out of our site, Mike and Mandy went by. We told him we had an empty spot next to us. Told them we would get together later. So as we were leaving we saw their motor home parked while they drove around and we're looking for a site. They we're back to it by then, told us the site number they picked out. Said we would stop again later. I texted him on the way out if they needed anyting, he gave me a list of wine and cherry tomatoes.
 We drove to Save A Lot first, Jim stayed in the truck I went in. When I came out we packed up and went to Aldi's. Jim went to get some vodka, cuz I said I wanted to make a vodka tomato pasta sauce, so he wanted to get some quickly. He joined me in the store when he was finished. Had a nice drive back to the CG. Came in put everything away, by then it was almost 6, we didnt have  dinner yet but we jumped in the golf cart, headed over to Mike and Mandy, to deliver the wine. Had a nice visit with them walked around their backyard. They were watching a gater when we arrived. They had a really nice site on the golf course. Got to see their motorhome when inside once the mosquitoes were out. This was out there back yard. 
 We got back right before 8, made a small sandwich for dinner and I made a pasta salad. We watched one of our favorite shows. Was great seeing them again.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Drinks in Brownwood with Lance

Drinks in Brownwood with Lance 

Tuesday February 11, 2020

Now that we are in Clearbrook. They only dance here Tuesdays and Thursdays. From noon to 2, this afternoon for some reason I just didn't feel like going. It's a different group. I'm not used to it yet. Very warm out all this week.
So after a golf cart ride and lunch. , we drove into Brownwood and met Lance and Crystal, at Beer World, and they had a few drinks, and Jim had a bite to eat. Lance was talking to a man that has lived in The Villages for a short time.
After we said goodbye to them. We walked around a few more of the stores, I wanted to buy fire glow light, then on the way home we stopped at a Save-A-Lot. Then we stopped at Oakwood Smokehouse. We really like it there. Found out on the way out, there's only five, and they are only in, Florida. After we returned home to the FW. We took a little golf cart ride around. And had an enjoyable rest of the evening quietly at home.

Wednesday February 12th, 2020 

After our morning smoothie. We took a golf cart ride around, we got ready for our guests coming later. 
 Lance and Crystal arrived here around 1. We sat outside for hours talking. It was a beautiful hot sunny day.  Jim took Lance around for a tour on the golf cart. Later, they drove up to the pool. And went in the pool and hot tub. While they did that. Jim Grilled some chicken outside. I put the chicken in the IP. With yellow rice. After they returned we sat outside a little longer. We came inside and ate our chicken and yellow rice. And some chocolate chip zucchini cake with topping and strawberries for dessert. They had to leave shortly after that to pick their son up at the airport. Then they are heading to the Daytona race.
 After they left Jim and I took the golf cart to the pool ourselves. Took a nice dip. talked to some people from Canada there. What a lovely day,  with friends.

Thursday February 13th, 2020

Today's high turned out to be 89 degrees. 
 After my steel cut oatmeal, and IP yogurt and fruit for breakfast. We took a little golf cart ride. Some guy from Canada stopped us and asked us where you put your garbage.  Jim told him,  and I offered to take it for him on the golf cart.  He was very thankful, there is only one trash compactor, on the way out. And we chatted for a minute.  On the lay of the land here. 
Came back had some leftover chicken and yellow rice for lunch. Jim took me over to go line dancing today. From noon till 2,  it was a lot of fun. 
 We took a little golf cart ride on the way back to the FW. 
Took a little drive to find Diet Pepsi. We stopped at a Publix. Got a few groceries. and we filled our water jugs and got a treat for Valentine's Day. Publix makes the best key lime pie. After we get home. I made a quick dinner of smoked pork chops, Jim went outside to watch hockey the rest of the night.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Moving Day

Moving Day Friday February 7, 2020

Today is a sad day. Moving from Thousand Trails Orlando to Clerbrook Golf & RV Resort, about a half an hour away. Check out is around 11, I think. We were ready to pull out then. I did my last little touch-ups of my flower bed. And watered them. 
Last night we had a really bad storm. The weather man predicted almost the exact time it hit, Where We Are. 10:40 it just poured. It was very windy. The storm was moving 50 miles an hour. I was awake till after 1 a.m. I couldn't sleep with that going on. 
So we pulled out headed to Clearbrook. Was a nice drive. We had a very tight site. We tried to pull in from One Direction. To
many cars across the street. So Jim pulled out. Turned around came the other direction to back in. There was a beautiful piece. Of perfectly manicured grass I said don't get in the grass. But he  didn't,  he does an awesome job moving this monster around.  So we got situated. Had lunch, Then we went for a walk. 
 Jim was checking prices on renting a golf cart for the week. There's a Place here that rents, so we walked over there. And rented a golf cart for only $75 a week. So we rented it for both weeks. So we drove all around the park. Which takes a pretty long time it's a huge place, on a golf course. After that, we had dinner. And watched a little TV. Beautiful Sunset

Saturday February 8, 2020

This morning. We left for Brownwood Farmers Market. Around 10:30. Love to shop over there. There must have been a West Highland white terrier. Group meeting was about 20 dogs, everywhere, they really are cute. We dressed to warmly for the day. It usually starts out cooler and warms up. So we made a quick trip back to the FW. Put on more summer clothes. Had a quick bite of lunch. We heard on The Villages radio. There was a arts and crafts fair going on in Lake Sumter Landing.  So we drove over there. Walked all around so beautiful there. Then we realized it was actually at Spanish Springs .
Jim's boss was coming into town today to spend a week in The Villages rental house. They talked on the phone. When he arrived and later, he picked us up on the golf cart. And took his back to his house so we can see it. We had a nice chat with them made plans for tomorrow. He took us back to Brownwood. He had to do it one at a time cuz he only had a two seater golf cart. So Jim and I both got to spend sometime in the house by ourselves. . The house is 3 bedroom two bath, beautiful.  So after we were both back in Brownwood we went to TooJay's deli restaurant. had a quick dinner.  Shared key lime pie for dessert. Then went back to the FW in Clearbrook Quick Change, and went over for the line dance they had this evening. Talked  to a lady there that was in Orlando with me. Made plans for Monday to go back and dance over there. 
 Took a golf cart ride back to the FW. What a busy day.

Sunday February 9, 2020

After a leisurely morning. We got ready to meet Lance and his wife. At Spanish Springs to go to the Arts and Crafts show there.  We arrived and parked behind Publix. And walked over to meet them. They came in their golf cart. They got lost. And drove for two hours. To meet us. His wife Crystal and I walked all around the shops. Such beautiful things they had. She bought some jewelry. I bought more things at one time that I've have in a long time. Probably the neatest thing was pictures made with vintage jewelry this you must pull in to get a close-up view of it was just gorgeous. The horse picture was 189. 
 We walked around for quite a long time. Jim and Lance kept moving from one bar to the next to stay a little closer to where we were. They were having fun, too. We were there for hours. It was so much fun. We found a wonderful place for lunch. Thanks for treating us guys. We had a lot of fun with you today. They said goodbye and we had them text us when they got home. It was only an hour to get back. Jim and I actually went back to look at a few things we missed the first time. . 
 Then we drove back towards the campground. Then we stopped at a WinnDixie, Jim  went to get firewood, beer, of course. We got a few other things still looking for Diet Pepsi. 
We got home and he grilled a couple really good, Texas weiners. That were given to us by the Costanza's. What a great fun day with friends.

Monday February 10, 2020

This morning. I got a ride back to TTO  to line dance with a lady that was from here Betty. She moves back to Orlando tomorrow.  We had a nice chat, and the drive went very fast. We drove past our old site. And there was someone else in it. She was driving around looking for an open spot for tomorrow. We danced till noon. Then we headed back. She wanted to stop at a drugstore. To get her husband Valentine's Day card I checked on Diet Pepsi. But all they had was Pepsi Zero. They were a dollar a bottle. So I bought 4 when we got back to the CG she dropped me off. I thanked her again. Hoping to see her soon. 
Jim and I had lunch and then took a long golf cart ride around the park.
We sat out under the awning in the shade. Today's high was about 85. Later, he grilled some salmon. I made a few hushpuppies and onion rings in the air fryer. I made us each a small salad for dinner. 
 He watch the hockey game outside, While I cleaned up inside we took showers did a load of laundry. What a beautiful day.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Trip to Clermont

This morning after line dance class, which goes from 10 to 12:30. Jim drove up in the truck put the garbage in the trash compactor, then we bought strawberries from the produce guy. Then we went back to the FW and heated up leftover BBQ ribs from the Bingo night for lunch, along with grilled green beans little new potatoes I made in the IP, and some corn in the cob I had in the freezer.
 After a little while we took a ride to Clermont and went to a Save-A-Lot looking for Diet Pepsi, stopped and got fuel. Then took a drive around the lake that has a lovely Boardwalk path that we want to walk around when we head back in this direction on Friday. Drove by some beautiful Florida homes.
 After we came back to the FW we took a walk around the campground, chess or Checkers anyone.
 Then I went up to the rec center, they were doing a jam session  they call it TT jammers. There was 11 people on stage most with guitars, there was one woman, a guy on the drums, one guy on the piano he was wonderful. I stayed to around 7:30 then I went back to the FW we watch TV and relax the rest of the evening.

Wednesday February 5, 2020

After my am line dance class, I walked back with the lady that's from New Jersey, and here for three months,  she was interested in some of my bags. First I walked over to her motorhome, got to see it. Then we walked back to the FW, we showed her the fifth wheel and she bought two of my bags,  which is very nice of her. She's a lot of fun to dance with her and her husband both dance Joan and Jim.
I had pre-made a pan of enchiladas before I went to dance, and Jim put them in the oven so they were ready for lunch.
It was such a beautiful day we sat outside for most of the rest of the day light hours. I worked on my flower beds a little more time is running out to finish them. Here are two more of my favorite plants in the flower bed in the back.
We went for a walk around our loop of the campground. Started talking to a couple I line dance with her. And then we kept walking and the motorhome behind us we started talking to them, didn't realize that she was another lady I was line dancing with, Suzanne. They were right behind us the whole time and never realized it was her. So we didn't get very far on our walk. So when
 Dan and Carman texted us they were going up to the hot tub. So after dinner we decided to join them. Lot more kids around, we had a nice little chat with them before heading back to the FW for a little TV before bed.

Thursday February 6, 2020

Today is my last day of line dancing which is very sad. I asked Jim if he would come up around 11:30 for my last day, because at the end Judy was teaching a few people some couple dances. When I realized it was after 11:30 I figured he wasn't coming up. So when 12:00 noon  rolled around much to my surprise he showed up,  all showered and pretty. So we did three different couples dances together it was a lot of fun, more for me. He couldn't  believe how hot it was in there. So we went and looked at the air conditioner, and the unit outside was frozen. Long story short after Joan's husband Jim said we should go tell them so we did. So hopefully when they dance on Friday without me it'll be cooler for them.
 So after line dancing we stopped at the produce guy for the last time I bought more strawberries, then we walked back to the FW and had lunch. Later Jim was outside putting things away for tomorrow's move. I was inside cleaning a little I vacuumed, tried to put a lot of stuff away. This was the last chance I had to work on my flower beds. Here's the before and after and how they look when we got here and how they looked when we'll leave tomorrow. We always leave our sight better than we found it.
Then I showered for the second time,  we ate the rest of the leftover enchiladas, we went up to the rec center to meet the June's it was trivia game night. Not too many people showed up was a very small intimate group. We had some fun, racked your brain trying to answer some questions we pretty much won  but they didn't admit it. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Met Dan and Carmen

Started the day with my line dancing from 10 a.m. till noon, came home and grabbed a quick lunch. Went back because there was a lady Megan Lefferts does a couponing / secret shopping. Talks all about shopping grocery stores using coupons. Publix is  Her favorite because they make it so easy. There was five of us including me, is very interesting, nice ladies chat for 2 hours. Went back to the RV took  bikes for a ride, we were sitting outside and this couple road by and turned and came back and remembered us from Hershey. Dan and Carmen Bass,  he Remember Jim's work van and my five flower pots I have sitting outside, in Pa, that we move back and forth. Their were house parents at the Milton Hershey School. In a 7000 square foot house with 14 teenage girls . They're from  Florida but we're in Hershey for 7 years doing that. we talked for quite a long time.
I asked if they were going to bingo, and they said well we could, so we decided to eat dinner and they went back to eat dinner, we can meet down there. So later he called and said he found out it cost 20 to $30 a person, he  wasn't really into that, I said we weren't either, so I invited them over here and they came back around 6 and we had a nice visit. Jim made a fire and we sat outside for a good two hours and had a wonderful talk. Very nice people hope to see them again soon. Her Dad  lives in Florida, they have a beautiful Prevost. After that we came in and, relaxed was a wonderful evening.

Thursday January 30, 2020

This morning I cut out the little early from line dancing and went back and got ready to go visit my first ever full-time idols Dee and Jim Walters. They full-timed for about 7 years I think one of the first blogs I read Faithfully. Very wonderful people we met them at Logan's halfway from where they lived where we are. Had a wonderful very long lunch, we were in there probably over two hours.
When we left them we stopped at Aldi's another store the coupon lady really recommended and then a quick stop at Publix. In the parking lot we saw a horse trailer in the parking, she got out of the truck, I said where is your horse, you couldn't see one. She said he's in there,she opened door, this what we saw.She takes him into nursing homes. Then we came home for the rest of the evening.

Friday January 31, 2020

Friday after line dancing which was almost three hours, I didn't hurry today. I went back to the FW we had lunch. Jim had posted on the Facebook page for Orlando for our yard sale that they have on Saturday our bikes, and my bags that I make. And during lunch a knock on the door, said he wasn't going to be here and was interested in the bikes. Long story short we sold our folding bikes, yea.
And later we went down to the water and took a boat ride out onto the water in huge Lake. Then we went into the pool in the hot tub.
 Came back and ate the BBQ chicken legs that I had pre-made, I  put a couple things in the air fryer, what a wonderful full busy day.

Saturdays February 1, 2020
WOW already 

This am didn't have to rush off anywhere. I made a big breakfast for us. It was raining gently all day. We didn't do anything, just binge watch Orange is the New Black.
We had a salad for lunch. Later we were going to come up to the Recreation Center for Meat Bingo. Jim never wanted to go, as usual I talked him into it, because he says he just wants to make me happy :)  So he had a few beers while we got ready quick. Beautiful sky on the way in. We went up, we told the June's we would save seats. They said was not as full as usual. On the way in Jim started talking to people from Pa, Stewart and Sally, had a nice chat, I went out to hurry him along and joined in the chat. Found out they did a trip out west last year too, and did everything we did. Hope we get to see them again, they are going to Clearbrook golf and RV Resort too, next. Came in you pay  $10. Each, get 3 playing cards each. We won all pork and box chocolate, had pizza and soda too, won 35. In meat. Well worth it, was alot of FUN. 

Sunday February 2, 2020

This morning I made steel cut oatmeal with my homemade yogurt and strawberries. Then we got ready for a day of Adventure. I had texted Neil and Nancy to meet us later for lunch. We were about an hour away from LazyDays in Tampa. First we went to the Cracker Barrel  had lunch with Neil and Nancy. It was lovely to be able to catch up with them. Then the four of us went over to LazyDays we wanted to order some stuff from the parts department but they were closed on Sunday, so we'll have to go back another day, but we found products that I use in the toilet black tank  Tank Tech RX,  and a folding rake I've been wanting for a while. We said our goodbyes and then headed to Parkesdale. We had Strawberry Shortcake and walked all around and looked at all the produce. We bought tomatoes, onions, green beans, potatoes, zucchini, and radishes. It was a lot of fun.
 Then we went to Publix and grabbed a few things to make my taco dip, I call it Joanie's dip, for the Super Bowl party. After we got back to the RV I made the dip put in the fridge and worked on the blog for a little bit we got ready and headed down to the rec center had some nice snacks, watched alittle football. I worked on the Blog a little down there. Talked  to some nice people, from SC.  Then drove back and watch the rest of the game.

Happy Monday February 3, 2020

This morning we had an appointment at 11 a.m. to get the RV washed and the truck. I procrastinated on getting ready for line dancing like to leave at 9:45. I went upstairs to get dressed at 9:30 and looked out the window and the RV guys were here already, we supposed to be for 11. So we both rushed around. Jim went outside they did a pretty nice job on the RV and the truck, ,looks beautiful. I left to go line dancing.
Till I got home they were gone and it looks beautiful. We sat outside for a while I made a light lunch of salad and a couple leftover BBQ chicken legs from the other night. We sat outside for hours and talked it was so beautiful and sunny out. We grilled a pack of the ribs we won  from the other night. We talked to some people walking by. Jim made a fire and watch Hockey outside and I did my thing inside.