Sunday, April 21, 2019

Back to Hershey TT

Woke up this morning , both of us slept quite well. Jim was up first, I got up shortly after. I made him paleo blueberry pancakes and eggs. I had oatmeal with quinoa and applesauce and raisins and cinnamon. A lot of RVs left earlier,  the one waved at me that we actually talked to. And then more were coming in the morning, which we thought was strange. We made the bed and put some things away didn't want to leave too early we only want to arrive and Hershey TT closer to noon, check out is 12. There's a lot of activity going on so as we watched out the window Jim saw a guy pushing a car, he thought maybe they needed gas, we had a little bit left from the Genny so he walked over to see what was going on. While he did that, I watched as I started the blog from the day before. Turned out he needed a jumper cable so he came back to get ours and then walked back again he was there for a while. One time I looked up and they were pushing it quite a distance. When that was over he came back and then this guy by himself in a small Class C pulled up parked across from us, he started talking to Jim about our generator and are set up. It was quite upsetting that he let his dog out and he pooped in the grassy  median I never saw him clean it up, believe  me I was watching,  I told Jim to offer him a bag maybe he didn't have one to clean it up, but he didn't want to get involved. I was ready but the opportunity never arose and I didn't want to be confrontational, that is how RV's get a bad name, but we can always say anything in a nice way. So when their conversation was over, Jim came over and said are you paying people to distract me. By then he was chomping at the bit, and ready to get out of there. Because people were coming in and he was afraid we would get parked in. The way the parking lot was in chunks with a medium in between you had to squeeze up and around and turn. By then it was probably after 10:30 and we finish putting things away. We really enjoyed our night at the casino. Way better than truck stops, very quiet from my perspective. I took my phone and called Jim so I can walk as he made this tight turn. And right when we started to move this lady walked up to me, I didn't realize it but it was the lady that was with the guy that Jim pushed her car. And she said their battery was dead they needed money and had nobody to call and bought a whole bunch of antiques and brand new high thread-count sheets, wanted to know if we were interested in anything, I guess they were going to buy another battery. We felt bad for them but what could we due, at this point Jim helped as much as he could. We got turned around and we pulled out of there just after 11. We wanted to stop at the truck wash and wash the FW but the slight drizzle and Jim thinks they change the entrance configuration so without checking, and with the rain we decided just to head over to TT. Total miles driven today's trip 25 miles. The truck also gave us more stats we drove 10,050 miles, the truck was running for 241 hours, with 988 gal of fuel used with an average of 10.2 MPG. We arrived at TT at 11:45 the manager was Manning the ranger station which she never did before. So we said our pleasantries and started our drive to find a available site. H Loop is the only one that has free 50 amp, and it was full there. So we drove over to C Loop and got one of our favorite corner site C 67. We had got set up a little bit Jim trying to get dish but was too cloudy, will try later.  He took a shower we made arrangements with our son's to meet at Hoss's and we went to pick up my MIL. We had a nice family meal with everyone was a great visit.

And made plans for Easter and possibly Memorial Day. We dropped my MIL off, started my car let it run for awhile, I will take it back tomorrow after we take her for breakfast. We came back to TT drove around a little to see what was empty it was really raining, they had some tornado watches but not too close to our area, thank goodness. Jim played with the Satellite Dish again and pulled in a pretty good signal. I washed the dishes, took a shower while he did that. Then we called Direct TV and changed our service location to here. New thing now they always want to know your old address which was somewhere in Texas who can remember so we had to look that up, what a pain. He said it would take a few minutes I was hoping to watch our shows by 8 which seems so late because we've been used to them coming on at 7. When she got it switched over, it was about 8:10 took almost 30 minutes but the weather was on with the severe storms so we didn't miss much. We have a lot to do before Jim goes back to work Thursday I go back the day after Easter. So the next blog will be about our Easter family get-together so we will be taking a much-needed Long blog break, sure no one will miss it. We have a lot of chores and things to get done in the meantime. thanks for following along hope it wasn't too boring.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pennsylvania bound

This morning Jim was up at 6:30. But I was not. I think I stayed in bed till almost 8, before slightly getting yelled at to get up. As I said last night there was more trucks close to us, and the parking lot was quite full. I made us breakfast, pre-made lunch as I always do. Jim torqued the tires and we got on the road around 9:30 a.m. today we have a total of about 250 miles to go. We are heading to the Hollywood Casino in Grantville, Pennsylvania. Sunday we will go into TT  for 3 weeks , we are so close to  home  but we want to go into TT on Sunday  that's why we stopped here for the night. We both worked here together 40 years ago, its where it all started. So we've come full circle it feels like. Our first stop for the day was that the West Virginia Welcome Center. Then our last fuel stop is in Maryland and exit 10 on 81, the diesel was $0.36 cheaper there then Pennsylvania. Later we  stopped at a rest area and there was no place for truck / RVs to park, so we kept going. Wanted to grab lunch, but  we can wait, lets just go.
When we arrived at the casino we were going to enter from our normal entrance we were used to. But we saw a sign that said trucks and RVs, so we went in that  entrance. We arrived right before 2 p.m.  did not see any other RVs anywhere. Went passed a row of trucks, we did not want to park there, no offense but had enough of the trucks last night. Plus it was very muddy there, and backing in would have been difficult. So as we went further into the parking lot there were signs that said no RVs or trucks. OK then. Huge parking lot very empty, and level.  So we parallel parked along a grassy median. We wanted to talk to someone inside before we got situated. So we went inside asked the guy at the entrance and he said I don't think it'll be a problem. So we made it sound like we were going to eat something and do our thing inside, we walked around a little but the smoke bothers me so much,  we went out another exit and came back to the FW. He touched the jacks down, Jim got the generator hooked up, we put the slides out. Ta-dah,  we are at home!  Jim took a shower got the generator going. I got set up to do my thing, and he did go inside to gamble a little bit. While he was in there I took a shower, read some of my blogs. He was back shortly after that, said he won $25. I heated up the spaghetti I made in the instant pot last night. I made a salad we had dinner together. The battery was charged up to 100% at this point .  And it must have been the way the wind was blowing , and I had so many windows and the door open .  It seemed like the fumes were coming in .  So Jim gave the Genny a break, and turned it off  and then he went back inside a little longer. By this time a few RVs did roll in. The first one was a fifth wheel. They drove around a little bit I guess until they saw us came over and asked us if we got permission to stay here. She said they were here a couple years ago and at  midnight security knocked on the door and told them to move, to a different area of the parking lot. I told Jim later I would say, do you know how much money we spend in their last night there's no way I'm moving. But it never came to that, of course. Remember most of what you fear, never happens. As I'm doing the blog the following morning they just drove by and waved to me, as I was standing by our Open Door way. Her name is Carol she said they were heading to Syracuse New York, but her license plate is Florida, okay. They turned around in the parking lot and the truck said NY and the FW was Florida. Later when Jim came back he said now he only lost $5 total. So I'm okay with that, then we watched a little TV together. He shut the generator off again, it was back to 100% he went to bed. I stayed up and read until 11:20,  I turned the TV back on, watched SNL until 11:50 turn off the TV and went to bed myself.

IN the Home Stretch Now

Woke up this morning in our nice WalMart spot. They are open 24 hours, but when I woke up in the middle of the night,  it seemed very quiet to me. But Jim said when he woke up a little, he heard noises. But he's the big protector man, so he is always listening, and hears things. He's busy keeping watch. ( a line from a movie, do ya know which one ) We both woke up around 6:30, although at the time we didn't know what time it was, seems pretty dark out. We both got up, made the bed,  and put our travel items back on it. Jim got the generator going  first thing, and I made Jim a big breakfast of potatoes, leftovers I made in the IP,  onions, peppers a little bit of leftover pork with eggs, he said it was good. I had a bowl cereal and a yogurt. As warm as it was yesterday  the camper stayed nice overnight . I left the roof vent open in the bathroom . It was about 72 I think upstairs when we got up . We continue to get ready, not that much to do when boondocking, because you don't have that much out. We only put 2 of the 3 slides out also. We watched a little Morning News and weather. Jim as always was in a hurry to leave, especially since we were both up so early. Which I don't think he was expecting that, especially for me to be up. Once we closed everything up, I took the trash out, picked up the new trash that was in our backyard. And walked it over to the trash can I saw next to the shopping cart return area. We pulled out right before 8:30 a.m. we stopped at a Love's for fuel, and potty break in Meadowview Virginia.  Made a quick stop in a rest area. I talked to my brother for a half an hour today  about our plans to get together for Memorial Day  weekend . And then kept driving till we arrived at our final destination. Which is Lee Hi Travel Plaza in Lexington, Virginia. We drove a total of about  264 miles today, arrived here just after 1 pm. Jim fueled up the truck as I went in to pay, per our usual routine. We are doing something different this time though. We've been here many times before. But always stay in the small Campground that is back behind the truck stop. Lee hi Campground, which is about $34 a night. But as an omage to my father, in an attempt to save money, in his honor. We are Boondocking,  the last 3 nights we are on the road. Which is nice to do when you have a choice. Also now we have the equipment to do so. I guess I'm kind of looking at it as a challenge. That we can do it. Although Jim does most of the work, I just cook, as he says per usual. So last night we saved money by staying at Walmart, tonight we're saving $34. And we didn't go into the IHOP,  that was right across from us last night. There is a big parking lot around with a few trucks when we arrived. We went all the way in the back, where we wanted to park there was already  another truck there.  The truck would have been facing the campground we decided to back up at the other end of the parking lot instead. This is our view out our window in the very back.

Jim started to back up and I said you know the only reason I'm not getting out to watch you is because there's nothing back there. And he said you see that truck driver over there is watching me. As he pulled up  and back a couple times. So when he was almost in I got out to look at the final last couple feet. And this truck pulled up next to Jim and rolled down his window. For a minute I was worried he was going to yell at us. But instead he said something like a real truck driver doesn't need someone to watch him back up in a big parking lot like this. LOL he was being funny, which it was, then I think after he said it he was afraid it would make us mad,  but we both enjoyed the good laugh, and told him that. We had a nice chat after that, Jim even got out to talk to him and he said oh I'm glad you thought it was funny now that I see how big you are. Tall, he is very TALL. So after we said goodbye to him. Jim finish parking put the jacks down. By now it was drizzling a little bit again. The weather is not as warm as yesterday was about 70 today, we had a very brief shower,  some heavy rain maybe half an hour or less. We came in put the slides out had lunch because we hadn't eaten yet and then it was like 1:30. Enjoyed our view out the back. I'm going to make spaghetti in the instant pot later for dinner, we should have some leftovers for tomorrow night's boondocking.

Saw a lot of Pennsylvania plates today. Jim took a shower after lunch I took one after dinner watched a little TV and went to bed. Was a nice spot considering the trucks around us. As the day went on and then to the evening more pulled in. One on either side of us quite close. But the price was right.

Back in Eastern Time Zone

This morning we both got up at the same time. Did not take long before the FW started to warm up. Today's high is supposed to be 87 at least. We had coffee and I started to prepare breakfast. First we had a smoothie, then I made Jim some eggs, he made his toast. I made oatmeal with quinoa. As Jim got ready outside the neighbor was talking to him, and slowed us down a little. I premade wraps for lunch and we left at 9:45. We had a lovely drive today, hardly any traffic, smooth roads, Blue Skies and sunshine. It felt like we were doing out of the way Backroads, sort of. Even though they were 4-lane highways, with just very little traffic. So no rest areas around, we finally found a pilot fuel station, for our first and only stop. We filled up while we were here and grab lunch quick. We drove about 229 miles today. From Diamond Caverns RV Resort & Golf, TT in Park City Kentucky, to a Walmart in Morristown, Tennessee. We had a time change again, now we're back on Eastern time. We arrived here around 3 p.m. Parked and went into Walmart to make sure it was okay to stay the night. They want us to go to the back of the parking lot which is our favorite spot anyway. There's just a service road right behind our grassy spot, that I call our backyard.
But it's a nice spot. After we got situated we put the fans on, it was warm in here, it said it was 80, but it didn't feel that hot. I got ready and went inside to shop, the fridge is pretty bear, which makes things slide around too much in there when we move. I came out put everything away heated up some pre-made food for dinner made a salad. Jim got the generator going, watched a little TV, took a shower went to bed.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Lost River Cave

This morning I got to watch all of The Today Show too. I made breakfast, Jim had the rest of the  IP egg bites I made yesterday,  I also made some oatmeal. I put a little bit of quinoa in the IP. Tomorrow I will mix it with my oatmeal, makes it higher protein. Jim went  outside and torque the tires for tomorrow,  he got the grill out for later. And I could have sworn I seen the caulk gun in his hand again. I called and booked us both a doctor appointment for when we get back. We were trying to plan the rest of our day. It was another beautiful day it was about 86, so sunny. We picked up a coupon book somewhere yesterday with a lot of different things to do in the area. we decided to go to the Lost River cave boat tour. We called ahead for reserved seating for two pm. We had lunch before we left I made the rest of the pizza I froze from Walmart. The Lost cave is in Bowling Green Kentucky, which was about a half an hour drive away. We arrived at1:45 went in and signed up for the tour. It was very fascinating we had a very good tour guide.
She gave us many fascinating details about the history of the cave like. They hold wedding receptions there  to this day . They used to have a bar there. They used to tell stories about Jesse James hiding out in the cave

. When the tour was over we went to the gift shop and looked around. Till we walked back up there it was so hot, it was very warm out. After we left we went to Taco Bell to get us each  another large cup of Diet Pepsi. We also shared a Nachos Grande as our snack. Then we went to a fuel station to fill up with diesel. Jim suggested I run in and see if they had Diet Pepsi for sale, and to our surprise, they  had 2 liter bottles for 99 cents each. I asked if there was a limit to how many you could purchase, she said no. So I went out and got Jim we bought the only eight bottles they  had left on the Shelf. Then we took a drive heading back towards the FW. We put everything away,  Jim got the grill on to make grilled chicken for tomorrow and then pork chops on the grill for dinner tonight. I put two large potatoes cut in half in the instant pot, for 15 minutes. They get so good in there. Topped with butter and sour cream I also made a whole bunch of mixed vegetables. We ate outside while we watched Survivor. Jim had preset a fire earlier and he lit that after dinner.
When it was over I came in washed the dishes did one more load of laundry, cleaned up and tried to put things away for tomorrow. Took showers and watched a little TV, I gave myself a pedicure, and vacuumed before bed.

Kentucky, Diamond Caverns TT

This morning when I got up, I got to watch the whole Today Show. I didn't quite get up at 7 but 8:15. So I  did miss the first hour and 15 minutes. For breakfast I wanted to try something new in the IP. I'm on a Facebook group with instant pot. They were talking about making egg bites. But I don't have a mold. They were talking about different things to use. So I tried it using the foil muffin cups, in the new wire nesting baskets. First you put for eggs in a blender, I also added onions, pepper's, ham, spinach, and cheese blend it up, poured  into the cups. I put it in the pot for 3 minutes. They were very good, Jim like them too.
Next time I will use some spray before I put the egg in because they did stick a little bit. After breakfast Jim took a shower, then sat outside while I watch the rest of the Today Show. Then I started cleaning, I had a few things I wanted to do. Sitting in my chair I can see the back wall behind the stove what's a little messy. So I started with that, I wiped down the wall, and the counters, wiped out the microwave really good, stainless steel always shows smudges drives me crazy. I cleaned the fridge out really well. I'd like to do it when it's pretty empty. Leaving here on Thursday and we're  going to Boondock at a Walmart, I will fill it back up then. It's almost easier on travel days when it's full, because things don't move around so much inside. After all that was finished we got ready to take a drive and look around. Jim took the trash out for me and started talking to her neighbors behind us. They told us a few places we could go, but would be better if we had a child or two with us. There was Dinosaur World and Kentucky Down Under, where you can walk with the kangaroos.

Today's weather was so beautiful, we actually had to turn the air conditioner on because it got so warm inside. I usually wait  as long as possible, but it got hot. High today 83. We took a drive around stopped at Mammoth Cave.
They said it was one of the largest caves around. With over 400 miles mapped out. When we were going inside a whole bunch of Mennonite children were coming out, with some of their Elders too, we didn't know they had that population in this area. They had a really great exhibit inside where you can walk through and see the history of the cave. Mike Rowe did a narration, was very interesting there's actually a guy that died in the cave in 1820s or something, they looked for him and found him dead 17 days later. And was told later by a shop owner that he was  there for many years, and they finally took him out and give him a proper burial. We were in there for quite a while then we took a drive looking for a Diet Pepsi, we stopped at a KFC and had a snack there before we left with our large Diet  Pepsi. Then we drove around a little bit more. Bryan called while we were driving around, they got home around midnight, drove about 15 hours, but everything went well and arrived safely, he will call later for them to talk more. We wanted to go to a grocery store with out driving any farther, we ended up stopping at one, but it was kind of like discounted store we have at home call Horning's or Country View. We only found a few things we can buy, we just don't have room to stock up on a lot . Later we decided to wait till Thursday when we Boondock at our next Walmart and I will shop then. We stopped at another store that had big pile  of firewood outside. We went inside and talked with a lovely woman about fishing there we also bought some wood got a pretty nice pile, turned out the wood wasn't that great,  was pretty dry but a little on the rotten side. She was the shop owner that gave me more details on the man that died in the cave. You can pay to fish in the pond, they're open till 10 tonight and closed on Wednesday, but we leave on Thursday. I told Jim the only way that would work is if you took me home right now and came back and fished, which he didn't, but kind of would have liked to. They stock it once a week, sounds like it was full of catfish, some quite large. I had a nice chat with  her while Jim loaded the wood. Then we went back to the FW, had a light snack, Jim  unloaded the wood we sat outside for a little while, was so beautiful Jim started a fire.
We enjoyed it for a while, I went inside at 7 to watch The Voice. It still is weird everything being on an hour earlier. Jim was still at the fire and talk to Bryan for about 2 hours, guess they miss each other already. I took a shower before he came in for the night.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Short Travel Day

Today is travel day for both of us. Super short for us, and over 12 hours for Bryan. I thought they would leave really early, but they didn't. I got out of bed first and turn the coffee pot on right away, Jim had it all ready to go since he unhooked everything last night except the electric. So it's easier to fill the pot up before he shut the water off. We don't drink the water out of our freshwater tank. Jim went over to check on them and see when they were ready to leave. His fuel filter was leaking and he had to fix that before they left. Jim said goodbye and safe travels told them to keep us posted. After they left, which was around 9, he heated up his French toast that I made him yesterday and made a couple eggs to go with it. We  were not going to leave until 11, we have a short travel day today thank goodness. We were packed up and ready to leave just after 11 then. We were heading to Thousand Trails, Diamond Caverns in Park City, Kentucky. We figured while we're right here, we might as well hit Kentucky. We had about an hour and a half drive, 80 some miles. No other stops needed. The registration is on the one side of the road and you enter the other. We saw a fifth wheel enter the RV side right away, but we came over to the registration side, but nobody was here so we drove over there, and the guard was coming out as we were going in. He told us to pull up to the white building and wait for him. He went and got our paperwork. Jim jumped in the golf cart with him and they looked at a few options. Had pull throughs for 30 amp or some back ins for 50 amp. We chose the back in for 50 amps. We got all set up. And I made us lunch, by then it was after 2 and we were ready to eat. I made us a salad and a quesadilla with chicken and cheese. Jim set the satellite up right away. I took a Benadryl before we left to stop my sneezing. Which made me sleepy so I napped for a bit. Jim took a shower. Later just after 5,  I made us dinner. After dinner we went for a little walk around the campground, dropped garbage off at the dumpster.
Came back in, watched The Voice. Jim talked with Bryan a few times, all going well. Think the are driving straight thru, about 9:30 they said they were in PA.  I washed the dishes took a shower. Took another Benadryl went to bed.

Sunday Rainy Sunday

I tried to watch SNL last night but was falling asleep. So I went to bed just after midnight. Jim came back around that time, and went to bed also. The weather forecast said there was supposed to be rain on Sunday. We did here it raining overnight, heavy at times. We woke up and watched Willie Geist. Had coffee, later I made a smoothie,  Jim drank his outside, he went outside to do a few chores. Bryan left for the day to go to the zoo. He tightened up a few loose screws, torqued the lug nuts on the tires, glued some seals around the slide back into place, caulked a few things, he put the satellite away. He was out there for 2 hours 8:30 to 10:30 or so, he wanted to beat the rain that was forecasted to start shortly. We watched a few people leave and watched a few more come in. By then it was raining, also heavy at times. Since we only had a smoothie and it was 10:30ish, I asked Jim if he wanted, late breakfast food or early lunch food. He said he didn't care. I asked him to pick one, and very wisely he asked what the menu choices would be. I love cooking for my man. So I told him and I made lunch food for him, breakfast food for me, and made breakfast for him tomorrow, which will make for travel day breakfast easier. He  had leftover beef noodle soup, that I don't eat, and I use the good bread to make a grilled ham and cheese .  I used the same bread to make French toast , one slice for me and two for him tomorrow . After breakfast he took a shower and then he wanted to go get diesel, so while he went to do that. I started some laundry and did the dishes. I also wanted it to write down what we spent the last two days. I've been keeping track because I want to know how much we are spending in the full-time lifestyle. I just wish I had a better system, I don't like it, there has to be a better way to write it down. Last month I think I had 15 different categories. Everybody always says they spend the most on diesel and RV parks. I think we spend the most on restaurants and grocery shopping. We do eat well, healthy too, just too much. Especially when you're not working or doing much vigorous activities. After he was back from getting diesel, which did not take very long. We sat outside for a bit, had an Apple with peanut butter / yogurt dip . Then we put on our sneakers and took a walk around the campground Nashville East, KOA Lebanon, Tennessee. It is very small, so we walked around twice. Started drizzling, near the end of our walk. When we got back to the FW we sat outside, talked about our trip to Florida this year under the awning. Drizzling but feels cool, and also feels humid too. Then we came inside I put another load in the dryer. Bryan got back at 4. We had dinner a little after 5, I made leftover yellow rice with the grilled chicken. Jim went over to Bryan later, they had another fire, and was talking with the neighbor. The same one that offered us wood the other day, his wife was with him this time, she is from Russia, Jim enjoy talking with her. She wanted to see our FW, I wasn't feeling that great all day just kind of blah, I think the allergies are just killing me. There was a lot of TV shows I wanted to watch, I did my best but without having the satellite change to Local stations, had to do it the old fashioned way. I asked him to give me a few minutes and he brought her over around 9, we gave her a quick tour she was a very nice lady. They went back to everyone at the fire, I continue watching my shows, went to bed pretty late Jim came over right after that joined me.

Nashville with Bryan and Family

Woke up this morning did our normal morning routine, very slowly and leisurely. Had a substantial breakfast, we were all getting ready for our day trip to Nashville again. Bryan drove his truck, I sat next to the window, so I can put it down, either because it was too hot or I need air. They both smoke in the truck, but not when we are in it with them, which is not very often. We found a place to park, same place they went to yesterday. Bryan paid $24 to park I think it was. We walked around went into quite a few gift shops, a lot  we were in yesterday. Except this time I bought a few things for family, won't say what they are but I'm sure they won't read it here. Then we ate lunch at Honky Tonk Central at 329 Broadway.

We went up to the third floor, sat at a table right next to a open balcony. Which is where people went out to smoke, but it was not too bad. There was a different band playing on each floor. They were all very good, the food was also very good and very reasonably priced. The place we thought we were going to eat was closed, so we found this place. Bryan's family each had a burger, Jim had a fried catfish basket, I had a turkey wrap with fresh fruit. Very good, we all were full, and satisfied, would have been really cheap if they didn't order beer, they each had 3, Jim's beer was $7 each and there's were six each. Total of 57. For someone who doesn't drink that's a lot, ouch. Anyway, it was really fun nice place to sit for a while. After we ate we walked around some more. Saw so many different buses, vehicles, pedal taverns that people were partying on.

A lot of bridal parties. The young cute girl ratio to young cute guy ratio was way off. We saw four young girls hanging around 1 tall good looking Cowboy guy, looked like they were in high demand.

We went into the Goo Goo store again, Catherine got a ice cream, she barely finished half of it. Threw the rest away later, I think her mom said it was $6, I just hate food waste. We started walking back towards the truck. We got to the truck, by than it was very hot inside. It was a beautiful sunny day High about 78. We wanted to go to a grocery store, ended up going to Publix, just needed a few things for dinner tonight, of course we bought firewood and more beer. Love that store. Bryan wanted to go get fireworks, so they found a store for them. They all went inside, Jim and I stayed in their truck. We drove back to the FW put everything away. I walked down with the three of them to the camp store here at the KOA, to look for a bolt they needed for there  FW hitch. We walked back they went back to their camper, I took a walk around the campground by myself, went all the way to the back and checked out the other bathroom. They were both decorated so cute here. After we got situated we went over and sat out with them at their RV,
they eventually started a fire we sat around talking most of the evening. Catherine brought her rabbits outside. She has a mother and two, two-week-old babies, one black one white. Very cute their eyes aren't open yet. It was just easier to bring them, then to get someone to take care of them. Brian went over to the neighbor and asked if they could take a picture of all of us. There was two friends each with her own RV. One was helping the other de-winterize, the other people had a fifth wheel that had a 3 horse slant trailer in the back, RV in the front.
I wanted to ask her where the horses were. Earlier her one little dog came over, so I got the chance then. That's when she told us about the friends getting together. She said the horses did act weird when they left without them, and only took  the trailer and not them. We all chatted for a while, the one young son came over, he was quite chatty, I think he wanted to play with Catherine but she wasn't really into it. She's 12. The guy offered us more firewood if we needed it, which was very nice of them. I don't think they ever did go get it. Jim had an old log he was using for splitting wood. It was very old and dried out, they eventually split that and burned it. When we get back he will need to get a new one. Then I took my IP over and made Egg Roll in a bowl, with sweet Italian sausage we had that as an appetizer with sweet and sour sauce and tortilla strips. Bryan  used a combination of the grill and the Blackstone to make pork chops. Probably the best pork chops I've ever had, no joke. Vicki also made bacon wrapped asparagus, which she also made using both sides of the grill. We don't like asparagus so we didn't have any of that. So brought some potato salad over that we had left. It had a wonderful meal, we have the rest of the buttermilk pie for dessert, wonderful evening, sat around the fire talking. She put the rabbits away. About 9 p.m. I took everything back cleaned up the camper put everything away relaxed took a shower and watched TV.

Saturday, April 6, 2019


We both slept well last night our friends were tired after their long travels. We all slept well My eyes are itching still driving me nuts. We watched a little Today Show and I was planning a big breakfast to feed everyone. Bryan has a Blackstone and grill once I saw him cleaning it, Jim and I took everything over for the breakfast I was making. Sally and Bob had bacon and orange slices. Vicky made some scrambled eggs, I made French toast on the Blackstone. I had some sausage links I pre-cooked in the IP then put them on the grill for a couple minutes. It was so fun to feed everyone, it was very good and they all seem to enjoy it. After we cleaned up from breakfast took everything back to the FW. We got ready for our day in Nashville with Sally and Bob. We left about 11:30 a.m. we walked  to the entrance of the campground and Jim called for an Uber. We had them take us to 2nd Avenue and Broadway, it was at Kid Rock's Bar.
Which is always rocking and was very full. Jim and I can't believe how many more people were everywhere compared to December when we were here last. We walked around different bars they had a drink here and drink there,  wonderful music everywhere. A lot of interesting people to look at.
We went to Ole Red, Blake Shelton's bar & restaurant, our third time now. The food is really good music playing all the time Jim had a burger and I shared a pork quesadilla with Sally, was huge, Bob had a ginormous sandwich, which he took half of it home and as we just got seated Sally saw some people that were from Canada that was at their park in Texas where they spent the winter. So she talked to them, and they actually joined us for lunch.  I think it was John and Rita. We had a wonderful lunch together and then headed out to walk around some more. They wanted to get a couple shots Jim wanted Fireball,  two of those for him and Bob and a beer and Sally had a lemon drop, total bill $34. We were on the rooftop of one of the bars and you can see a river boat. You could also see where they were building a big stage were they have the NFL draft.

Called for return home uber around 5 p.m. . It was $34 to get there and $58 to go back home. We got home Sally let the dog out, and I borrowed a couple ingredients from them. And then with the IP I made a big pot of Bryan's favorite soup which is a beef noodle tomato based soup. Whatever you want to call it. I was texting the lady from home that I work with. Bryan and his family were not home from their Adventure yet, they went to Country Music Hall of Fame. When the soup was finished, Bob & Sally came over to our RV and we ate over here. When they came home later Jim took a big bowl over for them. Also before we left I had made a buttermilk pie I had that in the fridge so we had that for dessert. We had a nice visit with them watched a little TV. Jim went to bed around 10 I took a shower. Watched a little more TV went to bed also.

Cullman, Alabama to Lebanon, Tennessee

We woke up this morning, sad that we had to leave today. We have such wonderful hosts, with such a lovely spot for us.
We had our breakfast. I'm glad I did a lot of things last night, starting to get ready to move. Len had a doctor's appointment so he stopped to say goodbye on his way out about 8:30 a.m. . Phyllis walked by and said goodbye later. Once our slide goes in she knows we're about ready to move. We left about 9:45. We only had 176 miles to drive today. Which was just over two hours. We only had to make one stop. As we drove we texted and talked to our friends we met in Florida, Sally and Bob. Actually they  live in Elizabethtown. And Jim's friend who he used to work with.
They are heading in this direction from Lebanon Pennsylvania to Lebanon Tennessee, Bryan, Vicky  and their daughter. They were having some  issues. But we arrived first, got all set up. And I started making dinner,  I told everyone I would feed them dinner when they all arrived. In RV tradition feeding someone who arrives on travel day. I made as they call out here crust less chicken pot pie. I made in the instant pot, the pot was tip top full, we ate it all. We fed everyone later they started a campfire Jim is hanging out over there, I took a shower watch my TV. Wonderful to be here with our friends.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Alabama a Day of Adventure

Jim was up first, I was up shortly after. He  was telling me about a weird dream he had that I was yelling at him. He took a shower I made a smoothie. And I made him bacon and eggs on the leftover biscuits from last night's meal. And I took a shower, I had cereal and yogurt. Len and Phyllis picked us up for day of Adventure. We had quite a drive, first stop was Dutch Oven bakery. Cute little Amish store it had all kinds of goodies. I bought a little baking sheet, and some pumpkin whoopie pies for dessert tonight. We got back on the road and headed to our main destination, which was the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

We got there just in time, they had 150 seventh graders that just left. We were so glad we miss that. So the staff said they were running around trying to get up all the fingerprints cuz you know they have to touch everything. We walked through got to see Alabama's bus, was pretty old the inside was not what you would think. Slept about 12 people, and no kitchen.  People there were recognized for recording  at the recording studios there, also artists that were from Alabama. Took a lot of pictures.

Then only a couple miles away was the birthplace of Helen Keller .  So we went over there,  they actually gave you a little tour and talked about  her life,  how she was the most educated  deaf and blind person ever,  how she met all the presidents,  was very interesting .

After that we were all hungry so we stopped at a sub shop they were familiar with called Lenny Subs. Was very good, hit the spot, we shared a sub, small chips and a CC cookie. After that they were telling us about a coon dog cemetery. So we took a long drive and we actually found it. Had to have Been a coon dog to be buried there.

There was some people there that were from the area and they has visitors with them from Australia. There was a cave restaurant called rattlesnake she wanted to take us to, but they were only open on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday I think. Have to do that next time. Then  we set off to drive home, which took probably over an hour and a half, when a road was closed we had to go a very long way around, back roads until we got back to the main Highway. It was a very long drive. When we got back they dropped us off, we went inside I needed to start dinner right away. I put yellow rice and chicken in the instant pot and set it for 12 minutes. I wanted to time it to see how long it took from start to finish. The  package said 20 minutes I cut that it almost half. I made some mixed vegetables in the microwave ,  so they wouldn't be overcooked, added them at the end and just stirred them in. Till I got the pressure released and got the pot open it was about 50 minutes total. Sounds like a lot but considering you don't have to watch it, so much nicer set and go do something else. While it was cooking I made 4 salads and got the plates to serve my whoopie pies on. We took all the food over about 6:15 we had a nice meal together it turned out very good. I was getting a little nervous when I'm cooking for someone else. But it was very good, everyone had seconds. After the meal was over, she got out an instant pot cookbook she had I never really used. I found two interesting recipes one for Oreo cheesecake and one for a chocolate cake. I never baked in it before. She made me a photocopy. We said thank you and goodnight to Len, he has PT appointment tomorrow so we might not get to see him before we leave. We all gave each other hugs and handshakes. There so gracious and welcomed us back anytime. We love them and thanked them  again and said goodnight. Hope we see them soon. Came back to the RV, got a lot of stuff to put away. Watched the last half-hour of Survivor, I took a shower and spent quite a bit of time putting things away to save time for tomorrow morning. Jim wants to leave by 9:30 a.m. was a wonderful day with such good friends thank you both again.