Saturday, May 23, 2020

Week In Review

Week in Review

May 11, to 20 2020

We are both back to work. Jim is full time, I am casual call. Which is just under part-time hours in a week.
Saturday and Sunday I had off the 16th and 17th. Jim and I got in the truck and made a trip to West Virginia, 2 hours away to pick up our new toy. A mini golf cart called cricket. I found the lady driving it in Florida at Wauchula Peace River Thousand Trails. I said it was so cute she asked me if I wanted to buy it. and so we did. We've been emailing since we met planning when we could get back and be able to come pick it up. We stopped at a rest area before we got to their house, they had beautiful irises blooming. Some guy from there started talking to me while I was waiting for Jim to come out of the bathroom. He said you want to see something cool. He pointed out a tree stump full of termite. There was a couple birds with nests right next to it and they were gorging on them and feeding their babies.
 So we went to their house to pick up the cricket was in a beautiful gated community they have 8 Acres and the house is for sale if you're interested. Her husband came out he was recovering from being sick, he was sick, NOW recovering and she was sick now, so we never got to see her.I did ask if it was CV-19, he said NO. He had a mask on and so did the both of us. 
 We spend a lot of time looking at the cricket and learning how it all goes together. It all breaks down into a small package for travel. We just bought ramps the day before at Harbor Freight to get it up into the truck. It only weighs 303 lb, super cute. We spent a good hour there. We headed out around noon found a place on the way home to grab a quick lunch. Stopped at a Papa John's for there really good sandwich they have called Papa Diaz. Don't think that's spelled right. I think we stopped going through Carlisle. Got back to the campground and took the golf cart out down where Jim Parks his van, there's a little bit of a hill so it made it a little bit leveler. I drove it back to the campsite. later we took it for a good drive stopped and said hi to Neil and Nancy. then we ended up putting it in the back of my car. tomorrow is travel day to Hershey Thousand Trails 8 Miles Away. fit in the back of my car perfect. I said when we unload it will look like my car is giving birth.

Sunday May 17, 2020

We arrived in TTH. Got a big site we like towards the back. We got to see  ranger Kathy we last saw in Florida at TTO. She got us a GREAT site there. She is SO nice, she said she gets so excited when she sees people she knows.
We got set up, got the Cricket out, had quick lunch. We went shopping for his Mom and us. Picked up some Chinese food next door to Redner's. Dropped off his mom's groceries and some Chinese for her. We had to get spring water up the road. Then back to the RV, had our food put all the groceries away. Had to get everything done today because I was asked to work for someone. That I couldn't say no to, she worked all winter so hard plus I got more hours so I was working Monday the 18th for her. So we got a lot done today. Nice to be back in Hershey.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

First week back, alot of errands

First week back, a lot of errands
Friends Driveway in Jonestown Pa

May 5, 2020

Jim got up first this morning. When I came down a little later. We had breakfast and Jim said his boss wanted to see if he could work a few hours today too. He was planning to just work Wed and Thurs. So he said SURE. He left at 9:30 working till lunch. Came back here with me, we shared our sub we got yesterday. They called when he was really and Jim went back to help the guy finish, he was pulling a well pump, 225 feet deep. Was sore when he got home at 5.
While he was gone I made him California date nut balls for his lunchs. 
We had planned on doing some more errands before he got called in. That's OK we can do it later. I had a GREAT day to recharge. 
After he left again I did alot of little things. I washed a load in there washer to save gray water in here. Not hooked up to sewer, they will use a 55 gal blue boy to dump it Thurs night before we leave Friday am, so we don't have to drag it along. I hung the clothes outside on her clothes line. Glad she likes doing that too. They did dry, took all day. This week cool in the low 50's all this week. Was very sunny most the day. Had the door open all day, had to close windows in the afternoon was just a little to much. 
I walked out to there mail box, put in some outgoing mail. And took a picture of what the skid plate did to there driveway at the entrance as he pushed FW up hill. Jim said he would rather not do IT AGAIN. But after we were settled in, REALLY nice here.  So quite here. You can't even see our FW from the road when you drive by, we are so far back in. They have a huge lilac bush, I picked a few. Flowers are just starting to open here.
I was bring the clothes in when Jim got home at 5.
I made a quick dinner in the IP, turkey burger with cheesey pasta and veggies.
Then we went to Bernville to get our new T-Mobile hot spot. Old one died over a month ago, luckly we had a Verizon  one to hold us over till NOW, it doesn't work quite as well. Was a nice country drive, was home before dark.
We had a microwave smore for dessert. Watched little TV before bed, Jim went around 10ish a little later for getting up for work early.
Was a nice day in Pa just a little cooler then we like.

Wednesday May 6, 2020

I heard Jim get up, get ready for work, he left about 6:30 am. Then I relaxed, I was awake, didn't get up till right before 8. Jumped in shower first thing. Had my coffee and The Today Show. I'm making dinner for the four of us tonight. Unfried chicken, spinach bacon onion mashed potatoes,  green beans, chocolate chip zucchini cake.
First I made the cake. Had a long talk today with Nancy, Mary my nail lady friend, shes not open YET,  her hubby works on our computer, that's  what he does. I filed my nails short again today, it takes SO long to do.
I talked to Vonda from work she wanted me to work Monday too, I said I would, that's why we come back, work see kids and my MIL.
I put the chicken on a sheet pan, made in her oven. I made mashed potatoes in the IP. I was cooking away when Jim got home. At 5 we took everything OVER and had a wonderful dinner together.  Spent 2 hours chatting we cleaned up and went home. I had a mess to clean up yet from cooking and made Jim lunch for tomorrow, that all took 45 minutes. Jim got the smoker out of the truck we are going to use it tomorrow. Steve had an outdoor wood burner, always has hot coals like my brother does too. Can use it spur of moment. Like outside  crock pot.
Was cold and raining all day. Had heat pump on all day and night. OH Pennsylvania weather NOT good.
We watched Survivor before Jim went to bed.

Thursday May 7, 2020

Today I was home ALONE while Jim went to WORK. Was wonderful day.
When Steve got home he put coals in the smoker from his wood burner. I put the pork on with Emerald Lagasse seasoning. It was on for an hour and 45 minutes. Jim got home right after we put it on. We had a wonderful dinner together with Steve and Katrina, we set out on their back deck.  I took my IP over and we made corn in the cob in that. I had sliced the pork loin I had pinto beans, made cornbread, applesauce I made.  She had got the corn, coleslaw and really good buns from a local store for sandwiches. I had paleo chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour for dessert. Was a wonderful meal they have been fantastic hosts, we thank them so much for their hospitality and everything.
We cleaned everything up and went back to the RV and got situated. They had dumped the coals from the smoker in their fire ring and started a nice fire, we ended up sitting out there for a while and chatting.  They plan on going full-time in a few years it was fun to talk about with them.
Later we went back get ready for the next day, we would be moving to PA Dutch Thousand Trails. We both hate to leave as it's so beautiful here. Jim put all the hoses away and they dumped the grey tanks after dinner we rationed pretty well.

Friday May 8, 2020

We both woke up pretty early today as we usually do on moving day. We packed up and left just after 8:30 a.m. they were open at 9 am.  No one was around Steve had already left for work. Jim  picked me some more lilacs from their huge bush. We did something we never did before, drove right through Lebanon, as it's the shortest route to PA Dutch. I think we were the third RV here. We got one of our favorite sites, we have not had it since we got this fifth wheel. Only had it once before in our small FW. The bad part is it's been so cold always having the heat on is it pain in May. We got situated and we had a lot of errands to run.
We went and picked up my car with Travis, he was at his friends that just bought a house. We got a quick tour, and got to give him his food I had packed up for him go ahead cooked. We dropped the bread off at his mother's place next. Then I ran into the country view store really quick.
I went into work for an hour to get updates on procedural changes. Well I got back we went to get Jim's work van. 
Came back had dinner, chill rest of the evening.
Our site at Pa Dutch TT 

My first real work weekend. Saturday and Sunday May 9th and 10th

I work both days from 11:30 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. Jim normally would be going to see his mom and maybe some errands, but with everything going on he stayed put. He had sent his mom early flowers for Mother's Day had her a citrus basket sent from Florida. So he called her but just stayed in this weekend. 
Saturday morning we woke up to THiS,  
SNOW, picture of it on the Tahoe cover.
Sunday he ran and got a few groceries while I was at work.
This was Mother's Day weekend, not a very good one for me, I got a quick text from the boys that's about it, kind of a sad one.
Work did go well was tired but not as bad as I thought it could have been. at home just before 8.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Travel Day

Travel Day 

To Oaks at Point South TT 
Friday May 1, 2020

I heard Jim get up first, but I still didn't hear my yogurt beep that it was finished. Jim does not like it if I lollygag on travel day. So I got up and 5 minutes later I heard my IP beep. Yogurt is finished and it is 7:30 a.m. .
We both started doing our thing getting  ready to move. We only saw a few people pull out  before us.  Most people are staying the extra week that was allowed, on top of all the rest .  The few that were moving  we're only going to another Thousand Trails close by . The neighbor guy came over and said bye to Jim. We pulled out at 9:45 a.m.
I put our name card in the drop off box, along with a thank you card to the staff, on the way out. Things that couldn't have gone any better here with everything that has happened. We drove for almost 4 hours, we found the fuel station filled up grab the sandwiches I made in the fridge for lunch and potty. And kept on trucking. We had just under an hour to go we arrived the Oaks at Point South TT in South Carolina.
I was texting our friends they got back into Florida again last night.
Our youngest son called, he gets to go back to work on Monday. YEA. He had my car the last good month. Will get it back next Friday.
Along the rode soon after we left I saw a Mama pig with 3 little babies.
We received a call from his friend that we will be moochdocking in there driveway. Probably arrive Monday.
In front of us in line when we were checking in. There was a HD Semi Truck, with  2 motorcycles stacked behind the cab. Then huge DRV FW with a platform attached to the bumper with 2 swivel wheels, with a smart car on it and generator on it too. Wish I could have got  a picture of it. We think they must have had a hard time downsizing. Wonder how long it really was.
We got checked into a nice spot. Did quick set up. We only put 2 of our 3 slides out, the back two.
Beautiful out about 78, was a little Breezy out. Blue sky, Site number 46.
Alot of Pennsylvania plates here at The Oaks. 
Heated up dinner, the turkey meatloaf with spinach and had 2 leftover baked potatoes, made green beans. I got dessert out of the freezer for today and tomorrow. Tonight was chocolate chip zucchini cake.
Later we shared a bag popcorn. Watched a little news and a TV show. 
Tonite we went to bed super early, RIGHT before 11, LOL. We watched a couple minutes of the news. 
Then I said the weather guys said cold tonight. Around 50. I said why don't we put heat pump on, Jim got up put the downstairs one on, then you hardly hear it. I did hear it come on.  And  then light out.
Miles driven today 303.

Saturday May 2, 2020
Enfield KOA in NC 

This am Jim was out of bed at 6:30 am. WOW, not me. I heard him though. He came up to bother me about 8 am. So I got up. He said we did not have to leave till 10, but, we left at 9:30. Guess he changed his mind he said leaving at 10 would put us there at 3.
Another beautiful travel day, 75 or so, definitely not the hot Florida weather anymore. Did not use the AC for 2 days now.
He went through a major speed trap, for fun we call it a sting. There was a cop shooting radar on the bridge. And then just up ahead there were four cars pulled over. With four different cops, one was a Rialta camper van. We never saw him again.
There was a large truck, like a dump truck but not also pulling a trailer full of watermelons. He was pull off the road and they were taking the Watermelons out and putting them in a different vehicle. Not a fun job.
There was definitely less traffic traveling today. Also lot of Pennsylvania plates on the move. 
The Garmin RV GPS was working great. Before it was freezing up. Yesterday it turned off a few times, only did twice today I think. But you can turn it  right back on again. I was playing with it trying to learn how, and what all it can do.
 Our first stop for the day was just a quick rest area stop. Second stop we found a place for diesel grabbed are chicken wraps I made for lunch, and potty break all-in-one stop. One more quick stop, had alot of coffee this am.
Arrived at Enfield KOA in NC. About mile off highway, so no noise from it.  We were first in line. They had a sign out, but I did call too 1/2 hour before we arrived.  They bring your paperwork out to you, we followed a golf cart to our site. Jim said he must have went cheep and didn't get sewer site. Will use dump station tomorrow am. 
Alot of RV's checked in tonight after us. There is a big box truck in a site behind us. Not sure what is up with that.
Jim did a quick set up, I did my inside stuff. Then I  made chicken veggie soup then steel cut oatmeal then yellow rice to go with dinner.
The people we saw check in, was a car. They set up a potty "bucket" tent  and a small pop up tent. They were setting stuff on the picnic table behind them. Jim was watching while I was cooking, he said that they were using wrong on. Shortly after that this young guy, that works at KOA, I think. Stopped and told them. They moved everything over towards the other table.
We had some soup as a first course.
Watched news they replayed  the Kentucky Derby from 2015.
We had dinner then, watched little TV before bed, and showered.
Miles driven today 322.

Sunday May 3, 2020

I was dreaming about someone in the shower. Then thought it was raining. Saw it was about 6:30 am, I was hearing Jim in the shower, I put the noise in my dream.
He was getting ready to roll.  I was up a few minutes around 2:30, didn't feel like getting up yet but I did.
We both had steel cut oatmeal with  cherry topping, Jim's not a big fan of the oatmeal, but it's healthy and quick.
Watched the people in the tent get moving. When Jim went out to tourk the wheels, the people behind us started talking to him.
I made turkey meat loaf sandwiches for later lunch. We finished getting ready and went over to the dump station. We pulled out at 9 am.
First stop was Flying J, kind of tight one. Grabbed sandwiches for later. Jim made a tight turn to get out of lot. That's why he likes the F-450 so much. When I went in for potty. While he was filling up. The knife block on the counter was on edge. I wanted to push it back and couldn't reach with my one grabber. So l got my new swifter I got for free at Peace River in Wauchula. I put new bottle of liquid in for wood floors. So when I went to shove it back I hit the button and sprayed the wood solution 3 times all over the counter. OMG 
Went out told Jim want to hear funny story.
About noon the sky got dark we had about 15 minutes of rain. In Washington DC area, Then we drove into clear sky's. Got quite warm out 78.
This is a picture of what we call the command center. On left Garman RV GPS,
Spoke to soon today it froz and stopped a few times, then tire pressure  monitor, and the temperature gauges for the fridge, outside freezer, upstairs inside.
We wanted a potty break before  got to Steve's house, no place, we pulled over along side a wide part of the road. Real Quick. 
We arrived at about 3. Pictures of backing into a friends driveway up hill.
Our view out the back, they moved there FW for us, they plan on going full time too in a few years.
I was so nervously watching. We have water and hooked up to 50 amp. Had windows open. Got so hot I eventually put AC's on.
Beautiful place here GREAT view out the back. Will be able to see deer out back. Will get pictures. We all sat out and talked for awhile. I called DirecTV changed to our local channels. Later Jim and I went in had dinner. Leftover from last night.
They have an outdoor wood burner, we took pork loin out of the freezer to defrost will use his coals and our smoker in a few days.
We have alot to do Monday and Tuesday Jim will work on Wed and Thurs we move Friday to Pa Dutch TT and I work Sat and Sun.
Miles driven 351.

Monday May 4, 2020

Last Happy Monday for us together.

Jim was up first today. He had slice of Katrina delicious zucchini bread. I had my oatmeal we got ready to go do our errands. We left just before 11 a.m. 
First we stopped at our storage room, it is climate controlled because of the drums and furniture inside. We got our smoker some stuff Jim needed for his work van Lunch Box Etc. I got some of my stuff out. And we temporarily put the broken TV in there. Jim texted a guy he knows here that works at the recycle/dump area. He said the recycle area is closed for now, so we stashed the TV in there till it opens back up. I called the Bartolo's pizza placed our order to pick up.
Then we stopped at Bartolo's Pizza. Jim put his mask on and went in to pick it up. He said they had plastic all over the front counter with a small hole to pass the food through. We got two Italian subs to share, one today 1 tomorrow. And we got his mom two slices of pizza and a steak sandwich. We ate are sub in the truck and then we went over to his mom.
We put our mask on went to the front desk, and handed her the food to deliver to her. I put her name and room number on the bags. Then we drove around the side of the building and walk through the grass, he called her on the phone and we waived to her through the window. She was able to open the window, and talk a little through the screen.
Then we stopped at Redner's local grocery store here. One in Palmyra one in Fredericksburg. We were still in Palmyra I went in by myself. I only got a few things. Couldn't wait to get out of there. You just can't breathe with these masks on. looking at it and even appears to be thin. 
They HAVE a really cool big house.
Then we went by Joe Hyles house Jim's good friend that he works with. He's the guy that came to Florida with really bad timing, had to rent a car and drive home because his flight was canceled. They had a quick visit standing outside far apart. I stayed in the truck and listened  to what I could. As I looked at my phone, that makes the time fly.
 After we left I wanted to stop at my favorite store Country View, really close to the Thousand Trails Hershey. The parking lot was pretty full but I had enough of shopping for the day. So we kept moving.
Then we stopped at the Spring Water place where we filled up our jugs, really close to TTH. 
Then we went to the UPS store and got our mail. 
Then we stopped at the tax guy and picked up our tax papers that we had filed while we were away. 
We stopped at the Redner's  Pharmacy in Fredericksburg for a prescription I needed. Then we stopped at our old beer distributor. Jim got a case for himself and a case for our host here. The owner of the store used to be our neighbor up on the hill. 
Then I remembered I wanted to stop at Moose's LZ restaurant just inside the Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, as we call here The Gap. Great place for ribs we wanted to give our host dinner for tonight. They have the best ribs ever. I place the order while we were in line at the pharmacy. We picked up the order and took it back to Steve and Katrina. It smelled So good.
Beautiful yellow fields we passed on our way through Lickdale to pick up the ribs.
We quickly took our stuff in put the groceries away. and they invited us in, to their table. We had a lovely talk it was the most socialization we've done forever.
Travis was going to stop later after work so we could get Jim's uniforms out and a few other things out of my car. He called when he was on his way, he stopped and we had a really nice visit. We fed him the leftover ribs we had and the soup I made the other day with chicken and vegetables. 
After he left we finish putting things away and relax for the rest of the evening. Watch a little TV I went to bed first.

Friday, May 1, 2020

TWO days left in Florida

TWO days left in Florida 

Tuesday April 28, 2020

I was up first again, made coffee. Jim made himself 2 bacon and egg sandwiches with 2 biscuits leftover from Cracker Barrel. I had my oatmeal and blueberries with my yogurt.
We sat outside ALOT today, was so beautiful out, kept moving to stay out of the sun. Jim put a few twigs in the fire ring from last nights fire. He loves doing that, no matches used. Before long we had a nice day fire.
I did 4 loads of laundry and hung it all outside to dry. Great day for it. That is one job I love doing.
Made salads with chicken and hard boiled eggs. 
Sat outside MORE, the love bugs were out, everywhere. Was texting a new friend in Pa now, they are coming back to Florida. They are from here, in Florida. Worked in Pa last 7 years. Her parents are in Florida. I asked them about the bugs, I didn't know they were the love bugs.
Had the second plate of fried catfish. Leftover from Cracker Barrel, Was so good.
Not much on TV tonight. Jim went to bed late, but before me, I went later.

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Jim was up first. I had oatmeal and blueberries with my yogurt he made his own breakfast really closer to lunch time.
Our schedule is so messed up right now.
I made my hair wet and sat on the picnic table with a scissors and a mirror and gave myself a trim. Went inside to wet my hair again is it dried too fast. I was trying to channel my dad's good hair cutting skills, he was a barber for many, many years. Jim said he couldn't tell I really cut it.
Lady here by herself in an older Bounder with Beigle dog, has been here forever too,
Moved to a site behind us. That was something to watch for awhile.
I made 2 salads, ate one will have the other tomorrow, Jim not feeling salads right now. Later he made himself a grilled ham and cheese.
Still not sure what I will make for dinner.
Sat outside for awhile.
Took shower washed my hair, after my haircut.
Can't believe we leave Florida on Friday.
Ready to move on, think we BOTH have hitch itch.
I had some leftover ricotta cheese, and some lasagna noodles I broke in half and put in the IP. I made stuffed lasagna roll-ups. Gave Jim some veggies on the side, not liking  it so much.
Watched Survivor, Jim went to bed first.
I went much later, then couldn't fall asleep.
Was supposed to rain between 2 and 6. I was still awake at 2:05 am heard it start to rain. Heavy rain at times, heard a branch hit the roof. We never did get the bad storms they said we're possible. I was still awake after 3. Great....

Thursday April 30, 2020

I was up first, Jim was right behind me.
Watched The Today for awhile. The rain continued till afternoon. We got ready to go do our last errands before we leave tomorrow morning. 
Next to Walmart there's a Goodwill ,  so he went and dropped off the items I purged from the kitchen the other week .  Then we went to Walmart, need to just a few groceries. Then we went to Burger King for a quick lunch. This beauty as we drove in. Then we drove through Brownwood a little more traffic today. Here pictues beautiful sky. 
Then we  filled up the truck with diesel first time to do so this month. Some guy was hollering your overflowing, to the guy in front of him, an old guy was on the other side of his car and gas was just pouring out. Gave me such a head ache. For some reason it didn't shut off. Then we headed back to the campground. Jim started putting things away I unpack the groceries. Did two more loads of laundry put them outside. Once the rain stopped at noon it was so beautiful out.
Jim started cleaning outside and putting things away, as I did the same on the inside. He grilled some chicken for travel food. Jim dumps the tanks, I filled them on the inside, he dumped again, then put 5 minutes of water in plus our Tank Tech Rx, ready for travel.
I took a shower and washed my hair, later Jim did the same. I made it turkey meatloaf with spinach and cheese in the center for dinner. We'll be able to have leftovers as we travel. I put a pot of yogurt on for tomorrow it will be ready at 7:30 a.m. found out it makes a good alarm clock. I always hear the pot beeping when finished.
Last Day in Florida.