Sunday, February 17, 2019

Nail day, girls night out, more rain

I woke up at Cindy's, and Jim said you are the only one still in bed.  I couldn't believe that, I said go find me some eye drops,  my eye's are so dry and I can't see till I get drops. I got ready and made our bed and went downstairs. Christine made me a cup of Keurig coffee. And we watch the news. Then we packed up our things said our thank yous and goodbyes to Cindy and headed to Denny's for breakfast. We all drank more coffee, and had a pretty good quite large breakfast. Then we headed back to Pio Pico Campground. The main road through there, one side of the road was closed the other side had quite a lot of water rushing over it. Cars were backed up we had to make the decision to drive through it or not, if not there was nowhere else to go. We watched a few cars and trucks drive through. I was freaking out, we drove through it,  her car sits up a little  high and did great. Still was scary. We got back to FW and went in Chris waited while I changed, brushed my teeth and put on a little makeup. Grabbed  more water and a diet Pepsi. Her and I left to go Sharon's nail salon, she  is the one Chris stays with a lot here. She is a wonderful singer, and foster mon and has lost 96 lbs. Anyway I forgot my nail color, but picked out a nice sparkly pink color. The products the nail salon used smelled horrible, was almost giving me a headache. They never do it the way you're used to at home. My nail Lady Mary said I was going to miss her and I do, if you're reading this. We were going to go to get spring water for us, and go to some other clothing stores in the area. Chris was going to take me home after that and then she was going to go with Sharon to listen to them play music. Jim and I were going to take the night off. But the more I thought about it I decided if they would have me I would see if I could tag along. So we didn't have time for water and shopping that day after the nails we went right to Sharon's house and her husband was kind enough to make us lunch and I got a tour of the house my second California home tour. And then we left and met Lori and switched into her car and went to hear the music. We had to drive almost 2 hours to get there which was beautiful and a little scary some incredible views that the pictures do not even do it justice. We were heading to Casa de Zorro which was all the way down to the valley floor, so beautiful. I took pictures of the hotel, I got to play Roadie for some cool chick singers. It turned out to be a lot of fun. We had a fancy light dinner and awesome dessert and I took pictures of the desert. And the people next to us we're having so much fun I had to go talk to them and we were all dancing to the evening was over together.  We had a long drive back and it started to rain again at least it wasn't windy it was very windy when we arrived. We got to Sharon's and  we called highway patrol to see if road was open, it was so we decided she would take me home. By then it was after 1:00 am.

Happy Valentine's Day "Dear"

I woke up first came downstairs. I had a card for him, and. Strawberry dark chocolate, I figured only way I would get some, we said we would not, but I got the cards free in the mail on our last mail shipment. We were getting picked up by Chris at 2. When Christine picked us up the water at our bridge on our side of the campground was right at the top of the cement. Which made me nervous and thinking we probably shouldn't even leave.  First place we went was to Felipe's Italian Grotto restaurant. We actually took three slices home with us. Then we went to pick up Christine's friend Cindy, she came along with us. Then we went to the Valentine's Day All You Need Is Love concert with Jerry and many others.

We're really good seats so Jim can stretch his legs out. We tried two cookies for a snack when we arrived. The concert was wonderful but Jerry still our favorite. He was actually sitting next to me and he acted like he just wanted to be up there so bad he was singing in my ear.
When the concert was over we went to the library which is a bar,  only Library Jimmy usually goes to. They were playing pretty good music in there, it had five pool tables, Jim had two beers and then we left to take Cindy home. With the rain we had that day we went to Cindy's and watched the news and I wanted to go back to the FW, but we decided it was probably best if we didn't, so we stayed overnight with Cindy she was gracious enough to invite us to stay,  almost insisting we do not leave. It actually was really cool to stay in the house we had our own bedroom and bathroom very nice they even found us a toothbrush to use. We watched the news and saw how bad the weather really was, but then it was 12:30 and then we went up to bed. Thank you Cindy.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Watch Seals, Rain, Wonderful lunch, Casino

I was up first this morning, Jim wanted to sleep in. Eventually he got up had eggs, and his steak he grilled yesterday, he went took a shower. I made a smoothie first, I had cereal and yogurt and Christine picked us up at 10. Then we went to La Jolla Beach Cove to see the seals. Wonderful views one of my favorite things so far.

Then we drove around and found an awesome place for lunch I had quinoa salad, Jim had a Reuben with coleslaw and homemade chips was fabulous and Chris  had ahi  tuna. I did take pictures of the food, the restaurant was called Tidewater Tavern in Solana Beach.

By then it was raining a little. Then we started driving to this casino called Barona, best casino  8 years in a row.  They have free valet parking, we tipped. The smoke always bothers me no matter where we are though. The two of them were gambling a little bit, but it's not really my thing I'd rather do this. I want him to win Big with lights going off 750 credit at 25 cent machine, so he was up $150. Alot of restaurants in here I wish I was hungry, but I'm not. They have beverage carts going around with a large assortment of choices not like the track where they only have soda. We didn't see any alcohol though. They do have a very nice hotel in here too. We arrived after 7at home.

Day off

Today we had the day off, I got up it was almost 8 a.m. Jim had his breakfast late. I did two more loads of laundry I vacuumed Karma it took a long time because I tried to do every nook and cranny. I had  leftover chicken vegetable soup for lunch,  Jim grilled two steaks when he saved one for breakfast tomorrow, and grilled whole bunch of veggies, we are just chilling, Jim watched the hockey game outside and I tried to catch up on my TV shows alone. Jim did make a disturbing Discovery when he noticed the slide we've have issues with has water underneath that we have to figure out where it's coming from, I think it's the window at my chair.

Day Trip to Yuma AZ

I did not want to get out of bed this AM. I finally did I think it was after 7:30. Did our morning routine kind of had a light breakfast  planned on having brunch in Yuma. I did another load of laundry. While Jim went to the shower house I finished getting ready for our day trip out of the state.  Packed a little lighter today, no lunch for 3. We both had long pants on at the last minute we both put on shorts. We  were getting picked up by Chris 9:15 AM, I procrastinated so long but I was ready. And we started our drive towards Yuma. We made one rest area stop. Then we stopped at Buttercup Imperial Sand Dunes, took some COOL pictures, some people were sand surfing, you could see dune  buggies up there.

Then we went to IHOP for brunch. We mostly  had breakfast food. Then we went to Martha Date farm for a date shake. Really good mainly ice cream. So I just tasted Jim's. We bought some fresh California dates they're so soft and here's how to store them.

On the drive we saw a lot of crops in the fields, I wanted to know what everything was, so hard to tell, wish they had signs saying what things are. So were being irrigated some had worker's in the fields to harvest. We saw beautiful sunset on the way back too. We always get back after dark. We can't even begin to THANK Christine enough for all the things she showed us while we were here. Then around 6:30 we arrived at Cindy's house. She wanted to check and see how she was doing, she just got out of the hospital. She is a attorney she used to work with. Then we left and she dropped us off at TT. We really were tired, I heated us some chicken veggie soup. We watched some TV and went to bed.

Balboa Park, barking seals, the galley

When we woke up this morning we got a lot of things done before Christine came to pick us up. Jim dumped 30 gallons at the dump station of grey water. He went to take a shower, and took trash out. I did one load of laundry and washed my hair packed a lot of food for lunch to take with us. First we went to a produce stand, I bought  2 kinds of potatoes, 2 pineapples, green beans, zucchini, oranges, spaghetti squash, tomato's, all for  $11.58.  We went to a friend of Christines that is in the hospital, took care of her cat, she stays there sometimes. It was really fun to see her home and how she had it decorated in the southwest style, since I miss decorating.

  Then we drove to Balboa Park and walked all around beautiful garden,  pond with fish and baby ducks.  There were a lot of tents  set up people selling all kinds of unusual things. We saw a lot of sites you don't normally see when you're out. There was a pregnant lady with her stomach out they were taking beautiful photos of her growing belly she had flowers in her hair, there was two different guys dressed up like statues and one was doing poetry.  The other one stood still and only moved when people got near him. There were some guy running around  with no shirt on. We were walking and a small bag pipe parade went past us. I covered my ear on there side, Jim put his fingers in his ears, lady at the end put her hand in air, like what the heck. Jim said sorry, don't like it and hurts our ears. Sorry lady! There was a beautiful Botanical Gardens we walked through I took a lot of pictures.  Then we walked back to the car I got out the lunch that I made and we sat on  a bench that was right next to the car and had  lunch and watch the airplanes go over.

We had salads with veggies nuts and grilled chicken, uncured ham and swiss in " killer" bread, for dessert I made chocolate chip zucchini cake. Then we drove to La Jolla and heard the Barking seals. No place to park, we have to come back here another day. So many cool shops and restaurants. One picture I took looked like we were going to drive right into the ocean.
Then we drove up around the highway to The Galley. Jerry was playing his guitar there with his band. We were early Chris had a lot of friends coming too. We all ordered dinner, huge portions really good. A lot of fun, Jim and I got to dance a 16 step.

It  did rain a little in the early evening. Played with our phone a little, we get nothing at the FW that is making it very hard to get the blog finished especially getting pictures up.  We left some time between 8:30 and 9. When we got home I had to put all the fruit and vegetables away, we crashed and watched TV.  So pooped, but what a fun day.