Sunday, June 17, 2018

First few Days in June

Friday June 1, 2018
Manheim, Pennsylvania

So after work I went to the UPS Store to get our mail then I went for Chinese food take out. We never do that and I had a very weird conversation with the lady at the check out. She asked me  "No work today," I said just got off wanted to get take out and just stay home. "How old are you" What ? I didn't say "You have kids"
Yes 2 boys, " How old are they,"  I'm not going say so you can do math , " I'm 50, 50 I'm 50. " Ok so weird she always looks at me, very strange. I just got out of there, I just want my food, not a whole interrogation .
We ate at home early and I told Jim of my in counter with the 
Chinese take out woman. He said she probably just turned 50 and wanted to compare ages, not sure if I would have told her my age she would have felt better or worse. Then we took showers. Jim made a fire and Neil and Nancy came over with there wine and we chatted for a while. Really nice evening.

Saturday June 2, 2018

Weekend off, we did our AM things of Today Show with coffee. We cleaned up some stuff and packed up some  to get ready for tomorrows moving day. The rain held off until after 8, but we had another fire with Neil and Nancy.

Sunday June 3, 2018

We enjoyed our morning with coffee and a nice breakfast. Then got ready to move to Thousand Trails, Pa Dutch. We pull into the park and go in the golf cart with Ranger Pete to find a site. When we got here I remembered that I had some soup I wanted to share with Jim, we forgot, and we ate something else instead, I was so afraid it spilled in the fridge. It did not yea, the fridge was so full that not much moved. I went into the FW to check, and go to the bathroom quick. WE ONLY drove 10 miles, sheesh. So found a spot across from where we were last time, next to the people with the seasonal site that let us park on there site so we could have all 3 vehicles together, the truck, my car and the work van. nice deep site. Also sunny at the road side so all my potted plants would like it too. We got set up.

Then we went to my MIL we took the Strawberry Short Cake from Parksdale I had in the freezer and I had fresh local strawberries and whip cream and we stopped to get ice cream too on the way. I made them for everyone. Thomas and his family came and Travis and Mia, our youngest granddaughter. Was really good. the girls played this game with leftover whip cream, where they took turns and saw who was going to get random whip cream in the face. They almost did it on my MIL dining room table, lucky I saw that about to happen and sent them to the outside table. We all had fun watching them, and laughed. After a great visit catching up, heard about my DIL cruise and Travis health issues, was so nice to be  with everyone, but it is never long enough. We headed home for a nice evening and to finish setting up and get ready for work tomorrow.

Monday June 4, 2018

 I worked a different job that is 8 to 4, not my favorite, but OK. right after work I had an appointment to get my nails done, at 4:30 so I had to hurry out there. When I was finished I stopped at Redners, food store 1 mile from where our house was. Didn't go by but from the road I could see they put up a big cloths line with a pulley on a pole down thru the pasture.
When I got home I made spaghetti   in the IP I read a lot of info on how people did it but I never tried it, tonight was the night. I made with turkey burger cook it a little on saute with onions and peppers. Then broke up some wheat pasta and put sauce on top and a little water. Do Not Stir. Set pressure for 5 minute and Natural Presser release 5 minutes then stir and add some cheese SOooo good you don't have to stand over it drain, you can do something else while it cooks. I will definitely do it again soon. Made salad for tomorrow, and watched a little TV before bed. Jim went first I stayed up a little longer. I have off tomorrow.

Tuesday June 5, 2018

Today I had off work and had  to go to the eye doctor. I had a test of your visual field. When that was over I went to see my Aunt Sandy that just had her second knee replacement. She was not doing well and having a lot of pain yet.
Then I went to a local department store Boscov's for Bra's and night shirts I wanted. Jim said have fun shopping I said NO this is not fun. He was just glad he didn't have to go.
When I get home we grilled chicken for salads and I made a zucchini pie and I made chicken cordon bleu for dinner.

Wednesday June 6, 2018

After work we wanted to take a tour of the area, it was not very often that we were in this part of the county. I was home first I took a shower and started a turkey spinach meat loaf for one. After Jim got home and took a shower we left for our self guided tour. First we wanted to drive thru Grenta Spring. We some people in Orlando that live there. We have to give them a call. Was very nice in there. They buy houses in there and flip them. Was very interesting to hear about it. Then we went to Manheim and parked and walked a couple of block and looked around at some shops. We found this store that Nancy was telling us about. Was called Hilltop Acres Store was very nice we only really needed a few things, was fun to look around. Then we went home and Jim grilled a steak. We had the strawberries for dessert. I put vanilla pudding gram cracker and whip cream on top. Was a nice lite treat. I had the turkey spinach meat loaf. And the leftover zucchini pie. Was  very nice evening.

Thursday June 7, 2018

I worked until 4, Jim gets home about that same time everyday, lately he has done some over time and gets home a little later then.
Then  Jim grilled some veggies. He had a Hockey game and watched it out side. Lovely evening.

Friday June 8, 2018

That is my black car on right in front of GT
After work we went for a little walk around here at Pa Dutch. We played a little mini golf. Jim said the thought he saw a hole in the trees that he thought he could get the sat dish to work. I said go for it, he was able to get it. So great, yea honey. We got ready we had made plans to go out to dinner with a guy Jim works with and his wife. Joe and Kathleen. They live near TTH he parks his work van there. They only want you to have 2 cars on your site. I have to work on that for next time. We ate at the Quentin Tavern was really good. I wanted to take a pick of our food, but that never happens. I had crab cakes. Jim had a full rack of ribs, so good, I ate a  little too. Kathleen had a Rueburger combo of a ruben and a burger. Jim had it a few times he recommended it. Joe had a steak. and each couple shared a strawberry pie. Nice evening chatting with friends. We went home and relaxed.

Saturday and Sunday June 9 and 10, 2018

 I work this weekend late 11:45 to 8 PM. this is the last one I have to do late I will be back to day shift on my weekend to work. The lady is back from medical leave, and will do it now. We will be able to do a lot now on my weekends and get some things done then. We have been wanting to go to Sam's Club and Chilis restaurant, we liked it when we went to a few in Florida.

Saturday was the first day he did  not have to go anywhere or do anything. He later sat outside and had a fire. Sunday he went to his Moms and took her pizza and a salad.

Monday June 11, 2018

After work we had some leftovers for dinner Then we went to TT Circle M in Lancaster, to  visit Neil and Nancy. Happy Birthday to Nancy the 10 th was her birthday. I took her a little birthday gift I got her at the Villages. In the bathroom they had coconut oil and salt hand scrub made your hands so soft. Later we went back and I got her some, good stuff. We would love to go there but just to far to go to work from there, It took us almost 45 minutes to get there. We got in there car with them and drove around a little,  was quite big very nice. We did not get any pictures, didn't even think of it. They used to live in the area and there only son is there. They have an indoor and outdoor pool and hot tub. They have a creek going through and it was quite flooded with all the rain we have had. A lot of sites near the water were very wet. Kind of late when we got home, we did make it before dark, that was good. Nice night.

Tuesday June 12, 2018

I had off today to go back to the eye doctor for a cataract test. So far I'm good, have to get re tested in a year to compare. I had to have my eyes dilated, have to protect them from the light then. When that was over I called my Aunt Sandy to check on her knee she was at therapy earlier and  was in a lot of pain yet. So I wished her well and headed back to the FW. I got home and chilled and shortly after my boss called and asked if I could come into work 4 to 8. So I said I would ,they are really short handed and I'm here to work now. I had to leave 40 minutes after she called. So that was the rest of my night. I texted Jim so he would know, and told him what to eat for dinner.

Wednesday June 13, 2018

After work we first went and dropped the truck off at Ford dealer to get an oil change. Then we went to Hardee's I wanted a turkey burger, the internet said they had them, when we got there they didn't. So Jim ate. Then we went to Dairy Queen got a small cone. We went to Walmart and NO pills,they need refills. and we have to call the doctors.  Redner's Pharmacy used to call the Doctor for you.
Then we stopped at the new Harbor Freight that just opened in Lebanon where Sears used to be. We went in, we want to get a generator for the FW. We looked a little. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday's to get my turkey burger. The only place I know to get one. I ate we were going to go back into HF but they closed at 8, so we headed home.

Thursday June 14, 2018

At work I called on break to get pills at Redners in Palmyra. A lot closer then going to Walmart. Especially when we go back to TTH. I told her we used to get them in Fredericksburg we are not there now we need them to go to Palmyra Redners. Then I saw a message about the truck so I called Keller Bros. Ford they said some running light were out and needed a new air filter, and something about the breaks. I called Jim and told him, He said they are not inspecting it just an oil change, so he called them. I went back to work.
When I got home I take a shower right away, there was no water.  It is good we had water in the tank. I turned on the pump and took a shower. I went over to the neighbor to find out what was going on. I asked if he had water he didn't even know, had to go look. He didn't, he found out someone ran over a water line. He came over later and told me it was fixed, Jim had to shower with the tank water too. When it did come back on it was very low presser. Took awhile to come up.
Before Jim came home he stopped at Redners to get pill, but not there, they went to the one in Fredericksburg instead. Oh man
We grilled some dinner outside and sat out for awhile very nice out.

Friday June 15, 2018

After work I went to Redners finally got the pills and some food shopping done. Then I met Jim at Joe's to let the van there.  We  move back to TTH on Sunday. Then we went to pick the truck up, We took it home and Jim took a shower I put the food away and we went and picked up his Mom and went to Hoss's for dinner. They both had fried shrimp and I had a salad.

Saturday June 16, 2018

I woke up later then I wanted to. Was in bed 11 hours. I worked 10 days in row, I guess I was tired.
We watched the Today Show and I made a good breakfast. I took a shower and we went up to the family center for a membership meeting. There was a young couple there that just got there first RV. We were looking to possible upgrade our membership to get a few more benefits. We have Elite Basic and we looking to get Ultimate Odyssey but way more expensive then we thought it would be. So we looked at Elite Connections, but don't think it makes sense to do it now. But we had a donut Jim had two and we got a TT calendar. and went home.

Jim started to get things ready to wash the RV and truck and my car. You can get a wash pass here, you can't at TTH. It was a big job he did a great job. He even did the roof. It really gets dirty here under the trees. I made lunch and he took a break and we ate alfresco. I cleaned up while he went back to washing everything. I did a pedicure and I did 4 loads of wash.

We sat out for awhile so nice out today. Jim talked with the neighbor guy for awhile. He started a fire, and grilled dinner. He started with onions and peppers, then green beans then some boneless ribs. So good, great job hon.
I spent a lot of time working on the blog, guess I should do it a little more often. If you read all this, thanks for reading but I'm really doing it for us, so I can remember.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Last 3 days in May

Tuesday May 29, 2018

I had off today too, after the busy day off yesterday I didn't do a lot today. Rested a little, well a lot.

Wednesday May 30, 2018

After work we did the usual routine and Jim watched Hockey outside. I did my thing, started working on some more of my bags.

Thursday May 31, 2018

I worked the late shift today, which is 11:45 to 8ish. Not much time to do anything else. have to be up early tomorrow too.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Just average days in May of Full-Timers

Friday May 18, 2018

After work we picked up the wheel we ordered. Then we went to Wendy's in E-town, we never went there before, no reason to but we are so close to it now. We took a little drive around. When we got back Jim made a fire, Neil came over, a little later Nancy did. Then we grilled some veggies for tomorrow.

Saturday May 19, 2018

I worked today 11:45 to 8 PM. While I worked Jim was relaxing and his Mom called she tripped a breaker. So he went over and took care of that. He said that got him moving and he got a lot of things done then. He had the tire mounted to the wheel we picked up yesterday. He put it back up under FW as are spare. He caulked the one fender skirt. We had a lot of rain today too.

Sunday May 20, 2018

I had off today, yesterday I worked for someone who wanted off, I like to when I can. When Jim was with his Mother yesterday they made plans to go to Red Lobster today, the three of us for Mother's Day for me, since I worked last week and really missed out.
After that we went to Lowe's and I got my flowers for all my pots. We went to fill our water jugs, and get the work van.

Monday May 21, 2018

After work it was so beautiful out. We ate leftovers for dinner outside. I was so tired when I get home I just want to sit, I'm on my feet all day. But I wanted to get all my flowers planted which I did, but I had more plants then pots, so some had to wait for a home. Jim made a fire and we visited with Neil and Nancy for a while.

Tuesday May 22, 2018

After work more rain. Was so tired made un-fried chicken for dinner. Jim's friend / coworker checked in with there new FW. Went to bed early, We try to go to bed as close to 9 as we can.
We get up at 5 so we try to get as close to 8 hours as we can. But I sleep the best when I'm off from 5 AM till I do get up between 7 to 9:30ish.

Wednesday May 23, 2018

Had off today, slept great as usual, do like sleeping hearing all the rain we have had, but really sick of rain. Today was beautiful though. I washed and hung stuff outside. I vacuumed the camper, takes a lot longer then you would think it would.  When Jim got home from work we had dinner and he went over to his friends FW for the night. I had a peaceful night watching my TV shows. He came back at 10 PM, late night we didn't get our 8 hours that night. It is hard when you have off today but have to get up early tomorrow.

Thursday May 24, 2018

After work Jim grilled some chicken and veggies. We had free Sirius Radio for a few days I was listening to my comedy channels, I used to love it, when I had a 14 mile drive to work I would laugh the whole way and back. It is a good way to start and end a work day. So we signed up for it again, I can listen for 8 miles one way now. 
 I texted the girl I used to work with that has my 39 year old orange tree. She texted me back, I said I didn't see her at work lately, she was out West with her Dad for 2 weeks. She sent me a picture of it. It looks good its outside now. I saw her the next day at work then, so funny, but the real kicker is she lives about 2 miles away from us her at TTH. I want to set a time to go see it. Hard to talk to her at work we are both so busy. She is in nursing I'm in Dietary  don't know if I ever said that.

Friday May 25, 2018

After work we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. Then Lowe's more flower pots. Went to Jim's Beer Mall as we call it. Went looking for a new coffee pot. The one we have is dying a slow painful death, so loud and all the water would steam out and only make half a pot. We ended up finding one in Kmart. A lot better now. 
When we got home Paulie a guy at the CG came by to give us a golf cart ride. We went all around and gives us a chance to talk He is from NJ and about to have a kidney transplant.

Saturday May 26, 2018

Work the late shift today again. Funny thing I'm working my old job I had before we went to Florida. The woman who got my job is on medical leave, I have one more late weekend to work then I will be working early on my weekends that is what the girl did that  I took over her job. No more sleeping in on my weekends I work.  Anyway...
Before I left for work I called my brother Drew upstate. We had a quick chat, he was about to cut grass or something before it got to hot outside. I also texted our oldest son Thomas, trying to get together with them. Didn't see them since Easter when we got back from Florida.

Sunday May 27, 2018

Worked late. When I got back Jim had a fire and we sat out Neil and Nancy came over. They had music over at the family center we could hear a little. Took shower later when I went in usually do right away. Watched some TV before bed.

Monday May 28, 2018

Memorial Day      God Bless all our service members past and present.

Home Sweet Home
We both had off today. We worked like dogs around here. We worked on Pantry hinges after hours and hours, doors on and off almost a hundred times, we are almost done a little more tweaking is all it will take. I vacuumed and we pulled sofa out and cleaned behind there. Not an easy feet, since there is no where to go with anything. Also thinking about taking shower doors off and replacing with a curtain. I hate trying to clean them and the track is the worst. I planted the rest of my flower pots, OH No I have 11 pots now to move back and forth.
 We grilled dinner later with Neil and Nancy.

Our rig and Neil and Nancy FW to the left

This is view out the back window.

This is the Family Center

This hill always has deer in early AM when we leave for work

The bathhouse and laundry room in H Loop

It is nice to have all our ducks in a row.

WOW If you made it through all this and you are still awake, congrats, just average days in the life of working Full-Timers

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Happy Friday

Friday May 11, 2018

Today is 1 year 1 Month since we moved full-time into our beautiful  FW, that is now our home.

After work today I went home took a shower and met Jim at Joe's, we keep the work van/ truck there it is very near TTH. Then we went for Chinese food, got the mail at the UPS store, went to the new Beer " Mall " as we now call it.  Went into Mussers and got a few things including Frozen Yogurt.

Went home and talked with our neighbors that were so nice and let us park at there site during the week when they were not home. He wanted to ask Jim about putting a new potty in his RV. He asked Jim to do it but he really just had some questions and then felt confident enough to do it himself.

We had a campfire, I was out a little bit but Jim was out there for a while, his favorite thing.

Saturday I worked late usually get home around 8.

Sunday May 13, 2018

Big day today, we move back to TTH, YEA. All done before I have to go to work. We were up early and started getting ready. Wanted to leave between 9:30 and 10ish. When we were ready to pull out another truck hooked up too, just up the road where we had to pass. I walked up there they were all looking at the ground, I said did you lose something. They were looking for a cotter pin they dropped. I helped them look , but with no luck. They did leave about 15 minutes later. We pulled out, our neighbor watched on his side, I watched the other. I told him go SLOW.

We arrived in Hershey to a great surprise, they had repaved the entrance, so much nicer. The guard said there was a spot in H loop. Which is where we wanted to be, there the 50 amp is free, everywhere else you pay 3 dollars a day for 50 amp. We got set up and off to work I went. Home after 8 :(

Monday May 14, 2018

After work day shift, that is 6 to 2:30. I went to the Country View store. Had salad with chicken and leftovers. Our friends Neil and Nancy moved in too right across from us, how nice.

And still raining everyday, but was very hot out.

Tuesday May 15, 2018

I had off today and wanted to get a good haircut, sick of cheep ones. On my phone I found Steele Hair Salon, called and got an appointment for later at 4. We had bad weather that was coming, she had some cancellations, I think because of it. I did 6 loads of wash. Then I got ready and left for my hair appointment. It was 92 out when I got in my car.  I used my phone for directions, I really never drive anywhere I don't know where I'm going, but here I go. It was easy even for me, up 322 less then 9 miles away I think it was. Was a cool young hip and happening place. I was talking with a lady that came in after me that had been coming for years. They brought her a glass of wine. We talked about the weather the sky was getting very black.  I was early because of the weather and I didn't know where I was going. I was enjoying watching 3 young guys with cool haircuts cut other young peoples hair. One young guy with a tie on, very cool. I had a cute young girl Courtney Thomas, was great, I really enjoyed the whole thing. As soon as I got in her chair it started pouring and every ones phone went off with tornado warning.  If I didn't hate taking pics of myself I would have a before and after picture here, but sorry NO. The storm was bad but over till I left.

Came home Nancy liked my hair cut. We grilled burgers I made some baked French fries. It got really nice out then. Jim made a fire and we sat out with Neil and Nancy for a while and talked. Very nice evening. It had dropped 20 degrees by then really cool out now.

Wednesday May, 16, 2018

After work I went to get my nails done, such a long drive to where I used to go, was 5 minutes from house. Then Redners, the store right near house in Fredericksburg. Got gas there and stopped in Jonestown at Pizza town. It was busier then I ever seen it. I waited half an hour. Of course still raining pretty much all day. I got home about 6:30.
We heated up pizza and I was putting stuff away. We both fell asleep, and I got up and took a shower.

Thursday May 17, 2018

When I got to my hair appointment Tuesday I got a text from a lady I work with. She wanted me to work for her Saturday and she would work for me Thursday. So long story short I had off today.

I got up with Jim and made him a green smoothie and I put mine in the fridge for me later. They sound bad but are really good, and I look at them as medicine keeps my symptoms under control. I wished him a good day and went back to bed.

I slept great after that went right to sleep and was dreaming like crazy. Well till I woke up it was 9:15 OH well it was great, I rewound the TV to watch a little of the Today Show didn't see much though it only goes back so far when it is that late. I heated up some coffee, THEN I SEEN this bag on the floor yet, and realized it was a bag left from my grocery shopping trip yesterday. It was not stuff in MY bags it was the MEAT that I had them put in there bag. It was cool and was on cold floor, I temped the burger it was 60 not good, knowing what I do about foodborne illness and being ServSafe Certified, I had to throw it out. Don't want to kill us. It was about $35.00 worth of meat. Oh well the Kicker is we have done this before, not in here but in the house, but always the dam meat. I did remember to put the ice cream in freezer right away though. Just not the stupid meat. See what I think more about, never gave it another thought.

I made Paleo bananas muffins and Had a nice chat with Nancy on the phone and told her the dumb thing I did. Then washed a sweat shirt and made a trip to the dumpsters.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Well I guess instead of posting once a week it should me more like once a month. Wow has time flown by since we are back to work.

The week of April 22 we had all planned out, but not much happened. Jim had a eye doctor appointment but he had to cancel because his insurance was not up to date where he works yet.

Tuesday I had good intentions of going to TOPS, that never happened. I was not feeling well. In the middle of March I had a chronic condition come back, that was in remission as they say. So till I got that under control again, I didn't feel like going any where. Lets just say now that we are eating better and less, all is well now.
We did have to get our tire fixed that we bent the rim on, so Jim had found a place to take it. So I rode along with him to drop it off. Turned out it was cracked and had to be replaced.

Wednesday I had off from work. I was going to go to a couple of stores and try give blood, but I just procrastinated on that rather just stay home.

Thursday after work we were going to go to the Winners Circle but just didn't feel up to it.

Friday I got my nails done after work, what a pain and a long drive. But then we went to a restaurant, Quentin Tavern, really good, we enjoyed it I felt great. We went and stopped at the store and saw this funny sight.

Sat/Sun  I worked the weekend day shift, before we left I used to work the weekends 11:30 to 8 pm Now I'm home by 2:30 which is really nice. I have been working on getting the right hinges for cabinets, here is Jims work the before and after.

Tuesday I had a doctor appointment all is well and I'm back on track, feeling pretty good now.  Worked the rest of the week nothing really exciting happened. BUT Saturday was our first big moving day. We were going to say at TTH for the season but when we found out how much money it really was going to be, enough to keep us on the road for 2 months when we leave again, so we reluctantly decided to move back and forth on our out weeks. Having a place to go for the out week was the thing to try to figure out. We thought we would go to the Quentin Riding Club.

Well Saturday we got up and ready to move. Only 5 mile drive from where we are at TTH. I told him we are coming he said just call an hour before you get here and I will be here to direct you into your site. OK great. Remember this is where we got stuck in the mud, so it made us nervous, at least it did me. We arrived and he was no where around. I called no answer, I texted him, nothing. So we parked FW and drove around in the car to see where we were going to park. Not much here. Was hard to maneuver around the buildings and barns. We went to first empty spot and got parked and level and found sewer and water a little farther away, but doable, then realized the electric was not on there. So we hooked back up moved to the other side of the little creek that runs through there. backed in. We talked to Jims friend he works with, his daughter was there just moved her 3 horses there, I got to pet and smell her horses, OH how I missed that, we talked and discussed which horse she had I could ride sometime, that will be a wonderful day. The riding club guy finally called us back and we waited for him a bit. By now well over 2 hours had gone by, what a waste of time.

When he arrived he was sick all morning. He called a few people that he said were coming in with there rigs, the pipeline workers. Well we walked around and he talked about us staying in one spot then having to move in a day or so after that. I said to Jim under my breath ,lets go to TT PA Dutch. Which is a nice place just a lot of trees which we don't like driving around, and there is a gun shooting range close you can here quite well. And with the trees hard to get sat dish.  By now after 3 we didn't even eat lunch yet. We called PA Dutch they called back said they had a space for us, we ate quick leftover lunch, and off we went.

It also is only a few miles away, we came in parked and Jim went with guard in gulf cart to look at available sites, I followed, only a 2 seat cart, dumb. We picked one and headed over there. I said GO SLOW. It was not to bad, we got parked and set up and really enjoying our spot. Very private not a lot of people here, very woodsy site. A lot of trees had to come down because of the emerald ash borer, all though it does not look like they did, but for the big pile of wood on our site that was now ours. Jim had a fire 3 of the first 4 nights we were here, SO far. 

I worked early on Sunday and on Tuesday Keller Bros Ford came to work and picked up my car changed oil and got it inspected. That was nice now I have to do with the truck too.

I had off work WED and THURS what a nice time to relax and get some stuff done. No Sat TV here which I'm surprisingly ok with, but we get the main channels with our crank up TV antenna.  So I got up at 7 to watch the Today Show I made date balls for Jims lunch and Paleo ice cream sandwich. cookie made with almond flour and banana "ice cream" I went for a walk to get acclimated to this new CG.

They neighbor across from us said we can park the work van on his site, you can have 3 cars here unlike TTH. That was so nice of them, they are only here on weekends. You can also get a wash pass and wash your rigs/cars here too. I did my toes outside and changed the polish, I made chicken and yellow rice for dinner. Thurs I did four loads of cloths and vacuumed and made chicken quesadillas. It rained a little bit early in the day, but it is sunny and nice out now. What a great evening at home Jim will be here soon.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Guess you could say Back to Real Life

Monday April 9, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

I'm only going to post about once a week now that we are back to work.  May I just say that I'm so happy to be back at work. Not that I didn't LOVE our time away, BUT I really do enjoy what I do, and I'm so blessed to have this job in our life together, and all that it gives to me, and us, in this our new Lifestyle.

So today was Jim's first day back. I worked a day and a half last week. I worked today too. My schedule is a little different then it was before. I work every other weekend, and every other Tuesday and Wednesdays off.  Sounds funny but not really used to working 5 days in a row, all good though. So after work today we had to deal with more snow. Stayed home and had leftover chicken and yellow rice.

Tuesday April 10, 2018

Good day at work, and after we had an appointment to get our taxes
done. We talked with our tax guy about how we can do it next year so we do not have to come back so early. Came home and had some leftover, which I love.

Wednesday April 11, 2018

Today is one year since we moved into our new home which we love. We started working on the house to sell, and we went to Michigan in January to bring our new FW home. To cold to do anything with it. But I said this will be the day we move in.

Today I had off I watched my Today Show drank my coffee and relaxed, such a nice day.  Washed 4 load cloths, cleaned a little and when Jim got home we grilled Tuna Steaks and green beans and a mix veggie.

I was texting Sue and Tony about them coming to our area tomorrow, so looking forward to seeing them. We met them at Lazydays in Florida. I made Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies for Sue and Tony tomorrow.

Thursday April 12, 2018

So after work, we got ready and went to Hershey Park Campground Formerly Hershey High Meadows CG, to meet up with Sue and Tony. We were never there before, was not as nice as you think "Hershey" Park  CG would be. We gave them the cookies, and we all jumped in our car, which they never saw it before, we left it in Pa at my MIL house. We went to Grantville Holiday Inn. We had dinner there, Jim and I were able to line dance a little. We talked they had a live band, and we introduced them to some of our friends that were there. We were talking about casinos and we said there is one up the road, you want to go. Shortly after we talked about it we said our goodbyes and we headed to Hollywood Casino. Where Jim and I worked together and met there. It is only just up the road. You can park your RV at a casino over night. We drove around to show them the RV's and the one was people we knew that we had just seen in Florida.
We went in walked around we gave then the grand tour. We were walking through this little cluster of slots and the light were flashing and this woman said what do I do. We all walked over to her and said a guy will come, she kept saying what do I do? I don't even know how much I won, Tony looked and said 14 thousand dollars, she was freaking out, we were hugging her, she was so sweet. Her husband came over then, he was across the way someone told him you better go over there. He thanked us for taking care of her till he got there. We talked a bit, calmed her down and the attendant came, we said goodbye and left them.
Sue and Tony wanted to get cards to start gambling. We waited for them. I said here they come. The couple was walking our way, they stopped and talked with us some more. She was so cute, she said can I buy you guys a drink. So sweet, we said No didn't want it to appear in any way that we were taking advantage of them. It would have been fun to hang out. Always fun to hang out with excited happy people.  We said goodbye to them again. They gambled a little. Then we left and headed back to there CG. Right across from there was an accident some tanker truck was turned over and a crane was righting it, a lot of cops and lights flashing. We got around all that and, We dropped them off and went home, got to bed at midnight and back up at 5 AM.

Friday April 13, 2018 

After work, I texted Sue they were on the way home. I said I see a nap in my future She said we kept you out to late sorry. I said no way it was so fun can't wait to see them again. We really enjoyed spending time with them, such nice fun people they are.
After a shower and a quick nap, we went to a new " beer mall" we called it that opened after we left. We got some ice cream and went home each with our own special treats.
Relaxed watched TV went to bed early Have to work the weekend, Jim never almost never has to.
Tomorrow we move to TTH had to make a big decision, we were going to pay for season, or move FW every 2 or 3 weeks for free. Long story short free won. Sounds like a no brainer but it was had to decide. It many ways it would have made things a lot easier to stay put. But this will work, we will make it work, this is our life.

Saturday April 14, 2018

After I got off of work we went over to drop the van with Joe a work friend of Jim's we only can have 2 cars at a time at TTH. We had a nice visit with them.

Sunday April 15, 2018

Hershey, Pennsylvania

After work today, when I got home Jim was ready to move our home to Thousand Trails Hershey. YEA. feels like home. So good to be here even though it was cold. It was hard to pick a site, a lot open just not the area we wanted. We found a spot. I rinsed off the worst of the mud from being at QRC. I worked at setting up the inside. Put a lot of things out that I did not have out for awhile.

Monday April 16, 2018

After work Jim had a Doctor appointment all the way out in Fredericksburg. I came home relaxed a little, then started dinner. We ate when he got home. I did 3 loads of cloths.

Tuesday April 17, 2018

I had off today and washed 4 more loads of wash. I ran the vacuum. I talked with Neil and Nancy they arrived today. Every day this week cold, on the 13 and 14 was 80 plus degrees. And one day/ night heavy rain. Had a nice phone call with my brother Drew today.

Wednesday April 18, 2018

Worked today 9:30 to 5:30.  Thursday worked 12 noon to 8

Monday, April 9, 2018

Our last week-end before work reality

Saturday April 7, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

When we got up we chilled, I made smoothie. Watched my morning shows. We had pre-made salads for lunch. I had a nail appointment at 1:30, all the way out where we used to live. It took about 40 minutes to get there. Trying something different. Want to keep nails short, used gel polish have to put under light, no drying time. Last about 3 week, I hate that long drive, we will see. It was fun to talk with her and her hubby, she looks great. Have to get a picture next time. She has her shop at her house, above detached garage and his business in downstairs with computers.

When I left and when to the Redners ( food store near old house)
there is one near TTH too. Just a little food shopping alone, only need a few things. Then I filled the car up with gas. And then headed home, another long drive:(  Did I ever say I don't really like to driving.

When I got home I brought everything in. Jim was not here. He sent me a text that he was helping them here put in a new water heater at QRC. I put everything away, and relaxed alone. He got home about 1 and 1/2 hours later. He took a quick shower and I cooked some zucchini and onions topped with tomato sauce and cheese.  I also bought a Boston Cream Pie for dessert. We were invited to go for dinner at a  good friend/co-worker of Jims. They helped us a lot with getting our house ready to sell. They are keeping some of our stuff, they have my 2 saddles. And there daughters  love horses, there youngest has a lot of my horse decorations in her bedroom, I should have thought to get some pictures. So we packed up the food and went over there, they live close. They were grilling pork chops when we got there at 5:30, they had a great fire going, smells so good. Jim will be helping him soon to get our firewood for the season. We ate about 7ish and had dessert. The guys were having a few beers, so Jim stayed to finish there party of two, I went home. Watched TV and crocheted a little.

Sunday April 8, 2018

I woke up alone, made my own coffee, not to bad if I must say so. Watched my morning shows and more crocheting. I made some eggs and zucchini and onion from last night. Jim arrived after 10 AM we had a cup of coffee together. We sat around for a bit. 

Then we went to the Boscov's Mall so Jim could get his pre-work hair cut. It was really long, I did like it a lot long, but I must say I do like the short cut too. I walked around looked at what ever I wanted to on my own time. Then he was finished, I pretended that I didn't even know him when he walked by. We did a lap around together and looked at some of his stuff. Here are before and after pictures of the hair cut.

Then we were  ready and went for lunch. Wanted to go to Hoss's when we got there the lobby was full. So we said lets go to  our favorite sub place, Bartolo's in Palmyra, it is in front of old Redners that is now a church, not sure how that works. I think it looks funny, anyway. We ate in  the car, had pepsi  in the car, they have coke not a fan, plus it makes it a lot less expensive meal. Then we went to the spring water place and filled our jugs again.  It is very close to TTH we pulled in to look, and see if anyone was around, no one was. There was a trailer and a car in the over flow space with no one around. We just can't wait to get there. Then we drove around a little. We went home after all that.

Jim was out talking with the young guy behind us, he was doing some projects outside. Jim said the wind died down so he could grill now. He grilled chicken and I made a different kind in the oven for dinner now. The grilled chicken was for his work salads. I made more chicken and yellow rice in the Instant 
Pot for dinner tomorrow. Washed up a lot of dishes and made his salad lunch for tomorrow. Watched Idol and blogged got ready for work tomorrow.