Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Moving Day from Quentin Riding Club

We have been at the Quentin Riding Club for 34 days. They tell us it is closing now so we have to move for our last two weeks before our big trip. So after work we finished packing up. Deb was down at the clubhouse and walked over and talked to her.
She told us we did not need to pay the typical full amount because we went through a lot of aggravation while we were here, which was nice of her to realize. So we gave her $100 a week which we thought was more than fair. Said our goodbyes, took some pictures and got ready to move.
Our goal was to get there before dark. We made it in plenty of time. They wanted to give us a different site. They like to keep the big ones that we wanted for people coming in for one night only. It was only 30 amp so we kept our big site. It was a little painful paying the bill over $500 for two weeks even with our KOA discount.
We got set up Jim put out the electric water hose I did some laundry. When it goes below freezing temperatures we turn the water off and use the water in the tank. They don't have the water spigot wrapped like they did in Quentin, so it can freeze on their end very easily.
We have leftovers for dinner and relax the rest of the evening.
Saturday December 1st
14 days and a wake-up call is Jim says I had off today we took his mother to lunch. We took her to Long Horn Steakhouse.
Sunday December 2nd we stayed home all day it was really nice. We waited for our friends we met in Florida to arrive from Rochester New York they were on their way to Florida.
They got here around dusk and they set up and we all went out to dinner to funck's Family Restaurant which is right up the road on the military base fort Indiantown Gap. It was really good, we have not been there in years and years, we had a really nice visit. We left right before 8. We both had to work next day.
Monday December 3rd
I texted Sue and Tony Costanza a few times while I was at work. They were trying to get their TV to work and they had to unhook their car they had some issues they were trying to get figured out we planned on meeting for dinner again after work. Jim took my leftover half a sandwich from dinner Sunday night to lunch and a little piece of is one tooth broke. So I called our dentist to make an appointment to see what they could do with it before we left, I'm so glad they could see him we're doing that on the 4th. So we took Tony and Sue for a drive and show them the Quentin Riding Club where we stayed and then we went to the Quentin Tavern for dinner a place we really like.

It was so good, had a wonderful visit. Then we came back to our camper they had given us some sausage that he makes they have a shop in New York.

I gave her a fourth of a sheet pan and another round microwave pan and some non-stick foil I had. So she could practice using her convection microwave, I love mine. We had a wonderful visit they left around 10 we're such party animals it was so fun. Jim got ready for bed and I stayed up a little longer, per usual what a great night with wonderful people here's our picture from dinner.

This place is 6 miles from where our house used to be. We used to bring the horses here and camp and ride the mountain for 8 hours.

December 4th after work we both came home Jim had time to shower I changed and we took off for the dentist. They have a new Young dentist working there Jeremy really great young kid he pulled a little broken piece out and filed down the rough spot said it would keep till we got home in April and then he could decide what he wants to do with a couple teeth that do not have a very good prognosis for a long future in our travels LOL.
We stopped at Redner's on the way home and got gas we had about 45 cents off a gallon and we came home and ate some soft leftovers. Had a nice relaxing evening we are enjoying being here Jim feels a lot more secure. It's fun to see the different campers that pull off the road for just one night in their travels, each night there's about 10 or so that come in. Lickdale  KOA is exit 90 off of 81.
December 5th I have off today watched a lot of the George HW Bush Funeral, also worked on the blog. Very cold today highs only going to be 38 for a short time.
I started instant pot creamy chicken and wild rice soup.

Jim took a shower and we went for a walk around to see the campers that pull in for the night. There was one from Vermont two from Quebec, California and South Carolina too. We went back had  soup for dinner Burgers he Grilled the other night we heated up, He washed the dishes, I did two loads of laundry and he went outside to turn the water off.We watched Survivor, worked on the blog and called it a night we have to be up at 5 a.m. tomorrow, but instead I have a half an hour drive instead of a three mile drive. I have eight more days to work the last four I will be training the new girl that is taking over for me.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Travel preparations continue.

Travel preparations continue.
The last time I made a post I was supposed to have off Tuesday and Wednesday and I went to work on Monday 8 to 4 and the girl that works full time 8 to 4 also showed up. She travels a good distance to get to work, so I suggested I just go back home. So that is what I did. I ended up having three days in a row off. Was very nice I got a lot of things done.
We have a long list of things that need to get done. Jim had blood work done. I said an appointment for a mammogram. Jim took a load of things to store to his mother's house for the winter. I've been cooking a lot of what I call Travel food and putting in the freezer.
I made an appointment for next year to get both of our dental cleanings done ,  right before we start work again .  Also I went and got a very expensive haircut. Which I did not like, too long on the top and sides. I wanted to go shorter like it was 5 months ago. It will be a lot easier to manage using minimal water when we travel, and Boondock in Arizona. So I called the stylist and ask her if she could take a little more off. So I went back a week later, and now it's really short, but it'll work. We took the truck to Hassler diesel in Bethel to have brake work done and whatever else they did to it, Jim would have to explain that.
It is a pretty good drive from where we are now. We dropped it off and I have a nail appointment really close to it. So we coordinated my nail appointment with the picking up the truck. We did find out the writing Club was closing. We are the last ones here, has been a few weeks since the last person left so we're here all alone. We sit on a piece of property 46 Acres it's beautiful, deer come out at night, 4 of them.

Jim's friend has four horses here so we watch them in the pasture down below.
It is pretty quiet here  all though 72  is not too far away .  The weird thing is  the way the traffic sounds  a lot of times it sounds like cars are actually pulling in here , but they're not . We will miss it here we will be leaving on Friday November 30th heading to lickdale  KOA Campground. We will be there 2 weeks, very expensive but what are you going to do. Our friends we met in Florida are coming down from New York we're hoping they stop for a night or two and we can visit. It's been pretty cold and windy, one day it did get 55 degrees but I was at work most the day. This Sunday supposed to be almost 60 and I have off the weekend, hoping to get more things done. So as of now it is 16 days and a wake up call.

Monday, November 12, 2018

And then there was two

October 5, 2018

Quentin Riding Club

And then there was two. We found out the Riding club that we are staying at it's probably going to be closing down. Seems like everyday somebody else left. The guy in the motorhome in front of us said he was staying all winter. We had talked to him quite a few times. He was using leftover wood laying around to block under the motorhome prepping for the winter. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and I guess when he found out they were closing he was out of here. So now we have a really nice view. And there's only two of us left. Which makes Jim feel a little insecure. We went down to pay our bill, and they told us to hang tight. And there was a chance they could turn the electric off. Which made us really nervous especially if they did that while we were at work. We don't know all the details, but they're trying to run the place with the handful of volunteers. Sounds like they just have a lot of bills they can't pay. So I guess what that means for us is for now we're going to hang tight. The problem is we're waiting for the inverter to be replaced. And until that happens we worry about the refrigerator and freezer we have that would not come on without it should the electric be turned off.

So this week we spend some time getting ready to leave for our trip out west.

Monday November  5th after work I went out to Fredericksburg to the doctor because I had such pain in my hand from the repetitive work I do and heavy lifting with my hands. And both my shoulders hurt too, I guess it was kind of a waste of a trip not much you can really do about that oh well it's always something.

Tuesday November 6th besides being our youngest son's birthday it was election day. Funny thing when we went to vote, when we were leaving the guy in line his name was Walter White which was kind of funny, but you won't get it unless you watched Breaking Bad. And the guy asked him at the polling place if it was funny or pain, he said well it depends on where I am. If you never watched Breaking Bad I feel it is a must-watch show.

Now that it really is so quiet around here we see deer come out almost every night and in the morning when I was making breakfast I looked out and there was four running around frolicking, two young ones, they were really fun to watch. I took some pictures of them but they were really hard to see. But I will keep trying till I get a good shot of them, bad term, picture of them.

So I have done some catalog shopping and found a really nice end table replace one we had temporarily made with two by fours and painted white. It was nice but I was always looking for something better. So I found one I ordered and I picked it up the other day and Jim put it together for me right away. It is very nice and looks a lot better I just had to buy a basket for the bottom.

Twice this week we made a trip to Lowe's Jim bought a gas can gloves and a hand pump for the generator we need to buy. Our last trip was on Saturday when we went to Lowe's Ruby Tuesday's for dinner and then we went to Harbor Freight and finally got our generator. It was such a hard decision for Jim to make, 2 small ones you twin together,   or one bigger one which is heavier but cheaper. So we ultimately went with The Predator 3500 inverter generator. Now we have backup for here if the electric does go off, and to be able to Boondock on our trip out west. Sunday while I was at work he went and bought gas and oil. And when I got home he got it already and we started it up, it was very quiet we can stand right next to it and talk while it was running. It weighs 100 lbs but it does fit nicely under the Tahoe cover on the truck. I think we will be very happy with it.

Thursday night I went to get my nails done and made my last two appointments before we leave. So as of this posting November 12th 2018 we have 33 days and a wake-up call, as Jim says. Speaking of posting somehow I just figured it out on my blog that I can press the microphone button and instead of typing I could talk all my texts and man has that made this so much easier. This is the second time I have done it. Will make it a lot easier when we start traveling again where we want to document something for every day travel.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

40 Days and and a Wake Up Call

October 2018

Last 3 days of October I worked one late shift, and two early. Now we have a lot of things to do to get ready to leave, as Jim says 40 days and a wake up call. As of Sunday November 4th.
Monday I got my oil changed in my car. Keller Brothers comes to pick it up and brings it back all finished.
Saturday Jim worked and after he got home we went down with his friend who has horses here and helped them  a little. Then later after dinner he went and had a few beers with him. I had the evening alone.
When I got up in the morning I made coffee, started breakfast, the whole time I was making it I was watching deer out our back window. When I get a better picture of them I'll post it they come out almost every night or morning. Then I finished and made a zucchini chocolate chip cake and a baked pumpkin oatmeal.
After Jim got home and we had breakfast we went to my mother-in-law's and walked the dog while we waited for her to get home from church. I also had time to clean up the flower pots that we took over before we went to Tennessee. Got rid of all the dead stuff and moved them behind the barn so they're ready for next year's traveling flower beds . Then we took her for Chinese food, I ran in the store and bought Travis a birthday card for Tuesday. went back to the house and our son Travis and granddaughter Mia came over for a visit and his girlfriend and two boys.
When we got home to the fifth wheel we worked on cleaning up some of the outside area. Talked with some of neighbors, only four of us here now counting us . We rearranged some of the rugs outside to cover up the mud. And were weighing items that we are getting rid of to get some weight out of the truck now we have a grand total of 252 lb out.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Early October Birthday week

Tuesday October 9, 2018

Hershey Pennsylvania

Still on a few vacation days, went to get nails done. I took the lap top along and my nail lady's husband has his own business too and he tuned it up replaced hard drive debugged it. I don't know all the computer lingo I left it with him to work on it.

Wednesday October 10, 2018

I went with friends Nancy and Mike, he drove my car and the 3 of us went to the new Wegman's store in Lancaster.
I got myself some birthday flowers. We also went to the Whole Foods store too. Was a lot of fun hanging out with them. We got home about the same time Jim did.
We had a 3 way pot luck, birthday dinner. Mike and Mandy made 2 large Greek salads and Nancy made a chicken and a beef enchilada, I made a pot roast with carrots and potatoes, In my Instant Pot. It was a weird combo menu but really good, we are at Neil and Nancy picnic table. We had a fire and she had a red velvet birthday cake for me, so sweet.

Thursday October 11, 2018

My birthday and last vacation day. Took calls from my brother and both our boys. We didn't go anywhere when Jim got home just stayed in and ate.

Friday October 12, 2018

After my first day back to work after vacation. We went to Bethel to get the lap top, had questions for
him and tried to get a few bugs out of phone and my tablet. We went to Esther's to eat dinner, it is 1 mile away from our old house. Then we went to Redner's food store, and got gas. Went home.

Sunday October 14, 2018

We went to visit our oldest son today. Here is a picture of there front door with Halloween decorations that we used at the house and now they use them. We had a nice visit they got a new kitty. then we stopped for pizza on the way home.

Worked the weekend, didn't do much besides that.

Tuesday I went to ENT doctor. My ears were bothering me. I had a second follow up appointment at 3 made we wait half hour before I even went in. Had a guard come in with a prisoner had cuffed and chain around his waist. They checked in and sat down. When I looked at the guard he had his eyes closed, I couldn't believe it, really. When I went in had to do a hearing test again. Did not show what he thought it would, he looked in my right ear and said was collapsed he had me do hearing test again with different equipment to keep my ear canal from closing part way. Then he said all was good. Wow what a long way to get there. Ok but all is good now.

Wednesday October 24, 2018

Was my day off and I took my Rainbow vacuum cleaner over to my friend and vacuumed her RV for her, It does a wonder job she couldn't believe what I got out of the carpet. All the dirt goes into water, if you never saw one in action it is worth seeing if you ever get the chance or just go make it happen. She was very happy and we made some soup together and shared. I was cooking and cleaning all day too.
I worked the next 3 days and people we met in Florida that live 20 minutes from here Bob and Sally, came in with there RV. And on Friday October 19, we went with them to Quentin Tavern for dinner,
they drove. We had a lot of fun. When we came back we went over to them and they had a fire and we sat around and talked even more talked about our winter travels. They will be in Texas for 3 months and we plan on meeting up with them for about a week at some point during the winter in Texas, the Campground they are going to looks great. We said good night and headed home was probably after 10 by then.
 Not much else happened this month and it is almost over.
We did some shopping.
We got new business cards,
guess we are in the business of full-timing. We got a Garman RV GPS 760. We got a new hot spot $40.00 a month unlimited alcatel, is working great.

Sunday October 28, 2018

Quentin Pa

Today Hershey TT closes for the season, so it is moving day to the Quentin riding club again. Where we spent last year before we left.

We said goodbye to our friends and left just after 12 noon. For some reason the fridge didn't come on the inverter was not working not sure why. We only had 5 miles to go so we left. Jim worked at for a long time just would not come on. He had to rewire, fireplace off and the fridge and freezer on. We made an appointment with a local RV guy to come check it out Wednesday. It also took awhile to get the sat dish to work it was so cloudy. We are here with  6 other RV besides us.
Nice people, we have a lot of room and deer come out at dusk to the back of the sites and watch us, we watch them, 4 in total tonight. We went for a little walk around there are 46 acres here. I counted I have 33 days to work 13 off we leave in 46 days, WOW.

Monday, October 8, 2018

The Last Moving Day

Sunday October 7, 2018

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Got up after Jim, woke up thinking how the heck are we getting out of this place. Had coffee and made a smoothie. Started getting ready to move.

The way we were all lined up in a row. Had to wait for the guy in front of us to leave  first. We talked to neighbor behind us a bit while we waited. Jim and I walked up the road to see which way to turn around would be the best. We had a few different plans. Kept watching how other people did it,but no one had such a huge rig to turn around. We made a plan, were getting ready and 2 of the guys that work at TT came over in golf cart, and asked us a whole bunch questions about our FW and being full-time. They kind of slowed us down. Helped to not think about our huge task we were about to do.

OK here we go I walked behind, took pictures of how we had to turn around, I call it a 3 point turn. The one guy came back in the golf cart, was trying to help, would prefer to do it alone. Jim did a great job.
He had to drive to end of
of the road, pull up muddy hill road.
Then back down hill, and turn
to go back the way we came in.
Muddy road edge
Almost there
I walked behind, lady said he
is A Rock Star, Yes He Is !
What a relief to be out of there, now the guy behind us could leave, we was only 15 miles away from home, had to wait for us to go, they were so nice.
So we are about 1 1/2 hour from Hershey. We got close and I texted friends Nancy to see what was still open near them. We could go to B loop and pay 3 dollars a day for electric, or H loop, and free electric. We figured H was full, so we went to B and got right next to Neil. We had so much to do, set up. Put out our new chairs. I got the mud off RV, will do truck later. Can't believe was not worse.
We saw a couple pull in from our CTC Rally we just met in TN,  they told us they were coming, they have a Lifestyle too, in our floor plan.
We stopped and had Chinese food, got Beer then went over to my MIL and got my car. Had a quick visit, made plans to go out to dinner to Longhorn Steak house tomorrow. Went and got Jim's work van.
When we got home went over to Neil and Nancy and he started a fire. The couple Marilyn and Bill I think it is, came over and talked for a while, they have a big beautiful boxer dog. We all said good night, was after 9 by then.
Watched a little TV and Jim went to bed, his first day back to work tomorrow.
Will take a break from blog for a while now, I go back to work Friday. But till then, Not going to write about cleaning, food shopping, appointments, get mail etc. Plus I'm taking lap top into shop to speed it back up tomorrow. Later....

Full Day at TT Gettysburg Farm

Saturday October 6, 2018

Dover, Pennsylvania

Jim was up first, I was up around 8 AM. I made Paleo Blueberry Pancakes, sausage patty and eggs. We watched a little TV and talked about how we were going to spend the day. Turns out Gettysburg was about 40 minutes away, York was closer to this place, we didn't want to go there.

The Utz and the Snyder outlet stores were close by, we stopped by both of them to check them out.

As the day went on the weather was getting nice out, a little cloudy to start out, but was warm out.

Then we found a Camping World, always something we want and or think we need. Great camp store, but we will never take the FW there. It was a smaller one but they seam to be well stocked. We thought of 3 things we new we wanted for sure, but when we walked into CW we could only remember 2 of them. We did find plenty of goodies though, it is a lot of fun for us full-timers though. Her is the list main thing we wanted was new chairs, one of the 2 things we could remember. We got a gray club chair for Jim a smaller size tan club chair and ottoman for me. Second was leveling blocks, got large set and a small one, a tire chock, 2 sets of Jack pads, Rock and Roll Putty, keeps items glued down for travel, a checker table cloth to use as an under liner for out good tablecloth, 4 zone temp station, a sensor you put in fridge and freezer to keep an eye on temps, and lock and stop. they were very nice in there and helpful. All for 279.00 We also got 3 year replacement on chairs on chairs and the 4 zone temp station.

We were ready for lunch by this time, we asked the lady who helped us a lot a good place for lunch, and she said Dutch Country Restaurant, we will be the judge of that.
So we found the place, I got really cold inside, they had diet pepsi, that was a plus. Menu was huge, hard to decide, Jim had a mega burger, I had tuna melt and we shared sweet potato fries, it took probably over 35 minutes till we got our food. We also shared a slice of pumpkin roll.

After that we found a place to get beer. And we stopped at a place near by and got some fire wood.
When we got back we sat out on our new chairs and Jim made a fire. It got really cool outside. I heated up a little leftover from last night. Jim stayed out for awhile. I went in and watched a little TV. Was a nice day.