Monday, April 12, 2021

Rain, Mud, Cold, PA

Last Happy Monday April 12, 2021

Today woke up a little cold out. Should have put the heat  pump on. It poured rain last night.  I was up first had alot to do today. 

I made breakfast washed my hair and got ready to get some stuff done. Called whole bunch places to find someone to fix our Samsung Fridge. Jim would find a # I would call, probably called at least 5. Then something he looked at,  Home Adviser called US. We set appointment with them, for Thursday, see what happens.
Before we left my boss wanted me to work tomorrow a day early. All day like noon till 8. Sure why NOT.

Went and got my car and flower pots, at Jim's friend's house also where we have access to firewood. Came back to FW to drop the  truck off. Was hard to get in here at noon people checking in. Trying to  keep people from coming in before noon, trying to be like TTO.

Then we got his stuff for his Mom. First we went to Hoss's for lunch. They have a good salad bar. I had sweet chili shrimp and FF and Jim had fried fish and FF soup, always get the salad and dessert bar, plus they have diet Pepsi. They had SO yummy on a loop on TV in there, was cool, waitress said to look it up. Alot of cool ways for food presentation.

Then we went to his Mom for a visit. Took all the stuff we brought home for her. Jim stayed with her while I went to Fredericksburg to get my nails done. Felt so good to have them done RIGHT.
While I was there my boss texted again said could I work 6 am to 2 instead, someone else would rather to the late shift FINE with ME.

Then went to get a few groceries at Redner's. Didn't get much especially for fridge. 
I stopped at our old house to see our neighbor. Mary was best neighbor ever. I Had a card for her. She was out in drive way talking with former coworker, he knew me. Was small town. The people in our house just had another baby since they moved in. Two boys in the house AGAIN, cool. Here's a picture of house now. 
Our horse barn in the background.
I picked up Jim at his Mom's,  quick visit we left to stop pick up our tax papers. We went by earlier wasn't ready. 
Then we went to the store I call the beer mall. Guess what they sell.
Then we went and got Chinese took it back to RV. I kept half of mine for tomorrow. For work lunch. We got home alot to put away get ready for a big day tomorrow. 
Then we will have time to go to camping world, didn't have time today. We need a new potty, pendant light, plastic piece for screen door, clip for my broken drawer, and foot ottoman.

Since back to work and real life, will be going back to weekly or monthly In review now. I need blog break. 

Arrived in Pennsylvania Hershey TT

Sunday April 11, 2021

Be ARE Back.

We were up today and ready to leave Lee Hi Travel Plaza at 8:30 a.m. Jim ate cereal I took mine along and ate in truck at 10:30. we drove for half an hour and we were into our first 15 minutes traffic delay because of an accident. Which we never did see. 

Traffic picked up and we Drove for a good two hours. Before our first stop for potty at a rest area.  Then we continued on. Till we arrived at a Love's at Exit 10 for Diesel, in Maryland. We did something we didn't do for awhile. I went in started the fuel and went to a Wendy's for a quick lunch. We only sat 5 minutes and ate then pulled out and back on the road again. We just wanted to get there.
The weather turned out pretty good, we had only a little mist a few times when we were really close. But we drove on really wet roads that we had just missed alot of rain. 
We arrived at Hershey TT right before 2. Was really wet here. We found a great site, but a lot of mud. Which we did not see forever. It rained a little when Jim was trying to set up. No more paying for electric when Not in H loop, yes.
We did our respective jobs, and I walked up to give them site # we picked out. Talked with Nancy on the walk back.
We put a few things in the outside beer fridge, inside one just not cold enough. I heated up the leftover chicken parm spaghetti from last night. Took showers, watched TV had recorded. Went to bed early. 
We have a lot to do tomorrow.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Travel Day to VA

Saturday April 10, 2021

Weather partly sunny, 73. Only a couple drops of rain.

So I went to bed early and slept very well till between 2 and 3 a.m.. woke up and worried about the fridge. I was up first, finished the blog until Jim got up. Then I started getting ready,  packed a lunch for the day. Put things away. 
We pulled out of the Dumpling RV Park  left around 10 a.m.  view out back of the sitewe drove over 2 hours wanted to make a One-Stop shop is lunch/potty break, and diesel. We saw a sign for a TA and thought it was exit 40 and it ended up being Exit 42, and we had to make quite a long route to turn around and get back on 81 in Virginia. 

So we kept going until we found a Flying J, Jim went in paid and filled up with fuel, while I went in and grabbed our lunch, checked everything out. The fridge is still running a little higher than I want it to. 
Trees in bloom 
Then we pulled in next to a truck, took 5 minutes and ate our lunch. And then kept on going that way we didn't have to put the steps in and take the steps out and put the steps in. Trying to make up our time a little. By then it was 130, we filled up with fuel when we arrived at Lee Hi Travel Plaza. I went in to pay for our site we had reservations for. Number 43, a Pull  through site. Jim did not unhook, put full hookups out, and only the two back slides. 
View out behind the RV.
He watched the last 5 minutes of hockey. I did our minimal travel day setup went outside and actually called and talked to my brother Drew. Then I made chicken parmesan in the instant pot for dinner had the applesauce as a side dish.
Then we watched Manafest on Hulu. We are going to cancel DirecTV ASAP. To much money So many other ways to watch TV now.

Today was a WAY better travel day than yesterday, thank goodness.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Longest Travel day ever

Friday April 9, 2021

The weather was cool last night we put heat pump on in the morning. Today's high is 83.

The day we leave is always so sad. Jim wanted to leave 9am our time. I was up first at 6 am, there time.
I finished the blog before Jim got up. He had the last of the deviled eggs, sausage and the biscuit, leftover from Jim and Nick's yesterday, for breakfast. We finished packing up. The truck was still running. We walked up to the house to say Goodbye. 
This new spot in TN wanted this at the end mixed them up.

First Biscuit met us in the driveway, just petting him got me started. Len gives the best hugs,  I love  them So much. We had a huge hug together. We both were in tears, we said LOVE you. Phyllis said we should have a picture of us hugging. I thought she was going to take one, we hugged again but I don't think she took one. Oh well I got another hug. Once the tears start, I can't stop. Of course they start again now as I type this. We will see them in a few months when they come to Pa to see here daughter. 
We left about 9:30 our time.
What a DAY.
We passed SO many accidents the worst, on the other side of the road, a helicopter was on the road, alot of cop cars and fire trucks. The traffic was backed up probably at least 10 miles. Then cars were going through the grass medium strip, and  pulled out right in front of us instead of staying in the left lane. I didn't feel right taking a picture.
But later  fire trucks along road again on our side, was a fire in the woods along the road.
Our GPS kept saying Slow down ahead, Traffic Accidents ahead. You can take blaa blaa but you are still on the fastest route. AND going over the bridges are so ruff. Bounce all over. One really bad bump the truck said trailer is disconnected. This was our first stop, he found a place to pull over, and we went potty quick.
Today the pollen is SO bad. Was bothering both of us.
We couldn't get off exit we wanted to fuel up, had to find another, and we had lunch there. Then the fridge does not seam to be staying cold now. Jim hit some buttons on it. 
We left more of the same above. The day was supposed to be 5 hours of driving total and turned out to be almost 8. One stop found this, broken pendant light. Was broke at base, he temporarily fixed it, but all the bumps guess it couldn't take. Can't find broken pieces hope not under slide. I swept the glass I thought still cut my foot on a piece. Have to keep slippers on. 

Next time looking at fridge said 34 when we got here. Should have left it go, he hit more buttons and now says 50. But it was running it had the battery power down to 45%. 
When we finally arrived here at Dumpling Farm RV park. We are at Kodak TN.
We got parked hookups and he unhooked and went for Diesel. 
I heated up leftovers from last night. We sat outside he called his Mom. 
We watched a little TV couldn't get much. We took showers I went to bed first at 10 pm was so tired. It was a long and Stressful day, and worried about the fridge. 

Friday, April 9, 2021

Fun Day in the East Estates

Thursday April 8, 2021
Cullman Alabama 
Needed a little bit of heat this am, High today 83

This morning I was up at 6:00 our time. I worked on the blog from yesterday. Then I made a pot of steel cut oatmeal and put the other pot on to start some yogurt. When Jim got up I made him breakfast and he took a shower and went up to start helping Len with his projects. Len can't raise his arms very high
First they changed light bulbs out.  While they did that I took a shower and got ready went up to the house. We all went into Len's truck, went to Lowe's to get them 15 bags brown mulch. My boss was texting me more details about me starting work again. I'm so excited about being fulltime again.
We took the long way home, they showed us this big field where there is a huge music festival in August, very big name singers come to.
When we got back to the house Jim put the bags of mulch around where Phyllis wanted it in the flower beds around the house. The pollen is high again here.
Then they put new trim around front door, and around new microwave.
It was after 2 our time so we were all getting pretty hungry by now. We all got in the car and we went to Jim and Nick's a GREAT BBQ place they have here. We really like it. 
Len and Phyllis did same as us, we shared huge amount of ribs and catfish with 2 sides each. Jim and I brought home more food then we ate there I think. We will really enjoy it then we get to our new spot Friday night. 
Was wonderful, we got back to the house Jim and Len did a few more things in the basement. We talked with Phyllis's daughter Terri for a while. She lives in Pa. Phyllis and I went to feed the ducks and fish. I love to watch the fish. 
Jim was also going to wash Len's truck too. She wouldn't let us. She just wanted us to just visit, she said Jim did enough work. 
Later she served us apple dumplings with ice cream I had more cheesecake from last night. We talked till about 8 or so. 
Walked home, watched a little TV before bed.
We REALLY hate to leave tomorrow, so sad leaving.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Travel day to Cullman Alabama

Wednesday April 7, 2021

Today started out cool but going to be in the 80's later.
We got up this morning around 7, I was up first. Made chicken wraps for lunch later, made coffee and started to put stuff away.  He got up and As Jim tries to hurry me  along. I saw the one neighbor behind us left about 1/2 hour earlier than us.
Was a really nice place only 24. A night, With  our Passport American, the spot just was not level. Our neighbors said there's was, good thing there leveling Jack's didn't work.
So we pulled out about 8:38, our time I think. The time changed and it always messed us up.

Probably about an hour into our drive our one neighbor passed us. So funny. Later the other one passed us. They drove faster than we do. 
We drove over 2 hours before our first potty break. 
Just pulled into a fuel station along road, not ideal place but it worked.
Then we went into rest area almost 2 hours later for lunch break. There they were again,  we waved as we pulled out. Wish I would have had time to say HI.

Today was a little longer drive than I would like, but couldn't WAIT to see Len and Phyllis. 
Probably about 10 minutes before we got here, I received a text from work wanted to know if I would do FULL TIME an unexpected opening just became available. I  said YES. SOooo great I will have my own kitchen again. Will  make leaving at the end of the year so much harder. So excited for that, I love cooking for these people.

So we arrived Jim pulls in across the road. And I had the BEST 2 hugs in A long time. I DO so love these wonderful people.

We chatted a bit, they mentioned a few things that they wanted Jim to do for them. Of course he would.  First it is a little tricky backing in like a big backwards C. HE did Great. They went back on the front porch to sit while we set up. They invited us to dinner at the house. 
We set up, have full hookups here. Was warm inside but just propped open the door. We sat on the porch talking and catching up with them. They are on Boondockers WELCOME now, so have 2 RV'S here alot, passing through. We went and fed the fish. Loved seeing there beloved Beagle dog Biscuit. 

Len started the grill at 6 or 7 somewhere. I took up some deviled eggs and chicken and yellow rice with mixed vegetables. She had the whole spread. Burgers and brats,  lettuce and tomatoes, macaroni and cheese salsa and queso, Veggie tray. Two kinds of chips. We had a wonderful meal together in their dining room. Later she served a delicious cheesecake. Then Jim took a chair out of the bedroom and put it into the basement. Then we sat in the living room and chatted until almost 9. Made plans for fun tomorrow.
We walked back to FW was so tired. Watched a little TV before shower and went to bed early what ever time it was. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Travel day

Tuesday April 6. 2021

Hidden Hollow RV Park, Cottonwood, Alabama 

Drove 325 miles

On our first travel day I was up first, Jim was awake and was up shortly after. We started to pack up wanted to leave around 8:30 a.m. we actually left at 9. We made one potty stop,  then a rest area we ate lunch I made, then one more stop for fuel. We passed a place that had a smoker going that smelled fantastic. 
We arrived at the CG, never here before. People with a FW were waiting on the porch, the lady stepped out for a bit. We took a walk around, they have hotel rooms in This beautiful building. They have these cute little rental houses. 
Beautiful inside.
Four, looks like building more. SO cute, looked in windows only have a kitchenette.
When she returned after the first couple went. Then us, parked in our spot.
That is the huge building behind us that has hotel rooms.
Was so unlevel we had to unhook. And we decided to go fill up with fuel again, and get BBQ. So going back into Florida for it. I even called the # they had posted, he said I just closed. Open tomorrow at 7 am, Jim doesn't want to try again.
Well SO sadly BBQ was closed, we got fuel, went back to RV. I had pierogies and sausage we love,  so dinner was great. There is a time change here in Alabama so don't know what time it is. We are staying on our time.
I went for a little walk, and talked to our neighbors.

Jim played with the TV, took showers and relaxing the rest of the evening.