Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Rain, Pizza and crafting

Rain, Pizza and crafting

Friday April 24, 2020

Woke up early hearing heavy rain. Then I heard my IP beep at 7, yogurt was ready. An hour and half later I got up and put it in the fridge. Made coffee and watched neighbor who had an RV teck stop by to help him with his potty install.
It was getting late, I went up and said  y'all awake. 
I made us breakfast and watched The Today Show.
Jim's Mom called and we talked to her for
I was working on my purse making craft, finished my pillow.
Then we had to change our reservation dates around AGAIN.
Jim friend's wife called, we all chatted, she said see was going nuts all the cooking and kids home all the time.
We ordered pizza Flippers they delivered with DoorDash. Was really good. 
I cleaned up and put some potatoes in 6 qt IP, and some elbows in 3 qt one, made small amount macaroni salad.
We walked up to get rid of one of the pizza boxes, have some leftover for tomorrow.
Walking back talked to a guy from home area, we talked to him for awhile.
I went in first put food away that I just made in pots. Washed dishes.
When Jim came in we watched My Lottery Dream HOME  with David Bromstad, on HGTV. 
He went to bed, at midnight, I watched my shows.

Saturday April 25, 2020

Jim was up way before I was. I heard him before I got up that he made his own breakfast, YEA. When I got up I had my oatmeal concoction   and coffee. We watched some news and weather. We both showered. Then we got a call from Nancy inviting us to a virtual happy hour today at 4. We had the leftover pizza for lunch. We got ready for our day out to get a few things.
First we went for a drive around Spanish Springs.
Then we stopped at Camping World, found a few things. Was really hot out, truck said it was 92.
Then WinnDixie, in The Villages, I had a good list of things I wanted. Alot of things they didn't have. Like tissues, Dawn dishwashing soap, TP, napkins, Lysol wipes, hand soap etc.
We drove by Lake Sumter Landing, and took a drive through Brownwood. These are the deserted roads around both.
We stopped at Publix to fill our water jugs. Never did find more wood.
Jim and I realized we were not going to be back in time to make the happy hour phone call. So when she called at 4:07 we were still driving. We continue to talk with Neil and Nancy, and Mike and Mandy were on. We had a nice chat Jim brought all the groceries in. We sat and talked for a while,  Jim helped hold the phone and talked while I put everything away and started chicken in the IP. We talked for a good hour said our goodbyes. I continued cooking and putting things away. Jim went out and turned on the grill. He grilled some boneless ribs one piece of chicken I didn't put in the pot, I will use for salad. And  grilled two tuna steaks are we having for dinner tonight.
I was watching Naked and Afraid that I had recorded in the DVR. He was sitting outside I heard him talk to a few people passing by. Our old neighbor stopped and said he had masks for us.
We had dinner and chilled. 

Sunday April 26, 2020

I was up first this morning. We did alot of sitting around today, insiide then outside.
We binge watch this show, guy from Florida builds Insane  pools, Lucas Lagoons. 
We walked up to our old neighbor and got the 2 face masked he had for us. Gave him a donation for them.
We talked with guy from Pa again, when he walks his dog by us, Molly. Was so nice chatting with him.
Was getting late, close to 7 or so. Went inside and heated up for dinner what I made in the IP last night. Chicken, potatoes and carrots, made a really good gravy with all that broth. Was really good Jim liked it alot too. 
Went to bed late, again.

Monday April 27, 2020

I woke up a 4 something and 6 something.
Jim got out of bed first. We watched some news, then stuff I had in the DVR. I had oatmeal and made Jim some eggs, sausage and fried potato for breakfast. We watched more TV he took a shower and we had a lite snack then we got ready and went to a recycle center Jim found to try to get rid of the broken TV. Then while we were driving there are phone started blowing up, as people we knew we're telling us about the campgrounds in PA are now opening on the 1st, again. His boss called him first on the phone we talked to him for a minute. His hair is so long we told him not sure if he'll be able to get it cut before he goes back to work. Jim might have to buzz it himself. We did not make it to the recycle center in time as they close at 4. Which Jim told me that too late and again we did not leave in time,
We drove it to see where the place was, and Sign said NO TV's,  really, we are going to end up taking it back to Pa. 
 So we had looked up a Cracker Barrel and pulled in the parking lot and placed an order for fried catfish french fries. we took it back to the FW. we ate one today will have the other for lunch tomorrow. we shared the catfish and hush puppies put the french fries in the air fryer, he also had a potato casserole and what they called dumplings. We call it something different at home in PA. He loved it all it was very good. we went outside it was so beautiful out Grilled some chicken for salads tomorrow.
 I did something I never did before. We were sitting outside I just started looking at Facebook. I belong to IP groups where people ask questions about their instant pots. And some lady named Lisa asked how to make chicken, quartered potatoes with cream of chicken soup. I told her I could tell her but it would be so much easier to talk to her. I didn't know how to call her, so long story short she ended up calling me. We chatted for a while as I told her how to put everything in the pot how much water at what time, where to put the potatoes. What to do, what not to do. I told her how the pot would countdown pressure cook and then count up as it went to the warm setting. I told her it was okay if she called me back after the pot naturally released for 12 minutes. she took the lid off and stirred and added her cream of chicken  soup per my direction. It was so tender as it was falling apart, and said it was just like she wanted it. It was a lot of fun to be able to help her out, she said she couldn't wait to eat it. 
I was going through a cabinet, above dresser in bedroom on Jim's side. I didn't look in there for awhile. I found more cards I had made with our full time info on it. Didn't realize I had another box, YEA.
Jim made a fire,  we sat outside for a while I came in, cleaned up, worked on this Blog, and watched The Voice.
So infact they did change the opening date of our CG in Pennsylvania AGAIN. So tomorrow we have to change dates around AGAIN, back to where they were last time.
Can't believe we leave Florida in 3 days.

Friday, April 24, 2020

HAPPY Monday, Oil change, Out in the Real World, Yalaha Bakery

HAPPY Monday, Oil change, Out in the Real World, Yalaha Bakery 

Monday April 20, 2020

I woke up at 7:30, made coffee. When Jim got up, I made us a smoothie and I had my oatmeal and blueberries with my yogurt. Then I took a shower then Jim took one.  Watching the weather this morning there was a tornado watch. Then it started to rain, quite heavy at times. I decided to go along on the oil change Adventure today with Jim. We were supposed to leave just after 11, which we did just after the rain  stopped luckily. Then the sky got blue and it was beautiful out. 
First we went to Yalaha Bakery to pick up brochin for my mother-in-law. We also got us a treat for later and we shared a chicken salad sandwich they make with Craisins and walnuts. We also got her a loaf of bread with Craisins and walnuts. And we bought a loaf of multigrain. Will end up putting most of it in the freezer, the loaf was very heavy.
Was so weird being in there, NO one else around, that place is always packed when we have been there.
  After that we headed to the Ford dealer to get the oil change. They got their gloves and sanitizer and plastic and proceeded to start the job. We went to the waiting area, the  place was pretty empty. We waited for over an hour till they called us, we went to pay the cashier, she made us stand back and she came to get his credit card. She said they were taking all precautions, which I told Jim I  disagreed with cuz she didn't have a facial mask on. Whatever. We paid our bill which was like $111. She gave us a big list of things they recommended we do at home with our dealer. Jim did not necessarily agree with it all. 
The we went to Papa John's for Papadias, they advertise them on commercials all the time. We sat in the truck, and ordered it online, they said how long it would take. About 35 minutes.  So we drove over to the Tractor Supply, next door to see if they filled up LP bottles, which they did not. So we drove back over to Papa John's, they emailed him when it was ready and Jim went in to get the sandwichs. We ate them in the truck, it was very good I took half mine back for tomorrow.
Then we went to Publix, he was able to get wood there. When we drove by the other guy that had firewood in the wheelbarrow, he looked like he was closed up for now. He also found beer, we bought some more eggs only bought two bottles of soda was not on sale. 
After we left we went on a search to fill our 40 pound LP bottle. We ended up driving past the campground to a place up the road that had it. 75 Truck Service Center, Inc. So the usual places did not have LP,  we're using more now because of the gas water heater on now. Was also expensive at $3.50 a gallon, but we filled it up and headed  back to the CG.
The rest of the day turned out to be beautiful. We brought everything put it away sat in our chairs put on the news we were pooped. Took a little nap.
Jim put the LP bottle back.
We got alot of things done today. The only thing we didn't get done, was get rid of broken TV and stuff I purged out of the kitchen. 
He looked out the window and a fire truck and  an ambulance came in on the road behind our RV, 3 sites up. They put a guy in the ambulance, took awhile to stabilize him then they left, not sure what happened.
For dinner I made wraps with grilled chicken, cheese, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream and lettuce and tomato. We had two the peanut butter cookies I made last night. Watch The Voice later, and relax the rest of the evening. Tuesday Wednesday are supposed to be beautiful.
Jim went to bed first, I stayed up, REALLY late. I like to watch TV shows that I have in the DVR that he does not like that much. 

Tuesday April 21, 2020

Jim was up way earlier then I was this morning. He make the coffee today.
I was up late, because I stayed up so darn late. Nice getting up to coffee that is ready. I JUST have to heat it up a little, I like it really hot.
I eventually ate my usual oatmeal breakfast and he made his own eggs with a slice of the multigrain bread we bought at your Yalaha  Bakery yesterday for his breakfast. While we watching The Today Show.
I put the sheets in the washer, and sorted another load to do next. I put the sheets outside to dry on my PVC cloths line Jim made me. Love when they dry in beautiful Florida sunshine and breeze. 
Jim got ribs out of the freezer and a 
T bone Steak. 
 The ribs were the free ones we won at the Meat bingo in Orando.
Then he talked to neighbor man who is alone, he's a widower. He has a beautiful fifth wheel with the full body paint that he had redone. You can see his RV in the picture with the sheets in the background, with the burgundy awning. It is a DRV that he said was the 19th one to come off the line when they were first being built. Looks brand new with the paint job. They were talking right out the window from my chair so I can hear everything they were saying. Interesting to listen to a man's  conversation. That way I don't have to ask him what he said. Because he doesn't give a lot of details, LOL. 
Here's some nice pictures of the campground right around us since I didn't show any for a while. 
Then he got out the grill to give it a good scrub. 
I also made some soup with kabasi and a lot of vegetables, a few beans and some small elbow noodles. 
I had my leftover sandwich from Papa John's for lunch and I made four salads, 2 for tomorrow. The Today show was showing how to make ice cream. So I gave it a try. They said half a cup of milk I would assume whole milk is the best, half a cup of cream. 4 tablespoons of sugar vanilla. Mixed up in a small ziplock baggie fill  up a large Ziploc baggie with ice and a half a cup of salt. Squish ice cream bag down in the ice and give it a shake. They said about 7 to 10 minutes. And you should have ice cream. My recipe I can't do milk or cream so I use the combination of whole and 2%   lactate milk. It works it just takes a lot longer to freeze.

Jim grilled 2 turkey burgers later for dinner. He made a fire and was outside most of the night.

Wednesday April 22, 2020

Just a thought....

So this morning I was thinking why I DO this blog. Which Jim had asked me many times. I REALLY do it to remember. I told him, many years from NOW we can read it to each other in the nursing home, depending who can still see to READ. 
So I have to decide if I talk about stuff that I already know, or just talk about things as a back story to what ever I am talking about.
Because who knows what we will even remember,  those little details might be lost forever. Or if family reads it when we are dead. Maybe those little things they never even knew.
When we first got together, and went on our first trip to Florida. Don't I wish I had written down a " blog " back then. We both said we would love to read that. Except for the fact that I wouldn't be able to read MY handwriting.
So I guess for the small handful of people that are taking the time to even READ our blog, I just have to say,    WHY, lol
NO really just thanks...
So just remember it is hard to  know if I write details for YOU or US.

This morning Jim was up again first.
We drank coffee for awhile. This is one of the details a question about writing about.
I have ulcerative colitis in the last month has been flaring up, today wasn't a good day.
I made a green smoothie, we had our whole grain bread we toasted. I had 1/2 slice. Was good. I made another batch oatmeal, didn't eat any yet.
Sat around most am just not feeling great. 
Jim dumped tanks, and back flushed the water softener, and reconditioned it. You only need table salt. He came inside and washed the filters for the AC vents.
I had another cabinet I went through. Can't believe I have more to do. I have round glass cake pan, and small glass loaf pan, have not used in forever. But works  great for microwave or convection oven. Still might get rid of it though.
I made a late spaghetti lunch in the IP. Felt better after lunch.
Went outside beautiful day.
Jim grilled our free ribs we just got out freezer for dinner. We had bowl of veggie soup too. 
Watched  Survivor and that is about it.

Thursday April 23, 2020          

Today was supposed to be my first day back to work today.
 I was up first this morning, made coffee till Jim came down a good hour later.       
I had my oatmeal and Jim made himself eggs and toast for breakfast. Then I started look for something to do productive. Went upstairs and wiped down the shower doors, mirrors stainless steel stuff in the kitchen. Cleaned out another cabinet that I call my office / desk cabinet.
Jim was sitting outside later our neighbor was talking to him he was trying to put in a new toilet, was having problems Jim is trying to talk him through it. Any other circumstances he would have been inside helping the guy.
For lunch we ate leftovers I had the last of the Egg Roll in a bowl, Jim had the last of the kielbasa vegetable soup, and the tiny bit of spaghetti left from last night. And we had the salads I made the other day. Maybe kind of like chef salad with some ham lunch meat I had hard-boiled eggs.Jim washed all the dishes.
 I was working on the new crochet stitches I learned. Then I vacuumed the camper,my Rainbow that I LOVE. Jim dumped the water out for me. When he was outside he said we had a friend visit us. he got the broom and headed in the other direction. 
Nancy called me and we had a nice talk about where we are going next now.  Thousand Trails is only opening on May 8th NOW instead of the 1st. 
Then I made dinner,  I heated up the rest of the rims from last night that Jim grilled. I sauteed some zucchini onion and tomato. With garlic and olive oil, put some waffle fries in the air fryer, along with three hush puppies each. Made for very nice dinner. Jim went back outside.
 I cleaned up the dishes and put a IP of yogurt on for 12 hours I'll take it out tomorrow morning. Then I got all the trash ready for Jim to take out. I opened the door and dropped it out for him. 
Later he came in we watched our favorite Thursday night shows and that was about it today.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Friday April 17, 2020

Rib fest, scalloped potato IP recipe 

Friday April 17, 2020

Today Jim was up first. When I got up we sat with our coffee for a while. We usually share almost a whole pot in the morning together. Then I made us a green smoothie.
 I made fresh blueberry pancakes, bacon and some over easy eggs shorty after it. 
We had the door open almost as soon as we got up, it was quite cool, but was going to warm up later.
Shortly after I started a project I have been wanting to do for a long time, but always procrastinated on it. My pull out spice racks I put a shelf liner under, and they kind of worked themselves front and was rubbing against the inside of the cabinet. I wanted to wipe them all down and fix that. So with Jim's help I got on the step stool started at the top. he helped me keep everything in order as I wiped off the shelves. When cleaning it I noticed the whole  rack was wobbly ,  so Jim looked at it  and realized the wood on the top  had came loose .  So he went and got a couple long finishing nails  and put three in the top  Now it's very secure again. It felt like a great accomplishment. 
 It was getting hot now so we closed the doors and windows and put the AC back on.
 I have been missing all my line dance class, since the pandemic. So I was looking on YouTube for one of my favorites call Absolutely. We were playing a country music station Garth Brooks Channel on Pandora, and listening to it while I was doing that. Then a Blake Shelton song came on called Some Beach, it's an older song. When we were in Orlando they taught us a dance to go with it, so I found it on YouTube and relearned it. Jim said I was shaking the RV, but it is a pretty smooth dance. Then I went outside to practice the dance called Absolutely. It was a great refresher and I remember it now. It was too jumpy to do it inside the RV. Compared to the other one. It was really hot so I came in then.
I started to make scalloped potatoes in my instant pot. This recipe is done with pot in pot cooking. Because you have the inner liner with water and a trivet and then a smaller pot inside that with the scalloped potatoes.  Since I have two pots the three quart fits nicely inside the six to do that. Or any small stainless steel pot will do as long as it does not fit to Snug and there's room for water all around.
This is my recipe.
 Push the sautee button, add flour and mix to make a roux, let it cook for a few minutes.
Add milk and chopped onions, and seasoning. 
Cook till it starts to heat and gets slightly thickened. Then
Add peeled, sliced, rinsed potatoes.
 Cover small pot containing the potatoes with foil, make it tight so the water can get all around it as it steams. Hit the cancel button, from the sautee mode. Then pressure cook for  15 minutes. Let pot sit to NR ( Natural Release ) for 10 or 15 minutes, as it will continue to cook. And till the rest of your meal is ready.
Carefully open pot, add cheese if you like, stir gently, and serve.
After I had the potatoes going. I went to take a shower, then I did a 3 loads of laundry. While I  was doing all that Jim was grilling boneless pork ribs outside on the grill. He does a wonderful job with it, he topped with  a little barbecue sauce at the end the cooking time. I made some frozen green beans in the microwave and had homemade applesauce that I had previously frozen. That was our dinner  meal. We definitely made smaller portions so we will have enough for a nice lunch tomorrow too.
When we were finished I wash the dishes. And then Jim went outside to start a little fire with the last fire log I bought him before we left. Gives you about a good 3-4 hour fire. I called Christine we had a nice long chat. Later we watched some TV I did some crocheting.

Saturday April 18, 2020

We were both awakened at 4:30 a.m. to the sound of someone's car alarm going off. Not sure how that happened or why. Then I woke up to squirrels running on the roof. I was shocked when I looked at what time it was. So we Justified it by saying it was a Saturday and we slept in. LOL 
We have DirecTV so what I usually do when we get up later as I'll call it. I rewind as far as it goes, to catch up on The Today Show news we missed. Which is usually about a good hour and a half.
I was downstairs first and made the coffee, Jim was directly behind me. We shared our usual morning pot as we watch the news. We were to get some storms today. Right after we we're up it started raining pretty steadily. Also squirrels continue to run around on the roof. Especially on our slide that are recliners are in. Jim kept yelling at them and hitting on the roof of the slide. It made sort of a funny scenario.
We had a small bowl of steel-cut oatmeal with the fresh blueberries for breakfast, I add my yogurt I make to mine, and a drizzle of honey.
I have been wanting Jim to recaulk the kitchen sink, in a spot in the shower track. So I talked him into starting that project in the late morning.
This is the before picture.
This is the After picture
For lunch we had the leftovers from last nights dinner, boneless BBQ ribs, scalloped potatoes, green beans and homemade applesauce.
Jim called I made an appointment to get the oil changed in the truck for Monday. And I called the Yalaha bakery, and Leesburg since it's close and ordered brotchen for my MIL.
After lunch this happened.
Look at all that Long Hair.

We chilled for a while and binge watched a show be like. 
I made the burrito bowls, I made yellow rice in the IP, then top it with refried beans chopped up grilled chicken, cheese sour cream and guacamole with lettuce and tomato. We'll have enough for lunch tomorrow.
Around 7 we listen to a live concert from Escapers Drivin and Vibin Kyle and Olivia with there  new baby 9 months old. They are in Alabama with family, he plays a guitar and sings, he does a wonderful job and we really liked listening to the virtual concert, there's about 80 people that we're listening.
Then we watched on HGTV Maine Cabin Masters.
That is about it, Jim went to bed first.

Sunday April 19, 2020

Jim was up first today, and made coffee. We sat for awhile and drank coffe. I had my oatmeal with yogurt and blueberries I put some bacon in the microwave for Jim. He made his own eggs and toast and had breakfast.
After we watched morning news for awhile, I went and took shower did full makeup and everything.
Then I was ready to start a project. I cleaned out dish cabinets and drawers.
Had a good pile of things to get rid of, stuff I never us. Jim stapled down the rubber shelf liner that always moves around. This was my mess as I worked.

This is WHAT I'm getting Rid of.
There is still MORE to do, well I wanted a 43 foot FW.

So tomorrow Jim made the appointment for the truck to get an oil change before we leave to go back to Pennsylvania. 
My quandary is to stay HOME ALONE or to go and get out in the REAL world for a little. Plus we have other errands to do. Get 40 lb LP bottle filled, get wood, find Diet Pepsi, find place to get rid of old TV, go to Yalaha Bakery to get the brochin,  get beer, eat LUNCH out, pizza probably,  get oil change in the truck. I REALLY want to stay HOME, but I REALLY want to get out too. Big decision to make.
I was texting Sue and she said that I should stay, that is the way I'm leaning.
Then we sat down for awhile, I got sleepy,
Then when I woke up, I said I think I WILL  go. Will SEE....
We went outside and I put a free sign on the stuff I want to get rid of. We walked around the block took his outside trash out. 
He sat out in the sun, I went in and made dinner, well only had to heat up the hot ingredients  for burrito bowl leftover from last night, SO good.
Was watching for hours, had on Going RVing, different people trying to find an RV.

Then I mixed up a small batch of peanut butter cookies. Jim is my KITCHEN aide mixer. I put some in the freezer unbaked.
I put a few mini chips on a couple.

We listened to Jerry Gontang play guitar live from San Diego, So good, guitar music two days in row, YEA. We met him there last year when we went to California. He sings funny lyrics playing the guitar.

Watched American Idol. 
Repainted my nails, I filed them a little shorter earlier.
Kept busy fun day.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Had Dinner Delivered

Had Dinner Delivered 

Monday April 13, 2020

I was up first today at 6:30 and made a smoothie later, then I made Jim's big breakfast  of leftover Easter pierogies. It is his favorite breakfast.
Another DAY together and we were good and stayed home. 
I was reading a blog for the last couple Wdays that I'm so behind on. Hi Kathy and Rick. Trying to find out what your RV needs to go back to factory AGAIN. That is so bad you couldn't use it this past winter. Was so shocked to see you in your Apartment. Went back to December 23.
Made a pot of steel cut oatmeal first thing.
I had some pierogies later. I found a few things to do.
Was SOooo hot out today, about 95.
Jim ordered dinner from a restaurant we really like in The Villages, called TOO Jay's
Jim had a burger Reuben combo. I had a turkey burger with bacon, avocado and lettuce and tomato. We both had FF I had sweet potato FF.  I saved half of mine for lunch tomorrow,  Jim didn't, I couldn't talk him into it. We had key lime pie and triple chocolate cake. We shared it, save rest for tomorrow.
Watched The Voice, and bed late.

Tuesday April 14, 2020

I was up first again, always make coffee first and open the blinds. 
Jim was playing with the water heater in the morning to see why it won't work on electric. 
We decided to stay home again today. But probably will go out tomorrow to get a few things. We only have one TP roll left, and a four pack RV rolls for backup.  Also would like to get more spring water, Diet Pepsi and a few other things. I feel like we have a lot of food, but it requires a lot of cooking, not too much instant food as Jim calls it. The fridge is looking quite bare now.
When Jim was outside the other day, the guy we had for a neighbor the first time we were here told him someone was making face mask if we needed one. When he saw him today,  he said there was none left. Today we felt like we should find one to use for when we go out again.
For lunch I had my leftovers from what we order yesterday. Always seams  like it's even better than next day. Our little air fryer goes a great job heating up the french fries, better than they were yesterday.Jim had a sandwich and we finish the rest of the Mini apple pie that I had made for Easter.
Then our big project for the day, Jim went out and dumped both our black tanks. The other day we ran water and measured to see how much water goes in our tanks. Then Jim said we should do it again but with the sink aerator off to get a more accurate reading. So when we did it again, we figured it was 1 and 1/2 gal a minute. So almost 8 gal in 5 minutes We have 2 blacks 39 gal each, and 2 gray tanks, 56 gal each. After we dumped the blacks, he put the back flush on for a bit. When he was finished with that, I set the timer and filled tank with water for 15 minutes for almost 23 gal. I cleaned the pottys and then he dumps it again, I put 5 minutes of water in and the probiotic we put in called Tank Tech RX for RV. It took quite a long time to get it all finished. I forget where we were in the process, as we were doing it. 
I was crocheting a little and got out a book I have on crocheting to learn some new Stitches.
We talked with his Mother. And I was texting Travis alot today.
Later I made chix fingers in the air fryer and heated up some potatoes and made zucchini with onions and spaghetti sauce and cheese.
Jim talked with a friend in Pa and his kids.
They call him Uncle Jimmy.

Wednesday April 15, 2020

Today we were going to go to Wal*Mart in the morning, but we did not get up as early as we wanted to. So we didn't go today. We felt that the shelfs would have been bare if we would go later in the day. Because they were last time we went after 5ish. 
So today we JUST hung out again. It was very hot and humid today, 95. It rained quite a bit today, on and off.
Jim grilled a couple burgers for lunch, we each had half a brioche bun. I made a spaghetti squash in the IP for later tonight.
I worked on my jean purses, and crocheted. Learned how to braid to make handles out of suede strips  I bought.      Worked on my grocery inventory and my list because we definitely want to try to go tomorrow.
I cooked a little turkey burger IP with onions and peppers and a half a bag of ravioli that I had top with some sauce, and add that to the spaghetti squash for our dinner tonight. We had a piece each of chocolate chip zucchini cake that I freeze in individual slices for dessert, with a sliver of pecan pie that also was previously in the freezer.

Thursday April 16, 2020

Today we got up and ready to go. We were not sure what time it was when we got up, the electric went off shortly after we went to bed. it was pouring rain right before we got up. We had a quick breakfast of oatmeal and headed out to Wal*Mart. Jim dropped me off at the door, he parked and went in too with his list. We divide and conquer our lists. They were counting people as they came in and left. I had a huge list. I think we broke a record, We did not shop for any food in 10 days, we could have went longer. I was very surprised I found everything I wanted, except for strawberries, but remembering they are no longer in season here. So I bought some fresh blueberries instead. The only thing I wanted  I couldn't get was two packs of chicken  was only allowed one , and two packs of turkey burger was only allowed one .  And I got one large pack of lean ground hamburger  for Jim. Then I met Jim out at the truck and we loaded up and headed out to find Spring Water. It started to rain a little again. 
After Jim brought everything in, I started to put everything away. I got out both of my IP and made lasagna soup beef for him in the large pot, and I made a turkey one for him in the smaller 1. Jim grilled a couple Costanza hot dogs for us for lunch. Grilled zucchini and a whole bunch of grilled chicken for later meals. Definitely making burrito bowls with some of it. then I made Egg Roll in a bowl in the instant pot. I froze some of both for later travel meals, in 2 weeks we should be heading towards PA. If anything changes with our Thousand Trails reservations we will be mooch docking with a former coworker of Jim's. Thank you Steve. 
 All the bowls are lasagna soup in the back, the plastic ones are the ones I froze. Grilled chicken in the middle, bottom left on the red plate is grilled zucchini and a Costanza Texas hot dog. The best.
The egg roll in a bowl, is still in the IP.

 We shared the rest of the ravioli and spaghetti squash, from last night for lunch. Jim had pre set an appointment with his Mom at the facility she lives in to do a video chat at 1:15. It only lasted 15 minutes went really fast but we did get to see her, and she got to see Jim and I with a nice quick visit Jim took the phone outside to try to show her the area where in in our site.
The rain stopped,  sky cleared yesterday was 95 today is 72 with nice breeze. So nice to be able to have the door open and let fresh air come in and sunshine, makes you feel like a new person.
We also shared one of the large Texas hot dogs from the Costanza's for the rest of our lunch, after the phone call. That's when Jim grilled the chicken and I finished all my cooking and put them in the freezer for travel days.
When we finally got to  write down what we spent for the day,  We probably will break another record for the least amount spent in this month. can't believe we didn't food shop for over 10 days. Yesterday we did get our stimulus checks deposited in our accounts.
 Long time ago I bought two round containers that we're so cute I thought I could use for our granddaughters Easter goodies. I bought a lot of Easter candy on sale at Walmart. So today I put them together for them when we get back. Jim hit the rest of the jelly beans pretty hard.
Then we sat outside for a while. Before we came in for the night. Ate some lasagna soup for dinner.
Worked on more of my craft projects and watch some TV before bed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

If we have to BE anywhere, this is not BAD

If we have to BE anywhere, this is not BAD 

Wildwood, Florida  3 Flags
Thousand Trails 

Thursday April 9, 2020

I was up first this morning at 7:30 a.m. made coffee,  and watched as our neighbors prepared to leave. They left right on time as they said they would at 8:30.
I had some cereal and breakfast cake with coffee. When Jim came down a couple hours later he had the coffee cake also, and a couple of eggs with a small potato for breakfast.
We're trying to remember to keep an eye on the potty upstairs. Yesterday after Flushing, you have to let the foot pedal close hard, cuz it was Dripping and fills up the bowl, must remember to keep an eye on it.
Jim had a call from Lance at his work, they had a nice chat about everything going on. It was good to know he will definitely have work when we get back. He would have work if he was there now. Our plan now is to leave May 1st he booked one night at The Oaks in South Carolina. Arrive at PA Dutch on May 3rd.
It started getting windy as they said it would. So we put the other awning in too.
We had a salad with chicken for lunch.
Not much else on. Had dinner later TV, 
Bed. So exciting...

Friday April 10, 2020

Everyday we talk about going somewhere. We don't need anything, SO we don't go.
Forgot my friday smoothie will do tomorrow. I was up first, I had breakfast the remembered. 
I can find plenty to do around here, I'm never board. Just sad sometimes. This is very weird time.
I made white chix chili and corn bread today.

Saturday April 11, 2020

Did am smoothie today. Didn't  go anywhere. I have so much food in here between the outside counter top height freezer and huge F/F in here and my great pantry I have plenty. Plus I like to say we are trying to cut back on portions, not sure we are doing that well at it. Instead of soup and sandwich at lunch, we do one or the other, so then thats two meals. 
I made french toast with lite bread after smoothie later.
I made us each 1 pork taco with the last of pork we smoked and the pinto beans I made. With slaw mix, sour cream and cheese.
Had rest white chicken chili with corn bread for dinner.
I found plenty to do today, Does sound like I cook ALOT, I do then we will have stuff for a few days.
I have been cutting bags to use to crochet my bags. I took all the knobs off the stove and cleaned behind them. Still looking for my knitting needles never found them yet. Can't believe tomorrow is Easter. I made 8 eggs in the instant pot and made deviled eggs for tomorrow.

Easter Sunday April 12, 2020

Had last of my steel cut oatmeal today, need to make more. 
Can't believe today is Easter.
We did not plan to be back before now. But it's very weird day missing the kids my two granddaughters. And our parents that have passed, So much today.
Jim talked to his mom today. We talked to  Thomas on Facebook.
I made a small apple pie and some apple filled cookie things with extra dough I made.
Jim grilled zucchini planks, and Costanza sausage. I made pierogies in the instant pot,  onions and butter put on top. We ate probably before 3 that's really nice meal. Just sad I couldn't share with anyone here like I LOVE to do.
Jim helped me clean up. He also sat outside a little more after that.  Was about 95 out today. 
We talked to Travis and Mia later after we ate.
Stayed in hot day, ate a salad later for dinner, called it a day.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

MY how things HAVE changed

MY HOW things HAVE changed 

Saturday April 4, 2020

Seems like we're getting up later and later, and staying up at night a lot longer. Didn't go anywhere today, again.
I was up first today, made coffee, we both had oatmeal today, with strawberries and homemade yogurt.
We got into a marathon of Love it, or List It. Something Jim and I both like watching.
 I repainted my nails. And procrastinated on a lot of other things.
 It's very strange to think we have all this time here now. No one's really coming or going for the most part, they are trying to get everyone to just stay put. I had pre-made salads and some chicken,  for lunch.
 I made dinner, I made a chocolate chip cookie bar when it came out of the oven we went for our evening walk. The cows were out again said hi to people as we passed by them on the opposite side of the road. We said hi to the neighbor in front of us as we passed by. She asked if we were leaving on Sunday and we said nope. They're heading back to New York. They're stopping at KOA which apparently are open. Sat outside for a bit, got more meat out of the freezer out front.
 We enjoyed our cookie bar at the end of the day and watch more of our new TV.

Sunday April 5, 2020

I was up first today make coffee. Today it pretty much rained all day. we were going to go get water and a few things. We decided to stay in. Jim ordered subs from Jersey Mike's, they delivered really nice.
 We had a salad for dinner. Jim dumped the tanks between a few rain showers.
We had salad for dinner. Watched a little TV, went to bed late.

Monday April 6, 2020

 Today is Monday morning smoothie day. Today I washed sheets and towels and hung them outside.
Then we had lunch later, we shared the rest of the sub from Jersey Mike's. Then we get ready and went to Winn-Dixie first. Our main goal is to find eggs and Diet Pepsi. No luck there then we went to Aldi's, Publix, Save-A-Lot, Dollar General, and then CVS. No luck on any of them found the rest of the things we needed, we're so focused on eggs we forgot to find some firewood at Publix. We filled up our water jugs too there. We didn't go in all the stores together, the last few I popped in check for eggs and left again, don't judge us. LOL the funny part was there was a lady right in front of us and she kept going into the same stores I did. She was looking for green beans. She found a can but didn't want to wait in the long line at Aldi's. I said this is the longest conversation that I have had with anyone for so long, except Jim, they are not really conversations anymore. LOL. She said she was an RN, and a lot of this is being blown out of proportion. The other year when it was the swine flu, than H1 N1 way more people died during those illnesses then they are now, she said.
Came back I made taco salad for dinner some left over for lunch tomorrow. I made my own refried beans in the IP, not pretty but I thought they were really good, froze some.

Tuesday April 7, 2020

This morning Jim wanted to run to the store and see if he could find eggs in the morning. He thought they might be better stocked then. He went by himself got an Egg McMuffin for breakfast. I ate my oatmeal and yogurt with strawberries here.
He was able to find firewood eggs at two different stores only one dozen each. I want to put some in the IP. Firewood and caulk for the sink, he found some beer somewhere too.
 Later he started a fire. We made a makeshift smoker since we didn't bring ours along. Coming back from our Indiana trips it bounced all over the place and dented the lid.Took it all the way to California and back with no problem.
 So we put this together and smoke the pork loin it turned out really really well.
I made leftover taco salads for lunch, we  ate them outside during the smoking process.
He was out the whole night ended up watching for the super pink moon. He said it never turned pink.
I finally vacuumed, took another rug outside and scrubbed it. Talk to our neighbor again in front of us they leave tomorrow. We talked about instant pots she has one in the RV she never opened. OMG. I made some soup, it was chicken pasta spinach soup in a broth.
We had a small bowl of soup any pork sandwich for dinner. I went for a little walk by myself. Came back took a shower watch some of my TV shows, before Jim came in for the night.

Wednesday April 8, 2020

 Another day of self-isolation in the CG. Today I made a green smoothie that was tropically inspired with coconut mango , fresh  Frozen pineapple and banana. I made Jim a breakfast sandwich, with one leftover burger patty, egg and cheese on wheat toast. 
It was a very warm day. We sat out in the early afternoon for a short time, was too hot, with pollen filled air.
So we decided to watch a movie I had recorded, called The Mountain Between Us. Starred Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, who they keep reporting that he has the Coronavirus. It was a very good movie highly recommended. It was about the two of them in a small airplane, pilot was Jeff Bridges probably his shortest role in a movie. The plane crashes and they show how they had to survive, and falling in love on the mountain. Suspenseful we really both enjoyed it.
For lunch we ate almost all the soup and some sliced pork.
I did two loads of our laundry and hung them outside on the back clothesline. Talked with our neighbor for the last time they're leaving tomorrow morning.
Later we went outside sat for a bit, I got out my new cleaning cloth Jim helped me wash the windows with it using our squeegee and tying the cloth on with clothespins, they do looked a lot better. I folded and brought the laundry in. We sat outside for a while really nice breeze. Jim swept off the back awning really well,  we brought that one in.
He was picking up the twigs that blew out of the tree and put in the fire ring, and it started smoking from leftover Heat from when he smoked the pork loin. He couldn't believe it stayed hot that long.
Jim put the truck in the back of our site because our neighbors we're leaving in the morning at 8:30, we wanted to make it easier on them to pull out.
We went inside I made dinner, which was steamed mixed vegetables, I  heated up pork, we love it so much and I made a big handful of french fries in the air fryer. Still can't get over how good they get in there. We had a little bit of our ice cream leftover, it's really frozen yogurt.
We watched Survivor and a few other things didn't stay up too late tonight.