Sunday, November 4, 2018

40 Days and and a Wake Up Call

October 2018

Last 3 days of October I worked one late shift, and two early. Now we have a lot of things to do to get ready to leave, as Jim says 40 days and a wake up call. As of Sunday November 4th.
Monday I got my oil changed in my car. Keller Brothers comes to pick it up and brings it back all finished.
Saturday Jim worked and after he got home we went down with his friend who has horses here and helped them  a little. Then later after dinner he went and had a few beers with him. I had the evening alone.
When I got up in the morning I made coffee, started breakfast, the whole time I was making it I was watching deer out our back window. When I get a better picture of them I'll post it they come out almost every night or morning. Then I finished and made a zucchini chocolate chip cake and a baked pumpkin oatmeal.
After Jim got home and we had breakfast we went to my mother-in-law's and walked the dog while we waited for her to get home from church. I also had time to clean up the flower pots that we took over before we went to Tennessee. Got rid of all the dead stuff and moved them behind the barn so they're ready for next year's traveling flower beds . Then we took her for Chinese food, I ran in the store and bought Travis a birthday card for Tuesday. went back to the house and our son Travis and granddaughter Mia came over for a visit and his girlfriend and two boys.
When we got home to the fifth wheel we worked on cleaning up some of the outside area. Talked with some of neighbors, only four of us here now counting us . We rearranged some of the rugs outside to cover up the mud. And were weighing items that we are getting rid of to get some weight out of the truck now we have a grand total of 252 lb out.

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