Monday, November 12, 2018

And then there was two

October 5, 2018

Quentin Riding Club

And then there was two. We found out the Riding club that we are staying at it's probably going to be closing down. Seems like everyday somebody else left. The guy in the motorhome in front of us said he was staying all winter. We had talked to him quite a few times. He was using leftover wood laying around to block under the motorhome prepping for the winter. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and I guess when he found out they were closing he was out of here. So now we have a really nice view. And there's only two of us left. Which makes Jim feel a little insecure. We went down to pay our bill, and they told us to hang tight. And there was a chance they could turn the electric off. Which made us really nervous especially if they did that while we were at work. We don't know all the details, but they're trying to run the place with the handful of volunteers. Sounds like they just have a lot of bills they can't pay. So I guess what that means for us is for now we're going to hang tight. The problem is we're waiting for the inverter to be replaced. And until that happens we worry about the refrigerator and freezer we have that would not come on without it should the electric be turned off.

So this week we spend some time getting ready to leave for our trip out west.

Monday November  5th after work I went out to Fredericksburg to the doctor because I had such pain in my hand from the repetitive work I do and heavy lifting with my hands. And both my shoulders hurt too, I guess it was kind of a waste of a trip not much you can really do about that oh well it's always something.

Tuesday November 6th besides being our youngest son's birthday it was election day. Funny thing when we went to vote, when we were leaving the guy in line his name was Walter White which was kind of funny, but you won't get it unless you watched Breaking Bad. And the guy asked him at the polling place if it was funny or pain, he said well it depends on where I am. If you never watched Breaking Bad I feel it is a must-watch show.

Now that it really is so quiet around here we see deer come out almost every night and in the morning when I was making breakfast I looked out and there was four running around frolicking, two young ones, they were really fun to watch. I took some pictures of them but they were really hard to see. But I will keep trying till I get a good shot of them, bad term, picture of them.

So I have done some catalog shopping and found a really nice end table replace one we had temporarily made with two by fours and painted white. It was nice but I was always looking for something better. So I found one I ordered and I picked it up the other day and Jim put it together for me right away. It is very nice and looks a lot better I just had to buy a basket for the bottom.

Twice this week we made a trip to Lowe's Jim bought a gas can gloves and a hand pump for the generator we need to buy. Our last trip was on Saturday when we went to Lowe's Ruby Tuesday's for dinner and then we went to Harbor Freight and finally got our generator. It was such a hard decision for Jim to make, 2 small ones you twin together,   or one bigger one which is heavier but cheaper. So we ultimately went with The Predator 3500 inverter generator. Now we have backup for here if the electric does go off, and to be able to Boondock on our trip out west. Sunday while I was at work he went and bought gas and oil. And when I got home he got it already and we started it up, it was very quiet we can stand right next to it and talk while it was running. It weighs 100 lbs but it does fit nicely under the Tahoe cover on the truck. I think we will be very happy with it.

Thursday night I went to get my nails done and made my last two appointments before we leave. So as of this posting November 12th 2018 we have 33 days and a wake-up call, as Jim says. Speaking of posting somehow I just figured it out on my blog that I can press the microphone button and instead of typing I could talk all my texts and man has that made this so much easier. This is the second time I have done it. Will make it a lot easier when we start traveling again where we want to document something for every day travel.

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  1. Ouch on the riding club. Do they actually give riding lessons? And are they active? The reason I ask is that Terri met a couple who are Doctors. She and Steve have become really friendly with them. The woman (Sylvia) has taken Terri with her to ride. First time Terri rode English. She has rode Western all her life. Now Terri is taking lessons. Wondering if its Quentin. I'll have to remember to ask.