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JULY 2020

JULY. 2020

The Month in REVIEW 

July 1, 153 days till WE leave AGAIN for 
FLORIDA. NOW probably NOT leaving till jan 4.

Friday July 3,  after work we decided to go for a ride to Lancaster. To a Pittsburgh Paint Store, to find the paint that was recommended by friends with a lifestyle to paint the edge of the rubber roof, which has been peeling for a long time. We arrived, the store was closed,  there was a few more close by, they were also closed.
So put off AGAIN for another day.
We wanted to eat out somewhere quick. Came the whole way home went to our favorite pizza place Ci Ci Pizza. Got it to GO. Went home to eat, bed 8:30. Long DAY.


After work TTH had it's first REAL activity,  at least one that we cared about. A Band, someone we know. Steve and Terri. The band is called Famous Remors.
 Of course we drove the golf cart over there, it was at the Pavilion next to the lake. It was a full moon, here is a bad picture of it.  It was a great night we were there from 7 to 10. It was very hot out but Terry and I did line dance a little bit. It was a wonderful Fourth of July and we did meet up with some of our cricket golf cart friends. We Are starting a Club, lol.
At the end there was a patriotic golf cart parade which we jumped in the end and try to keep up, was a lot of fun. We had our little buggy 7 weeks already. Are golf cart friends said they didn't have enough battery power join us, she said the red light flashes when the battery is low, we have not seen that YET.

Monday July 7th 

I met Christine out in  Fort Indiantown Gap at Moose's LZ restaurant we had lunch together.  Although she was having a bloody nose the whole time,  she had a recent procedure that caused that. She Stopped at the hospital on the way home they tried many things to get it to stop. Heard she got home very late that night.
 I was going to take Jim some ribs home for tonight but they only serve them after 4

We actually called Cecilia and FaceTimed with her a little bit. It was nice the three of us being able to talk together again. Some cool pictures as I drove home through the Gap again. 
After I got home we had dinner later. I did bring Jim food from the restaurant. Then we went for our almost nightly golf cart ride. Jim said I DON'T think we are going to make the hill, BACK to H loop. I said RED light is flashing. We stopped at a empty site plug in for a few minutes.
THIS is how we learn. 
Can YOU tell he forgot his phone, I had mine.

July 9th      

Before work I had a phone consultation with a GI nurse about my UC, short version is I have to have another colonoscopy soon.

I worked the rest of week, working alot for casual call.

July 10th 

Friday night Travis wanted us to keep Mia overnight. He had to work late that night. So we planned to meet up at Moose's LZ restaurant again, that way Travis could eat before he went to work, and Jim could get his ribs.  Mia wanted clams, pretty funny for a kid. We took a lot of leftovers home.
       I worked all weekend so Jim was with her a lot, he made her pancakes in the morning they had fun with the mini golf cart, buggy. Travis was planning on coming for dinner Saturday night I made a roasted corn salad, grilled steak, tuna steaks, air fryer potato wedges, cold shrimp, leftover Ribs,   we ended up the three of us having dinner together and I packed up a plate or two and took it to Travis when we dropped off Mia off at Travis's place.  He was telling us all about how he has gotten into golfing.
    Sunday July 12th,  after work I took the buggy down to the pool and had a nice dip, it was the perfect cooling off temperature, we've had 22 days  90 or above here in Pa this month. We are in free electric site in H loop, BUT we are in full sun.     I was talking to an older man from Texas in the pool, NO Jim did not go, he hates the pool, go figure.          

Monday July 13th 

Had the day off. NAIL Day YEA SOooo
Excited to get them done AGAIN.  And so nice to talk with Mary again.
I did a few errands before my appointment at 1. Vacuumed the car, stopped at store. The chicken store was CLOSED, I forgot.
Here Before and After pic. Nails
I found the fake spill I just had to get for Mary, too funny. The rest is my nail stash.
Sunday July 19th,  Moving Day
This DAY should have been a post all on it's own.
We packed up as normal, left 11:30 am, we only have 8 miles to go, from Hershey TT to Pa Dutch TT. We are on the phone with each other. I was first I can tell Jim what is ahead on a few turns that are right when you leave Hershey TT. We probably had less than three miles to go. And Jim said "something just let loose in the truck." My first thought was what does that mean, I guess I said it out loud he said, " I don't know." I looked in the rearview mirror, only could see out of the top half because the golf cart block some of the view. And I saw flames coming from somewhere, at that point I had no idea where. Jim continue to move a little trying to get away from the grassy bank. He pulled over again and when I looked the second time I saw flames shooting out again. Found out later that it was coming from the tailpipe.
At that point we had both pulled over. Turned out I turned off the phone but not the car. Ran back towards Jim and the RV, and Jim was putting out a fire that had started with the second Flames I saw with spring water jugs we had in the truck. I opened the RV door grab the fire extinguisher just inside the door,  used the fire extinguisher on the 1st fire, then ran down and finished it off on the second fire, wanted to make sure there was no hot spots. Someone hollered call 911, so I hollered call 911 also. While all this was going on, a man pulled over with a shovel. he said I don't have a fire extinguisher but I had a shovel. Another couple had stopped and she is the one that called 911. The fire truck came to make sure there was no hot spots. There's a lot of dry grass and very wooded area right up the bank from where we were. A police officer came to keep traffic over and away from us, and a guy stayed next to us with a green vest to keep cars over. The cop called Zimmy's diesel and they came with a rollback and picked up the truck. We called our friends Neil and Nancy who are already in the campground, and luckily home and he came and picked up the fifth wheel, Jim rode along and I followed, he backed us into a really nice Shady spot.
Found out later the cop had bought our first house we sold in Lebanon. 
What a crazy day, but all is well now. Zimmy's  took the truck to our diesel guy in Bethel, Hasslers on Monday. He said he could get to it next week the other place had no openings for 3 weeks unless they took it to Ephrata. The turbo let loose that was what happened. Something Hassler suggested we did a few years ago, but turned out we never did at that time. So as Jim says pay me now or pay me later.

Monday July 20
Today I didn't have to start work until 4 p.m. . Travis called he was playing golf in the area, and stopped in and had lunch with me. That was a nice surprise visit.
This week during our evening golf cart ride there's a lot of wild raspberries that grow around PA Dutch. So we would go on Raspberry picking rides and in a few days ended up with a nice Bowl. Also this is how we've been decorating the golf cart, our youngest granddaughter Mia called it the Flyers buggy.

The end of the month I worked 7 1/2 consecutive days. That was a nice long stretch.
July 28th I had a haircut appointment. Did a few errands before. I thought I knew where it was in Myerstown in an old building that used to be a furniture store called Pinkies. Turned out it was so different looking I drove right by it, had no clue where it was. So of course I do what I always do and call Jim. Told him I was lost shocker, he got me on the right track I was a little late but she was okay with it. My first real haircut probably almost a year I cut it three times myself.

Monday July 29th Jim noticed in the back of the fifth wheel there was water dripping again at the water heater. Turned out the new one was leaking again. What is going on, I guess we got a lemon, so he shut everything down, and now we're back to showering at the pool house bathroom every night. Called  our guy Jim Sycamore and he was just leaving work, he said I'll stop over on my way. He looked at it and we had a nice chat before he left. He said he turned it in under the warranty and now we're waiting again for new one.

There are two fawn's that hang out in the early morning around the area I go into work. Never see the mom around. but I got a good view of them today, here's a bad picture.

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  1. Good lordy girl you had my heart in my throat telling about the fire. I know exactly where you were. There can be a bit of traffic there and lots of wooded areas. Alls well that ends well they say.