Thursday, July 2, 2020

JUNE A little what we have DONE

JUNE A little what we have DONE 

Can't believe it is almost July

JUNE  2020
Cute TT in a yard on my way to work.
They named it Jezebel.

Jim is working 40 hour weeks, VERY hard hot work doing HVAC.  I work 32 hours a week, one of the weeks was a 40 hour week.
We try as much as we can to see my MIL, she can't leave her facility without having to be quarantined when she gets back.

June 4th and 5th Thursday and Friday we had really bad thunder storms with tornado warnings. We were in one of the only loops in Hershey that had Electric. There was  also an issue with the water so that was off, more than it was on, for a few days.  It was very hot out, so we were glad for the electric and the AC, when so many didn't have it. A lot of RVs left early, or moved to a loop that had it.

We're having a lot of fun with the mini golf cart, called a Cricket, we call it Stimulus. 

Here's some red hot pokers we seen during one of our rides and a nice pipe line right of way that you sometimes see deer in.
June 7 we moved to PA Dutch TT, for 2 weeks. We had a nice spot, one  we never had before. There were two full-time families moved in behind us that I watched the one back in they were both in 5th wheels. And it took him half an hour to back his Fifth Wheel in, was kind of a shock when I saw their full-time family sign. They had constant barking dogs and screaming little kids oh, that was not fun, and pretty much annoyed everyone around them. We had talked to some people that we had seen in Florida in a motorhome behind us, they were not to happy with them either. Seems like a lot of weekend people here, empties out a lot for during the week.

Saturday June 13th after I got home from work we went out to Jonestown where we stayed for five days when we first got back to PA. A guy Jim used to work with, Steve his only child graduated college, Chase, so we went out for his graduation party. He is a really nice kid, enjoyed talking with some of his friends. They had some cute little poop cupcakes, not sure why I guess because it was a poopy year to graduate.
Monday June 15th we had a dentist appointment after work. What an exciting day,  go to the dentist, talk to some people and then went to Plaza Azteca our new favorite Mexican restaurant in Myerstown. They had a lot of lovely outdoor seating area, which they expanded with painted picnic tables, lovely shaded area in the back. We both took leftovers home which we pretty much never do, trying to cut back. The food was wonderful and of course Jim had one of these Bulldog margaritas oh, maybe two.

Probably over two months ago our water heater stopped working on electric. One night we went for a golf cart ride. When we got back, I noticed some dripping in the back of the camper under the water heater. After some quick investigation we realized that's where it was coming from. Jim had to quick take a shower and then turn everything off and drain the water heater. First I called the RV place right here next to TT, RV Value Mart, thought since they were right here, I would try them first, But NO, but they said they were booked up till July 3rd. So I called Sycamore Hill RV, and he was able to order one, he already had all of extended warranty information, and we made plans for him to come on June 18th, I had to work a later shift, I left right before they were finished. They are so busy, but they got it done, as usual they did a great job. Jim passed them on his way home as they were leaving the park. He did tell me we need to clean it out 2 or 3 times a year, they rust out and leak when they get all the gunk in them, like this weird jelly stuff. Once a year when you change the Anode rod is not enough when you are full time.The fortunate thing was they had just opened the pool here, although it's very cold, and they had the bath house open right next to it. So about four or five nights we were able to jump in the golf cart after work and go down shower at the bathhouse at the pool. We were very lucky it was available, and the golf cart made it so much easier.

For the fun of it I decided to count how many days until we leave for Florida AGAIN, if we leave when planned December 17th. Just in time to get a second dental cleaning, they have to be 6 months apart, so we'll just make it. Turned out to be a 180 days on Saturday. I usually start the countdown when it's a little over 200 days, Jim couldn't believe it was that soon.
Saturday June 20th is also our oldest granddaughters Sarah's  13th birthday. They had a little family get-together at Thomas's house on Sunday. Which also turned out to be moving day back to TTH. So we moved, will be here for a month we bought an extra week. We started a new thing where we move the work van first and then go get the RV. Makes it so much easier, can't believe we never thought of that before. We got a really nice site in lower H Loop, which has the free electric, so we won't have a big electric bill for the month. Any where else in the park you pay $3. A day for 50 amp electric. 

We had a nice visit with Thomas, and Kerri  on Sarah's birthday. We had a small piece of ice cream cake and we talked about many different things, of course food is always brought up, and we talked about some of our favorite restaurants we were looking forward to going to, even though it's a little different now doing that. We talked about the Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaurant, and Kerri said why don't we go now. So we all piled into the car and headed over there and had a wonderful dinner together, our treat, Something my parents would have done, NOW we do it.  I said it was a great idea let's just go now. Thomas and I both had my favorite burrito bowls, I also took some home for the next day. I took Thomas lunch for the next day, too a few days ago Jim had smoked another pork loin, I finally found one on sale at the little store up the road called Hilltop Acres. He also showed us a motorcycle he bought.

Here was a really cool wood carved bench I pass on my way to work everyday, Someone just added it to their flower bed out front of their house. My brother Drew is a wood carver, that's why It caught my attention.
Thursday June 25th I had to drop my car off at the Ford dealer to get it inspected. Also wanted to check the engine light it's always on, goes off every now and then. Of course when we dropped it off the light was off and they couldn't do anything about it. I did have to work on Friday so I actually drove the truck to work, for the first time. It was really fun. The head boss for the housekeeper's he said how cool it was and it puts his truck to shame, was kind of funny. I expected to leave it there and pick it up Monday after Jim got home from work because I have off, but they called Friday and said it was finished. It was only $104. not bad, really like my Ford Escape 2011 probably be my last car for a long time. I feel like I won't really need it once I retire, whenever that is.

The early morning's on my way to work this is who I see at 5:45 am at the gate at the guard shack.

Saturday June 25, after work in the early evening Jim took our buggy over to see two guys that were  our neighbors over at PA Dutch. He was looking to put new AC in his house, Jim was taking over his card. I didn't feel like going for a ride then but when 8:45 rolled around it was time for the Hershey howl. For a few minutes everyone in the park howls like a wolf oh, it's pretty funny. Got some GREAT sunset shots, one with the sun reflected off the FW.  Right after that Jim came back so I jumped on the buggy with him for a late night ride. It was a lot of fun.

 Sunday June 28th Jim has the weekend off but I worked. And I gave him a text to say hi on a quick break and he said the upstairs toilet just broke. I said WHAT, hard to get the details out of him, but the foot flush pedal snapped off in the back. We were having problems with it for a while, the flap wasn't sealing and the water would run. Flooded upstairs once not too bad, but it did make the basement hole wet in the front. An one day when we were moving, I said I want to quick  run up and go to the bathroom before we put the slide in upstairs, and I sat down quick, in a big full bowl of water, that was about to flood over. We were so fortunate we saw that before we moved. so between the pedal breaking,  and not sealing properly. Jim got on line with Camping World to see if they had one. so I left work 15 minutes early, they close at 4 so we had enough time to run up to Harrisburg to get a new one. we had a big discussion over the color of white and Bone. We replaced it with the original bone color which he said was different than the one we had, if it was it was not by much. I said since we're all the way up here we might as well go to Sam's Club. I think I remembered everything we needed there.  Then we drove to our favorite Sub Shop Bartolo's and got two large Italian subs. our favorite they are the BEST ever. They make their own bread and it's fabulous, Jim ate 3/4 of 1 and I had a half so I had a small piece for lunch the next day and he had a half to take with him. When  we got back he installed the new toilet right away, such a great talented guy I have.  Then we went for a golf cart ride and say hi to our friends that moved in today, Neil and Nancy over in B Loop. What a great day.

So Monday June 29th I had off and it's grass cutting day here at TTH, it's fun to watch someone else cut it, although I never did it just glad Jim doesn't have to. I got a lot of laundry done hung it all outside, and when the guy was cutting and drove by I offered him a water bottle, which he took with a big smile on his face he said it's almost too cold, I said It won't last for long. He thanked me. Very hot and humid day a beautiful day, but GREAT  to dry laundry in central Pennsylvania.

Tomorrow June 30th is Jim and I  36th wedding anniversary. We plan to go to another one of our favorite restaurants that we did not go to yet since we've been back, the Quentin Tavern they have a lovely outdoor deck,  they expanded I hear, which we've never been on really looking forward to it.  After I got off from work, I went to the bank for my MIL. Then I went to Redners for her and got her groceries. I dropped them off at her place. She met me at the door, said a quick hello gave her the change. Then I went back to the FW,  got ready, was tired,  had a VERY busy day at work,  but I  was so looking forward to it. 
My sweet hubby had these for me when he got home.
  Side View of Quentin Tavern, beautiful old building 
Cool OLD truck someone arrived in.  You can see part of the side deck here.
         Beautiful OLD tree, we sat under.

                                         My SWEET hubby


  1. Oh yes, I've sat on that deck a few times.

    The first time we needed to replace to anode rod we had no idea what was wrong. Took Lens brother who is NOT an rver to tell us.

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