Saturday, December 1, 2018

Travel preparations continue.

Travel preparations continue.
The last time I made a post I was supposed to have off Tuesday and Wednesday and I went to work on Monday 8 to 4 and the girl that works full time 8 to 4 also showed up. She travels a good distance to get to work, so I suggested I just go back home. So that is what I did. I ended up having three days in a row off. Was very nice I got a lot of things done.
We have a long list of things that need to get done. Jim had blood work done. I said an appointment for a mammogram. Jim took a load of things to store to his mother's house for the winter. I've been cooking a lot of what I call Travel food and putting in the freezer.
I made an appointment for next year to get both of our dental cleanings done ,  right before we start work again .  Also I went and got a very expensive haircut. Which I did not like, too long on the top and sides. I wanted to go shorter like it was 5 months ago. It will be a lot easier to manage using minimal water when we travel, and Boondock in Arizona. So I called the stylist and ask her if she could take a little more off. So I went back a week later, and now it's really short, but it'll work. We took the truck to Hassler diesel in Bethel to have brake work done and whatever else they did to it, Jim would have to explain that.
It is a pretty good drive from where we are now. We dropped it off and I have a nail appointment really close to it. So we coordinated my nail appointment with the picking up the truck. We did find out the writing Club was closing. We are the last ones here, has been a few weeks since the last person left so we're here all alone. We sit on a piece of property 46 Acres it's beautiful, deer come out at night, 4 of them.

Jim's friend has four horses here so we watch them in the pasture down below.
It is pretty quiet here  all though 72  is not too far away .  The weird thing is  the way the traffic sounds  a lot of times it sounds like cars are actually pulling in here , but they're not . We will miss it here we will be leaving on Friday November 30th heading to lickdale  KOA Campground. We will be there 2 weeks, very expensive but what are you going to do. Our friends we met in Florida are coming down from New York we're hoping they stop for a night or two and we can visit. It's been pretty cold and windy, one day it did get 55 degrees but I was at work most the day. This Sunday supposed to be almost 60 and I have off the weekend, hoping to get more things done. So as of now it is 16 days and a wake up call.


  1. Know what it's like to get ready to hit the road.
    Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thanks I read yours too. Hope we can meet when we get out West.