Tuesday, May 12, 2020

First week back, alot of errands

First week back, a lot of errands
Friends Driveway in Jonestown Pa

May 5, 2020

Jim got up first this morning. When I came down a little later. We had breakfast and Jim said his boss wanted to see if he could work a few hours today too. He was planning to just work Wed and Thurs. So he said SURE. He left at 9:30 working till lunch. Came back here with me, we shared our sub we got yesterday. They called when he was really and Jim went back to help the guy finish, he was pulling a well pump, 225 feet deep. Was sore when he got home at 5.
While he was gone I made him California date nut balls for his lunchs. 
We had planned on doing some more errands before he got called in. That's OK we can do it later. I had a GREAT day to recharge. 
After he left again I did alot of little things. I washed a load in there washer to save gray water in here. Not hooked up to sewer, they will use a 55 gal blue boy to dump it Thurs night before we leave Friday am, so we don't have to drag it along. I hung the clothes outside on her clothes line. Glad she likes doing that too. They did dry, took all day. This week cool in the low 50's all this week. Was very sunny most the day. Had the door open all day, had to close windows in the afternoon was just a little to much. 
I walked out to there mail box, put in some outgoing mail. And took a picture of what the skid plate did to there driveway at the entrance as he pushed FW up hill. Jim said he would rather not do IT AGAIN. But after we were settled in, REALLY nice here.  So quite here. You can't even see our FW from the road when you drive by, we are so far back in. They have a huge lilac bush, I picked a few. Flowers are just starting to open here.
I was bring the clothes in when Jim got home at 5.
I made a quick dinner in the IP, turkey burger with cheesey pasta and veggies.
Then we went to Bernville to get our new T-Mobile hot spot. Old one died over a month ago, luckly we had a Verizon  one to hold us over till NOW, it doesn't work quite as well. Was a nice country drive, was home before dark.
We had a microwave smore for dessert. Watched little TV before bed, Jim went around 10ish a little later for getting up for work early.
Was a nice day in Pa just a little cooler then we like.

Wednesday May 6, 2020

I heard Jim get up, get ready for work, he left about 6:30 am. Then I relaxed, I was awake, didn't get up till right before 8. Jumped in shower first thing. Had my coffee and The Today Show. I'm making dinner for the four of us tonight. Unfried chicken, spinach bacon onion mashed potatoes,  green beans, chocolate chip zucchini cake.
First I made the cake. Had a long talk today with Nancy, Mary my nail lady friend, shes not open YET,  her hubby works on our computer, that's  what he does. I filed my nails short again today, it takes SO long to do.
I talked to Vonda from work she wanted me to work Monday too, I said I would, that's why we come back, work see kids and my MIL.
I put the chicken on a sheet pan, made in her oven. I made mashed potatoes in the IP. I was cooking away when Jim got home. At 5 we took everything OVER and had a wonderful dinner together.  Spent 2 hours chatting we cleaned up and went home. I had a mess to clean up yet from cooking and made Jim lunch for tomorrow, that all took 45 minutes. Jim got the smoker out of the truck we are going to use it tomorrow. Steve had an outdoor wood burner, always has hot coals like my brother does too. Can use it spur of moment. Like outside  crock pot.
Was cold and raining all day. Had heat pump on all day and night. OH Pennsylvania weather NOT good.
We watched Survivor before Jim went to bed.

Thursday May 7, 2020

Today I was home ALONE while Jim went to WORK. Was wonderful day.
When Steve got home he put coals in the smoker from his wood burner. I put the pork on with Emerald Lagasse seasoning. It was on for an hour and 45 minutes. Jim got home right after we put it on. We had a wonderful dinner together with Steve and Katrina, we set out on their back deck.  I took my IP over and we made corn in the cob in that. I had sliced the pork loin I had pinto beans, made cornbread, applesauce I made.  She had got the corn, coleslaw and really good buns from a local store for sandwiches. I had paleo chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour for dessert. Was a wonderful meal they have been fantastic hosts, we thank them so much for their hospitality and everything.
We cleaned everything up and went back to the RV and got situated. They had dumped the coals from the smoker in their fire ring and started a nice fire, we ended up sitting out there for a while and chatting.  They plan on going full-time in a few years it was fun to talk about with them.
Later we went back get ready for the next day, we would be moving to PA Dutch Thousand Trails. We both hate to leave as it's so beautiful here. Jim put all the hoses away and they dumped the grey tanks after dinner we rationed pretty well.

Friday May 8, 2020

We both woke up pretty early today as we usually do on moving day. We packed up and left just after 8:30 a.m. they were open at 9 am.  No one was around Steve had already left for work. Jim  picked me some more lilacs from their huge bush. We did something we never did before, drove right through Lebanon, as it's the shortest route to PA Dutch. I think we were the third RV here. We got one of our favorite sites, we have not had it since we got this fifth wheel. Only had it once before in our small FW. The bad part is it's been so cold always having the heat on is it pain in May. We got situated and we had a lot of errands to run.
We went and picked up my car with Travis, he was at his friends that just bought a house. We got a quick tour, and got to give him his food I had packed up for him go ahead cooked. We dropped the bread off at his mother's place next. Then I ran into the country view store really quick.
I went into work for an hour to get updates on procedural changes. Well I got back we went to get Jim's work van. 
Came back had dinner, chill rest of the evening.
Our site at Pa Dutch TT 

My first real work weekend. Saturday and Sunday May 9th and 10th

I work both days from 11:30 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. Jim normally would be going to see his mom and maybe some errands, but with everything going on he stayed put. He had sent his mom early flowers for Mother's Day had her a citrus basket sent from Florida. So he called her but just stayed in this weekend. 
Saturday morning we woke up to THiS,  
SNOW, picture of it on the Tahoe cover.
Sunday he ran and got a few groceries while I was at work.
This was Mother's Day weekend, not a very good one for me, I got a quick text from the boys that's about it, kind of a sad one.
Work did go well was tired but not as bad as I thought it could have been. at home just before 8.


  1. I miss lilacs. I never see any around here. Thinking I need to check it out to find if they grow well here. WAIT! What am I thinking. We just paid to have 12 trees taken out so do I really want to plant something?

    Cool weather and snow. What a lovely welcome back.