Saturday, May 23, 2020

Week In Review

Week in Review

May 11, to 20 2020

We are both back to work. Jim is full time, I am casual call. Which is just under part-time hours in a week.
Saturday and Sunday I had off the 16th and 17th. Jim and I got in the truck and made a trip to West Virginia, 2 hours away to pick up our new toy. A mini golf cart called cricket. I found the lady driving it in Florida at Wauchula Peace River Thousand Trails. I said it was so cute she asked me if I wanted to buy it. and so we did. We've been emailing since we met planning when we could get back and be able to come pick it up. We stopped at a rest area before we got to their house, they had beautiful irises blooming. Some guy from there started talking to me while I was waiting for Jim to come out of the bathroom. He said you want to see something cool. He pointed out a tree stump full of termite. There was a couple birds with nests right next to it and they were gorging on them and feeding their babies.
 So we went to their house to pick up the cricket was in a beautiful gated community they have 8 Acres and the house is for sale if you're interested. Her husband came out he was recovering from being sick, he was sick, NOW recovering and she was sick now, so we never got to see her.I did ask if it was CV-19, he said NO. He had a mask on and so did the both of us. 
 We spend a lot of time looking at the cricket and learning how it all goes together. It all breaks down into a small package for travel. We just bought ramps the day before at Harbor Freight to get it up into the truck. It only weighs 303 lb, super cute. We spent a good hour there. We headed out around noon found a place on the way home to grab a quick lunch. Stopped at a Papa John's for there really good sandwich they have called Papa Diaz. Don't think that's spelled right. I think we stopped going through Carlisle. Got back to the campground and took the golf cart out down where Jim Parks his van, there's a little bit of a hill so it made it a little bit leveler. I drove it back to the campsite. later we took it for a good drive stopped and said hi to Neil and Nancy. then we ended up putting it in the back of my car. tomorrow is travel day to Hershey Thousand Trails 8 Miles Away. fit in the back of my car perfect. I said when we unload it will look like my car is giving birth.

Sunday May 17, 2020

We arrived in TTH. Got a big site we like towards the back. We got to see  ranger Kathy we last saw in Florida at TTO. She got us a GREAT site there. She is SO nice, she said she gets so excited when she sees people she knows.
We got set up, got the Cricket out, had quick lunch. We went shopping for his Mom and us. Picked up some Chinese food next door to Redner's. Dropped off his mom's groceries and some Chinese for her. We had to get spring water up the road. Then back to the RV, had our food put all the groceries away. Had to get everything done today because I was asked to work for someone. That I couldn't say no to, she worked all winter so hard plus I got more hours so I was working Monday the 18th for her. So we got a lot done today. Nice to be back in Hershey.


  1. The cricket looks like a nice setup that will help you around the park.
    We had considered one years ago but decided on getting a Tandem Bicycle instead to keep us fit.
    Be Safe and Enjoy this lovely weather.

    It's about time.

  2. That is such a cute for buggy. You will really enjoy it. It will cut down your walking time around a campground and free you up for more talking time.