Friday, June 5, 2020

Cold Pennsylvania May

Cold Pennsylvania May 

May 18, 2020

First week we got to Hershey we pretty much just went to work. We drive our mini golf cart in the evenings after dinner. We named it Stimulus. 
Some of the things that we saw on one of our evening drives.
We dropped off things with my mother-in-law, couple times a week and say Hi. She's ready to go somewhere, anywhere. We asked her where she wants to go for lunch, when she can finally leave, she said, Somewhere far, far away. She is So funny. She's only 6 miles from the CG here in Hershey. 
We bought a rain cover for our little buggy, as we sometimes call it.  It gets alot of attention, it is So cute, guess alot of people never saw one. Had to keep sides down alot, so cold here after dinner. Pennsylvania, REALLY, I'm over it.

Jim also spent some time with his friend on the weekend I worked,  and he got a load of wood. I got my flower pots too.

Monday May 25, 2020

Memorial Day

We both had off today. Didn't go anywhere all day. Jim got out the smoker then we smoked two chickens, a little pork loin, last a tuna steak.
During the cooking we had a quick visit from another Pa guy we were in 3 Flags TT with Dan and his dog Molly.
 When they were finished be cleaned off all the meat from the bones. I put the bones in the IP, made two kinds of soup. First I made creamy chicken corn chowder, and smoked chicken beans and rice soup. Froze some of it, it was pretty fabulous. Now we have enough food for the coming week, or longer.

Over the weekend I got a message on Facebook from a longtime friend we used to line dance with. Sally and Joe Templin, they were planning on coming to TT Hershey for a couple nights in there MH.
I saw them come in Tuesday afternoon, got to say hi, but then I had to leave for work. They had their eight-year-old grandson with them. Wednesday night we had a fire and they joined us, they made some s'mores with there grandson, as we all got to chat and catch up.
They left some time Thursday morning after I had left for work at 11.

Saturday May 30, 2020

We both had off this weekend, Jim always has off weekends, he does work an occasional Saturday here and there. But I usually work every other, even though I'm not full time now.
Today we went shopping for a few things for his mother, dropped them off. Got to stand outside and chat a little bit. Made plans with her for tomorrow. Then we bought some groceries at Walmart for us, and a few other Walmart necessities. I bought a new larger frying pan for my induction burner. Used it once so far pretty nice. Then we went out to our oldest son Thomas. I still had an Easter treat for Sarah which we took a long. He bought pizza so we had pizza together. His wife was a little cautious, suggested to us to washed our hands when we came in. We had a wonderful visit so nice chatting with them face to face. We didn't leave till about 7:30, stayed a little longer than we planned, it was just so nice to see everyone. I got to go in my granddaughter's bedroom and see her new poster she made, a collage of her new crush, maybe her first crush, of Harry Styles. wish I would have gotten a picture. I was trying to think who I liked when I was 13. She'll be having a birthday next month. Guess the answer to that is Donny Osmond, don't think who I liked was so much older then I was though. Harry is 26 my GD is 13.
We headed home for the rest of the evening, what a wonderful day.

Sunday May 31, 2020

Can't believe tomorrow is June. Today we went to get a sub to share for lunch and a weird version of a chef salad for my MIL. She did not want the traditional chef salad ingredients, and wanted us to add mushrooms. We sat outside her building on two lovely benches. It was a beautiful day it was getting very hot for me in the sun till we left. Found out later she walked back to her room,  the chef salad on top of her walker seat and when she went through the door most of it hit the floor. She was also carrying eggs and bananas, that we picked up for her. After we left we went back to the FW for the rest of the evening. Jim made a fire but it was so cold I did not stay out very long. But I did come out at 9:45 to watch the ISS go over head. It went right over the camper, looks like a giant star moving in the night. Asked  my phone and found out it goes 4 miles in a second, that is crazy fast, think Jim figure it out 17000 miles a second.
Stayed up a little later than we wanted to but it was worth it. We both had to get up early tomorrow for work. The rest of the week we pretty much just worked came home took a golf cart ride after dinner.
It's fun when we drive around and stop and chat with people for a few minutes. One day the first week of June we stopped to  talk to our friends Neil and Nancy, as they had a fire. Then we drove a little farther and said hi to our friends Mike and Candy that came in, who also have a Lifestyle FW from Chambersburg. Then we drove and saw people line dancing at their RV and I realized it was people we danced with in Orlando, Wanda and Jack,  we went and said hi to them that was really fun. They said they've been dancing everyday but one since they left their. And it was all new to them before this trip. Great catching up with them.

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  1. There are times I miss the socializing of RVing. Can't do much socializing here during these times. Neighbor and wife up the road came here last Sunday.

    I invited them. Had to. I hit that water spigot for the RV sites with the lawn mower. Broke it. Had a flood. Called neighbors as Len can't dig or get down on ground to fix it. One way to get visitors.

    I ran over the spigot with lawn mower two years ago and had a gushing water event. It was then that Leonard raised it and put a 4x4 next to it so that I would miss hitting it. Well, I showed him. I didn't miss it this time.