Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thomas's Birthday

January 9, 2018

Up early, today is our oldest son, Thomas birthday.Wished him a happy birthday.

Made smoothies then we walked for an hour. Then we went to the club house, or what ever they call it here. We line danced for 2 hours. It was so fun. Jim and I used to dance 3 times a week for hours and hours, when there were a lot more places to go. We used to go to TN and dance on the TV show called Club Dance if you  remember that show a long time ago.

We came home to our lovely house on wheels, as Jim calls it. We had lunch in. I made salad with tuna.
Then we made a trip to Lowe's and seams like our 100 th trip to Wal*Mart already, and filled up with diesel. Made dinner, relaxed the rest of the night.

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