Thursday, January 11, 2018

Line Dancing and big check

Got up at 8:00 just had a greek yogurt. Went up and did line dancing. It is so fun. Met some people from Lebanon area, I had a t-shirt on of a local CG they recognized the name on it.

Jim got a new phone and the first time we had our mail forwarded, somewhere, anywhere. So cool, the good part we received a check for over payment of mortgage, we were not expecting. nice surprise for our first mail forward. Yes, we did sell our house.

Went home with mail and new phone for Jim to play with, and had lunch. Went for an hour walk, then when to see an open house of 2 park models for sale we thought would be great for his mom.

I made a chicken vegs soup from our smoke chickens the other night, and Paleo banana muffins. I freeze them and get them out for eggs with breakfast.

Sat outside,  had soup and salad for dinner it rained a little. Watched TV and read, talked with a friend back in PA. Then soon time for bed.

Friday January 12, 2018

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