Monday, January 8, 2018

RV Washing day

Monday January 8, 2018

Had breakfast, went for about and hour walk.
Getting RV washed today, it is so dirty with road salt, is driving us crazy, can't wait to see it clean. We had an appointment for him to come at 1:00. It was only one guy. Really nice young kid. Of course he has water with him that was treated so it would not leave spots. He had all the right tools with him that made the job a lot easier. Jim would have killed himself to try to get it all washed. He did a great job, he wiped it all down too. He also washed the truck he was here at least 2 hours. All for $100.00 and when he does it again before we leave Florida it will be $50.00. company is Williams:Unusual Detailing we highly recommend if you are in Orlando area.
We went to Publix when he left. Came back had dinner relaxed. Long hard day getting RV washed.

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