Thursday, February 1, 2018


Wednesday January 3, 2018

When we woke up about 8 am it started sleeting. Then we got 4 inches of snow. We did not go anywhere. I made a new recipe I found of Paleo sandwich bread. Was really good. Just watched it snow, It is following us.

Thursday January 4, 2018

Was a hard decision to make, but we decided to stay another day. We had to make sure it was ok here. We drove out to check the roads not moving very fast. Was icy that it how it started then snow on top. We didn't want to get into that. We got some water at the gas station then went back.
 No one was moving today, not something they see here very often in South Carolina. Walked around talked with other people they were staying too. I called our next two reservation and pushed them both back a day. Made a great dinner we just relaxed, have to go with the flow in this full-time lifestyle.
We saw people cleaning off the roof and slides was warn out, a lot of melting today, we did not.

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