Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Prep with Grandaughter

Saturday March 31, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Jim was up first today. I made a smoothie and I had a yogurt later. We both had a few hard boiled eggs too. I washed the sheets, 
we put more stuff away. Jim brought stuff in from my car to get that in order so we could use the back seat. Jim drained the holding tanks and I filled and drained both black tanks to clean them. I added a new treatment we got at Lazydays.  Jim grilled some chicken for salads, I made a few we had a salad. I made a kringler for Easter tomorrow. We got ready and went to pick up Amelia AKA Mia. And Travis our youngest son. We dropped Travis at work and took Mia with us. We drove past our old house, said Hi to our former neighbor Mary, she is such a good neighbor. They got another horse and she had the flower beds looking great.

Took Mia over to Redners food shopping, I needed a few things for tomorrow yet. She had fun doing that.

We went to my MIL and had a nice visit Mia likes  playing with her dog. We didn't stay to long we had a lot to do for tomorrow.

Mia and I colored 2 and half dozen eggs. We made peanut butter eggs and nut clusters. I made a cake she cracks the eggs and stirs
for me. I made the topping will put together tomorrow. We made a frozen pizza and had some chicken that Jim grilled earlier. The camper never looks the same when you have a child running around in here. She is so fun, in the car she said I missed you. So sweet. She had fun playing with Jim. She loves helping in the kitchen, she stuck with me with everything I made.

I took a break took a shower and helped her get ready for bed. Jim and I made he bed together. We tucked her in put on a kid show. I started to make a baby blanket. She was out, Jim had went up to bed and I watched the news, and went to bed myself, fun night with our little one.

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