Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Snow again in Pennsylvania

Monday April 2, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Woke up to another 4 inches of snow this AM, great. The news/weather here today, said if we get about one more inch of snow this spring, there will we more snow that fell in the spring then this winter. That's just great, well at least we missed most of it.

We had smoothies this AM. We decided to just stay in today and not go any where, we knew the snow was coming. We had leftover from yesterday. I made pierogis with ham and eggs for lunch, we had some cake I made too. I forgot to take pictures of all of it too, with everything that was going on, darn.

My boss from work texted me and said she heard we were back and wondered if I could come back a little earlier. I said sure, was not quite ready, but I want to help as much as I can, a BIG part of me really did miss my work. Jim talked to his boss too today. Getting ready to be back too.

I watched the movie Girl on The Train I had recorded, Jim was not into it. I read the book first was good, very intense. I worked on the baby blanket. I wash towels and washcloths. not much else. Just listen to snow melt off roof all day.

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