Monday, April 9, 2018

Our last week-end before work reality

Saturday April 7, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

When we got up we chilled, I made smoothie. Watched my morning shows. We had pre-made salads for lunch. I had a nail appointment at 1:30, all the way out where we used to live. It took about 40 minutes to get there. Trying something different. Want to keep nails short, used gel polish have to put under light, no drying time. Last about 3 week, I hate that long drive, we will see. It was fun to talk with her and her hubby, she looks great. Have to get a picture next time. She has her shop at her house, above detached garage and his business in downstairs with computers.

When I left and when to the Redners ( food store near old house)
there is one near TTH too. Just a little food shopping alone, only need a few things. Then I filled the car up with gas. And then headed home, another long drive:(  Did I ever say I don't really like to driving.

When I got home I brought everything in. Jim was not here. He sent me a text that he was helping them here put in a new water heater at QRC. I put everything away, and relaxed alone. He got home about 1 and 1/2 hours later. He took a quick shower and I cooked some zucchini and onions topped with tomato sauce and cheese.  I also bought a Boston Cream Pie for dessert. We were invited to go for dinner at a  good friend/co-worker of Jims. They helped us a lot with getting our house ready to sell. They are keeping some of our stuff, they have my 2 saddles. And there daughters  love horses, there youngest has a lot of my horse decorations in her bedroom, I should have thought to get some pictures. So we packed up the food and went over there, they live close. They were grilling pork chops when we got there at 5:30, they had a great fire going, smells so good. Jim will be helping him soon to get our firewood for the season. We ate about 7ish and had dessert. The guys were having a few beers, so Jim stayed to finish there party of two, I went home. Watched TV and crocheted a little.

Sunday April 8, 2018

I woke up alone, made my own coffee, not to bad if I must say so. Watched my morning shows and more crocheting. I made some eggs and zucchini and onion from last night. Jim arrived after 10 AM we had a cup of coffee together. We sat around for a bit. 

Then we went to the Boscov's Mall so Jim could get his pre-work hair cut. It was really long, I did like it a lot long, but I must say I do like the short cut too. I walked around looked at what ever I wanted to on my own time. Then he was finished, I pretended that I didn't even know him when he walked by. We did a lap around together and looked at some of his stuff. Here are before and after pictures of the hair cut.

Then we were  ready and went for lunch. Wanted to go to Hoss's when we got there the lobby was full. So we said lets go to  our favorite sub place, Bartolo's in Palmyra, it is in front of old Redners that is now a church, not sure how that works. I think it looks funny, anyway. We ate in  the car, had pepsi  in the car, they have coke not a fan, plus it makes it a lot less expensive meal. Then we went to the spring water place and filled our jugs again.  It is very close to TTH we pulled in to look, and see if anyone was around, no one was. There was a trailer and a car in the over flow space with no one around. We just can't wait to get there. Then we drove around a little. We went home after all that.

Jim was out talking with the young guy behind us, he was doing some projects outside. Jim said the wind died down so he could grill now. He grilled chicken and I made a different kind in the oven for dinner now. The grilled chicken was for his work salads. I made more chicken and yellow rice in the Instant 
Pot for dinner tomorrow. Washed up a lot of dishes and made his salad lunch for tomorrow. Watched Idol and blogged got ready for work tomorrow.

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