Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Happy Easter

Sunday April 1, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Happy Easter to everyone. Today would have been my Mothers birthday, if she was still with us. Think of her everyday, I feel like a part of us went to Florida for her, she loved it so much too.

We had a great night with Mia, she was so fun. She was such a big help with all the Easter prep. She woke up about 6:30 and said she heard something outside, I told her it probably was the heater running and go back to bed and cover up. She did just that, Jim got up later and made coffee had the TV on she did not get up till about 8:30. I got up when I heard her. We had smoothies, she had a little. She did not drink as much as she did last time. I made her 3 blueberry pancakes, she only ate about half of that too.

I did more prep for our meal today. Jim cut the ham, I sliced the sausage and put icing on the kringler, top with sliced almond. A few more things that are probably just as boring to read about. We packed everything up in the car and left. Jim dropped Mia and I off at Thomas's house, then he went to pick up my MIL and then Travis. I had everything just about ready when they arrived. Kerri and Thomas were helping. We ate shortly after, was nice. We cleaned up. They watched a little of the Flyers game. I packed up my stuff and we all got in my MIL car. Jim left my car at her house. We dropped off Travis and Mia then my MIL. Then we went home, was nice to be back and relax, that was a lot of work.

We watched some TV. Later we had salads with a little chicken and a leftover grilled turkey burger. I had some leftover  baby yarn I got in Florida and never did anything with it, was a varied blue color. I started a baby blanket. One young guy that is here just had his second child, he helped us so much the day we arrived when we were stuck. I wanted to make it for them. Worked on it for a while when TV was on, and called it a day.

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