Sunday, April 22, 2018

Guess you could say Back to Real Life

Monday April 9, 2018

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

I'm only going to post about once a week now that we are back to work.  May I just say that I'm so happy to be back at work. Not that I didn't LOVE our time away, BUT I really do enjoy what I do, and I'm so blessed to have this job in our life together, and all that it gives to me, and us, in this our new Lifestyle.

So today was Jim's first day back. I worked a day and a half last week. I worked today too. My schedule is a little different then it was before. I work every other weekend, and every other Tuesday and Wednesdays off.  Sounds funny but not really used to working 5 days in a row, all good though. So after work today we had to deal with more snow. Stayed home and had leftover chicken and yellow rice.

Tuesday April 10, 2018

Good day at work, and after we had an appointment to get our taxes
done. We talked with our tax guy about how we can do it next year so we do not have to come back so early. Came home and had some leftover, which I love.

Wednesday April 11, 2018

Today is one year since we moved into our new home which we love. We started working on the house to sell, and we went to Michigan in January to bring our new FW home. To cold to do anything with it. But I said this will be the day we move in.

Today I had off I watched my Today Show drank my coffee and relaxed, such a nice day.  Washed 4 load cloths, cleaned a little and when Jim got home we grilled Tuna Steaks and green beans and a mix veggie.

I was texting Sue and Tony about them coming to our area tomorrow, so looking forward to seeing them. We met them at Lazydays in Florida. I made Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies for Sue and Tony tomorrow.

Thursday April 12, 2018

So after work, we got ready and went to Hershey Park Campground Formerly Hershey High Meadows CG, to meet up with Sue and Tony. We were never there before, was not as nice as you think "Hershey" Park  CG would be. We gave them the cookies, and we all jumped in our car, which they never saw it before, we left it in Pa at my MIL house. We went to Grantville Holiday Inn. We had dinner there, Jim and I were able to line dance a little. We talked they had a live band, and we introduced them to some of our friends that were there. We were talking about casinos and we said there is one up the road, you want to go. Shortly after we talked about it we said our goodbyes and we headed to Hollywood Casino. Where Jim and I worked together and met there. It is only just up the road. You can park your RV at a casino over night. We drove around to show them the RV's and the one was people we knew that we had just seen in Florida.
We went in walked around we gave then the grand tour. We were walking through this little cluster of slots and the light were flashing and this woman said what do I do. We all walked over to her and said a guy will come, she kept saying what do I do? I don't even know how much I won, Tony looked and said 14 thousand dollars, she was freaking out, we were hugging her, she was so sweet. Her husband came over then, he was across the way someone told him you better go over there. He thanked us for taking care of her till he got there. We talked a bit, calmed her down and the attendant came, we said goodbye and left them.
Sue and Tony wanted to get cards to start gambling. We waited for them. I said here they come. The couple was walking our way, they stopped and talked with us some more. She was so cute, she said can I buy you guys a drink. So sweet, we said No didn't want it to appear in any way that we were taking advantage of them. It would have been fun to hang out. Always fun to hang out with excited happy people.  We said goodbye to them again. They gambled a little. Then we left and headed back to there CG. Right across from there was an accident some tanker truck was turned over and a crane was righting it, a lot of cops and lights flashing. We got around all that and, We dropped them off and went home, got to bed at midnight and back up at 5 AM.

Friday April 13, 2018 

After work, I texted Sue they were on the way home. I said I see a nap in my future She said we kept you out to late sorry. I said no way it was so fun can't wait to see them again. We really enjoyed spending time with them, such nice fun people they are.
After a shower and a quick nap, we went to a new " beer mall" we called it that opened after we left. We got some ice cream and went home each with our own special treats.
Relaxed watched TV went to bed early Have to work the weekend, Jim never almost never has to.
Tomorrow we move to TTH had to make a big decision, we were going to pay for season, or move FW every 2 or 3 weeks for free. Long story short free won. Sounds like a no brainer but it was had to decide. It many ways it would have made things a lot easier to stay put. But this will work, we will make it work, this is our life.

Saturday April 14, 2018

After I got off of work we went over to drop the van with Joe a work friend of Jim's we only can have 2 cars at a time at TTH. We had a nice visit with them.

Sunday April 15, 2018

Hershey, Pennsylvania

After work today, when I got home Jim was ready to move our home to Thousand Trails Hershey. YEA. feels like home. So good to be here even though it was cold. It was hard to pick a site, a lot open just not the area we wanted. We found a spot. I rinsed off the worst of the mud from being at QRC. I worked at setting up the inside. Put a lot of things out that I did not have out for awhile.

Monday April 16, 2018

After work Jim had a Doctor appointment all the way out in Fredericksburg. I came home relaxed a little, then started dinner. We ate when he got home. I did 3 loads of cloths.

Tuesday April 17, 2018

I had off today and washed 4 more loads of wash. I ran the vacuum. I talked with Neil and Nancy they arrived today. Every day this week cold, on the 13 and 14 was 80 plus degrees. And one day/ night heavy rain. Had a nice phone call with my brother Drew today.

Wednesday April 18, 2018

Worked today 9:30 to 5:30.  Thursday worked 12 noon to 8

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  1. Been checking out to see when you would blog again. Curious to know what's going on.

    Just remember, when you are at Hollywood Casino, our SIL is upstairs watching!