Sunday, September 23, 2018

August and Most of September


August and Most of September gone. Can't believe how fast it went. We are both still working full-time and we move back and forth from Thousand Trails Hershey and Pa Dutch, about 8 miles apart, every two weeks.

We have had a lot of rain all year long really. August 7 we had quite a heavy one this was our very wet site for a bit. Good news when it stops it drains off quickly. These picture were in Hershey TT.

I was playing with my Instant Pot August 16 and made a cherry cheesecake, they are very good, have to let them sit over night in the fridge. That is hard for Jim , and I only make one when we have friends around to help us eat it. I did try freezing a few slices, still in not sure how it holds up.

August 25 was a very busy day I really looked forward to. First we went To Brickerville House Shoppes and had breakfast something we never really do, but so good there. Walked around the shops. One was new we were never in before, they had a lot of German things, we got my MIL some German cookies. One shop had everything made of glass, and they had
these fake chocolates really neat display but $30.00 each.
I got a call from work wanted me to come in. I hate to say No had a very busy day off planed really fun, I feel so guilty saying No. Love looking at beautiful flowers in courtyard of shops.
We went and took the cookies

over to my MIL and took her out to lunch, we went to Hoss's, always have salad very good. We took her home and went back to the FW, we were at Pa Dutch.

Went back rested for an hour changed and went to pick up my Aunt Sandy, we took her to the Quentin Riding Club, they were having an Elvis Impersonator that was suppose to be really good. My Aunt loved him, I remember as a kid going to her house and she would put his records on and we would have a dance party with her and my brothers. We had a good time with her. She has been having a hard time recovering from her second knee replacement so it was nice for her to get out a little.
We took her home and went the back way and saw a lot of deer.
Wonderful fun busy day.

We had a day we got to see Len and Phyllis. They had a ruff time getting here from AL to visit family.

Saturday September 8 we went to Reading and went to a very good Mexican restaurant for a  quick bite and then saw Comedian Rodney Carrington. So funny a little dirty but hay we like it, we are all adults here, look him up S0ooo funny.

Then we moved to Pa Dutch on Sunday 9/9  it was the first time we ever HAD to move in the rain, a lot of rain. We finally broke down and got Jim a good raincoat and pant set.

A few days later 9/12 Jim's beer fridge was not up to temp. So we looked for one in the local stores none had  the color, black or size we wanted so he ended up he found one on line at Sam's Club the size we needed, we made the trip and went to Sam's one night after work.

My BIL Larry came for a visit, he had some resent health problems but is doing much better. Jim went to see him and we all went out to dinner a few times.

Saturday the weekend of the 15th I worked when I got home a quick shower and we were off to the Hershey RV Show. Was very full they had a Cedar Creek that had a front kitchen that was cool. Had a crab cake sand Jim had a sausage sand. We like looking at the gadgets and accessories, we really wanted to find some chairs. They had one style we liked a club chair, we thought we could find them cheaper else where. We will see :)

After the RV Show we stopped at Penn National Race Track they had an Aerosmith Tribute Band, they we very good. I worked all day and walked all around the RV show so I was pooped out. It is standing room only at the ATB they were really good though, I thought he needed hair extensions and eye liner.

That is pretty much it for August and most of September. All the other days we work. I do 6:15 to 2:15 and Jim works 7 to 3:30. We move every other Sunday, I work every other weekend. We go out to eat with my MIL once a week on the weekend.

Friday after work I went and vacuumed the car then to get my nails done stopped at Redner's a food store here in Pa. Then went to my MIL house, we dropped off my car had a quick visit with them. Then we stopped at Sheetz  for a quick sandwich for dinner that turned out not to quick, then headed back to FW to put everything away.

I was so tired I went to bed watched a little tv in bed turned it off at 10:40 went right to sleep and woke up at 12:30, wide awake. I don't know why I was so tired, I don't know if I was so excited or what. I finally got up a little after 2, got some things out of the freezer, froze some bananas had a cup of hot chocolate and I read a few blogs and Jim heard me downstairs and came to check on me. So sweet, I went back to bed at 3ish.
So now it is Saturday 9/22 I had off today. We leave tomorrow for Tennessee for 2 weeks, I have a total of 20 days off. We are going to a CTC Rally, it is an Owners group of our FW, but anyone with an RV can join now. I woke up to the sound of Jim making coffee and washing dishes, around 8am, Such a nice way to wake up. We had our coffee and watched the Today Show. I made breakfast for us, I was not able to do that for 2 weeks. Because I work early AM on weekends. I stripped the bed and started washing cloths.

We went to do the last of our errands. We stopped at bank took out some cash and told them we are traveling to TN so when they see card activity there they will know it's ok. We went to vacuum truck out I wanted the inside clean. We went and filled up our spring water jugs. Went to UPS Store and got our mail and returned an RV book that was not our mail. Went into Musser's a local food store looking for Pepsi on sale, none though, we got Jim a nice steak and went to the new Beer "mall" store I call it. Then we went home I worked on more wash, total of 6 loads, Jim grilled travel food he made burgers for now and some for later. He grilled chicken too. I wiped down the inside of the truck, repacked and organized stuff. We went on the CG
wagon ride that goes all around the Campground, nice ride but for screaming kids.  We got back Jim made a fire and made the steak on it. I made a salad for me and two for tomorrow on travel day 1. I did this blog which took a long time. So excited for tomorrow. My plan is to blog everyday during our TN travel days.

                                  HOME SWEET HOME


  1. Can't say that you haven't been busy.
    Hoping all your family members with health problems see improvements.
    Those concerts would have been nice to see as I was a fan of both.
    Just being Home and relaxing is the best place to be.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Where in TN are you going? I think you said once but I forget. We are in Memphis until Friday at our NOMADS annual meeting.

    I was thinking, since when you are headed south around Christmas and we are headed north, when you go west you are taking I-10. Ever think about I-20 on the way back? I-20 takes you thru Birmingham only 50 miles south of us. We have no plans on going anywhere during March, April, May, and into June.