Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rainny Travel Day September 23, 2018

September 23, 2018

Woke up before 7 AM it was raining all through the night. Had to put the heat pump on before we went to bed, was very cool out. I made a smoothie first, then eggs and sausage. Jim put pictures on the blog I did last night and we made our first post in almost 2 months, and now 2 posts in one day. We started getting ready to move out of here, of course it is raining again. I really hope we can get out of it.

I called Lee Hi Travel Plaza CG to make a reservation for tonight they said they were full, OK then, have to think of a plan B, later.

We pulled out of here at 11:10 AM. Drove for 2 hours our first potty break was West Virginia Welcome Center. We had the salads for lunch that I made last night. I had a slice of zucchini cake that I made. Then back on the road again.

We talked about going to a Wal Mart and boondocking there, or we could stay on the truck side and boondock there. Either way Jim wanted to get fuel at Lee Hi. We arrived at Lee Hi few hours later.
I went into pay for fuel, and thought I would ask again anyway if they had a site for the night. They said back in, she said hang on I will check for you. She came back 5 minutes later and said they had a pull through for us, yea. So I went out and told Jim we had a site for the night. So we pulled around  the building and went up the hill to our site 13. We decided not to unhook, we drove up on some wood to level up the one side. We touched down our landing gear to stabilize us before we put the slides out. I told Jim electric didn't come on yet. So he checked it and it was a 50 AMP plug and a 30 AMP breaker. He put his volt meter on to check it,  One of the neighbor guys was here talking with Jim about it. I called and told them  the electric didn't work. We talked about what was going on for a minute. And he said he would come over in a few minutes, Jim said he could rewire it, he said ok so he was finished with that when the guy got here. So with our adapter we had 30 AMP, yea, he is so good.

We did not do much else to set up, I put slides out and started dinner. I made yellow rice and the grilled chicken Jim made yesterday, added some frozen veggies. We had dinner and went for a walk to see how we are going to pull out of here tomorrow. We went down to I Hop and shared a crepe and stuffed French toast. We split it and will share the rest for breakfast tomorrow. We walked home watched a little tv, Jim did set up the Sat dish.
We both took a quick shower and went to bed early.

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  1. I imagine you have come into rain. It's been raining since we arrived in Memphis. They tell people at the park if they are on a grass site do not park at their hitch. When it is time to get out it won't happen. We are on a stone site but still have to walk thru water. Good deal on getting that site at Lee Hi.