Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ricky's RV Repair, workshops, MM group, BBQ picnic

Friday September 28, 2018

Woke up after 8 AM came downstairs and Jim was not here. Never heard him leave. We went up to first class with Geeks on Tour You've taken pictures with your phone, now what?

While he was gone I made bed, got ready, started a load of cloths, vacuumed, and washed dishes. I ate some breakfast mini muffins that were leftover yesterday.
Jim got back around 10:15, about to make some eggs and we had an appointment with Ricky's RV Repair between 10:30 and 11:30 they got here just after 10:30, we used them for other jobs last time we were in TN.

We had a quick lite lunch I made Jim 1 chicken wrap and each a ham and cheese sandwich with a few chips. Then we got the bikes out and took a ride around. It was misting out when the RV tect was here, now it was not raining but humid. We rode bikes into an empty site and looked at the river that runs behind the campground, it was raging.


We had some boneless pork ribs that needed cooked, Jim put the grill on, had to change bottle to one of the 40 lb bottles he took a shower then I watched them. When all that was done we went a few sites up the road to our Merry Marylanders group, we would have been early, was suppose  to start at 3 the neighbor behind us that lives here started talking to us and asking us a lot of questions. I learned the group was known for starting early, we missed all the intros of everyone. It was a smaller group so it was easier to talk with a lot of people. We had some snacks then it was time to head over to the Pork BBQ picnic. They had a big fire going and we talked with a lot of different people. they had pork, chips and Oreo cookies. Then they did Karaoke and people danced a little. We did one dance. We went home about 8:30, I took a shower and we watched a little TV before bed.

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