Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Today a beautiful morning and day, I woke up right before 8. Had some of Jim's wonderful coffee. He had the blog pictures up already. I made a smoothie for us, I had a bowl of cereal later.

We relaxed for awhile and watched the Today Show. Jim was working on trip planning for out west. He booked a California TT, he was really into it, having fun. We had some lunch, Jim had the rest of the white chicken chili and I made him two more chicken wraps. I had small bowl of 3 bean chili and I took 2 slices of the cheesecake I made in the Instant Pot and had in the freezer to see how it would hold up, well it was great, at least that is what Jim says.

So after lunch we went on a fun run to see what we could find. We went into this Smoky Mountain knife works store, we never went into all the times we were here. It was huge and had so many neat things to look at. Old real war relics. kitchen stuff household items, a lot of signs with funny sayings, and tons of knifes and guns. Many floors, you can spend a lot of time in there.

They have a store called JR Cheep, went into before, I could be in there for hours, tons of kitchen stuff, takes a little fun out of looking when you have no room for stuff.
Then we went to the Coleman camping store looking for lawn chairs. Then the DeWalt  store we found a mini leaf blower to get rid of stuff on top of the slides. A comfort mat very light weight to put under our nice mat to protect from big stones they have at TTH.

Next we went to Kroger food store. Got eggs, beer, chips you know the basics. Very nice store. Then we drove up the strip looked around, so much to look at.

Then we went to Harbor Freight still looking for chairs, so far non I liked as much as the ones at CW the Club chairs.

Then we came back home put stuff away. And I heated up the smoked pork and left over Jambalaya I had frozen, and some mixed veggies and chips.

We got the bikes out and road up and got some wood
Jim started a fire, I watched some of my shows, and blogged. Jim was still trip planning out at the fire, he came in and washed dishes and we watched a little TV together.

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