Saturday, September 29, 2018

Day of hard decisions

Saturday September 29, 2018

Jim said he slept in today, was almost 7. I got up at 7:45 AM. Had our coffee, I made smoothies.

Then we had some hard decisions to make, what to do next. We have so many different thing we want to do yet, so hard to decide what to do next. The scheduled classes this AM are Geeks on Tour a Facebook Hot Tips and Tricks, well we didn't make that one. We wanted to go to next class called  "What
Does this Button Do" we wanted to go out for lunch, go horseback riding, go WalMart, go get Diesel and LP gas, go into pool and Hot tub, get wash pass and wash and wax FW. walk and ride bikes. It was SOooo hard to figure out what to do. Got ready to go ride, but it feels like a waste to miss out on a good class when sounds like something we really need and can learn a lot. So I guess you could say I talked Jim into doing the class, was very interesting. We were really hungry by then. We went to Ruby Tuesday's, we like salad bar, I got rice shrimp and broccoli. I gave Jim 2 shrimp skewers, and I saw this big brown thing in the rice I gave it to Jim I said is that beef, he said yes I said gross, I don't eat beef. I told them they said in dirty rice, menu did not say it was dirty just said rice. Anyway she took off the bill.

Then we went to WalMart then of course I didn't have my list. We got what we could remember. I got 2 sets twin sheets to donate to the Children's Home here. Came back and chilled talked with our neighbor. Started to see the stink bugs coming out. Jim got my bags out to sell. Had a snack then we went up to set up my bags. They had an ice cream social. They had 12 gals for all those people and didn't quite use it all. I offered to help dip it, they said thanks, they were ok. Jim went to fill LP while I was selling my bags.

Then the entertainment was Spittin Image to twin brothers sang and played guitar had a lot of funny stick. A couple came in later sat down next to Jim, said football game she wanted to watch they were missing Jim said yea, Penn State they were for them too, From Pa also so funny. We left after 8:30 came home had some pork he grilled last night. Forgot I got tuna out of the freezer last night have to grill it tomorrow. I did blog while Jim watched his football I shower record SNL and went to bed.

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