Friday, September 28, 2018

More Rain but whatever

Thursday September 27, 2018

I woke up almost 8:30 AM Jim was already up an hour and a half. He went up by himself to get Danish and fresh fruit breakfast. They did a Sky Med talk during that time. I had coffee and made the bed, made a smoothie and had a yogurt. He came back a good hour later. He was telling me about Sky Med it is like Medical Transport Insurance, a helicopter ride can cost 50k. So I had the mini muffins and fresh fruit he brought back for me, sweet guy.

I got ready and stopped and signed up for Sky Med on our way out then we took a drive to the Bush Bean Factory. We have been wanting to do it ever since we have been coming here. It was a really nice drive, about 16 miles.
Nice gift shop and a movie of how beans are made. Didn't stay to long.

So we wanted to take a different ride back. So we did, we drove and drove and I put GPS on and it said we were 28 miles away, WHAT how did that happen. The roads were narrow and a lot of curves. We didn't have lunch yet and we had a long way to go. There was flashing lights at one curve and a car was down in a ditch upside down. And before that a tree was covering left lane, a car was directing traffic till police got there. We came out the East end of Gatlinburg We got back at 3:05 we were to be at class talking about Passport American and caravans. We got to FW ate Leftover spaghetti I had frozen. We got down at 3:25 so glad I had all the food premade. I didn't really cook since we got here but eggs for breakfast.

We went to class, came right back and Jim took a shower and we went back up at 5 for catered meal of turkey, or pork, sweet potato casserole, butter beans, stuffing, salad and chocolate pie. They had entertainment a singer Katie Brooks very good and funny.
Jim cut out a little early, I was going to walk back, but at the end the electric went out in the building for a second and was pouring I texted Jim and he came and picked me up. We watched a little TV and went to bed, he almost always goes before me especially when we are not working.

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