Monday, October 8, 2018

Full Day at TT Gettysburg Farm

Saturday October 6, 2018

Dover, Pennsylvania

Jim was up first, I was up around 8 AM. I made Paleo Blueberry Pancakes, sausage patty and eggs. We watched a little TV and talked about how we were going to spend the day. Turns out Gettysburg was about 40 minutes away, York was closer to this place, we didn't want to go there.

The Utz and the Snyder outlet stores were close by, we stopped by both of them to check them out.

As the day went on the weather was getting nice out, a little cloudy to start out, but was warm out.

Then we found a Camping World, always something we want and or think we need. Great camp store, but we will never take the FW there. It was a smaller one but they seam to be well stocked. We thought of 3 things we new we wanted for sure, but when we walked into CW we could only remember 2 of them. We did find plenty of goodies though, it is a lot of fun for us full-timers though. Her is the list main thing we wanted was new chairs, one of the 2 things we could remember. We got a gray club chair for Jim a smaller size tan club chair and ottoman for me. Second was leveling blocks, got large set and a small one, a tire chock, 2 sets of Jack pads, Rock and Roll Putty, keeps items glued down for travel, a checker table cloth to use as an under liner for out good tablecloth, 4 zone temp station, a sensor you put in fridge and freezer to keep an eye on temps, and lock and stop. they were very nice in there and helpful. All for 279.00 We also got 3 year replacement on chairs on chairs and the 4 zone temp station.

We were ready for lunch by this time, we asked the lady who helped us a lot a good place for lunch, and she said Dutch Country Restaurant, we will be the judge of that.
So we found the place, I got really cold inside, they had diet pepsi, that was a plus. Menu was huge, hard to decide, Jim had a mega burger, I had tuna melt and we shared sweet potato fries, it took probably over 35 minutes till we got our food. We also shared a slice of pumpkin roll.

After that we found a place to get beer. And we stopped at a place near by and got some fire wood.
When we got back we sat out on our new chairs and Jim made a fire. It got really cool outside. I heated up a little leftover from last night. Jim stayed out for awhile. I went in and watched a little TV. Was a nice day.

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