Friday, October 5, 2018

Travel Day

Thursday October 4, 2018

Lexington, Virginia

I woke up right before 7 AM, and Jim was awake right after, travel day,we usually wake up so early. We have to leave at 10, we have an appointment to get FW weighed. We had some coffee, I made eggs and got 2 paleo banana muffins out of the freezer. We were putting stuff away and getting ready to move. We talked with neighbor for a few minutes. We got weighed and left CG at 10:33. The numbers were good we can take a few lbs off the FW.

We drove a total of 295 miles today. The first stop was fuel, lunch and potty break. Not in that order. Then we drove about 2 more hours and we arrived at Lee Hi Travel plaza, where we stay the night. We get fuel and I went in to pay. I also made another reservation for December 15 when we head West. We park set up sat dish, caught a lot of stink bugs, they are really coming out. Had salad with chicken, then we went for a little walk around the small CG here, There was a beautiful sunset. Then we had small pie with frozen yogurt.

Called Direct TV 3 different times to change our local TV channels back to Pa. It never did get changed what a pain, had to put TV ant up to watch new TV shows that was on tonight. We took showers and watched TV going to bed early tonight.

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  1. Stink bugs? We have them too. We have been loaded with them for about a week but only on the front porch.