Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Sunday Free Day

Sunday September 30, 2018

Today was a free day so I didn't feel like I had to get up at any specific time. Of course I was up after Jim, we had our coffee I made him some eggs I had a yogurt. We talked about all we wanted to do. So we got ready and had a snack before we left and a piece of my chocolate chip zucchini cake and left. We wanted to go to what they call The Island. We went to Walmart and parked and got the trolley. It is 2.50 to ride all day.
Got off at The Island and walked around.
 Then we stopped at this little info, booth. This lady Janice was telling us if we go to see sales presentation on the Wyndham we can get free tickets to a show, $50.00 meal coupon and ride the Wheel. So long story, we did. I needed my drivers ID, so Janice took us back to the truck to get it in her own car. She talked the whole time, her hubby is a retired cop, very nice lady. She showed us a back way to go, the locals use. Her hubby told her not to tell tourists.
So we got everything set. Went had a snack, pizza before going to presentation was really good. They said not high pressure, yea OK, not till you say no. We had this nice young kid 21, one on one, then a guy talked to us as a larger group with a few videos. Wyndham, a better way to vacation. We kept saying NO and kid kept finding different people to help close us. He took us into a one bedroom room to show us how "nice" they are. Anyway total of 2 hours and 25 minutes we did get out of there with our coupons. Was kind of fun to see everything we were strong though, a few years ago we might have done it.

So first we road the wheel and took a lot of pictures. Was free would have been 30.00 for both of us to ride.

They had a cool fountain like in Vegas cost 3 million, think Janice said.

Then we went to Paula Deen's to eat. We only had to wait 15 minutes,it was packed when we came out. We waited in a large gift shop they had cool stuff took some pictures, pricey though, Was really good, so worth going. was served family style. We had pick 3 entrĂ©e, had chicken, ribs and fried cat fish, was the best. and 4 sides black eye peas, squash casserole, salad with poppy seed dressing really good, coleslaw. Choice of dessert he had apple cobbler I had pumpkin butter cake, I thought was going to be like a lite butter bundt cake was more like a bar, but good. So we paid 15.37, was for drinks and tip, bill would have been 65.30 with tip.

Then we went to Comedy Barn. Walking over there, it was getting dark by this time and got some good pictures of things all lite up.
We would have paid 60.00 for both of us to go we paid nothing they kept trying to sell ya stuff. Had a large variety of snacks 3 dollar bottle of water, gee I sound like my DAD.
It was good not worth paying 60.00 in our opinion. They had some kids come up for a bit they did, and 3 older men and then 4 young guys, that was all pretty funny. One guy Danny was the best. Here is his picture.
He was right in front of us getting 2 young guys to come up and I took his pic he looked right at my camera and said CHEESE. Here are a few more picks.

We got out had to wait for trolley , took the long way till we got back to Walmart got back to FW at 11:05ish. Late night for us but fun. Total day $32.43

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