Monday, October 8, 2018

The Last Moving Day

Sunday October 7, 2018

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Got up after Jim, woke up thinking how the heck are we getting out of this place. Had coffee and made a smoothie. Started getting ready to move.

The way we were all lined up in a row. Had to wait for the guy in front of us to leave  first. We talked to neighbor behind us a bit while we waited. Jim and I walked up the road to see which way to turn around would be the best. We had a few different plans. Kept watching how other people did it,but no one had such a huge rig to turn around. We made a plan, were getting ready and 2 of the guys that work at TT came over in golf cart, and asked us a whole bunch questions about our FW and being full-time. They kind of slowed us down. Helped to not think about our huge task we were about to do.

OK here we go I walked behind, took pictures of how we had to turn around, I call it a 3 point turn. The one guy came back in the golf cart, was trying to help, would prefer to do it alone. Jim did a great job.
He had to drive to end of
of the road, pull up muddy hill road.
Then back down hill, and turn
to go back the way we came in.
Muddy road edge
Almost there
I walked behind, lady said he
is A Rock Star, Yes He Is !
What a relief to be out of there, now the guy behind us could leave, we was only 15 miles away from home, had to wait for us to go, they were so nice.
So we are about 1 1/2 hour from Hershey. We got close and I texted friends Nancy to see what was still open near them. We could go to B loop and pay 3 dollars a day for electric, or H loop, and free electric. We figured H was full, so we went to B and got right next to Neil. We had so much to do, set up. Put out our new chairs. I got the mud off RV, will do truck later. Can't believe was not worse.
We saw a couple pull in from our CTC Rally we just met in TN,  they told us they were coming, they have a Lifestyle too, in our floor plan.
We stopped and had Chinese food, got Beer then went over to my MIL and got my car. Had a quick visit, made plans to go out to dinner to Longhorn Steak house tomorrow. Went and got Jim's work van.
When we got home went over to Neil and Nancy and he started a fire. The couple Marilyn and Bill I think it is, came over and talked for a while, they have a big beautiful boxer dog. We all said good night, was after 9 by then.
Watched a little TV and Jim went to bed, his first day back to work tomorrow.
Will take a break from blog for a while now, I go back to work Friday. But till then, Not going to write about cleaning, food shopping, appointments, get mail etc. Plus I'm taking lap top into shop to speed it back up tomorrow. Later....

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