Saturday, October 6, 2018

Travel Day To Gettysburg Pa

Friday October 5, 2018

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Well tried to go to bed early. I woke up around 4 something AM. One thing I wanted to do is turn off the AC fan, we had it on to muffle the sound of a few trucks that were running down at the truck stop. I turned on the little night light in the bathroom. I knocked over my large glass of water at the sink, went everywhere in my slippers and rug. Jim never heard me making the mess. I went back to bed, and then the air came on, it was hot in here. Then woke up after 7 when I heard Jim downstairs replaying his hockey. I just didn't feel like getting up yet, till Jim said are we staying here another week, or what.

I made us smoothies by then it was probably after 8, made lunch for later. Put stuff away while I ate a bowl of cereal. We left around 9:35, of course Jim wanted to leave earlier.

Our first stop was a rest area Welcome Center in West Virginia, had our lunch I made before we left, 2 chicken wraps for Jim I had a sandwich. I called the Gettysburg Farm to let them know we are coming with a large rig, even though we had a reservation. It is first come first serve, but we had a spot.Then back on the road. We stopped at Exit 10 in Maryland got fuel, almost 30 cents cheaper then Pa.

So we are heading to Gettysburg Farm TT.
Not an easy place to get to. A good distance from the highway. A lot of winding roads. When we arrived and she saw us she said "Oh boy" I read her lips. Well it is very full ,a huge MH was leaving couldn't find a spot I guess. He even said good luck, I don't think your going to find a spot. Well he does not know us. It was not easy, a guard took us around, only a few spots we would even have a chance of getting into to. We have 30 amp and water only. One would be a hard angle to back into. The other one we did take, he had to parallel park the FW on a road up from the river here. Was not easy, but Jim sure makes it look like it is. He is amazing! 

 We went for a little walk, saw some of the animals around here.

All the sites were so full, and later a lot more came in most were not that big, not sure where they all went.

We ate the salads I pre made last night for dinner. I started dinner made beef for him turkey for me Mac and cheese with veggies. While I did that I called Direct TV for the 4th time on the phone 55 minutes and finally it changed. The lady said she put in Lebanon Pa and it kept changing back to Sevierville Tennessee. Even our TV wanted to go back. We finally ate while we waited for the TV lady who said her name was Barb, OK sure it is, didn't sound like a Barb.  She kept saying OK just give me a few more seconds. Well an hour later it worked and we hung up after they try to get you to get there AT&T phone. We had our dessert pie and frozen yogurt.

Oh and Jim even got the Sat Dish to work with all the trees. We watched TV, I did dishes Watched stuff we recorded, and took showers right before bed.

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  1. We love Gettysburg farm. First time was in an end site across from the pool. In August there were no sites except down by the river and some were WET and no sewer. We were headed there when the ranger caught up to us. He said there were no reservations for the handicap site for another week. He put us there. We were right in front of the animal pens. We appreciated it but did not appreciate the FLIES. What would one expect that close to goats, turkeys, chickens, pigs, etc.