Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Happy Monday

Monday October 1, 2018

WOW first day of October.
Got up around 7 AM, the first class starts at 8:30AM with Gary Wheeler with MORryde.  We had smoothies before we left, not really hungry when we got up because of Paula Deen. When class was over we went and got a wash pass to wash truck and FW. Cost 5 dollars. They have a bus and truck wash they spend 35k on and this guy that works here said they probably won't be able to do that much longer, not sure how much it is, but next time we will do on our way in. There is a guy in here too has a van and he is washing rigs here.

Jim does a great job, started with roof. I try to look like I'm helping, but I really am not much help. I did use our squeegee  to get it as dry as possible to minimalize the water spots. I thought I should clean something I usually take care of. So I got 2 rugs out that I don't want to put in washer any more. I sprayed them and scrubbed them and rinsed. Hung to dry in hot TN sun.

We grilled some chicken and 2 tuna steaks we had thaw. We were waiting for Chris and David to get here. They are from Bristol TN, we met them in Florida at TTO. They drove by and said hi ,they gave us wooden coasters that David made, so nice of them. We had so much to do before 3. Chris and David stopped by later when we were grilling tuna, we ate it had a nice visit. They were telling us places we can go in area. They left and Jim still had to shower, class started at 3, so I went up, this was about Solar-Charge Battery Inverters I told him just come up when you are finished. They only talked for half hour. He got up when they were done. I had talked to Mo from Delaware. I asked who could help me with music for tonight, they said Mo could help, she was so nice and helpful.

After that we went back to FW I took a shower and changed had to be back up in 1/2 hour. So busy:)
We had dinner first then a talent show. A woman played guitar religious music, we did our line dances, other people sang, the best was a woman with electric key board.

We left when it was over, just after 7:30. I wanted to go in pool and hot tub. I took polish off my toes and put on my suit and went up. They have 2 pools a lazy river and a hot tub. The river was a good temp and hot tub back in river and hot tub so nice. Was all alone, no burning sun. Went in the bathroom and trimmed my toe nails now I'm ready to repaint toes, easy way to do a pedicure. Came back sat out with Jim played some music we learned how to make our own play list here. I went in did dishes and blog. went back out. Watched a little TV, we recorded what we really wanted to watch, will watch later when have more time. Lovely evening so quite here.

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