Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Sunday Rainy Sunday

I tried to watch SNL last night but was falling asleep. So I went to bed just after midnight. Jim came back around that time, and went to bed also. The weather forecast said there was supposed to be rain on Sunday. We did here it raining overnight, heavy at times. We woke up and watched Willie Geist. Had coffee, later I made a smoothie,  Jim drank his outside, he went outside to do a few chores. Bryan left for the day to go to the zoo. He tightened up a few loose screws, torqued the lug nuts on the tires, glued some seals around the slide back into place, caulked a few things, he put the satellite away. He was out there for 2 hours 8:30 to 10:30 or so, he wanted to beat the rain that was forecasted to start shortly. We watched a few people leave and watched a few more come in. By then it was raining, also heavy at times. Since we only had a smoothie and it was 10:30ish, I asked Jim if he wanted, late breakfast food or early lunch food. He said he didn't care. I asked him to pick one, and very wisely he asked what the menu choices would be. I love cooking for my man. So I told him and I made lunch food for him, breakfast food for me, and made breakfast for him tomorrow, which will make for travel day breakfast easier. He  had leftover beef noodle soup, that I don't eat, and I use the good bread to make a grilled ham and cheese .  I used the same bread to make French toast , one slice for me and two for him tomorrow . After breakfast he took a shower and then he wanted to go get diesel, so while he went to do that. I started some laundry and did the dishes. I also wanted it to write down what we spent the last two days. I've been keeping track because I want to know how much we are spending in the full-time lifestyle. I just wish I had a better system, I don't like it, there has to be a better way to write it down. Last month I think I had 15 different categories. Everybody always says they spend the most on diesel and RV parks. I think we spend the most on restaurants and grocery shopping. We do eat well, healthy too, just too much. Especially when you're not working or doing much vigorous activities. After he was back from getting diesel, which did not take very long. We sat outside for a bit, had an Apple with peanut butter / yogurt dip . Then we put on our sneakers and took a walk around the campground Nashville East, KOA Lebanon, Tennessee. It is very small, so we walked around twice. Started drizzling, near the end of our walk. When we got back to the FW we sat outside, talked about our trip to Florida this year under the awning. Drizzling but feels cool, and also feels humid too. Then we came inside I put another load in the dryer. Bryan got back at 4. We had dinner a little after 5, I made leftover yellow rice with the grilled chicken. Jim went over to Bryan later, they had another fire, and was talking with the neighbor. The same one that offered us wood the other day, his wife was with him this time, she is from Russia, Jim enjoy talking with her. She wanted to see our FW, I wasn't feeling that great all day just kind of blah, I think the allergies are just killing me. There was a lot of TV shows I wanted to watch, I did my best but without having the satellite change to Local stations, had to do it the old fashioned way. I asked him to give me a few minutes and he brought her over around 9, we gave her a quick tour she was a very nice lady. They went back to everyone at the fire, I continue watching my shows, went to bed pretty late Jim came over right after that joined me.

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