Thursday, April 4, 2019

Alabama Bound

Woke up this morning not sure what time it was, but I knew it was chili. It was warm all snuggled in bed. Set the thermostat for 65, I heard it run once but that was a long time ago so I thought it was at least that. Then Jim said we ran out of propane a long time ago, never thought of that. Of course the good husband that he is he got up and put the Genny on, got the heat running again. Now we have another empty bottle to fill. He got the coffee going. Once it warmed up enough I got up. Jim said there was another truck parked  close in the front of us, and two small dogs in it. I made eggs for breakfast, and sandwiches for travel. Watch The Today Show as we got ready. I threw away a small bag of trash. We were ready to leave at 8:30 a.m. first time ever. We drove for 45 minutes and then stop for fuel at a Pilot truck stop. Couple hours later we stopped at a rest area, grabbed our lunch. We planned on boondocking One More Night because I didn't want to drive for 5 hours a day. Jim just wanted to get there and be finished driving for a while. I texted Len and Phyllis if it would be okay if we got there a day early. I agreed it was another good hour and a half of driving. We stopped at another pilot filled up again. Could have sworn the ring we stayed overnight with at Sam's Club was there.
He held the door open for me but I didn't realize it was him. He bought $500 worth of diesel, ouch told you it was a big rig. We drove through Mississippi arrived in Cullman Alabama just after 4. We drove 402 miles today, 8:30 am to  just after 4. When we arrived we got right to business and park the rig, then we said our hellos. They left us alone to set up it didn't take very long. They have two full hookup sites here. We went inside to visit. Saw the new Pond and their three new baby ducks. Visited till 7:30 p.m. walked home it's so nice and quiet and beautiful here. We took showers watched a little TV. Thank you Len and Phyllis

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