Saturday, April 6, 2019

Cullman, Alabama to Lebanon, Tennessee

We woke up this morning, sad that we had to leave today. We have such wonderful hosts, with such a lovely spot for us.
We had our breakfast. I'm glad I did a lot of things last night, starting to get ready to move. Len had a doctor's appointment so he stopped to say goodbye on his way out about 8:30 a.m. . Phyllis walked by and said goodbye later. Once our slide goes in she knows we're about ready to move. We left about 9:45. We only had 176 miles to drive today. Which was just over two hours. We only had to make one stop. As we drove we texted and talked to our friends we met in Florida, Sally and Bob. Actually they  live in Elizabethtown. And Jim's friend who he used to work with.
They are heading in this direction from Lebanon Pennsylvania to Lebanon Tennessee, Bryan, Vicky  and their daughter. They were having some  issues. But we arrived first, got all set up. And I started making dinner,  I told everyone I would feed them dinner when they all arrived. In RV tradition feeding someone who arrives on travel day. I made as they call out here crust less chicken pot pie. I made in the instant pot, the pot was tip top full, we ate it all. We fed everyone later they started a campfire Jim is hanging out over there, I took a shower watch my TV. Wonderful to be here with our friends.

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