Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Nashville with Bryan and Family

Woke up this morning did our normal morning routine, very slowly and leisurely. Had a substantial breakfast, we were all getting ready for our day trip to Nashville again. Bryan drove his truck, I sat next to the window, so I can put it down, either because it was too hot or I need air. They both smoke in the truck, but not when we are in it with them, which is not very often. We found a place to park, same place they went to yesterday. Bryan paid $24 to park I think it was. We walked around went into quite a few gift shops, a lot  we were in yesterday. Except this time I bought a few things for family, won't say what they are but I'm sure they won't read it here. Then we ate lunch at Honky Tonk Central at 329 Broadway.

We went up to the third floor, sat at a table right next to a open balcony. Which is where people went out to smoke, but it was not too bad. There was a different band playing on each floor. They were all very good, the food was also very good and very reasonably priced. The place we thought we were going to eat was closed, so we found this place. Bryan's family each had a burger, Jim had a fried catfish basket, I had a turkey wrap with fresh fruit. Very good, we all were full, and satisfied, would have been really cheap if they didn't order beer, they each had 3, Jim's beer was $7 each and there's were six each. Total of 57. For someone who doesn't drink that's a lot, ouch. Anyway, it was really fun nice place to sit for a while. After we ate we walked around some more. Saw so many different buses, vehicles, pedal taverns that people were partying on.

A lot of bridal parties. The young cute girl ratio to young cute guy ratio was way off. We saw four young girls hanging around 1 tall good looking Cowboy guy, looked like they were in high demand.

We went into the Goo Goo store again, Catherine got a ice cream, she barely finished half of it. Threw the rest away later, I think her mom said it was $6, I just hate food waste. We started walking back towards the truck. We got to the truck, by than it was very hot inside. It was a beautiful sunny day High about 78. We wanted to go to a grocery store, ended up going to Publix, just needed a few things for dinner tonight, of course we bought firewood and more beer. Love that store. Bryan wanted to go get fireworks, so they found a store for them. They all went inside, Jim and I stayed in their truck. We drove back to the FW put everything away. I walked down with the three of them to the camp store here at the KOA, to look for a bolt they needed for there  FW hitch. We walked back they went back to their camper, I took a walk around the campground by myself, went all the way to the back and checked out the other bathroom. They were both decorated so cute here. After we got situated we went over and sat out with them at their RV,
they eventually started a fire we sat around talking most of the evening. Catherine brought her rabbits outside. She has a mother and two, two-week-old babies, one black one white. Very cute their eyes aren't open yet. It was just easier to bring them, then to get someone to take care of them. Brian went over to the neighbor and asked if they could take a picture of all of us. There was two friends each with her own RV. One was helping the other de-winterize, the other people had a fifth wheel that had a 3 horse slant trailer in the back, RV in the front.
I wanted to ask her where the horses were. Earlier her one little dog came over, so I got the chance then. That's when she told us about the friends getting together. She said the horses did act weird when they left without them, and only took  the trailer and not them. We all chatted for a while, the one young son came over, he was quite chatty, I think he wanted to play with Catherine but she wasn't really into it. She's 12. The guy offered us more firewood if we needed it, which was very nice of them. I don't think they ever did go get it. Jim had an old log he was using for splitting wood. It was very old and dried out, they eventually split that and burned it. When we get back he will need to get a new one. Then I took my IP over and made Egg Roll in a bowl, with sweet Italian sausage we had that as an appetizer with sweet and sour sauce and tortilla strips. Bryan  used a combination of the grill and the Blackstone to make pork chops. Probably the best pork chops I've ever had, no joke. Vicki also made bacon wrapped asparagus, which she also made using both sides of the grill. We don't like asparagus so we didn't have any of that. So brought some potato salad over that we had left. It had a wonderful meal, we have the rest of the buttermilk pie for dessert, wonderful evening, sat around the fire talking. She put the rabbits away. About 9 p.m. I took everything back cleaned up the camper put everything away relaxed took a shower and watched TV.

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