Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Travel Day, saying Goodbye to Texas

We'll Be BACK.....
Jim was up first, have to get moving early on travel day. I made us a smoothie, Pre-made some travel wraps for lunch later. Jim had an orange too, and I had a bowl of cereal and yogurt, of course we always have our wonderful coffee. There is a lot to do, we started our individual chores. But did not leave until 10:15 a.m. Geeze, Today we have to say goodbye to Texas. We spent a week at Lake Tawakoni TT, in Point, Texas. We only made two stops today. Total miles driven about 258. First stop, rest area, grab our lunch in Louisiana. Then we stopped at a Love's for fuel. The drive was not bad today, sometimes the roads are rough, going through Shreveport Louisiana, it was like a washboard.  Going over the bridges it is always bumpy . Arrived at our Sam's Club in Monroe, Louisiana approximately 3:30-ish. He pulled along the edge of the big parking lot. Then we went inside to make sure it was okay to stay the night. Jim Pre checked on his phone and it said it was okay. We waited in line for a minute but it was fine. So Jim got a shopping cart and we walked around together. He was very happy that he was able to find his Lager in Bottles first time had one since  January, At the rally. Then we also bought a roasted chicken,  Deluxe mixed unsalted nuts, two bags of salad mix, tub of potato salad, spinach for smoothies. Then brought everything out set it inside the door. There was a fuel station there, he went to check,  but they did not sell diesel. So we'll do that tomorrow. He was going to unhook, I'm glad he checked it before we went over there. He drove up on some wood to level, touchdown our landing gear, got the generator going. Put everything in the fridge. We have an early dinner, of the chicken, potato salad, and salad. For dessert I had  zucchini cake taken out of the freezer earlier. We watched some of our favorite TV shows with just the antenna, we didn't even have to put it up. Jim took a shower, I wash the dishes. Jim asked his phone how long the store was open on Sunday they close at 6. As we noticed the parking lot was thinning out. By 7 we were almost all by ourselves. Must have been some cleaning and stocking people here. There was a few cars still around the door. Around 10 when the parking lot was pretty much empty a big rig pulled in look like a motorhome but it was able to pull a fifth wheel oh, they parked on the opposite side of the parking lot from us. This time we remembered to check the Sleep Number bed before he turn the generator off, to make sure it was at the right number, had to make a few adjustments. Then I took a shower, Jim turned off the Jenny put everything away. Set the furnace to 65 degrees. We were up early so we were in bed just after 10. First time in a while that early.

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