Thursday, April 4, 2019

Beautiful Day in Alabama

We woke up had a wonderful quiet night. Had a relaxing morning. Watching TV and leisurely breakfast. Trying to get the blog done, before I got ready for the day Len and Phyllis knocked on our door. They came in for a visit to plan our day. When I set down the phone oh, I forgot to save my work so the blog I worked on was totally gone. That happened twice now, and I hope I learned my lesson, to save my work. After they left, I tried to catch back up again. It is never the same again though. I went and got ready she was making us tacos for lunch. Went into the house, she had soft and hard shell tacos, with sausage and beef and all the fixin's. After we ate Jim and I went into Walmart, wanted to get a few things to make all of us dinner tomorrow night. and also got diesel. Then we got back, put everything away, had a little break. Then we all got in Len's truck and went to have dinner at Jim & Nicks. A great chain restaurant in the South for barbecue. We had a great meal, we all wanted catfish, Jim had ribs, we shared it was very good. There was a big group having a party in there and they were getting kind of loud so we wrapped up and headed home. They dropped us off we watched a few of our TV shows. Had a great night. It's so quiet here so nice, thank you Len and Phyllis.

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