Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Short Travel Day

Today is travel day for both of us. Super short for us, and over 12 hours for Bryan. I thought they would leave really early, but they didn't. I got out of bed first and turn the coffee pot on right away, Jim had it all ready to go since he unhooked everything last night except the electric. So it's easier to fill the pot up before he shut the water off. We don't drink the water out of our freshwater tank. Jim went over to check on them and see when they were ready to leave. His fuel filter was leaking and he had to fix that before they left. Jim said goodbye and safe travels told them to keep us posted. After they left, which was around 9, he heated up his French toast that I made him yesterday and made a couple eggs to go with it. We  were not going to leave until 11, we have a short travel day today thank goodness. We were packed up and ready to leave just after 11 then. We were heading to Thousand Trails, Diamond Caverns in Park City, Kentucky. We figured while we're right here, we might as well hit Kentucky. We had about an hour and a half drive, 80 some miles. No other stops needed. The registration is on the one side of the road and you enter the other. We saw a fifth wheel enter the RV side right away, but we came over to the registration side, but nobody was here so we drove over there, and the guard was coming out as we were going in. He told us to pull up to the white building and wait for him. He went and got our paperwork. Jim jumped in the golf cart with him and they looked at a few options. Had pull throughs for 30 amp or some back ins for 50 amp. We chose the back in for 50 amps. We got all set up. And I made us lunch, by then it was after 2 and we were ready to eat. I made us a salad and a quesadilla with chicken and cheese. Jim set the satellite up right away. I took a Benadryl before we left to stop my sneezing. Which made me sleepy so I napped for a bit. Jim took a shower. Later just after 5,  I made us dinner. After dinner we went for a little walk around the campground, dropped garbage off at the dumpster.
Came back in, watched The Voice. Jim talked with Bryan a few times, all going well. Think the are driving straight thru, about 9:30 they said they were in PA.  I washed the dishes took a shower. Took another Benadryl went to bed.

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